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“Do not come until I tell you,”
he demanded with a growl. His hands moved up her ribs to her armpits, and he
lifted her up. One arm wrapped around her torso to hold her against his chest,
and he cupped her breast. The other adjusted her legs so that she was
straddling him better before moving to toy with her clit.

She was so open there on his
lap. Her head fell back to his shoulder, and she was once again amazed by the
sheer strength of him. She licked her lips and shuddered. She was holding off
her own orgasm, forcing it under control, because she could have easily went
flying into screaming pleasure. “Please, Sir,” she gasped, her eyes wide. She
bit her lower lip in concentration.

“Not yet,” he growled against
her ear. “You can hold it longer. I like how you’re squeezing me so tight.
Every time I push my cock into your sweet little pussy, you clamp down so hard,
trying to hold me there.” He pinched and rolled her clit slowly as he did the
same with her nipple, never once pausing in his deep thrusts.

“It’s because I was made for
you. My pussy is welcoming you home, Sir.” She whimpered. “I’ll hold on for
you. Always. I’m yours.” And she was, he knew it as well as she did. She was
his. Forever.

He laughed softly as he tugged
on her clit. “I don’t want you to be in pain, sweetheart. So come for me,
squeeze my cock, hard, as you take everything I have to give. Scream for me.”
His teeth scraped lightly over her neck as he thrust up into her and stilled,
his hot seed filling her sheath.

Vivian came, her eyes watering
and vision wavering. She screamed his name. Her pussy clenched on his cock and
milked him for every drop that he had to offer. Then she collapsed against him,
her whole body going completely limp.

“I love you, Jason,” she
murmured before dropping off into sleep from the sheer exhaustion that caught
her unawares and pulled her under with that orgasm. She passed out against his
chest, her head against his shoulder, lolling to the side.



Chapter Seven


They were on the ferry to head
back to the island as soon as it arrived at the docks. Jason had woken her up
early with coffee and breakfast, and since then, had been watching her with a
concerned expression on his face. He’d been coddling her the entire time,
barely letting her even go to the bathroom by herself.

Vivian looked up and caught him
staring at her again. “Okay, out with it. Why are you looking at me that way?
You’re scaring me.” She reached out and took his hand in hers, giving it a
squeeze as she spoke to him. “I’m okay, Jase. I’m right here at your side, and
I’m happier than I ever thought that I would be in life. I’m good, love, so why
the looks of worry?”

“You passed out on me last
night. You had me freaking out for a long time. I was terrified I’d pushed you
too far, Vivian. So, yeah, I’m worried and watching you.” He tugged her in
close to hug her to his side as the wind pushed at them.

“Jason.” She turned in his arms
and moved so that they were chest to chest and she could wrap her arms around
his middle. “I passed out last night because I had never felt so much pleasure
before. I had never felt so good, so right, in all of my life. The feeling of
you spilling so hard and so deep inside of me was perfect. All of it was
perfect. You took care of me. You made sure that I was cleaned up and settled
into bed with you.

“I was covered and held in your
arms last night. It was right, Jason. It was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for
anything better in all of my life. I told you that I would tell you if I didn’t
think I could handle anything, but what we did last night was perfect.” She was
repeating herself, but she wanted him to see that she truly was happy and had
loved everything they had done together.

“Doesn’t mean I’m not going to
worry about you,” he muttered. Cupping her head, he tugged her closer to tuck
her under his chin. “You’re mine to worry about, Vivian. Especially when we’re
doing something new. Besides, there’s really not much you can say to stop me.”
He let out a sigh and squeezed her. “We’re almost to the island. We should get
back to the truck so we can get moving as soon as we dock.”

“You’re right, there’s nothing I
can do to get you to stop worrying about me, so I’ll just keep assuring you
that I’m fine.” She pulled back to look up at him and added, “I do love the way
you hug me and hold me when you worry about me, after all.”

Jason snorted at that and rolled
his eyes. Pressing a kiss to her mouth, he bit her lower lip and tugged gently.
“I love you, Vivian, but try not to be a thorn in my ass, okay?”

“I’ll try.” She grinned. “You
took care of me, Jason. Can’t you trust that?” She had enjoyed it the first
time. Granted the second time she was dead to the world, but that was only
because she’d come so hard that she was sure her entire soul had gone flying
out the window, right along with her screams. “We’re good.” She kissed the
underside of his chin and added, “I love you, too, Jason.”

