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And, furthermore . . . it gave me hope.

I’d spent my whole life corralled inside a world that tried to make me believe change was impossible—that we were stuck with whatever lot we’d been given and couldn’t do anything about it.

But, if I’d learned anything in recent months, it was that those beliefs were wrong. Change
possible. I’d seen it. I’d lived it. And darn it, I was going after it.

That fire that had ignited in me the day I’d gotten my prologue prophecy had only grown in the last few weeks. The more I moved forward, the stronger it burned, inspiring me to keep going and keep fighting for the kinds of change I wanted. The likes of which, in my truest heart and clearest mind, I knew were all possible.

find the Author. I
rewrite my story. And I, Crisanta Knight,
become something more. I only needed be brave enough to see it through.

On that note, as I thought on all these matters of strength and story, I took a deep breath. Then, that fire ever burning inside of me—rebellious, ardent, and firmly resolute—I looked back at Blue and smiled.

“Yeah,” I said. “I suppose we do.”

About the Author

Geanna Culbertson adores chocolate chip cookies, watching Netflix in pajamas, and the rain. Of course, in her case, the latter is kind of hard to come by. As her dad notes, “In California, we don’t have seasons, we have special effects.”

On the flip side, she is deeply afraid of ice skating and singing in public. Although, she forces herself to do both on occasion because she believes facing your fears can be good for you.

During the week Geanna lives a disciplined, yet preciously ridiculous lifestyle. She gets up each day at 5:00 a.m. to train. Goes to work where she enjoys a double life as a kid undercover in a grown-up world. Then comes home, eats, writes, and watches one of her favorite TV shows.

On weekends, however, Geanna’s heart, like her time, is completely off the leash. Usually she’ll teach martial arts at her local karate studio, pursue yummy foods, and check out whatever’s new at her fav stores like Banana Republic. To summarize, she’ll wander, play, disregard the clock, and get into as many shenanigans as possible.

BOOK: Protagonist Bound
4.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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