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Her mouth opened on its own from outrage and shock.
“Is that seriously the excuse you are giving me?” She didn’t give him a chance
to speak. “I tried calling you, Malice, even sent texts. You knew I was coming
up here to check on those women, but you thought I would be petty enough to not
allow you to see Dakota because I was pissed at you?” Never had she done
something that was detrimental to their son, or refused to let Malice see
Dakota. She pointed to the young girl that was pulling down her skirt. “Is she
even legal?”

“Of course she is fucking legal. What do you take me
for, some kind of fucked up pedophile?” Malice’s voice was rough from his

No, she didn’t think that, but she was pissed
because their son was sleeping in the back of her car. He had been so excited
to see Malice this weekend. She closed her eyes and breathed out.

He stalked over to the dresser, reached into his cut
that was draped over it, and cursed loudly. “My fucking phone must have turned
off after I called you today. I’ve been at the clubhouse all day, Molly,
waiting for you to tell me when and where to meet you.” He slammed his phone on
the dresser and then stalked back toward her. The woman he had been screwing
slipped past both of them, and the scent of her cheap perfume and the sex that
surrounded her was nauseating.
there was a miscommunication,” he gritted out and ran his hands through his

“Yeah, clearly.
I’m getting a motel room in Steel Corner. It’s closer to the cabin where I can
check on the girls. If you want you can just pick up Dakota in the morning.”
She went to leave, but he reached out and took her hand, stopping her. She
pulled her hand free and turned to face him. “What, Malice?”

“I haven’t had one drink or one smoke today because
I was going to spend time with my kid. I want him tonight. I have my SUV here,
and I know he was looking forward to spending some time with me.”

She sighed again and rubbed her eyes. It wasn’t even
eight in the evening, and she was already tired. She might have interrupted
Malice and his little
, but she could tell he
was sober, and she knew him well enough to know that he would never be
intoxicated if he thought he’d be seeing Dakota.

“You know me, Molly. I screwed up, okay? I thought
you were pissed and just staying in Brighton.” He ran his hands through his
hair again and cursed. “I’m sorry it’s been a trying week, and I have been
stressed out. It isn’t an excuse, but it is the truth.”

She had been stressed out too, what with work and
dealing with the girls the club had taken charge of. “Yeah, it’s been a bad
week for me, too.” They stared at each other for a moment. “Get your stuff.
Dakota’s in the car sleeping.”

Malice grabbed his shirt and cut from the dresser
and put them on, and then they were moving through the club. She ignored the
moans, the curses, and the shouts for Malice to party with them from the
drunken men all around her. Once outside she headed toward her car where Tuck
was still standing. He pushed off her car when he saw them approach, and then
he and Malice did that half hug thing men do, and spoke softly with each other.
She opened the back door, and the sound and motion had Dakota slowly waking.

“Momma, we here?”
Dakota rubbed his eyes. He blinked up at her with grey eyes just like his
father’s and smiled.

“Yeah, baby, we’re here.” After getting him out of
the car seat and grabbing his bag, she walked over to Malice.

“Hey, buddy.” Malice took him and gave him a hug.
Dakota was the spitting image of Malice, and although he was only three, he was
big for his age. “You think you’ll be able to stay up and watch that Disney
movie we talked about?”

For the next couple of minutes Dakota and Malice had
this child-like conversation where Dakota became more alert and filled with
energy at the thought of spending time with his dad.

“Okay, I’ll be leaving tomorrow afternoon probably.”
She leaned in and kissed Dakota on the forehead. “You
good, okay?”

“Of course, Momma.”

Malice lifted his phone up and showed her that it
was turned on.
“We good?”

She nodded. “Yeah, we’re good. I can take him home
with me tomorrow—”

“Can I stay two nights with, Daddy, Momma?” Dakota
gave her this big grey-eyed doe look, one that she was certain Malice had shown

“Your dad might have plans, buddy.”

“I’d like to keep him a couple of days. I can bring
him back to Brighton.”

“If you’re sure?”

Malice nodded and looked at Dakota. “I’m sure. Hey,
we can watch one of those scary movies your mom never lets you watch.” Malice
wagged his eyebrows, and Dakota chuckled.

“No scary movies.” She ran her hand over Dakota’s
hair. “Okay. I’ll call tomorrow just to check in.”

Malice nodded again, and then she stood there and
watched him walk over to his SUV and put Dakota in the backseat before walking
around to the driver’s side and climbing in.

“You know he still sees you as his old lady,” Tuck
said from beside her.

“No, he sees me as the mother of his kid, and to
Malice that doesn’t mean an old lady, but a possession.” Maybe to these men
those two things were one and the same, but they both knew Malice wasn’t in
love with her. He just wanted to know he had someone at home. He would never
admit it, but she knew that he just didn’t want to be alone.


She looked over at Tuck.

“Take care, sweetie.” He grinned and headed toward
the front of the clubhouse.

She didn’t stick around any longer. She was going to
Steel Corner, staying at the motel all night, and then in the morning she’d see
how the women were doing. Molly climbed in her car and sat there for a second.
She might not ever admit it to anyone but herself, too, but she hated being
alone. It was an emptiness that slowly ate away at a person until all that
filled them was this void.