He gave her another squeeze
before his arms dropped away from her. “Come on. Into the truck, woman. We
haven’t heard from your sister or James since last night, which worries me. One
of them should have called after the storm dissipated.” The storm had,
according to Jason, blown through around one in the morning. He’d tried a
number of times after that to call James, all with no answer.

She sighed. “You’re right. We
need to be sure they haven’t killed each other.” James should have at least
called or texted Jason. He was, after all, the one who was demanding that they
got there sooner rather than later.

While they drove, Viv worried.
She worried about the lack of communication from James and worried that maybe
Sophia had gotten her feelings hurt again. It didn’t make sense why Sophia
would be upset with James, but who knew?

“We’ll be there soon,” Jason
comforted. “Try not to bounce out of your seat.”

When they arrived at the home,
she looked at Jason and shrugged. “Well, the place is still standing.” She got
out of the truck and headed for the door, chewing her lip as she walked. At the
door, she didn’t knock. She simply grabbed the spare key from under the welcome
mat and went inside.

What Vivian saw shocked her.
Completely. There on the floor, spooned together under blankets and in front of
an obviously long-dead fire, were James and Sophia. Fi was facing James, her
arms clearly around him, and James’s body was wrapped protectively around

“What in the bloody hell is
going on here?” Vivian demanded, her voice loud. Then she squeaked in shock
when James quickly woke and turned a gun her way. “Holy balls,” she whispered
with wide eyes. She had never seen anyone move that fast before, ever.

“Jesus H. Christ,” James
muttered. His head dropped to the pillow, and he tucked the gun away somewhere.
“Couldn’t you have knocked or something?” he grumbled around a yawn.

Jason was at her side, looking
about as shocked as she felt. He hadn’t even twitched when James had drawn the
gun. “What the hell, James? Last time we talked, it sounded like Sophia was
going to kill you. Now you’re snuggled up with her.”

“Body heat,” he said, with a
glare their way. “No power, no heat, and it was getting damn fucking cold here.
So we did the smart thing and shared body heat in front of the fire to stay
warm through the night.”

“What about the generator?”
Vivian asked, her mouth opening and closing like a guppy.

Sophia didn’t wake, but she did
shift when Vivian spoke. Vivian frowned when she heard Fia saying, “Calm down,
Billy. Everything is okay.”

Vivian looked at James and
cocked her head to the side. “Why is she calling you Billy? Isn’t your name
James?” Suddenly, she remembered the name of the man that Fia had been
convinced was
and that was just
not good. At all. Just seeing them there as they were had Viv terrified for her
sister’s heart.

“My legal name is James Butler
Hickok, but my moniker in the day was Wild Bill,” he answered, shooting her a
glare. “Bill, Billy, same thing,” he grumbled. “Gods, I really wish she’d stop
calling me that. Bad memories.”

Jason appeared to be choking and
began to cough. He turned slightly, and she could see that he was grinning
behind the hand he was using to shield his face.

Vivian moved into the room and
glared at James. It was dawning on her now why Fia had been so upset with the
man. “Bugger off,” she muttered. “I need to try to wake Fi. Damn woman sleeps
like the dead.” She stroked her sister’s long, dark hair. “Go. Get coffee or
something. Just leave.”
. The
sooner that Viv could get Sophia away from James, the better. No wonder Sophia
was heartbroken and upset with the damn man.

“I would, but she’s holding on
pretty tight. Considering when we finally fell asleep, why don’t the two of you
bugger off,” James answered. He put his head down then and drew Sophia closer,
to which the other woman let out a sigh and snuggled in.

Jason was laughing straight out
behind her now, no longer bothering to hide the fact that he was amused.
“Vivian, come on, sweetheart. Let’s go and start the coffee. I have a feeling
we’ll need it to get through today.”

“I think you’re right.” Viv
sighed and walked toward Jason. She led him to the kitchen, and as soon as the
door closed, she looked at him. “He has no clue, does he? He has no clue who
he’s holding?” She felt intensely sad at that thought but knew it was true.

She didn’t think that James
realized who Sophia was to him, and even this morning he didn’t seem to know.
He acted more like a man used to having a woman in his arms and treated Sophia
like that. It broke her heart—the thought of what pain Fia would go through
when they left and James went back to his womanizing ways.

“Hey,” Jason whispered.
Gathering her in his arms, he held her close, rocking her back and forth. “I
warned you it was a possibility. He’ll figure it out in time, but you can’t
interfere with any of it. None of us can. He’ll feel the pull to be with her,
just as she feels the pull to be with him. The universe, the gods, the Fates …
whoever put this into place knew what they were doing, Vivian.

