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“It’s not weird at all, Vivian.
They’re nice, normal things to do with the one you’re in a relationship with.
We can do all of that, but only after you have a bag packed for our trip back
out to the island. While you do that, I’ll check your place and make sure it’s
secure enough for us tonight.” He came around to her side of the truck and
helped her out before grabbing both his and James’s bags from the back of the

“What if there are monsters out
there? Are they like vampires and can only come in if you invite them in?” Then
she heard just how absurd her question had sounded and frowned. “Well, that
didn’t come out nearly as well as I had hoped it would. But you understand what
I’m getting at, right?”

“I’m going to check the windows
and doors, do whatever I can to give us an edge, and generally spread out a few
weapons so that I can get to one from every position in your place. They can
smash through a door just as easily as I can. Easier, actually, given they tend
to be bigger, stronger, and meaner than I ever will be.”

“What?” she demanded in a high,
squeaky voice. “No, I don’t like that. Jason, you are not to put yourself in
danger because of me.” And she knew that he would always put himself between
her and harm, just as she would him. “I can’t shield us if I’m asleep, but when
I’m awake I can, and I will. I promise. I just don’t want you to be hurt.

“I don’t plan on getting hurt.
Now, care to unlock your door so we can go inside?” he asked softly. “Don’t
worry so much. I’ve survived this long by knowing when to cut and run from a
battle. I’ve made my share of mistakes, won’t say I haven’t, but I always learn
from them.”

She nodded and licked her lips.
“And now you have a life to look forward to. One with a woman who is going to
make it her mission to make sure that you’re always happy. While you keep us
safe. Deal?” She showed him into her home.

“Deal.” He locked the door
behind them. “Show me around, will you?” he asked, setting the bags down near a

“Right.” Suddenly, she couldn’t
think. She couldn’t do anything other than move in closer to him. “What do you
want to see first?” she asked with a breathy sound of desire. She pulled him
through the entryway and into the next space. The floors were highly polished
wood and the furniture was heavy, large, and overstuffed. “This is the living
room. My favorite place to be in the mornings.”

She moved to the massive couch
and touched the seat. “Here. The sun shines into the room and makes you feel
like you are sitting outdoors, even in the winter months.”

He looked around and smiled.
Moving deeper into the room, he walked along the windows, checking the locks. Turning
back to face her, he nodded slowly. “It suits you.”

“Thanks.” Viv moved toward him.
“The plants are all Sophia, though. I swear that nature grows just for her.”
The florae were all freakishly large and overgrown but looked to be a part of
the very fiber of the place.

“They bring life indoors,” he
said. Reaching her, he cupped her cheek and leaned in. With a kiss, he turned
her and lightly smacked her bottom. “Keep going, I want to see each and every
room. Your bedroom last, though, since we won’t be leaving immediately.”

“Good point.” She led him from
the living room to the small dining room. She blushed as she saw her work
spread across the table. “Sorry. I’m a little messy at times, I guess.” More
at times
. She
at times
forgot to change clothes for
days on end, especially when on vacation. There were just too many other things
for her mind to go over, like what’s for breakfast, or lunch, and so on. “Maybe
we should order pizza or Chinese to be delivered?”

“When I let you up for air,
we’ll order in Chinese,” he replied. Jason slid a hand into the back pocket of
her jeans and squeezed. “I have other priorities, though. First being making
sure you are safe and then, second, getting you naked and making love to you.”
He tugged her closer to him, putting his lips to her ear. “Or I’ll fuck you
long and hard, keeping you on edge and not letting you orgasm for a very long

Viv tripped over her own feet as
they walked into the kitchen. Unable to speak, she simply pointed to the back
door and leaned against the counter. She fanned herself, and when he turned,
she pulled her shirt and bra off and tossed them behind her.

“We’re almost done with our
tour,” she explained when he turned back around. “Just the bathroom down here,
and then the bedrooms and bathroom upstairs.” She gestured to a door. “Basement
down there, electrical panel, water heater, etcetera. Washer and dryer are
built in to the wall.” By this time, need was all but living and breathing
inside of her. “Upstairs, we have two bedrooms, each with their own bathroom
and small little office or sitting area.”

He was staring at her with a
small smile on his lips as his gaze moved over her naked torso. In the next
moment, he slid his jacket off, hanging it over one of the chairs of her dining
set. Off came his shirt, which he tossed onto the counter with her stuff. “Lead
on,” he said, with a tip of his head.

“Right, leading.” She moved away
from him, having to fist her hands to keep from reaching out and stroking his
beautiful body. She wanted to. God help her, she wanted to reach out and stroke
her fingers over the scars that wrapped from his back and around to his front.

“Sophia’s room is over there,”
she told him when they made it to the top of the stairs. “Her sitting area is
facing the woods and is glass from floor to ceiling. She paints in there when
she doesn’t go out back to the studio.” Vivian licked her lips. “She won’t let
anyone in her studio. She claims that’s where she paints
. His life. I don’t know.” She shrugged. “So hurry, check her
rooms, and when you come out I’m going to be naked, so you should be, too.”

His low chuckle sent a chill
over her as he brushed past her, the heat of his body stroking to hers for a
moment. Three minutes later, he came back out and nodded to her. “All good in
there,” he said. “Looks like she’s got some interesting projects on the go.
Yes, I peeked, and if you tell her, then I’ll have to make something up to
counteract it.”

“Don’t worry. If they’re in her
bedroom, she doesn’t care if anyone sees them. It’s the ones out in the
converted garage that she’s fanatical about. She keeps it padlocked and has a
freaking alarm system on it. I know, silly, but that’s my sister for you. Now,
aren’t you supposed to be naked?” She touched the waistband of his jeans.

