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Just because the Grizzly MC members had old ladies
did not mean Stinger needed one, especially a female that had a background with
another club, and had a kid with one of the members. For one thing he had
sensed the possessive need inside of Malice, and knew that the other man wanted
Molly. He didn’t know how deep Malice’s proprietary desire to keep Molly ran,
but in the end it didn’t matter, because it was still there.

He drank the rest of his beer in two swallows and
slammed his bottle down hard enough that his shot glass tipped on its side, and
several of the people in the bar glanced his way. His bear was fucking pissed
at the thought of Molly with any other male, which was a ludicrous reaction,
but one that was unavoidable. Stinger’s human side wasn’t any better in the
rage that consumed him. It wasn’t that she had a child, but the fact that she
was with another. But she wasn’t Stinger’s, had never been his, and he told
himself repeatedly that they all had pasts. Getting angry over something that
no one had control over was an asinine thing to do, but he was an animal at
heart, and there was no controlling the emotions that coursed through him.

A table of
bar flies glanced over at him, their make-up so thick he could see it even from
the distance. One of them stood and made her way over to him, her clear
confidence thick around her. She stopped at his table, glanced over her
shoulder at her friends who were grinning and eye fucking him at the same time,
and then turned back to him.

“Hey there.”
She leaned forward far enough that she had to brace her forearms on the table
to hold
up. The table was low enough that the
position she was trying to be in—one that had her tits nearly coming out of her
top—was the farthest thing from sexy. “I see you’re all alone.” She lifted a
shoulder, and her breasts jiggled from the movement.

Stinger’s once hard-on had deflated as soon as he
had seen her, and now it was to the point of vanishing altogether. “You must
not be from Steel Corner.” He held no emotion in his voice and kept his
expression stoic. He wanted her gone.

“What makes you say that?” She slid her hand forward
an inch and ran it over the couple of drops of whiskey that had spilled from
his shot glass when it tipped over. She brought her wet fingers to her lips and
sucked them inside.

He still showed no emotion, and in fact found her
attempt at seduction to have the opposite effect. He wore his Grizzly MC cut,
and if she had been from Steel Corner she would have heard the rumors about the
club, and known to stay the fuck away. At least she would have if she was
smart. But right now she was trying to play with a bear, and one that was in a
foul mood as it was. “Not interested.” He turned to look at the waitress and
gesture for another round, but she was on top of shit and had another shot and
beer to him before he could even get
her attention. Stinger
grabbed the shot and tossed it back. His throat was numb, but it was the good
kind of feeling as the alcohol moved through his veins.

“Not interested?” The female stood from her leaning

Clearly she wasn’t used to being turned down, and
Stinger supposed any desperate male would have jumped all over her. He wasn’t a
desperate male, despite the fact he was in this hovel of a bar. “No.” He didn’t
say anymore to her, but it was clear she wasn’t the smart type of female. Not
like Molly, because she was still standing by his table and looking at him like
she didn’t understand what he had just said.

“You don’t like girls?” There was a sarcastic tone
in her voice.

Stinger grabbed his beer and brought it to his
mouth. He drank half of it while staring at her. Whether he liked females or
not wasn’t the issue here. He didn’t want her, but wasn’t about to repeat
himself. Under the harsh light right above his table her true age showed. She
had to be in her late forties, but she hadn’t aged with grace. She was the type
of woman who had been ridden hard and put away soaking wet.

“Well, dammit, all the hard-bodied ones are always
into guys.” She pouted her red painted lips and turned to leave.

Stinger finished off his beer and stood. He was
already feeling the buzz of the alcohol, and had known as soon as he stepped
inside of the bar that he’d need to call a brother to come pick him up, but
going home or to the clubhouse didn’t sound appealing at all. He tossed a few
bills on the table and moved out of the bar. Once he was outside he stood there
a moment and took a deep breath. The air was crisp, and the scent of a
rainstorm filled his nose. Letting his gaze go across the street, he stared at
the motel, and then looked at the motel room where he knew Molly was in. He
felt like some kind of asshole. He had driven across the street when she had
gone into the motel office but he had just sat in his SUV and watched her walk to
her room. His bear was pacing inside of him, itching to walk across the street,
slam his fist on the door until she opened it, and end this wild need inside of
him. Did he honestly give two fucks that they knew nothing about each other,
that she had connections to Malice, or that they had just met a week ago? No,
he didn’t care, because he wanted her too damn badly, so much so that he felt
like tearing out of his skin as he let his bear free and let the bastard out to
claim her. Was this how his brothers felt when they had found their old ladies?
Did they feel this need to fuck up a guy that had previously been with their
females? Because Stinger sure as hell wanted to bust in Malice’s face over
touching the woman that Stinger wanted.


Before Stinger knew what he was doing he was walking
across the street and headed right to the room where Molly was. This was a bad
fucking idea, but at the same time it felt too damn good to force
to stop. He was in front of her door only minutes
later, bracing his hands on the door frame and lowering his head. He stared at
his scuffed up boots and then closed his eyes, trying to control himself. He
was perilously close to shifting as it was, but being so close to Molly in this
state, feeling his cock swell once again at the idea of being with her, had
Stinger feeling volatile and fierce, and ready to break the door down. Instead
he let go of the doorframe and stood to his full six-foot-four height. His
heart was pumping so hard and fast, and arousal, excitement, and anticipation
filled him. He had stopped things from advancing in his SUV, but Molly had
wanted him, would have given herself to him, and all he could keep thinking
about, and actually smelling, was the sweet scent of her pussy all wet and
primed for him.

