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“You’re good, though?”

There was concern in Malice’s voice, but she hadn’t
called him for sympathy. She just wanted him to know what was happening, and
since she didn’t know exactly what was wrong with her car or how long it would
take to get it fixed, he was the first person she had thought to call. “Yeah, I’m
fine. Stinger found me on the side of the road.”

“I’m trying not to lose my shit that you actually
thought it was a good idea to walk on the side of that long fucking strip of
road at this hour.”

She pinched the bridge of her nose and breathed out
of her mouth. Dropping her hand and looking at the garage where she had watched
Stinger walk, she could make out a bunch of guys working around suspended
Harleys. “I’m not going over it again with you, Malice.” She saw Stinger
talking with several patched in members, but with the glare from the lights and
the distance, it was hard to make out if they were the same members she had
seen at the warehouse.

“I’ll just come get you.”

“No, you won’t. It’s late, well past Dakota’s
bedtime despite the fact I can still hear him up.” As if to cement her words
her son started giggling.

“We’re watching that
fish movie.”

“Well, I don’t want you coming all the way out here.
I know Lucien and you guys trust this MC or you wouldn’t have put those women’s
lives in their hands to escort them to that cabin. I’m safe, and Stinger’s
helping me out. He’s been really nice.” She heard a grinding noise and knew
that Malice had his jaw clenched. She didn’t have time for this. “I’ll call you
in the morning once I find out what the deal is with my car, okay?”

It took Malice a few minutes to answer, but finally
he gritted out, “Fine. But let me know what the deal is. I can always let you
use my truck until your car gets fixed if need be.”

After a couple of more minutes of being on the phone,
she ended the call. Thoughts immediately assaulted her of the ride with
Stinger. It was misplaced to grow warm at the remembrance of being wrapped
around his big, hard body, of having to hold on so tight, of pressing her body
close to his as he took the corners of the road. She had embarrassingly gotten
aroused from the feel and smell of him, and had actually closed her eyes solely
because she couldn’t help herself. Even now her nipples felt sensitive, and her
pussy was uncomfortably wet. Molly had no idea why she had this strong reaction
to a bear shifting biker that was dangerous in more ways than one. Even
thinking back to
him at the warehouse she had
felt something when she looked into his green eyes. But she had kept that
feeling hidden inside of her, and instead the irritation at the way he looked
at her and at her own strange reaction to him had made her anger come up. The
sound of footsteps approaching had her turning and facing the garage once more.
Stinger was moving toward her, and a couple of prospects were following close

“You get everything taken care of that you needed
to?” There was a bite in Stinger’s voice, and she found herself knitting her
brows. She couldn’t help but have a feeling that he was pissed at her for
something, or possibly even jealous. But, no, that couldn’t be right. She
didn’t know anything about Stinger, and had only spent a short amount of time
with him.

I just wanted to let Malice know the situation since he has my son.”

Stinger nodded, but she didn’t miss the way he
clenched his jaw, or the tight nod he gave her. He looked at the ground and she
could see he was thinking hard. Then he looked back up at her, and all that
anger she had seen on his face just seconds ago vanished. That or he could hide
his emotions just as well as she could.

“Poke and Drill will take a truck to your car and
bring it to the mechanic shop in town. Drevin will be there in the morning, and
he’ll look at it then.” Stinger stayed silent for a few seconds, and then
turned around and told the two prospects to go get the car.

When they were left alone again she suddenly felt a
little uncomfortable, especially with the hard way he was looking at her. It
wasn’t an angry look, but one that was very calculating, as if he were trying
to see inside of her. It was a bit unnerving as it made her feel completely
bared in front of him. “Um, I have a room at the motel in town. Would someone
mind giving me a ride there?”

“Yeah, I’ll take you. Come on.”

