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You getting close?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” was all he could manage.

“I know what you want, but you’ll have to make me do it,” I teased. James smiled and his hand found my hair. James took a handful between his fingers and pushed me towards his swollen cock. I liked it when he took over, something none of the boys I’d been with before had dared to do. I let his cock slide between my lips as I fondled his balls with one hand and dug the nails of the other into his chest. James used my hair to make me bob on his shaft as his hips worked beneath me. I knew he was close as I submitted to his whims and loved every moment.

“Fuck, little girl,” James growled and exploded in my mouth.
I took his cock in my hand and stroked him furiously as James enjoyed a powerful orgasm and I tried to capture every precious drop of him. I almost got it all, but some leaked from mouth and ran down his length. Finally, as he finished, I pulled away, turned to let him see and swallowed him. Another manly groan escaped his lips as I submissively drank his semen. Then I bent to kiss James and he eagerly accepted my tongue into his mouth. Damn, that was dirty.

“You’re a naughty rock star,” I teased as I broke the kiss and cuddled next to him.

“You have no idea,” he replied.

“You plan on showing me I hope,” I told him.

“Damn right,” James said excitedly and I giggled at his enthusiasm. “I need to get up. I’d love to lay here all day with you but I’ve got a tee time with the band at the Olympic Club,” James told me, his enthusiasm gone at having to leave.

“I have a flight back at noon, myself.
When will you be back in L.A.?” I asked.

Tuesday. I’ll pick you up after work,” he said assuming that I’d want that and I did.

“You’d better,” I replied.
We got up and went to shower, together of course. James couldn’t resist dropping to his knees and pleasuring me as the warm water ran down my naked body. I came twice as he fingered me and sucked on my swollen nub. I was never going to catch up with him if he kept doing stuff like that. An hour later, we parted as my cab arrived. I hated to leave James but having a couple of days to digest everything would be nice. A lot had happened, all of it good in retrospect, but still I felt slightly overwhelmed. After I landed at LAX, I headed home, excited to tell Josie everything. It was Sunday afternoon and I expected her to be home.

When I got
there, however, Josie was gone. I took advantage of the peace and quiet, so seldom was I home without Josie there. I meant to read but instead, I just lay on the sofa contemplating everything that had transpired. Meeting James, initially not really liking him, Victoria’s announcement that James insisted I service his account, which made me smile, my education at his home, then my impromptu trip to his concert and making love to James. Had it only been just a few days? It felt like months.

Less than a week ago, I was your typical country bumpkin in the big city.
Now I was involved with one of the world’s biggest rock stars. My sexual experience, though still limited, had been greatly expanded. I didn’t feel as if all this had changed me but I did feel a dormant part of me had been awakened. I had James to thank for that. I had always been somewhat shy and reserved. I tended to let loose among close friends and family but otherwise, I wasn’t exactly the life of the party. I was kind of a wallflower, content to watch and listen most of the time.

with James, I found myself being more assertive, like the first day I met him and I called out Victoria. Like going to San Francisco on a lark. I wouldn’t have done that before meeting James. I might have thought about it but I wouldn’t have dared to actually to do it. James lived his life on stage and he was impulsive, emotive and didn’t seem to care much what other’s thought of him. I guess that was rubbing off on me.

Josie came home as I worked through the previous few days
in my mind, deciding that I was happier than I’d been in a long time. Of course, I dished to Josie. I’d sent her a text when I left for San Francisco telling her not to expect me until today but not what I was doing. To say she was floored by my story was an understatement. I’d rarely seen Josie speechless but the revelations about my trip left her without words.

“No opinion?” I teased.
Josie closed her mouth and shook her head slowly.

“That’s like some kind of modern day fairytale.
Oh my God, you really slept with him?” Josie asked. I didn’t give her the details just teasing her with a summary of the more intimate matters.

“Yes and it was wonderful,” I told her.

“This is so cool! I’m roommates with James Turner’s girlfriend. Holy shit, girl,” Josie exclaimed as she began to find her words again.

“Whoa, I’m not his girlfriend.
We slept together,” I said not wanting to move too fast and make assumptions. OK, I wanted to make assumptions but I forced myself not to. I suppose that wasn’t necessary after everything that had happened, but James hadn’t said it and so I refused to think it.

“Oh, girl.
C’mon! You’re his girlfriend. I can’t wait to tell everybo…,” Josie began to say but I stopped her in her tracks.

Don’t you dare. I don’t want Entertainment Tonight parked out in front of the apartment. This doesn’t leave the room. Not yet, OK?” I scolded Josie.

“All right,” she replied.

“Promise me,” I added.

Josie answered obviously disappointed by my demand. She was an unabashed gossip and I wondered if telling her was a good idea. She was my best friend in L.A. but I wondered if she could really keep quiet. I didn’t want James to have to deal with the paparazzi and I didn’t want to deal with that either. I’d been in the talent agency long enough to learn how vicious those people could be. I felt like things were going well and I didn’t want anything to ruin it.




