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“Will you remember them easily?”
he asked.

Vivian nodded and licked her
lips. “Yes. I just have to know when you want to start, because I want to, now.
Please, Sir.” She found that it wasn’t as hard as she thought it might be to
call him that. It made her pussy cream with the idea that he could be
everything she needed and more.

“Soon enough. Now that you have
the words you want to use.”

He lifted her then, moving his
legs together and settling her on his lap. “We’ll start when we get out of the
tub. Until then, just relax and enjoy. After you’ve dried yourself, I want you
to go into the bedroom and assume the same position you did earlier. Can you do

“Yes, I can do that.” She
adjusted herself so that she was resting her head on his shoulder and relaxed
under his touch. “I adore being in your arms like this. The heat of the water.
The pulse of the jets. All of it.”

“Good thing I have nearly the
same type of tub back at the Mountain. It will give us plenty of time for
moments like this. In between other things, of course. I do have to make sure
you eat from time to time, after all.” Lifting her hand out of the water, he
kissed her fingers before he started to nibble on one of her fingertips.

She moaned. Biting her lower
lip, she focused on his words. “Yes, low blood sugar would certainly derail a
perfectly good time, wouldn’t it?”

Slipping a hand up her back, he
pushed his fingers into her hair and drew her head back. His mouth settled on
her neck, where he nipped and licked at her skin.

She squirmed and moaned again.
“I think I’m ready to get out of the tub, if you don’t mind?” She wanted to
begin. She wanted to have him again. And God help her, she needed him to show
her more of this world that they would explore together.

“If you’re sure.” He helped her
to her feet, and she stepped out and grabbed two large towels for them as he
leaned forward to stop the jets and pull the plug to drain the tub.

Once she was completely dried,
she moved back to the bedroom and assumed the position—head down, hands on her
thighs, with her knees spread wide, sitting back on her butt. Then she just
waited on him, her lover. Her everything.

The heat from his body at her
back was her first clue he was even there. “Relax,” he told her. One of his
hands stroked over her hair a few times before he walked around to where she
could see his lower legs, ankles, and feet. “Take some deep breaths and let the
tension out. Nothing is going to happen here that you don’t want, you know
that.” Crouching down, he adjusted her position a little and tipped her head up
so that they were eye to eye. “Right?”

Vivian nodded and licked her
lips. “Yes, Sir.” She was nervous, but it was only because she wanted to be
everything for him. She wanted to be able to give him all of herself and knew
that he would forever catch her. She was nervous because she wanted him to
enjoy this every bit as much as she already was.

“Vivian,” he said in soft
warning. “Take a breath with me.” He drew air in, held it, and let it out a
moment or two later. He did it again, then again and again. “Good girl.” He
took her hands in his and pulled her to her feet as he straightened up.

“Onto the bed, in the middle, on
your back, knees up and legs spread. Stretch your arms up over your head to
grip that lovely headboard of yours. We may need to take this bed with us. I
really like it.”

That had Vivian grinning. “Thank
you, Sir. I’m glad you like it. It would be perfect to use to tie me up to all
four corners.” She climbed up and got into the position that he had demanded of
her. Reaching over her head, she grasped the bottom of the headboard and
realized just how open she was. Being arched like this, her breasts were on
display for him, and with her legs open wide, her pussy was, too. She liked it.
A lot.

“Put your legs a little farther
apart.” When she did as he’d asked, he nodded. “Very nice,” he said. He knelt
between her legs. “How does this make you feel, being exposed like this,
Vivian? Does it excite you? Terrify you?”

“It excites me. To know that you
want me to be so bared to you that you’re asking me to open myself as wide as I
possibly can.” She moistened her lips and watched him. “Do you like what you
see? How open and wet that I already am for you?” She paused a moment and added
a whispered “Sir” before he could address that. Her pussy pulsed in reaction to
using that moniker for him.

