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Authors: Jenika Snow

Tags: #erotica, #Romantic Erotica, #paranormal, #Literature & Fiction

Owned by the Outlaw (19 page)

BOOK: Owned by the Outlaw
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“Stinger, will you push me, too?”

Stinger kissed her on the side of the neck once more
and stepped away with her to follow Dakota back to the playground. He looked
over his shoulder and grinned at her, and she reciprocated the sentiment.
Malice and Stinger clapped each other on the backs, said something that had
them both laughing, and then went on playing with Dakota and the other children
on the slide and swings. This was a family, her and Dakota’s family, and she
couldn’t have asked for a more loving group of men to be involved in. They were
gruff, intense, and liked to order people around simply because they could and
would be obeyed. They fought hard, but loved and protected what was theirs with
a fierceness that was almost frightening.
They might not profess their love in those three
little words all the time, but they didn’t have to, because it was clear in
their actions. And that was all that mattered.


The End




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BOOK: Owned by the Outlaw
3.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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