Red and the Roofers (Dale Jackson Series)

BOOK: Red and the Roofers (Dale Jackson Series)
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Red and the Roofers


By JD Anders

©All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction. All names, locations, characters are not real. Any resemblance to anyone living, or dead is purely coincidental. This book must not be transferred, copied or used in any way without the consent of the author .All rights reserved.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


I felt guilty when I left Sally but it was for the best. I really did care for her and more so than anyone had ever met in my life. My situation was just too screwed up and I couldn’t get her involved. The best thing for me was to get on my bike and ride. On the open road, you can just forget all about your troubles and just go with the wind. I was going to let the road take me along on this journey until my life eventually caught up to me. While I was still free, I intended to enjoy as much of it as possible. They won’t take me alive and I have only one choice when that day comes. I try not to think about it but soon my luck is going to run out and this whole mess will come crashing down upon my head.

On my way through to Texas I stopped at a few towns and had some good times. I did some coke and met a few amazing women too. There was this one brunette that could really suck a cock, she was absolutely amazing. We spent three days in a hotel and I don’t think we saw the sun more than a couple of times to go out and get some food. We drank and fucked and snorted enough coke to fill a bathtub. I started to run low on cash so I figured I better lay low for a bit and find a job to keep me going. I was developing a pretty bad drug habit and needed the money, I didn’t want to resort to theft but I was headed that way.

Just outside of the Texas border I entered a town and met Tom Sanders in a bar. He had a roofing company, so I figured I would see if he needed anyone. I’m pretty good with my hands so he took me on. It was strictly under the table work, so I got cash money which I needed.
So here I am, off to another job with Tom. I don’t know what the future holds for me. I guess I’ll just live it day to day from now on.

Chapter 1


Tom and I were at our next
job working for Jim and Angie Worthington. They owned a nice house and Angie wanted to surprise Jim while he was away on business with a brand new roof when he got home. We almost had all the shingles off and were cleaning the roof up to put on the new ones. The sun was beating down on us and making the work uncomfortable. We needed a break and should have started earlier, but both of us had been out drinking the night before.

Tom stopped working for a moment and looked at Angie who was gardening in the flower beds by the driveway. “God, she is so hot.”
He wiped sweat from his brow. “She’s makin it hard to concentrate up here, look at that ass. It’s been so long since Karen, I forgot what it feels like.”

“How long have the two of split up?” I said.
“You mentioned it a bit in the bar last night but I didn’t get the whole story.”

“Not much to tell,” Tom said. “Just your typical breakup. We didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things, and with me workin so much she didn’t see me enough I guess.”

“So Tom, how long has it actually been?”

Tom laughed and took a swig from the water jug. “Five whole months, five long months.”

“Five months!”  I said. “Tom my man we have to change that right now. You must be dyin.” I shook Tom by the shoulder. ‘Hey wake up buddy.”

Tom jolted back to reality. “Huh? Oh, sorry I wasn’t paying much attention.” Tom had his eyes on Angie working in the flower beds. “Damn, she is fine.”

“I swear she’s wearing no underwear under those shorts. Did you see her this morning when we arrived? You could see every crease of her under those shorts, they are that tight. I tell you bro, she wants us.”

“Oh come on,” Tom said. “She’s married, what is she going to see in us?”

I flexed my arm. “Well for one thing we are young and ripped.” I laughed. “But seriously, she wants it and I can tell, just by lookin at her.”

Tom scratched his stubble. “How can you tell that?”

“Do you see any gardening tools she is working with?” I pointed to Angie who was on her knees playing in the garden. “She is playing with us, giving us a show of her ass, she wants attention.”

“Come to think of it no. All I see her bent over, and I like what I see.”

Angie stood up and flipped her hair back. I could see her cleavage, slick with sweat. She was giving us a show, no doubt. She played with her fiery red hair a bit and stretched her back. Angie looked up at us. “You boys want some lemonade? It’s starting to get hot out here.”

“Maybe in a bit Mrs. Worthington,” Tom said. Almost finished taking these shingles off.”

“Ok, I’ll be inside. There’s air conditioning in the living room, you boys can relax there and cool off.”

“Thanks,” I said. “That will be nice.”

“See you boys soon, just knock when you’re ready, I’ll make up a jug.” Angie dusted her legs off and went back inside.