“I do like how open you are,
letting me see everything that is mine,” he answered. Jason reached out,
rubbing a finger over her folds and around her clit. “And this pussy is mine,
will always be mine. Look how pink, wet, and swollen you are, all for wanting
me. You do want me, don’t you?” he asked, flicking her clit this time.

Vivian shuddered. “Yes, Sir.
Yes, I want you. I need you.” She whimpered. “This pussy is yours forever.” She
loved the touches, the way he controlled her body. Everything they did together
made her want and need more.

“I need to taste you.” He pushed
back and leaned down, his hot breath on her thighs and over her mound. “You
don’t mind if I taste this sweet little pussy, do you? I can smell how aroused
you are. It’s a heady scent.”

She bit her lower lip, a
full-body shiver racing through her before she said, “My pussy is yours, Sir.
Yours to do as you will.”

He smiled at her and lowered his
head more. He didn’t touch her, didn’t do anything to her, just breathed deeply
and slowly. When she was ready to crawl out of her skin, his tongue flicked out
and over her. His eyes closed, and he let out a low, deep, rumbling growl as
his hands cupped her bottom. Then his eyes snapped open, his gaze meeting hers,
and he began to taste her like a starving man faced with a buffet.

Her hands clenched at the
sheets. She whimpered and shifted under him. “Jason

” The pleasure had her whole
body tied into knots. She opened her eyes and looked down at him. She gasped as
his tongue circled her clit and made her arch up again.

His fingers dug into her butt
cheeks. His tongue slid between her folds and pressed to her opening, moving in
as far as he could in little flicks. After a time, his mouth settled over her
clit and he sucked hard, his teeth lightly biting as he pressed a finger into
her body and began to pump.

She screamed, tossed her head to
the side, and shuddered. She didn’t come, but she was so close. “Please, Sir,
may I come?” she asked, her voice sounding shaky as she gasped for air. She
held on to that thread, keeping herself in check because of something Jason had
said before, that she could only come when he said she could.

“Not until I say you can. Ride
that edge, hold off.” He went back to sucking hard on her clit, scraping his
teeth to the tight bud, tugging occasionally. He pressed another finger into
her sheath, stretching her as he pumped in and out without pause.

Her fingernails dug into the
wood of the headboard. She was desperate to release. Sweat dotted her body as
she kept from giving in to that delicious pull of release. The sounds that
Jason made. The way he devoured her. It was erotic in a way that she hadn’t
known existed.

His other hand moved, rubbing at
her anus, brushing the tight bud. “Have you ever had someone take you here?” he
asked, his lips moving against her mound.

“I’ve wanted it, but no one has
ever been there before, Sir.” She gasped as he teased her, shivering in
reaction. “I trust you.” She believed in him, trusted him and only him. She was
his in all ways.

“When we get back to the
Mountain, we’ll work on getting you ready to take me here. Because I definitely
want to slide my cock into this tight little hole.” With a smile, he put his
mouth back onto her and flicked at her clit with his tongue some more.

“Yes, Sir,” Vivian hissed and
shook with the thought. She was nearly ready to explode.

“It’s making you hot, isn’t it?
The thought of my cock there, pushing deep inside that tight little hole where
no other man has been or ever will be. My pussy free for me to do with as I
want as you ride my cock hard. Vivian, sweetheart, come for me now,” he

Her release came at the demand
from his lips. She let go. Her screams tore through the air, and her body bowed
as a pleasure she had never felt before swamped her. The tidal wave of her
orgasm seemed to continue to feed itself, creating rushes of tsunami-like
pleasure racing through her. Never once did she release the headboard. In fact,
she held on to it for dear life as she came crashing back to earth.

“There you go,” he cooed. Jason
had moved at some point and was lying next to her, his arms around her torso as
he stroked her cheek with light fingers. “Slow your breathing, Vivian. I have
you, not letting go. Just slow your breathing and calm for me, sweetheart.”

She used his voice to center
herself and finally opened her eyes to look at him. “That was incredible.” She
had never felt so good in all of her life. Never had an orgasm been as
climactic as that one had. “Thank you, Sir. For knowing what I needed, even
when I didn’t.” She was in awe of him. He amazed her.