“We’ll be there for Sophia if
she needs us, but we can’t screw around in something that has nothing to do
with us. And their relationship, or non-relationship, has absolutely nothing to
do with us.”

Viv nodded and held on to Jason.
She took the time to focus and center herself. “Okay. I think I’m together. I
won’t say anything to them. I promise. I just hope Fia doesn’t demand that
James pull his head out of his ass. Ya know?”

“No interference, Vivian,” he
said again. He hugged her tight. “Why don’t you get the coffee on while I see
what I can put together to potentially feed us all?”

“We’ll all stick together, and
we can leave as soon as you want to. Could we possibly just fly out as soon as
we get back to the mainland?”

“Yeah, we can. James came on one
of the jets we have for our use, so I know it’s still at the airport,” he told
her. “We’ll just have to give the pilots two hours heads-up to get everything
prepped. Which should give us time to go back to your place for Sophia to pack
up anything and everything she needs for the immediate future. Once you’re both
safe, we’ll arrange a moving company to pack up your house and her studio, if
she’s feeling trusting enough, to bring it all down to the Mountain.”

“Sounds good to me.” Vivian
moved so that she could rub her cheek to Jason’s and smiled. “Have I mentioned
to you just how much I adore having you like this? How much I love having you
holding on to me? If not, I should.”

He chuckled and gave her a big
squeeze. “All right, coffee, woman. Once those two are up and moving, we need
to come up with a plan of action to find the monsters and kill them without any
of us getting dead in the process.”

“Yes, not getting dead is a very
good thing.” She shook her head. She really hoped that Sophia wouldn’t keep
pushing James to see what she was to him. It would seriously not be good at
all. She wanted to have her sister safe and whole.

“You’re worrying again. I can
see it in your eyes. What will happen will happen, Vivian. We cannot interfere
in their lives or their future. We see it. We know what and who they are to
each other, but we can’t do anything. It will sort itself out in time.” Jason
tipped her face up to him and kissed her before leaving her to start up the
coffee maker.

He pulled open the fridge door
and ducked out of view. “They have cinnamon rolls,” he said. “Hot damn, we’re
having cinnamon rolls unless someone is allergic to something in them. Speak
now or forever hold your peace.”

“Nope, I love them.” Viv opened
a couple of cabinets before she struck gold and found the coffee. It was a very
expensive, specially brewed bean blend. She looked to him and grinned. “Wait
until you try this coffee. It’s amazing. I’ll even let you have the first cup
because I love you like that.”

“Really?” he asked with a smirk.
“Aw, that’s just so sweet.” He moved to the oven and turned it on. Digging out
a pan, he popped open the can of cinnamon rolls and laid them out. “I love the
fact that even people who clearly have a ton of money still buy the cinnamon
rolls in a can. That makes me like them even more.”

“They’re an amazing couple. You
really would love them if you had a chance to meet them. We’ll be gone before
that, though. We have to get back to this mountain that you’re talking about so
that we can be safe.” She didn’t know how she and Fia had been found, but it
just plain sucked.

“The Mountain is where our base
of operations is,” he explained, leaning back against a counter. “Years ago,
when America was first colonized by the Europeans, we came over because with
them, they brought the monsters. Mercury bought a lot of land surrounding part
of a mountain range in the Rockies, and we found a cave system in there that we
expanded upon over time.

“It’s all modernized and looks
like a swanky hotel, for the most part. There are spots on different levels
where you can go outside onto nature-created shelves, which we’ve put railings
on to make balconies. Up top, there’s a large flat area where we do cookouts,
sit and enjoy the sun, or occasionally where we get a game of rugby going and
try to kill each other in a friendly and competitive manner.”

“Well, that’s very cool.” Vivian
grinned. “So, do you think that maybe we can fly in and then take a helicopter?
That way, we get there faster than if we had to do any driving.” She was just
thinking of what they could do in order to ensure that the trip took as little
time as possible, mostly so that Sophia and James didn’t have to stay close to
each other for too long.

“We’ll be flying into a private
airport, one we use a lot, and then taking one of the helicopters that Riley
arranged for our use to the base. It’s a quick little hop, but well worth it to
save on the aggravation of the monsters trying to kill us on the drive. It’s
happened twice now, which is why we’ve changed our policy when bringing the
VV’s to base.”

“Right. Gotcha. Yes, I don’t
want to be a sitting duck for anyone. I would much rather get behind some very
thick walls and mountains before we have to worry about anything other than
each other.”

BOOK: Protected
9.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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