He brought his knuckles down on the door three
times. Through the wood he could smell the warm, humid and clean scent of the
shower she had just taken. The image of her curvy, naked body slammed into his
head, causing his cock to throb even harder, and had him curling his fingers
into his palms until the sting of pain shot up his forearms. The sounds of the
lock disengaging on the other side of the door finally opening had him
instantly going on alert. And then there she stood, in nothing but a white
t-shirt and pair of sleep shorts. Her red hair was damp, and the strands looked
darker. The shirt she had on was thin, and it was clear she wasn’t wearing a
bra. He squeezed his hands together tighter as he stared at those huge mounds,
at the way her nipples seemed to harden further under his gaze, and the fact he
picked up on her increased breathing.

She phrased it like a question, but there was no surprise in her voice. In
fact, she sounded like she was breathless, and had been waiting for him to come
to her.

They stood there for a minute, neither saying
anything, but the hot desire bounced between them as if it had a life of its
own. And then, as if there was this cord pulling them closer, Stinger just
reacted. He stepped inside, forced her to move back from the sudden action, and
then slammed the door shut. He was feeling on edge at the moment, and closed
his eyes and inhaled deeply. The entire room smelled fresh, clean, and was
saturated with her arousal. The sound of their combined breathing was obscene
in its intensity, and then they were both moving at the same time. Clashing with
her in the center of the room, Stinger wound his hands through her long, wet
hair, curled his fingers around the locks, and tilted her head back. A gasp
left her, and he knew it was a mixture of pleasure and pain. He claimed her
mouth, stroked her lips with his tongue before plunging it into the warm, sweet
depths of her mouth, and then fucked her with it. In and out, faster and
harder, he became a man—a bear—intent on having her in every way imaginable. He
broke the kiss, but wasn’t nearly done with her. Moving his lips along her
cheek, jaw, and then finally stopping at the crook of her neck he inhaled
deeply and let out a low growl.

“I don’t even know your name.” She had tilted her
head to the side to give him better access, and dug her nails into his biceps.

He growled again, and then inhaled once more, loving
that she smelled so fucking good. “Do we need names for what we are going to
do, Molly?” He may know her first name, and she knew the nickname he went by,
but right now the only thing he could concentrate on was sticking his dick deep
inside of her wet pussy and fucking her until she couldn’t sit comfortably for
a week. Oh, this wasn’t just about sex with her, at least he didn’t think it
was because his bear was becoming a territorial bastard concerning her, but
they had time for details when they got this wild desire out of them.

She placed her hands on his chest and pushed him
back. It was sheer strength that had him moving away, because he sure as fuck
didn’t want to. She stared at him and licked her lips slow and seductive like.
“I need to know the name of the guy that is going to be inside of me.”

If she knew what it did to him at hearing her say that she would have run in
the other direction. As it was he was ready to tackle her to the ground, tear
her clothes off, and feast on her body. He stared her in the eyes, watched her
pupils dilate, and cleared his throat. He was seconds away from shifting and
going all “Mine” on her ass, but he wasn’t going to push this, and tell her
they had time for this later. If she had been with a shifter before she would
have known they were more animal than human, and that needed to be sated right

“Jackson Frost, but everyone calls me Stinger.” He
honestly didn’t even know how he had gotten the name anymore. It had been with
him for as long as he had been in the MC. At forty years old he had been with
the MC for the last twenty years. They were his family, his rock, but right now
the only thing he cared about was Molly, and how fucking insane was that?

“Molly Clark,” she said still breathless.

Now that the formal shit was taken care of, or at
least a small portion of it, he needed her. Stinger wanted to know all about her,
but he couldn’t think past his dick and the need to mate with her in the most
primal of ways right now. Neither said anything for a second, and then he was
on her again, his hands in her hair, tugging harshly at the strands until she
parted her lips against his and he breathed in her air. The next few seconds
were fast and frantic with him tearing her shirt and shorts away. He took a
step back, looked his fill at her curvy, sexy body, and took his cut off.
Setting it on the chair to the side, he all but tore his shirt off and tossed
it to the floor. Her breasts rose and fell as she took in the sight of his
chest, and male satisfaction left him that she was pleased with what she saw.
He could smell her approval, and smelled her pussy getting wetter the longer
she looked at him.

Stinger let his gaze travel down her generous hips,
over her deliciously rounded belly, and stopped when he got to her pussy. The
trimmed thatch of dark reddish hair covered her mound in only a thin strip—a
landing strip pointing right to the spot he was going to claim. He unbuttoned
his pants and pulled the zipper down. Slipping his gaze back up her body, he
looked at her face, saw her gaze locked on his jeans, and felt another surge of
desire. Stinger reached behind him for his wallet, grabbed a condom, and pushed
his pants and boxer briefs down. Once he was naked in front of her he grabbed
the root of his cock and stroked himself. The fucker was hard as steel, and he
used the lubrication at the tip to make his stroking even quicker, more

“Touch yourself.” He lowered his head but kept his
gaze locked on her face. “Touch your breasts, Molly. Tweak your nipples until
they are so fucking hard for me they hurt.” It was getting harder and harder to
form coherent words as his animal was pushing for supremacy. He watched with
barely restrained desire as she lifted her trembling fingers and cupped the big
mounds. They overflowed in her hands, and he knew as soon as he touched them,
they would still be too big for him to hold. But he fucking loved that, loved
that she wasn’t small and skinny, but built like a woman.

Molly grabbed her nipples between her thumbs and
forefingers, pulled and twisted the peaks, and gasped out as if the pleasure
and pain were almost too much for her to handle.

“Tell me how good it feels, baby.” He ground out the
words and continued to stroke himself as he watched her. But he kept dipping
his gaze to her pussy, and imagined her on the bed with her legs spread and her
lips parted for him.

BOOK: Owned by the Outlaw
9.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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