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Owned By Her Alpha - Kathy

BOOK: Owned By Her Alpha - Kathy
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Owned By Her Alpha -


Sophie Sin

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2015 Lunatic Ink Publishing


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Table of Contents:


Owned By Her
Alpha Kathy

Bonus: Training
The Bad Doggy

Bonus: Our Weird

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Sophie's Book


This is a standalone short
story and is a part of the
Owned By Her
series of books. It contains a happy



This one was a hard book to put
together. You see, this series is quite new and really only
connects very vaguely to some of the other work that Sophie has
done over the years. It was hard to decide what to put in as
extras, so we apologize in advance for the lack of solid connection
between the three stories that make up this e-book.

That said,
Training The Bad Doggy
is one of the hottest pieces of role play that you'll find in
Sophie's inventory. It's just over 1000 words, but it has 10,000
words of hotness included.

In addition to that we
Our Weird Relationship.
The title could probably be a little more clear,
but it was what we went with at the time. If we were to publish
this again, I'd call it
Holy Shit Did They
Really Do THAT?
Or something like that.
You'll see what I mean when you read it. Short, sweet and very

Onward to the story.


Thank you for reading Sophie's


Kenneth Guthrie

Publisher & Editor

Lunatic Ink Publishing

A House On A Hill


Of Kathy Williams, 25
years old.


There's a mansion on the far side of a
hill. It's large, black and is often mistaken for a cathedral. On
Saturdays (most of them) black limousines with shaded windows and
out of state number plates travel the small one lane road that
leads up through the woods from the highway below to house above.
Their drivers line them up one after another and sit quietly as
their charges rush in blazes of silk and satin to the doors and
inside. Each wears a mask and only one man knows exactly who is

The owner of this retreat for those
that seek something more is a large man. He has powerful arms, a
strong wide back and never is caught in anything but black. I've
known him for a year and not once have I seen him anything but

Strong of personality, confident to
the point of arrogant and with eyes that make weaker men and women
quiver, this is my boss. His name is Rex March and I am his PA, as
well as one of his occasional lovers, and, as you will find out
tonight, hopelessly at his service in all affairs.

Rex March: The man I wish
I could get away from, but never could.

The Little Twisted


Rex March, over 35,
watching his plans progress.


She stands among them like a butterfly
with its wings clipped back. When I first saw Kathy, I could barely
keep my hands off her. The woman's eyes are green like emeralds and
her hair is an auburn brown. She was to my liking back then and
still is now.

I sip my neat whiskey from the tumbler
my personal waiter provided and admire the show. The green dress I
ordered her to wear fits her slim waist snugly and already she has
caught the others' attention.

It does not affect me though. Most of
the guests know who this woman belongs to and steer clear of making
a pass. However, some of the younger men – the ones who haven't
learned their place in the scheme of things – try their luck from
time to time. To me it's like watching children kick around a small
colored ball. Those betas could as soon take what is mine into the
rooms I have provided as fly to the moon. It is that

In time Kathy glances my way. I don't
offer any obvious approval or disdain to ensure she is properly
confused, as my plan requires.

To her left is the often silent and
brooding Chris Phillips, a muscular man of good standing in the
community, and beside him, leaning past his friend in animated
conversation with my PA, is Richard Harris. The latter is known to
me as one who can turn a woman to sin with his words alone. It has
so far been interesting seeing how he sizes up to my own

Further to her right, and currently
pretending he's disinterested, is Kane Mathews. That one is small
of body, but no less alpha for it. Everyone knows that Kane is a
close rival for the leadership of our group. I think he has
potential, but potential, often, needs to be trimmed and shaped. He
will do well in the game that I have planned to see who of us is
the greater.

Bringing my tumbler up to my lips, I
find it empty.


My waiter rushes off to the bar and
returns in under a minute. I give no sign of displeasure, but I
make a note not to use him again. This one has no composure and I
strongly require such characteristics in those around me. A man is
only the sum of those below him. Thus, it is my way to only
associate myself with those that are equally or nearly as strong as

Kathy's hand slides up to Chris's
muscular shoulder to get his attention as planned. It sometimes
surprises me how youthful she can be at times for her age. The
woman's level of innocence always surprises me and today is no

Do you really think I had
you speak to them for no reason, Kathy?

So simple. So easy. Manipulated into
something that she will only begin to understand in the years to
come was for her own good.

More,” I

Yes. More.

Three Men And Rex


To Kathy Williams, 25
years old, currently finding out what Rex has planned.


Rex pushes me down to the floor and
smiles in an amused fashion to the others.

This is my bitch,” he
states. “You are free to use her as you will.”

