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Molly knew
that during sex emotions were
and everything
that happened right now in this room with Stinger was nothing more than two
people coming together in a physical way. She didn’t expect a relationship,
hell, didn’t even want one with another MC member … right?

She still had her eyes open, still watched Stinger,
but his focus was between her legs. And then he was taking hold of his shaft
and leading the tip to her entrance.

“I’ll try and go slow, but fuck, baby, I am so damn
turned on right now.” His chest expanded, his muscles contracted, and he looked
up at her. “And my bear wants out to tear you the fuck up.” He held her gaze
with his own for several seconds, maybe seeking her approval of actually going
this far. No way in hell Molly was going to stop this.

“I don’t want easy and slow. I just want you to fuck
me.” She lifted her hand, dug her nails into his thick biceps, and felt the
muscles clench under her hold. She knew the touch had to be painful, but she
could also tell he liked receiving that sting of pain as much as she did. They
both liked their ecstasy as much as their
maybe that was what had drawn them together … two identical souls seeking out a
mutual night of primal surrender.

God, where the
hell had that thought come from?

He pushed the head of his dick inside of her, and
all thoughts left her. Their gazes locked as he shoved every last inch of his
thick cock into her so hard and fiercely that she jerked up on the bed. Her
mouth parted on a silent cry as he stretched her to the point that tears built
in the corner of her eyes.

,” he
gritted out as he let his head fall back slightly, and the tendons in his neck
became visible. He didn’t move within her, didn’t pound his shaft into her cunt
even though she could tell he wanted to, but instead stayed within her

The seconds moved by, and she knew he was grappling
with his self-control. She swore she could see his body growing bigger and
thicker, and knew that his bear was truly trying to come out. Maybe Molly should
have been frightened, but the thought that a man like Stinger couldn’t even
control himself with her was a heady, intoxicating feeling. He might be
physically superior to her, but in this instance she was the stronger one. He
started thrusting back and forth, harder and faster until small gasps left her
own their own.
She dug her nails even
further into his flesh, and he hissed out and looked down at her.

“I’m trying to be a man and not an animal, Molly.”
His pupils constricted and dilated over and over again, as if he was fighting
with his bear.

“I’ve been with a man before. Right now I want you,
bear and all.” The words tumbled out of her mouth, and she wondered for only a
second if she should regret saying them. The sound that came from Stinger was
so masculine and untamed she had never heard anything like it before. And then
he was pulling out and slamming back into her, faster and more forcefully than
when he first penetrated her. All she could do was hold on and ride out the
wave of pleasure he was creating inside of her.

He leaned back enough that he could watch as he
plowed in and out of her. “Put your hands above your head,” he said but didn’t
look at her face.

Molly did has he said, and when she was stretched
out before him he took hold of both of her wrists in one of his hands and
tightened his hold on her. Sweat coated her skin, and his body moved along
hers, slicked with his own perspiration. Their breathing was loud in the small
room, and even though she wanted to cry out because it felt so good, nothing
came from her. But the sounds that Stinger made had goose bumps popping out
along her flesh, and had her pussy becoming even wetter. His dark hair brushed
his chin, but because he was just as sweaty as she was they stuck to his
temple. This powerful expression was on his face, but he was looking at her
now, right at her, and she swore he could see right into her soul.

“You think this is the only time I’ll fuck you?” He
slammed into her hard. “You think I’ll be satisfied with this one night, Molly?”
He pumped into her again, harder than last time, and hit something deep and
sensitive, something had had her pussy clenching around his cock
uncontrollably. “That’s it, fucking milk my cock until we both come.” He thrust
again and again, hitting her g-spot until stars of black and white danced
before her vision. He was sweating heavily now, and those beads of wetness
dropped onto her belly. The feeling was hot and then cooled, but everything
else faded away when he placed his thumb on her clit, pressed on the nub, and
rubbed it back and forth.

Molly exploded right then and there for the fourth
time, but this time it was a different kind of orgasm, one that stole her
breath, had her heart stalling in her chest, and had her wetter than she had
ever been before. But this wasn’t wetness from her arousal, but a gush that
left her, had Stinger cursing wildly, and nearly paralyzed her. Molly arched
her back, unable to control even the most basic movements at this second. It
seemed like an eternity passed before she heard the sounds of the room saturate
her senses.

“Look at me.”

She forced her head off the mattress, but it was
hard as hell as the sensations of this different kind of pleasure washed
through her. He was still pounding in and out of her, and the sweat that
covered his body made his ink and muscles stand out in stark relief.

“You are so fucking beautiful like this.” He breathed
out, closed his eyes, and growled low. His thrusting increased impossibly
further, and she knew he was close to coming. He opened his eyes and stared
right into hers. “So open and coming so hard you are getting everything fucking
soaked.” And then he stilled deep inside of her, bottomed all the way out and
roared out as he came.

It was the most intense thing Molly had ever seen,
and she had seen a lot of shit in her life. When his body stopped shaking
violently he collapsed over her, but braced his hands right beside her head
before he crushed her with his massive weight. His face was close to hers, and
their breath mingled together. It still looked like he was trying to get
control of himself even though he had just gotten off. He pulled out of her,
and a soft sound left her at the feeling of being suddenly empty. When he was
beside her they lay there in silence for a few minutes, both trying to control
their breathing.