She followed him to the SUV, and once inside they
stayed silent as he drove away from the clubhouse to the small, almost
rinky-dink little motel in town. It was on the edge of Steel Corner city
limits. It certainly wasn’t the Ritz, but it was only for a night, and after
the evening she’d had she just wanted to crash anyway.

It took no more than ten minutes to get to the motel,
and when he had the SUV parked, Stinger reached out and placed a hand on hers
that was resting on her thigh. Instantly her heart sped up, and this tingling
started to take root in her belly.
Get a
grip, Molly. This is ridiculous, and he can probably smell your reaction to


She turned and looked over at him. She couldn’t
breathe as she stared at him in the darkened interior. The glow from the
dashboard slightly illuminated his face, giving him this very hard angled bone
structure, making him seem even more masculine than he already was. His longer
dark hair was tied at the nape of his neck, but the motorcycle ride had caused
some of the strands to come undone from their binding and fall to frame his
face. The dark slashes of his eyebrows made his lighter green eyes stand out,
and his strong, straight nose, full lips, and square jaw only amplified the
very male persona of him. She had always looked at Malice as this manly man, as
this guy that was powerful and intense -who no one screwed with. All of that
was true, of course, but being in Stinger’s presence brought that testosterone
and masculinity to a whole other level.
licked her lips and glanced down at where his hand was resting over hers. When
she glanced back up at him he removed his hand and ran it over the back of his

“I’m sorry about that. I don’t know why I did that.”

She didn’t know why he had done it either, but she’d
be lying if she didn’t admit the feel of his warm flesh and the heavy weight of
his hand felt really good. It had been a really long time since she had felt
any kind of spark from being touched. Even before the year and a half break-up
with Malice, they hadn’t been intimate for months. Their relationship had been
pulling away for a long time, and the attraction she had once felt for Malice
had long been gone. But all it had taken for her to feel this fire starting to
burn inside of her was one look from Stinger. It was so intense, so
instantaneous that she couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have
sex with him and feel his big, hard body over hers. Molly got wet, much more
than when she was on the bike. She watched in humiliation and became even more
aroused as Stinger’s nostrils flared as he no doubt scented her lust.

For several seconds they didn’t speak, just held
each other’s attention as if it were the most important thing in the world. The
heat in the car increased, and she became even, more aroused. Molly felt like
this animal was inside of her, clawing to get out, arching forward to be
touched by him. She felt so out of control with the endorphins and lust moving
swiftly through her bloodstream. The longer she stayed in the car the more
intense her feelings became. “I should leave.” She breathed out those three
words, yet she stayed right where she was.

Stinger’s chest rose and fell fast and hard, and the
hand that was wrapped around the steering wheel tightened even further until
she heard the creak of the leather under his hand. There was so much emotion
bouncing between them that her head grew dizzy and her pulse raced. Her palms
were sweaty, and she had this almost drunk feeling that assaulted her. Molly
found herself leaning in until their faces were only inches apart. “I should

“Yet you’re still here.” Stinger’s vice was low, but
it was so deep, with a hint of this harsh edge to it that had a shiver working
through her body.

“I don’t honestly know what is going on.” And she
didn’t, but what she did know was she hadn’t felt like this in a really long
time, and wasting it by turning her back didn’t seem like a good idea. But it
also wasn’t a good idea since she knew nothing about him aside from the fact he
was a member of an MC that was just as deadly as The Brothers of Menace. She
saw his gaze lower to her lips, and she couldn’t help but lick them.

This very deep sound left him, and then he closed
his eyes for a second. “I don’t know what is happening either.” He opened his
eyes, but she thought he would lean in and finally claim her mouth, Instead he
leaned back and faced forward again. “But you’re right, you should probably

Molly looked at his hand on the steering wheel, and
then the one he had resting on his lap. Both were clenched tightly, so much so
that the knuckles were white from the strain. There was a part of her that
wanted to argue on the fact that he was turning away from these ridiculously
intense emotions, but she kept her mouth shut. No way was she going to say
something and embarrass herself further. For whatever reason he didn’t want to
go any further with this, despite the fact she knew he wanted her. She glanced
down at his crotch, saw the massively huge bulge pressing against his jeans,
and swallowed. Yeah, he wanted her. Molly didn’t say anything, just tightened
her hand on the bag, grabbed the door handle and left. He didn’t stop her, and
she sure as hell didn’t turn around. And once she was in the front office, had
her key, and was standing in front of her room door, he was already gone.