The other men smirk and stroll forward
to surround me. Their eyes are on my dress, which has been torn
open by the hands of my employer, who has strolled over to large
leather seat at the edge of the big four post bed. They take in the
largeness of my breasts in comparison to my waist and hips. I'm
well put together and I'm sure by the bulges in their trousers that
they know this.

Kane, the youngest of the group but
clearly the most hung, steps forward and grabs my hair to look
deeply into my eyes. He is thin, but there is a sense of power to
him that I find turns me on like crazy. He glances once to Rex then
yanks his zipper down.

Suck.” he commands in his
deep baritone voice.

I reach into his pants with only a
single telling look to Rex, who gives me permission with a single
nod, before bringing out a large and vein cock that stinks of man.
I put that between my lips and find another and another after that
pressed to either cheek. It isn't long before they have me from all
angles with their long and hard dicks, which are bulging with blood
and solid as steel. My hands and mouth become very busy and the
sounds of my sucking gets quite hot and wild to the point where I
have to take myself from it for a moment to get my head straight.
It feels like all the blood in my body has rushed to my head and
that I'm hotter than ever before because of it.

Get her on the bed,”
Chris says.

I'm lifted up and thrown down on the
soft fabric of the bed sheets. The men bring their hands to my
body. They aren't soft about it and I wouldn't want them to be.
Very rarely is the line between male and female more clear than at
one of these parties. Men take and women give: That is the way of
this sordid world and here, more than ever, I am hoping that these
basic rules of our world will be respected.

Richard is first to take advantage of
my position. He leans over me and strays one finger down the soft
smoothness of my stomach. He places that digit on my clit through
the fabric of my panties, which were pulled aside earlier by one of
these men, and sets to creating himself a symphony.

This man proves to be more
skilled in bed than I would have thought by his appearance. I cry
out loudly and even Rex seems quite impressed by how quickly the
man brings out this kind of feeling in me. Rex knows how hard it is
for me to get to this state of excitement. Few men can achieve
something like this so fast. That makes Richard the most dangerous
of the group and I can tell by the look in his eyes that he could
make me cum if he wanted to anytime. These others might be well
hung, but do they know a woman's body like Richard clearly does?
There are more requirements than just a decent sized cock for a man
to really please a woman. Skill... This man
has it.

Time passes in this lusty fashion for
quite awhile until eventually Richard tires of keeping me on edge.
He steps aside to let Kane and Chris double team me from either
side. They don't touch each other, but they work in tandem like
true professionals to bring me near enough to orgasm that the world
starts to blur around the edges and the faint warmth of the room
becomes boiler hot to the point that I'm sweating all

I'm taking

Chris is quick. He inserts from the
front and pushes himself forward to smile down at me as he slams
his hips into mine. Meanwhile, Rex watches on and says nothing.
Seeing him admiring the action impassively turns me on deeply. The
man usually is quite forceful and wouldn't let another man fuck me
like this, but he says nothing this time and seems more amused than
anything else.

Chris finishes quickly. He
cums inside and pulls out to stand aside as Richard enters with
great haste. The man's dick is not as large as the others, but it
feel it hit the bumpy area at the furthest end of my pussy, rubbing
it solidly. Soon I am so close to cumming that the man has to pull
out and cum on my flat stomach lest I lose myself to the heat of a
strong orgasm.

Finally, Kane takes his turn. He turns
me over so that my butt is high and poked up and then fingers my
pussy with the pad of his thumb for a moment.

You are all dirty now,”
he mutters in that deep voice of his.

He runs a line of cum, white, crisp
and clean, up to my rear hole.

Is it dirty in here

I moan as he draws himself down on the
bed. He's not a large man, but his body makes the mattress sink
inwards a little. I feel myself sink deeply into the bedding. All
that really pokes out is my butt, and that gets the tip of his
dick, only a little spit to lubricate the way, straight

Ahhhh...” It's more a
release of expected pleasure than a moan of pain. He is as big as
Rex nearly and certainly the thickest man that I've had beside my
employer. His dick in my ass has the kind of lovely warm feel that
stirs a deep sensation of relaxation. Anal, it does strange things
to a woman. For me I always experience this whoosh like the world
is disappearing into some deep well or something and then a sudden
shocking chill that subsides after the first stroke.

I feel it from the tips of my toes to
the ends of my fingers: The firing of all of the nerves in my body
in one go. It rocks me and sends me deep into the warmth of an
amazing trance like state. I lie there on the bed, knowing that I'm
there in that room with three men standing about watching with eyes
like lions on their prey, and moan and groan into the pillow that
is under my right cheek.

BOOK: Owned By Her Alpha - Kathy
7.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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