She had just had a one-night stand. The first one
she had ever had. It didn’t matter that Stinger had sounded like he was making
some kind of declaration while he had been fucking her. Things were said in the
moment of passion, and those kinds of words spoken were not something she
wanted to think about too deeply, or if he truly did mean them. Their lives
were different, she was different, and she had gotten away from the MC life. But
how could she step away from a life she was tied to through her son? And how
could she turn her back on the men that she had grown to care about like
family? Molly may not agree with everything they did, but for every violent and
illegal act they committed in the name of their club, The Brothers of Menace
did something kind. Taking in those women who had been selling their bodies,
making sure they were safe and not subject to being abused by their pimp was
something they didn’t have to do. They had, though, and all because the women had
needed help. Jumping into something more than just this one night with Stinger
wasn’t smart. There were just too many obstacles that could get between them,
and she didn’t want to live a complicated life—not any more than normal, that

“You’re thinking pretty hard there.”

She turned her head and looked at Stinger. He had
his eyes closed, but she wasn’t surprised he could sense things. He was a
shifter after all, but it wasn’t about that. Men of his breed—men like Malice
and every other member of The Brothers of Menace—had this sixth sense to them.
That was what made them so lethal. He opened his eyes when she didn’t answer, and
turned his head so they were looking at each other now.

“And I’m sure it has to do with the fact you think
this is a one-night stand.” He kept his expression stoic, yet hard. “You heard
what I said while my cock was deep inside of your pussy, right?” He phrased it
like a question, but she knew it wasn’t really one. “Do you want this to end
after tonight?”

Molly stared at him for a few seconds, but then
looked at the ceiling again and thought about his words. What her mind was
screaming at her to say, and what her body really wanted were two very
different things. But before she could answer Stinger had his hand between her
thighs, covered her pussy, and slipped a finger into her sensitive body. She
parted her lips and felt her eyes widen at the penetration.

“Tell me, Molly.” He had since shifted his position
so he was braced on one of his elbows. He didn’t finger-fuck her, didn’t even
move as he stared at her with this determination on his face, and even a slight
sliver of anger resonating from him.

“I don’t know what you want me to say.” She
swallowed. Her throat was thick, and even though they had just been intimate,
this kind of closeness was on a whole different level.

“No?” He cocked one dark eyebrow. Still he didn’t
move the digit inside of her, just held absolutely still. He had such a
masculine face, and the light stubble of a couple of days’ beard growth made
him seem even manlier. He removed his finger and held it up. It had residual
arousal from her covering it, but she could only stare there in shock—even
after everything they had just done—as he brought that finger to his mouth and sucked
off every drop of her cream off. “I dare you to tell me I didn’t just own the
shit out of this pussy.”

Before she could answer her cell vibrated on the
bedside table. For a moment neither spoke or moved. Molly couldn’t bring
herself to move away from Stinger, and as much as she wanted to hate that fact,
she really couldn’t find it in herself to feel that way. Her phone stopped
vibrating, but a second later it started right up again. “I should take that.”
She held his gaze once more, and then rolled to her other side to grab her
phone. The screen read MALICE, and she closed her eyes. Of course he would pick
this time to call her, because it was the most awkward moment of the night.
“Hello?” She sat on the edge of the bed.

“Hey. Just wanted to make sure you’re okay and safe
in the hotel room.”

“I’m fine. Thanks for checking in.” There was a part
of her that wanted to tell Malice that she wasn’t his concern anymore, because
that would be a total bitch thing to do, but it was the truth. She had told him
that once, not too long after they had parted ways, and he still tried to act
protective of her. She knew it was because since she was the mother of his son
Malice felt this obligation to make sure she was okay.

“Good.” A moment of silence ticked between them
after he spoke.

She glanced over her shoulder to see Stinger
watching her. Could he hear that is was Malice on the other end? The way his
jaw was clenched and the fact a muscle jumped underneath his scruffy cheek told
her that he did.
“Dakota in bed?”

“Yeah, he passed out after the fish movie ended.”

“I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.”

Malice chuckled deeply, and she felt the bed shift
behind her. Glancing over her shoulder again she saw Stinger move so he was
sitting on the edge behind her. “Listen, now isn’t a good time. Can we talk
tomorrow?” Malice stopped chuckling instantly, and even through the phone she
could tell he sensed something was off. He had always been perceptive.

“You sure you’re okay?” he said a bit more


“I can come over if you need me?” There wasn’t any
sexual innuendo in his words.

“No, really everything is fine. I’m just tired. I’ll
call you in the morning to talk to Dakota.” She said bye quickly, and without
waiting for him to reply ended the call and set the phone on the table again.
She hadn’t meant to hang up on him, but this really hadn’t been the best time
to talk to her ex.

“That Malice?”
Stinger asked.

Molly shifted on the bed so she was leaning against
the headboard. “You know it was.”

He looked over his shoulder and stared at her. His
eyes were a vibrant green right now, but there was this flash of … something … that
came from him hard enough that she felt it all the way inside of her.

“Yeah, I guess I do.” The air in the room chilled, and
she expected Stinger to leave from the sudden uncomfortableness. Instead he
leaned back on the bed until he took up the same position against the headboard
as she was. They stayed there, side-by-side, for several seconds. “You still
want him?” He didn’t look at her when he asked.

Molly knew a shifter could sense that kind of thing,
but she also knew that Stinger wanted to hear her say it. “No. I don’t.”

He looked at her then, but didn’t say anything for a
second. “I think he still wants you.”

Now that did surprise her, not because Malice wanted
her, but because Stinger had actually said it. “You could sense that from him?”

BOOK: Owned by the Outlaw
4.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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