Molly stepped inside her room, and once the door was
closed she leaned against it, closed her eyes, and sighed out. She should be
thankful he had put a stop to anything before it got started. Getting involved
with another MC member, especially one that was a shifter and most likely would
have a tendency to go all alpha on her
was not
what she needed. She had gotten away from that when she broke it off with
Malice, but in reality she hadn’t really gotten away from anything. Having a
child with Malice meant she was connected to him in some way for the rest of
her life, but it also meant she was connected to the club because of him.

“What in the hell are you even thinking about?”

And now she was talking to herself. Nice. But her
verbally spoken thoughts were dead-on. What was she thinking about getting
involved with Stinger, even if it was only for one night of sex?
But it wouldn’t have been just sex. It would
have been the most erotic, animalistic experience of your life. There probably
would have been scratches, bite marks, and most definitely sweat and lots of
dirty talk.

Even now she could imagine being under him in the
bed right across from her. The sheets would be on the ground, their bodies
would be slicked with perspiration, and Stinger would be saying some very
filthy things. She had never been with a shifter before, but Malice had been
dominant in the bedroom, and in all actuality in every aspect of his life. But
looking at Stinger, and even only knowing bare basics about him, she could tell
he was a dominant man to the nth degree. Now, if he was really like that in the
bedroom was unknown to her, but just looking at him and sensing his animalistic
aura, she could tell that was a pretty graphic and accurate assumption.

What sucked was she was still so aroused, and
thinking about Stinger and picturing all the things she wanted him to do to
her, certainly wasn’t helping lust decrease. She pushed away from the door and
tossed her overnight bag on the bed and went into the bathroom. This was an
older motel, one where they had kept the seventies theme still going strong.
Looking around at the yellow and brown tiled bathroom, she sighed and totally
pushed away the idea of a bath. The tub looked ancient, and the rust stains
were not comforting.

Shower it is

Chapter Five


Stinger hadn’t gone far after he dropped off Molly.
In fact, he had just gone across the street to the hole-in-the-wall bar. He sat
at one of the tables and tossed back the third shot he had consumed in the last
ten minutes. He was used to partying, used to drinking, but it also took a lot
for him to get drunk because of his size, and the fact he was a shifter.

“Another one, or maybe
a water

Stinger glanced up at the waitress, saw her little
name tag that stated she was “Mara” and looked back into her face. “Isn’t your
job to keep the patrons intoxicated so you can get more money out of them?” It
was a rhetorical question, because Stinger sure as hell didn’t want an answer.
He handed her the shot glass. “Keep them coming, and bring me a beer to chase
these bitches down with.”

She took it without complaint, and he glanced around
the bar. He knew Dallas had come here a lot when he was going through his shit
after his son and ex-wife died. It was hokey, but the bar had a certain charm
to it. The waitress was back with another shot and a beer, and left without
saying anything. Stinger looked at her ass, watched it shake underneath the
thin material of her skirt, but his fucking dick didn’t stir at all. What he
needed to do was find a willing female and screw her, and help to erase the
images of what he wanted to do with Molly out of his head. But even thinking
that all he could picture was Molly, and that alone had his cock punching
forward and digging into his fly. He tossed the shot back, felt the burn of the
alcohol run down his throat and waited a minute before taking a swig of his
beer. He didn’t need the beer as a chaser, but it would give him that extra
jumpstart in getting drunk and, he hoped, wash away this need for her.

BOOK: Owned by the Outlaw
6.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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