“So what do you think? I don’t know about you, but I want to fuck her, she is so sweet.”

“What?” Tom said. “Do you mean together?”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m getting at. I moved some shingles over to the pile. “I tell bro, she wants to get fucked.”

“Oh I don’t know, I’ve never actually done something like that before.”

I put my hands out in front to of me. “Hey don’t worry, I’m not gay or anything, if that’s what you’re thinking.  She will be screamin with both our cocks in her. Just forget the fact that I’m even there, just concentrate on her.  I tell you right now, we go inside for lemonade, and that’s not all we will get.”

“You know what, fuck it. I’m tired of feelin sorry for myself, I’m game if you are. You need to get crazy sometimes right?”

“Right.” I said. “I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna get as crazy as fuck on that smoking hot redhead.”

Chapter 2

We got off the roof and we both took a couple of towels to dry the sweat off. We both left our shirts off so she could get a good look at us. Tom was in good a shape as I was, with short brown hair and a good six pack. He had bigger arms then me, due to all the roofing he did and he had good wide shoulders. Angie was going to get the ride of her life.

The door was open with just the screen door, so I pressed the buzzer. Angie came quickly to the front door and what a sight she was. Angie was short but she had long slender legs and the tightest shorts on you could possibly wear. She wore a low cut red top and her breasts were big and firm, her cleavage was already giving me a hardon and Tom looked like he couldn’t breathe. Angie had lips that would look so good wrapped around my cock.

“Hi Mrs. Worthington
,” I said. “I think that lemonade sounds good about now.”

“Angie smiled. “Oh wonderful come on in. The living room is to your right, make yourselves at home.
I’ll go get our drinks.

“Thank you ma’am,” said Tom.

We both went into the living room which was s modest size with your typical furnishings. There was a big chair, a nice leather style couch coffee table, and an entertainment center. On the wall was a big screen flat panel television.

I walked over to the air conditioner and leaned near it. I was going to give Angie a show too. I looked out the window. Angie came into the living room with a big tray of lemonade and some glasses. Tom sat on the couch and he looked a bit nervous. I don’t blame h
im a three way makes you nervous the first time but I knew this is what Angie wanted, she wanted to get fucked and fucked hard, right now.

Angie put the tray down on the table and
poured each a glass. She handed one to Tom and one to me and then poured one for herself. “Oh god it’s hot out today she said as she slid the glass down her neck and over her cleavage a bit. I bet you boys were bakin up on that roof. I appreciate the work you’re doing. Do you think it will be much longer?”

“No ma’am,” Tom said as he took a slug of the lemonade.

“Oh, just call me Angie,” she said. You don’t have to be formal with me honey.”

Hey,” I said. “You know this is fine place. The roof is going to look great once it’s done.”

“Thank you. I figured
I would surprise Jim, with this new roof. Maybe then he would pay more attention to me.”

“Well, if you were my wife I would pay you lots of attention, that’s for sure.”

“You’re sweet,” Angie said. She walked close enough to me to brush my ass as she went by.

“Thanks for the lemonade,” Tom said, this is really good.”

“I have some talents, honey,” Angie said. She went over to the coffee table and put her long leg up on it. Damn sandal is bothering my toe.” She ran her hand down her leg and over her foot and back up again, another silent tease.

“I bet you have lots of talents,” I said.

Angie went over to the big chair and sat down. She sipped her drink.

I walked over to the coffee table and then I saw it. There on the table was a big tube of lube just sitting there. “Do you normally leave out lube for guests?”

Angie blushed. “Well what is that doing there? I better put that away.”

“Oh maybe you should just leave it darlin,” I said. “After all, you never know when you might need a big tube of lube.” I went over to the couch and sat on the other end of it.

Angie came over and sat between us.
She put her hands on both our knees. “It’s sure nice having you two men here,” she said. “Jim is going to love the roof.” Angie sat back and sighed.

“Is something wrong?” I said.

“Oh, nothing,” she said. It’s just that I get so lonely here when Jim is away. Those business trips are so long. Even when he’s home, things are so boring.”

Tom leaned forward. “Don’t you party or anything or have some friends over?”

“Oh we party some, much like anyone else. Well, if you call a party Jim’s fat and balding middle aged friends and their wives coming over. They sit and watch the game. While me and the wives go to the kitchen and gossip over some wine. Yeah, some party that is.”