Chapter Four


Stinger increased his speed and took the corner of
the road tight and fast. He had needed to get out of the clubhouse, and there
was nothing more freeing or that cleared the mind more than the tires of his Harley
eating up the road and the cold air hitting him in the face. He increased his
speed even more, saw the blur of the trees out of the corner of his eyes, and
couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face as endorphins rushed
through his veins. He had gone out of Steel Corner, but after a couple hours of
driving he had turned around and was heading home. He just needed a good
night’s sleep. After all the shit that had been happening with the Grizzlies,
their old ladies, and helping out The Brothers, Stinger was worn the fuck out.
The green sign that let him know he was five miles outside of Steel Corner
flashed when his headlight hit it, but it was the sight of someone walking on
the side of the road that had him slowing. The sun had already set hours ago,
and this was a long ass stretch of deserted road at this time of night.
But it was the flash of red hair, unbound,
that had his heart racing and his bear suddenly coming alert.

No fucking

Molly moved off of the side of the road without
looking his way. She was smart in the respect she wasn’t hitchhiking, but it
was stupid to be walking at this time. He pulled to a stop beside her, but she
picked up her pace. He noticed she reached in her bag, but kept her hand in
Smart girl.
He grinned, thinking she was packing, or maybe had a bottle of Mace. “Molly?”

She stopped and snapped her head over to him. For a
second he could see was trying to focus on him and the sudden light that
surrounded them. And then recognition covered her face, and the scent of
something very sweet came from her.
“Stinger, right?”

It had been a little bit of time since he had seen
her, but not a whole lot, so he didn’t know why he was so surprised that she
remembered his name.

“Yeah, you remember?”

She laughed, but that, too, was forced. “It’s hard
to forget a guy that put his buddies in place when they were being dicks to
me.” She smiled again, and this time it was genuine.

The moment he had realized it was her, his cock had
become hard, and he felt like a fucking pervert, but the emotion that rode him
a lot harder than lust was his need to protect her. “What the fuck are you
doing out here? It’s late, dark, and really damn dangerous.” He had to speak
loudly to be heard over his engine, but he heard her swallow like they were all
alone in a closed up room.

“Yeah, I know, but my car broke down, and my damn
phone has no reception out here.” She sighed and smiled, but it was forced. “I
feel like I’m in some really bad horror film.”

“Shit girl, you should have stayed in your car—”And
then that spark of annoyance and anger that he had sensed when he had seen her
for the first time in that warehouse came up with a vengeance. He felt his lips
twitch from it.

“Until when?
Some psycho came by?
Until the sun came up?
Or until
my phone decided it wanted to turn on and my car fixed
There was a bite to her words.

If anyone had mouthed out to him any other time he
would have knocked their teeth in, but this was Molly, the female that had
single-handedly turned his fucking world upside down without even realizing it.
Before he could say anything she was speaking again.

“I’m sorry about that.” She rubbed her eyes. “I feel
like I’ve been walking forever, and this road is never-ending.” She looked at
him, and even in the darkness he could see how blue her eyes were. They were
like sapphires, and so damn mesmerizing.

“No worries. I’m more concerned about you out here
by yourself.” Stinger didn’t bring up the fact a Grizzly old lady had been
attacked on a stretch of road. “Here.” He took off his helmet and handed it
over to her. “I’ll call the club and get a prospect to tow your car to the
mechanic shop owned by the club. They’ll see what’s going on with it in the
morning, get it fixed, and I’ll take you where you need to go.”

She took the helmet from him and placed it on her
head. Her red hair was wavy and flowed over her shoulders. And all he could
keep thinking about as he stared at it was having those wine colored locks
wrapped around one of his fists as he plowed his cock into her pussy. He bet
she’d be hot and wet, and so damn tight. He looked at her chest, saw her
breasts rise and fall over the thin jacket she wore, and felt his cock jerk
against behind his pants. Shit, he could totally slide his dick between those
mountains and
-fuck her until he gave her one
hell of a pearl necklace.


Dammit, he had been staring at her big ass tits
while thinking of fucking her rough and
Molly had clearly caught him being a pervert. He lifted his eyes to her face,
saw her incredulous look, and felt like a bastard. “I’m sorry.” The words came
out and never in his life had he apologized for checking out a female, but he
was realizing pretty quickly that he was doing a lot of things out of the norm
when it came to this female.
I’m sorry.
That was a douche-bag thing to do.”

She stared at him for a few more seconds, and
although she didn’t say anything and looked away, he saw the corner of her
mouth kick up. He waited until she was securely on with her arms wrapped around
his waist, and then pulled back onto the road and headed for Steel Corner.

It took him ten minutes to reach the clubhouse, and
although he could have gotten into town faster, he stuck with the speed limit
since he had Molly on his bike. To say that his human side and his bear were
pleased that she was on his Harley would have been an understatement, but
during the whole ride he had repeatedly told himself that he needed to keep his
shit together. He had felt her firm breasts pressed against his back, swore he
could feel her hard nipples through his shirt and cut, and felt the heat of her
pussy that was only covered by a thin layer of denim.

He pulled into the clubhouse parking lot and parked
beside the line of Harleys.
It was dark
but the floodlights in the back, where the massive garage was located, were on,
and the sound of classic rock and tools banging together told Stinger members
were working on bikes. Molly got off the bike first and before he had even
dismounted was handing him the helmet.

“I’ll tell the prospects to go get the car.”

She smiled and nodded, clearly uncomfortable.

“Your phone should work now. Out there is like a
dead zone for cell reception.” He watched as she reached into her small bag
that was slung over her chest, and got her phone out.

“Thank you.” She smiled again and looked down at her
phone to start entering in a number.

That was Stinger’s cue to leave.

“I’ll just let them know and then we can get you to
wherever you’re staying.” He didn’t wait for her to answer and turned to leave,
but before he had gone, she addressed the person she’d called: Malice.
Stinger’s bear rose, and he clenched his hands into fists and forced
to continue to walk away from her.

BOOK: Owned by the Outlaw
10.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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