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Pleasure Party

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by Nina DeRosa


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I can’t believe I’m doing this,
” I thought as I stood out front the house. This was either the best idea my husband and I’d ever had or the worst one… I just wasn’t quite sure which.

My husband Tony and I have been desperately trying to have children for
, every single time unsuccessfully. I thought it was my fault for a long time, right up until Tony’s sperm count test came back.  He couldn’t have had a lower number if he had a black hole in his dick.  At least my eggs weren’t the issue, I guess, but it didn’t help the situation any.

The house looked perfectly normal house from the outside—a friendly, approachable front stoop, an appropriate number of ornamental shrubs… you know, the boring sort of house you see rows and rows of out here in suburbia.  From the outside, you expect the owners to have two and half children, a big dog, and perhaps a few too many recreational vehicles.

A reasonable guess, admittedly, but one that could not be further from the truth.

From the sound of it, the party had been going on for a while already, and the guests were getting rowdy.  Lights flickered down in the basement, and every now and then a shadow crossed in front of a window, letting me know that the place was packed tonight.  I was late, but I wasn’t supposed to show up at the beginning anyway.  Tony and his best buddy Bill told me to show up a little late and requested that I make a grand entrance, and I intended to do just that.

I opted for a sleek black dress that hugged my curves and accentuated my breasts nicely.  The skirt was decorated with red, swirling embroidery and small, sequined flowers. It might not be the ideal dress for going out on the town, but I wasn’t planning on wearing it for long. It’d make a great first impression and convenient wrapping for all the accoutrements underneath it.  I’d paired it with a perfectly-fitted red corset, black, lacy panties, and—of course—a pair of sheer, black stockings. Tony
stockings, and I wore them damned well, in my opinion.  Stockings work best with long, sexy legs, and mine were exactly that.

Tony and I decided that enough’s enough. I’m getting pregnant tonight, and if not from him, from
at this party.  My husband Tony and I tried out the swinging scene, but I never really got into it. I like to my half of it well enough, but I hated to share him. No problem with that tonight, though, because
the main course.  Tonight, down in the basement of this perfectly ordinary house, I’m going to get fucked by a room full of young, virile, good looking men who my husband personally vetted.  Hopefully Tony hangs around and fucks me, too.  I kind of like him, you know.

After two rings of the doorbell, Tony’s friend Bill answered the door—fully dressed, to my surprise.  I’m not sure why I expected him not to be naked, to be honest; I guess I’d just gotten a little ahead of myself.

“Hi!  You’re Penelope, right?” he said.  “Good timing.”

I winked at him and nodded in reply. 

I mostly used the nod as an excuse to check him out.  Maybe I needed to spend a little more time with Tony’s friends, I thought.  Bill, at least, was pretty damned hot.  Let’s face it: most swinger parties are full of fat, greasy old guys who you wouldn’t fuck with your worst enemy’s vagina , but this guy?  Totally not the norm.  He had strong, muscular arms, a well-defined chest—I could tell because his green, sleeveless shirt was in danger of bursting at the seams —and was trim and fit as if his job was to work out all day.

Yeah, I could deal with this
,” I thought with a grin.  This idea was looking better and better all the time.

Bill held the door open for me in a gentlemanly fashion as I clattered into the house in my heels, and then he gestured for me to follow him down into the basement.  I haven’t been over here for a party in at least two years, but I still remembered where all the action happened.

“Okay, the party’s down in the basement,” he said as I followed him into the house.  The music was blaring, and I could feel the bass rattling around inside my chest.  It sounded less like a sex party and more like your typical frat party to me; nothing
at all
like what I’d expected.  I could deal with this. I had a few good times back in college and this was starting to remind me of them.

“There’s a door at the bottom of the stairs,” he continued.  “When I open it, just head on in and make yourself at home.  You ready to go?”

“Yep.  Just toss me an introduction if you want, and I’ll do the rest,” I answered.  Just between you and me, Tony wanted to impress his friends at this party. That’s part of why he was okay with this, why he was so open to trying to get me pregnant like this.  He got to be the unbelievably lucky guy married to that incredible sex-kitten… me. I get my baby and a night to blow my mind out of the deal, and he gets the worship and admiration of all his buddies. It seems like a win-win situation to me!

Bill and I held up just outside the door at the bottom of the basement steps.  Voices talked loudly and laughter echoed from the other side.  I could instantly pick out Tony’s deep, sexy voice among all the younger men the room, even with the door closed and the music blaring.  Then, above all the typical party chatter, I heard a woman moan in pleasure. I thought I was going to be the only woman here tonight, but apparently I had company tonight!  Oh well. It
a sex party, after all.

“Here you go,” whispered Bill, and he swung the door open. 

A dozen younger, college-aged men and two young women—all in various degrees of attire and arousal—were cavorting lasciviously in the room.  An enormous-breasted woman cried out in ecstasy as another girl ravenously slurped at her and drove her into a sexual frenzy.  My darling 35-year-old husband, handsome and sexy to me in his own special way, waved to me from his recliner with a beer in his hand.  Good… I’m glad he waited for me.

Two attractive and well-hung men interrupted their threesome with a slender young blonde they’d bent over the back of a sofa and instead turned their attention to the doorway as I walked in.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” called out Bill from behind me, “I’d like to introduce the star of the evening!”