,” I said. “That sounds like a real party.”

Angie slid her hands up onto our thighs. “It’s nothing compared to having two fine looking men here keeping a girl company.”

I looked over at Tom and I wanted to laugh out loud. The poor bastard had a huge erection straining against his jeans, it was clear he was getting uncomfortable.

I put my hand on her thigh and ran my finger down to her knee. “I’m glad we could be here to fix the roof for you.” I
ran my finger back up her thigh. “Is there anything else we can help you with?”

Angie turned to me. “I can think of a couple of things, honey.”

“Hey, ya hear that Tom?” Do you think we can give her a couple of things?”

Tom ran his hand down his erection that bulged in his jeans “Fuck yeah
,” he said.

I leaned in and whispered in Angie’s ear. “You better help Tom I think he was a slight problem over there.” It wasn’t just Tom, my cock was growing fast too, and aching to slide into Angie.

“Tommy have a problem?” Angie said. She slid her hands over and caressed his huge erection. “Oh, yes, Tommy has a big problem.” Angie ran her hand up and down his length while she leaned over to kiss his mouth hard. I was right, Angie was hot and ready, she wasn’t playin around.

As she leaned over I took my hand and ran it up her thigh, slipping my fingers inside. Yep, just as I thought, no fuckin underwear. God, this was going to be so much fun. I slid my fingers against her slick lips and fingered her.

Angie had Tom’s zipper down and his cock out. She ran her hand up and down his big thick shaft and took the head into her mouth. She shook his cock. “Is that better Tommy?”

Tom put his hand on her head and forced her mouth back down onto his pulsing cock. “God yes,” he breathed.

I got up and shoved the coffee table out of the way. I sat behind Angie and undid her shorts then slid them down her legs. Angie let go of Tom’s cock for a moment to slide her shorts all the way off. I ran my hand over her beautiful ass and gave it a smack. Angie had Tom’s jeans down now and she was sucking his cock like crazy. Tom pushed her head on and off his shaft.

I slid underneath Angie and began to lick her sweet lips. I ran my tongue around her, exploring her nicely shaved pussy. My tongue lapped at her clit and I sucked down on it hard.  I took my fingers and slid them in and out of her. Angie bucked hard against my tongue as she jacked off Tom and sucked him with her mouth.

“Oh, yes,” she said as she gasped. “I love that hot little tongue!”

I slid out from under her and unbuttoned my jeans. I slid them along with my underwear down and kneeled behind Angie. “Gonna fuck that sweet slit now.” I slapped her ass hard and ran my thick cock against her lips. I teased her opening with it, slipping the head it in and out again before I slapped my shaft against her ass.

“Fuck me”, Angie moaned. “Fuck me hard!”

“Oh don’t worry darlin.” I said. I slid my huge cock deep into Angie’s depth. “I’m gonna fuck you real good.” I slid in and out of Angie’s soaked pussy driving my cock into her so my balls slapped against her lips. I slapped her ass hard. “This what you want?”

“Yes!” Angie leaned her head against Tom, her hand still pumping his pulsing cock.

Tom removed her top and let her huge breasts swing free. He reached under her and squeezed her nipples hard. I drive my cock into her and her lips worked my cock squeezing down on it.

“You’re makin poor Tom lonely,” I said. I gave her a few more quick pumps before I took my cock out of her. I held it in my hand and ran my hand up and down the shaft. “Sit on his cock and ride him,” I commanded.

Angie got up and turned around. Tom held her ass and slid her down slowly onto his aching shaft. “Oh fuck,” Tom moaned. He slid Angie on and off his hard cock, driving it into her. Angie bounced, her fingers brushed her clit over and over again fast.

I got close to her and lifted her breasts up and slid my cock between them. I pumped her tits with my cock before I slid it deep into her mouth and pulled her hair back. I grabbed hold of her hair. “Let me fuck that sweet little mouth of yours.”  I slid my cock into her mouth and pumped, filling her with my stiff hard cock.  My hips went back and forth as I rammed her with my hardness.

Angie held my cock in her hand and rand it up and down the shaft. She sucked on the head and played with my balls. Angie slid up and down on Tom’s cock, riding him. Tom reached around and pinched her nipples as I pumped, her tongue making my cock twitch with pleasure.

