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“Hey sweetie,” whispered Tony from beside me.  I was still tied to the table, but he sat next to me—now fully clothed—with a soft, caring smile on his face.  “Glad to see your back.”

Two more of my handsome young lovers came to my side and started to untie my wrists and ankles.  Jennyu handed me a towel, and then she took another one herself and vigorously rubbed me down, trying her best to clean me up as she helped me up from the table.  Even with as much cum as had made its way inside me, there were still several more loads speckled all over my breasts, face, and belly. 

A wave of applause nearly deafened me as I wobbled to my feet.  My head was spinning in confusion as I stood naked in the center of the crowd.  I could feel all of their seed inside me, still slowly dripping down and out of me.  God, they really did fill me up, didn’t they?

Tony kissed me on the cheek, and I wrapped an arm around him to stabilize myself.

“You were incredible, Penelope!  Absolutely amazing!” exclaimed the other, dark-haired college girl, and she ran up and gave me a huge hug that nearly knocked me off my feet again.

“Err… thanks!  It felt great,” I babbled, and I turned my attention to one of the men who came up to shake my hand.  Had I somehow won a pageant while passed out?  I felt my cheeks flush as the smile grew wider and wider.  I’d certainly won something, alright, if the wet warmth inside me was anything to judge by.

I waved absentmindedly to everyone as my post-orgasmic euphoria mixed with the sounds of the cheers and applause around me, and my husband wrapped me in a bathrobe. 

Modesty somewhat restored, my eyes focused on the snack table they’d set up for the party, and the first thing I wondered was what my first crave would be.








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An excerpt from
Submissive Dina at the Office…


Marcus fastened the collar snugly—but not uncomfortably tightly—around my neck.  He closed the golden lock with a firm click, and I immediately knew my place again.

you will call me Master again,” said my Master in a quiet, even tone.  “Get up.”

I rose to my feet and stood before him, my hands clasped behind my back, as he looked me up and down.  I was wearing my usual office attire: black heels and stockings, a pinstriped black pencil skirt, and a white blouse.  My blond hair was tied back in its usual ponytail and hung a quarter of the way down my back.

“Do you know why I called you up here, Slave?”

“No, Master.”

I answered him quietly and kept my head up and my hands clasped tightly behind my back as he slowly unbuttoned my blouse.  My nerves sang at his touch as the first button came loose, then the second, the third…

By the fourth button, it was everything I could do not to tremble in excitement and desire. 

“I want your services in the meeting this afternoon.  You will do what I tell you to do.”

As the final button came loose, my Master slowly pulled my blouse down my arms and removed it.  He draped my blouse over his shoulder and began to walk around me in a circle, inspecting me, and more… admiring me.  I could almost feel his approval, and as he stared at my breasts—perky and firm beneath my white bra—I knew he was still pleased with me.

“Take off you bra and hand it to me.”

Without a word, I reached behind my back and unhooked the clasp.  I’d hoped, secretly, that he would remove it himself.  The feeling of his soft hands against my back—the brief and erotic titillation as he unhooked my bra—was a huge turn-on to me.  However, the Master’s orders were what they were, and my role was to serve and to please. 

I slowly slid the straps down my shoulders, letting them delicately fall down my arms, and then my breasts hung free as I handed the skimpy white undergarment to him.  My breasts weren’t particularly big, at least in my opinion, but my Master had told me many times before how much he liked them.  They were, as he said, “Perfectly suited for his hands,” and more, he knew I was perfectly pliant to his demands. 

My Master returned to his gleaming mahogany desk, opened the top left drawer, and then tucked my bra into it.

“I will return it to you in time, Slave,” he said as he came back and walked behind me.

I tried my best not to make a sound as he ran his hands down my body, starting at my neck and then tracking softly down my shoulders and back.  The tips of his fingers sent glorious tingles through my body, and I couldn’t help but shiver as a particularly wonderful one shot up my spine.

He took my hands firmly in his and crossed them behind my back, and then my mind did a sudden somersault as I felt the fabric of my blouse against my wrists.  He was binding my wrists with my own shirt!

Without a word, he turned and pointed beneath his desk.  I stared back at him in silent confusion, not completely certain of what he wanted of me.

“Get on your knees underneath my desk, Slave,” he finally said, but there was no malice or anger in his voice.  There was never malice in my Master’s voice—just calm, collected orders and straight words that meant exactly what he said.  He let his body language tell me his
thoughts, and I was excited by where I thought this was going.

I walked to his desk and sat on my knees beneath it.  I had to bend my back slightly so that I fit, and while it wasn’t exactly comfortable, I knew I could handle it.  I didn’t even need to think about it, truthfully; my Master wouldn’t have told me to do it if he didn’t think I could, and I trusted him. 

“Slave… there will be a meeting starting soon,” he said, crouching down before me to make eye contact.  “There will be several other businessmen here to discuss a project with me.”

“What do you wish of me, Master?”

“You will pleasure me throughout the entire meeting,” he ordered, his voice straight, clear, and to the point.  “If you make a noise, I will punish you later.  I may even punish you in front of everyone in the meeting, actually.  I haven’t decided yet.  Either way, do not make a noise.”

“Yes, Master,” I answered, and I nodded in consent.  There was no choice, no decision to be made.  He had decided, and his wish was mine to fulfill.

“I will reward you after the meeting,” he concluded.

He sat down in his desk chair, pushed himself in—trapping me in the gap between his legs and the mahogany backing of his desk with my wrists still bound tightly behind me—and then unzipped his trousers.  After a few minor adjustments to his briefs, his enormous erection sprang from his lap as if it was spring-loaded.

Just like I remembered it,
” I thought, silly thought though it was.  I still remembered it from our first time—from every time after that as well—and I remembered how amazing it had been. 

He broke me in gently our first time—on top of this very desk, actually—and then each time after that was more and more intense, more amazing than the time before.  He held me down the second time and handcuffed me to the chair on the third, but each time, he satisfied
desires so completely, so thoroughly that I wanted nothing more than to satisfy him back.  On the fourth time, he offered me my collar, and I accepted it
than willingly.

I heard the office door open, and as my Master greeted the unknown guest, he pushed his chair in just a few inches further, sandwiching me completely between his legs.  That was his sign for me to get to my task, and I lowered my lips to his cock.

It felt so obscenely devious—so
—for me to be doing this.  An unsuspecting coworker sat mere inches away from me while I ran my lips sensuously up and down my Master’s shaft with my hands bound tightly behind my back!


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BOOK: Pleasure Party
7.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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