“I’m still figuring it out,
Vivian. In time, I’ll know it all, at least in relation to you.” He pressed a
kiss to her shoulder and rolled from the bed. Without a trace of
self-consciousness, he walked to her bathroom and, moments later, came back
with a damp cloth and a glass of water.

Helping her to sit up, he sat
behind her, cradling her in his arms as he handed her the glass. The cloth he
used to wipe her face and arms, cooling her off slowly. “When we get into more
intensive play, the aftercare is a huge part of it all. Even with endorphins
running rampant in your body, you need to take time to come down from the high.
So, even though we haven’t done a whole lot yet, we’ll practice the aftercare
steps each and every time.”

“Thank you.” She moved in closer
to him. “I love you, Jason. And if I didn’t before, I love you even more now. I
know, how strange, right? But you’ve given me the most pleasure and care that
I’ve ever been shown in my life.”

“This is nothing compared to all
that’s going to come in our future. I love you, Vivian. I’ll always look out
for you. It’s also why there are specific rules to what we do, safety measures
we take. Because in the moment, when we’re both deeply involved, I may not
always be aware of what all is going on. I’ll try to be, just like in every
other situation, but I can’t promise you that I will be.” He was stroking his
fingers up and down her arm. She was cocooned by his body.

She took another sip of water,
then set the glass aside. “Let me up. I need to wash up. ” She wanted to know
what they would do next, couldn’t wait for it, actually.

His arms slid away, and he
helped her move to the edge. “Take your time,” he said, passing her the cloth.
“When you come back, I want you up in the center, on your hands and knees, ass
up in the air. I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Yes, Sir,” Viv agreed softly
and walked away. At the door, she turned. “I’ll be right back.” She disappeared
into the bathroom.

Five minutes later, she was back
in the bedroom, on the center of the bed. On her hands and knees, with her ass
in the air and shoulders to the mattress, she waited for him as instructed.

He climbed up behind her, his
hands stroking over the curve of her bottom. “Spread your legs a little more.”
When she did as he asked, he squeezed her butt. “Good girl. You have a
beautiful ass, Vivian.” With that said, he smacked her right cheek, then her
left, his hands moving over them a moment later to rub at her burning skin. He
repeated the process twice more, each smack a little harder than the one
before. After each set, he rubbed to soothe the sting away.

She loved the way that he warmed
her bottom, the way he then massaged the stings away. She had never thought she
would like it, but every single time that he swatted her had her close to
coming. “Please, Sir. That feels so good.”

The next smack landed harder
than the ones previously. He spanked her right, left, then did each side again
before pausing to stroke the sting away. “Would you like some more?”

“Yes, please, Sir,” she begged
him and shifted so that her butt was higher in the air. She was stunned by just
how well he seemed to know her body, how well he was able to strum and play
her, how perfectly he was able to ease her into that place of need and
submission all at once.

He gave her what she wanted,
smacking her over and over. Every now and again, he’d pause and rub his palms
over her heated flesh, letting the pain subside a little before starting again.
He kept it up for a while, until the pain morphed into something more.

He moved behind her, his cock
rubbing against her wet folds. She bit her lower lip as the fat head of his
cock brushed against her pussy. Then he smacked her bottom, hard, really hard.
He rocked his hips, the head of his cock rubbing up and down her folds and over
her clit.

She had jolted, but felt her
pussy creaming as he eased in a couple inches. Then, hands on her hips, he
thrust into her hard. He only gave her a moment before he began to fuck her.
Hard and fast, he took her over and over, never slowing. “Yes, gods, yes, Sir.”
She fisted the sheets under her body as she moved with him, pleasure unlike
anything she had ever known filling her completely. “Please, Sir.” She was
close, but she wouldn’t go without him. Viv needed Jason with her when she
finally gave in and came a second time.

BOOK: Protected
10.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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