“What do you think Tom?” I said, as I breathed hard. “Do you think she wants both of our cocks now?”

“Yes, I want you both to fuck me!” Angie said. She got off Tom and gave me a deep tongue kiss. She walked over to the table and picked up the big tube of lube. ‘We are gonna need this.” Angie walked back over to us and grabbed our cocks. “This way boys.”

We entered her bedroom and she tuned to Tom and kissed his mouth giving him her tongue. As her hand stoked his cock, I stood behind her and rubbed my cock over her ass as I spanked her.

“Such a nice little ass. It’s gonna look real good riding Tom’s cock.”

Angie sank to her knees and she took both our cocks in her hands. She pumped Tom up and down while she slide my cock deep into her aching mouth. She brought it back out and sucked down hard on the head, flicking her tongue against the opening. She looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes. She sucked down on my balls and ran her tongue up the shaft. “Ya like that?” she said.

“Yes,” But I can’t be greedy. “Suck Tom’s cock and then we will slide both of em into you.”

Angie went over to Tom and devoured his cock. She slid her silky wet mouth up and down his massive cock as Tom moved his hips back and forth fucking her mouth slowly. Angie pulled him out of her mouth and shock his cock as she licked the thick purple head. I stood next to Angie and ran may hand up and down my hot length.

Tom’s gonna fuck that ass now,” I said. Tom sat on the bed and squeezed some lube onto his cock before rubbing some of it into Angie’s ass. Tom guided Angie onto him, slowly squeezing his cock into her tight little ass.

“Oh shit!” Angie gasped. “So tight. Oh, your cock feels so good.” She slid down and took Tom’s length. “Been so long, since I had this, god yes!” Angie went wild on Toms cock bouncing on and off of him. “Yeah Tommy, fuck my ass!”

I knelt down and ran my hands over her dripping lips, driving three fingers into her. I spanked them hard, brushing her clit. I stood up and jacked my cock off in my hand. I pinched her nipple with a two fingers. “You ready for my cock now?”

“Yes, drive it into me!”

I got up and Tom held Angie still. I spread her legs wide and slide my huge cock into her. I pumped her hard. Tom slid his cock in and of of Angie’s hot ass as I stood in front of her with her legs wide pounding my thick pulsing cock into her. I put my hands on her thighs and rammed her giving her my entire length. Both our cocks went in and out of Angie hard and fast. Our bodies were slick with sweat, it was so hot and nasty, but so damn good. I needed this so bad but I don’t think as much as Tom, who was struggling now. I knew he was gonna come soon.

Angie bucked hard on Tom who was breathing hard. “Yeah
,” he moaned. “Gonna come, oh god, gonna come!”

“Fill her ass Tom,” I breathed. “Fill it full of your hot come!”

Tom leaned back and let go, pulsing deep into Angie. She moaned and pounded down onto his cock. She rubbed her clit like mad as my cock keeping going in and out of her.  She exploded in a huge orgasm which rushed over my cock in a flood.

“Ooh, yeah,” she moaned, “Oh, my fucking god!”

That did it for me too. I pulled my cock out of her and Angie climbed off of Tom who collapsed back onto the bed. I got close to her pretty little face. “I got a treat for you honey. A nice hot sticky little treat.” I jacked my cock in my hand.

Angie opened her sweet mouth and looked up at me. “Give me your come, baby.” She ran her tongue down the shaft.

I held the head of my cock and squeezed it hard, my body rushed with orgasm. I watched the tip of my cock as my come shot out, thick and white as it covered Angie’s face. She closed her eyes as is pumped out, covering her cheek and dripping over her lips. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked my shaft clean. She then ran her hand up and down my cock as it twitched in her hand as the last spasms of my orgasm left me.

Angie started laughing as I stroked the back of her
head. She kissed the tip of my cock and smiled as she ran her finger across her lips and licked up a bit more of my come.

I gasped for air. Now that’s so much better than roofing!” I looked over at Tom who could barely move. “Hey Tom don’t you agree?”

“Angie,” he gasped. “Half price.” Tom wiped sweated from his forehead. ‘I’ll give you damn fuckin, half price on the roof.”

“Hmm, that sounds not bad. Can I get it for free
, if I fuck ya again tomorrow honey?”

BOOK: Red and the Roofers (Dale Jackson Series)
12.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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