I sashayed out into the middle of the room, giving it my best sway and using my hips to their fullest potential as everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me like I was the queen of the prom.  I’m a little old for the prom, of course, but you know the feeling.  It felt as if they were in awe of me, and a sudden burst of confidence shot through me like I’d somehow injected it straight into my veins. I could tell that tonight was going to be

“That’s right, folks!” cried out my Bill again, really hamming it up for his audience.  “Your willing toy for the evening… your personal slave… your woman just
begging you
to fuck her and to fill her to the brim with your seed…Penelope!  No protection, no strings, no
but you and her tonight.”

I spun around to give everyone a good view as I entered the room, and in one quick motion, I lifted my dress up and over my curvy hips, up my body, and then over my shoulders.  The cool air of the basement swirled around my thighs at the gap between my panties and the lace-trimmed bands of my black stockings.  I twirled the gleaming black dress around my finger for just a moment longer before tossing it off into the corner.  In the dim glow of the basement lights, I looked absolutely
and I damned well knew it. Every single man in the room was glued to me and almost drooling in desire right now. The rest of these trollops might as well just pack it up and head home for the night, because their men were all mine now.

A round of applause broke out around me as I sat on the edge of the gleaming, dark wood bench in the middle of the room and crossed my legs.  I waved to one lovely hunk of a man, winked seductively to Tony, and then licked my lips as I scanned the room.  This was certainly not the usual sex party; even the worst looking guys here were only average, and a third of them were outright

All this and I’ll finally get the baby Tony and I’ve been dreaming of.  Why didn’t we think of this sooner?

The scales were now tipped heavily in favor of this being the best idea, and I was practically salivating—and definitely getting a little wet—from the delightfully dirty images racing through my mind. My husband had mentioned that he’d arranged for a special toy for me for the night, and the dark wood bench certainly fit the bill.  The bench was just wide enough for me and it narrowed even more at the cushioned headrest, presumably so that whoever was standing around could put my mouth to good use.  There were four cushioned posts connected to the bench by spreader bars, and I knew
what they were for.  They were for binding my arms and legs while still giving the party complete, unlimited access to every last inch of my body, all at once if they so desired.  There would be no turning back once I lay on the bench.  I was going to get fucked by every single man in this room and their sperm would start the mad race to the finish line.  There’s no
that one of them wouldn’t get to me, even if it wasn’t Tony.  Tonight, we were getting our wish.

“Are you ready for me?” I called out in my most sultry of voices.  I didn’t have to put on a show for the boys or anything, but to be honest, the idea was turning me on.  I almost felt like I was putting on a burlesque performance, only without the inevitable cocktease.  I’d be taking all of them tonight.

A naked man with incredible abs whistled loudly from across the basement, and I flashed him a little smile back.

“Tony, how about you come do the honors?” I called out to my loving husband, gesturing to him sexily with one finger as I first uncrossed and then slowly re-crossed my long legs.  “You can’t really expect me to tie
down, can you?”

The two naked college girls sitting on the back of the couch gasped in excitement as Tony jogged over and helped me up onto the bench.  I slowly laid my head down against the cushioned headrest—my heart racing in a mix of anticipation and nervousness—as he grabbed two long, soft straps and tied them around my wrists.  I rested my hands against the posts as he bound my arms, and then he slowly made his way around me and down to my legs.

“You good to go, baby?” he asked tenderly, caressing my cheek.  This was it, I knew.  This was my last chance to back out. 

If I said yes, I was in this for as long as the boys wanted me, until I was filled with their seed, dripping it, feeling it all deep inside me.  I could still drop out now and run for it.

“I’m okay if you are,” I whispered back to him with a smile.  “Make sure you get in on the fun, too.”

“Oh I will,” he said with a grin, and he ran a hand slowly up my corset, stopping between my breasts and teasing me with one finger.  I could feel my animal side coming out already.  God, that’s what I loved so much about my husband—he could turn me on with just a touch, and he knew just how I wanted it.

The leg rests were closer to the bench than the armrests, and my knees were bent and my legs comfortable as Tony tied me down.  I suddenly felt exposed and very vulnerable, as if I was already naked, but at the same time, I felt sexy in a way I’d never experienced before.  I had no power over what happened now, no way to stop the sexy young men who were crowding around and champing at the bit in anticipation of having their way with me.  What made it sexiest, though, was that I knew what was coming next.  They were going to fill me with their cum, lay their seed inside me to grow and finally give me what I’d been longing for.  I could already imagine the feeling as they fucked me to orgasm, their hot spurts bursting inside me.

I was the belle of tonight’s delightfully sinful ball, but there was no tiara or trophy for me… no no, I’d be getting my prize in just about nine months.

“All yours, folks,” called out Tony, and he kissed me on the cheek and backed away as the crowd of gorgeous, virile young men rushed in around me.

I barely had time to say, “Come and get me,” in a sultry, lust-filled voice before the first exquisite tingle ran through my body and I shivered uncontrollably.

Smooth hands slowly rolled my stockings down my legs, sending shivers up my body with each touch.  I let out a delighted moan, and before I knew it, my stockings were bunched up around my ankles.  Soft hands ran up and down my legs, exciting me and triggering incredible sensations that zigzagged through me.  I was so overwhelmed with pleasure that  I could hardly pay attention to all the feelings coming from all parts of my body.  One handsome young man, his hair dark and his face cleanly shaved, massaged my full breasts through my tight-fitting corset and set my body on fire while another delectable blond hunk slowly ran his fingers over the gusset of my panties and sent competing surges of pleasure up my spine.  Somewhere along the way, two enormous cocks found their way into each of my hands, and I stroked them as best I could with my hands tied. 

BOOK: Pleasure Party
8.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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