“We’re not in your room yet, are
we?” he asked with a grin. He moved closer, so they were touching, then kept
going so that she had to back up slowly. “Where
your room, by the way?” His hands landed on her hips and moved
to cup her behind.

“The door at my back,” she told
him and licked her lips. “How about you get naked and I go in and start a bath?
I think we could both use a hot soak.” She wanted to feel his body close to
hers as they washed one another.

“It had better be a very large
one, otherwise we’re not going to fit. I don’t fit into your average tub alone.
And no scents. I’m allergic to most of the modern crap people use,” he said.

“It’s a very large tub, and I
don’t do scents either. Neither does Sophia. We’re both terribly allergic to
man-made fragrances.” She let her nails rake along his chest and looked up at
him. “So, you up for a nice, hot, Jacuzzi soak with me?”

“Absolutely,” Jason said. He
paused their movement enough for his gaze to flick around behind her before he
continued to push her through the doorway and into her bedroom. As soon as they
were far enough inside, he shut the door, spun them around, and backed her up
against the wooden surface again to kiss her.

Vivian kissed him back with as
much desperation and need that he was filling her with. When they parted, she
was panting. “You’re still dressed.” She pouted. “I want to feel all of you
holding me.” She looked to her massive, four-poster bed and grinned. “And you
mentioned something about tying me up? Looks as if my subconscious was getting
ready for you before you walked into my life.”

“Undo my pants,” he ordered
softly. Nibbling on her jaw, he moved his hands up to cup her breasts,
squeezing gently, before he pinched her nipples. “Push them down so I can kick
them free, and then I’ll be as naked as you are.”

“Thank God,” Vivian breathed out
in a rush and moved her fingers to the buttons of his jeans. She slid each one
free of its moorings slowly, her knuckles rubbing against his cock after the
first two. “God, you go commando.” She felt her pussy rush with desire and
wanton need. “Jason.” All she could do was moan his name as she slid to the
floor in front of him.

She sat there on her knees, her
back straight and arms loose at her sides, head bowed in ultimate submission.
She wanted to be everything he needed and easily gave this to him because it
was what she wanted, too.

“Holy gods,” he whispered. His
hand landed on her head, his fingers sliding into her hair and squeezing enough
to give a small bite of quick pain. “Spread your knees wider, hands on your
thighs, ankles and heels under your ass. You should be as open as you can be if
you’re going to do this, sweetheart.”

She did as he instructed,
nodding. She had no idea what else to do. The position of submission was the
extent of her knowledge, and that was given to her by someone once. “I don’t
know how to do this, but I want to. It feels so good. So right. To completely
give up my control into your hands. I trust you, Jason.”

“I know you don’t know much
about this. What you do know is pretty good.” He tugged on her hair, pulling
her head up and looking into her face. “But if you’re in this position, or when
we’re in bed playing, you need to address me correctly. You know what that is,
don’t you?”

Vivian had no clue what he was
talking about and shook her head. “I have no idea,” she admitted. “Help me
learn? I want this.” She was shocked by just how amazing it felt to be like
this with him. To give in to everything with him.

His hand loosened, and his
fingers massaged her scalp. “All right, we obviously have some ground rules to
go over. Go start the bath, and we’ll talk in the tub. We need to set a few
things in place before we get any further. Up,” he said, pulling his hand from
her hair and holding it out to her.

Vivian rose to her feet. She
moved a bit closer to him and leaned up, brushing her lips to the underside of
his jaw before moving off to fill the tub. When she had the water at a
desirable temperature, she walked back out to see him standing there, waiting.
She wanted to touch him again, but the look on his face was one she didn’t
understand. It was unreadable and worried her.

Walking to her, he slid his arms
around her waist. “Try not to look so worried. It’s nothing bad,” he told her.
He nipped her jaw lightly and began to back her toward the bathroom.

If he said it would be okay,
Vivian knew that it would be okay. Once they were in the bathroom, she looked
around, then back to him. “So, is this tub going to be large enough?” It was
massive. She had always loved oversized tubs that she could easily relax and
float in.“I think it’s big enough,” he said, shaking his head. “Do you swim in
the thing when you’re alone?” His arms loosened so she could pull back if she

“I turn on the jets, and I
float. It’s similar to swimming, I suppose. I hope
have a nice, large tub for us to play in.” She stepped in with
his hand on hers and waited for him to climb in as well.

“It’s large enough, I think.”
Jason sat down, his back to the side, and helped her to settle between his
legs. Once she was in place, he wrapped his arms around her, drawing her back
to his chest. “I think you’ll like it.”

“You’ll be there. That’s all I
need to love it.” She rested against him, the jets pulsing the water around
them. “Now, we should talk. You said that when we are in our bedroom that I
should address you a certain way?”

“When we’re playing together,
when I’m in control, you should call me
Others refer to their dominant as
, but I’m not one, and
definitely not yours. Think you can handle that?” he asked.

A full-body shiver raced through
her, and she found herself nodding. “I know I can.” Then, because she wanted to
test it, to know how he would react, she added “Sir” with a whispered sound, a
need that lived inside of her.

“The other thing we need to
discuss is a safeword. You need to have a word that means something to you,
that you wouldn’t normally use in the bedroom.

“It will be our verbal cue that
you’re uncomfortable or scared. When I hear it, I’ll stop, no matter what we’re
doing. Then we’ll talk about it and figure out what we’re doing wrong and how
to make it better. So, think of a word that you can easily recall, that means
something, and yet you wouldn’t normally say in an intimate session.”

“I know that this sounds silly,
but can we do two different ones? If there’s something that I want to do, but
don’t know if I can and need for you to push me, can we use maybe
, and for the things, like you said, that scare me or things
I don’t want to do maybe use
Instead of more or stop?”

BOOK: Protected
10.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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