Telling Josie everything weighed on me all evening and before we went to bed, I made her promise to keep quiet again. She seemed sincere, but she gossiped like most people breathed. It was too late to take it back so I had no choice but to trust her. But as I’d discover, the paparazzi were the least of my concerns. I went into work the next day as usual, except to my new squatter’s office. My name was still on the door and I took that as a good sign.

Peter stopped in and said good morning but with Victoria’s warning to him not to help me, he couldn’t risk staying
long. I understood. I unpacked my briefcase and found the contract. I’d totally forgotten to show it to James and the band. I was so caught up in the excitement of the show and being with James it slipped my mind. I contemplated emailing it to James but I never got a chance. Before I could even figure out how to break what I hoped would be good news to the band, Victoria found me in my new office.

I see you’ve given yourself a promotion,” she said coldly. I suddenly felt like a child that had been caught doing something bad. She had that effect on people.

“I just thought since it was empty
...,” I replied weakly. I hated how she made me feel.

“Well, since you’ve got a fancy office now, we can talk here,” she said as she closed my door and took a seat.
She grabbed the draft contract before I could put it away and looked it over, the good parts highlighted for James’ convenience. “Well, look at you. Looks like you’ve done well for your boyfriend,” Victoria said and I tried hard to keep a straight face but I know I reacted to her words.

“I just did what Mr. Turner asked,” I lied.
The contract was all my doing and James knew nothing about it. I called him Mr. Turner in an attempt to deflect any thought of us being intimate.

“I see.
Well I know you’re aware of company policy on such matters. I had my assistant pull your signed copy of those policies. They clearly state that sexual relations between company employees and clients if strictly forbidden,” Victoria said. I felt my face flush and I was suddenly hot.

“I…I’ll keep that in mind,” I said hoping this was all just Victoria’s way of screwing with me.
I doubted she was going to apply the policies strictly but instead use them to keep me under her thumb. I was wrong.

“I know about your little trip to San Francisco and your little tryst with Mr. Turner.
Never mind how I know. What’s important is the fact you’ve violated company policy. Pack your personal belongings and be out of the building in no more than an hour or I’ll have security remove you. Understood?” Victoria said coldly and then grinned smugly at me.

“But James wants me to be his agent.
He’ll leave the agency,” I said desperately but I already knew Victoria wasn’t going to back down.

“I’ve spoken with Mr. Turner.
He won’t be going anywhere. This contract you’ve so naively negotiated for me will help insure that. He’ll be grateful that I’ve negotiated so well on his behalf,” Victoria said and then added just to be mean, “Money is far more important to Mr. Turner than some halfwit floozy stupid enough to believe he really gives a damn about her.” I tried to ignore her mean-spirited words.

“I negotiated that, not you.
You can’t do that. I’ve got copies on my hard drive and I’ll take them with me. I’ll tell him the truth,” I countered but in my haste to try to gain the upper hand, I gave away too much. Victoria picked up my phone and pushed a few numbers.

“Yes, I need a security officer to Simone Navarro’s office. She’s been fired and I need someone to ensure she doesn’t leave with any company property and escort her from the
premises,” she told the person on the other end of the line. She hung up the phone and told me, “I’ll have your personal items sent to your address along with your last paycheck. For now, just hand over the credit card you conned Human Resources into giving you and be happy I don’t dock your last paycheck for the unauthorized expenditures.”

I was speechless.
How did this happen? My mind whirled with theories. Did Josie talk and it had already gotten back to Victoria? Was James really staying with Roland even if they fired me? Was I just being used? I fought the urge to cry and fought harder to keep from punching the smug bitch across the desk from me. I waited silently refusing to look at the woman that had just fired me and moments later a security guard appeared. I went with him willingly hoping to preserve some of my dignity. I looked at Peter as I passed his office and he looked at me with concern. It wasn’t as if the walls were so thick he couldn’t have heard every sordid detail. I mouthed, “Thank you,” to him as I passed and he smiled and nodded.

Two minutes later, I was standing on the sidewalk in front of the building.
I broke down right there, dropping my head into my hands and crying. People walked by staring but no one said a word or offered help. I felt utterly alone. After a minute, I composed myself enough to walk to the parking garage and get my car. By then my anger had taken over and I managed to make it home without crying. But it wasn’t long before everything hit me again and I curled up on my bed and sobbed. The events overwhelmed me and I was unable even to form a coherent thought as I cried on my bed.

I don’t know when I fell asleep, but Josie woke me up when she got home from work.
I must have slept for at least six hours but it felt as if I’d run a marathon. I immediately accused Josie of talking about James and me. I stood up and got right in her face, “Who did you tell?”

“What’s wrong?
Why are you here? I can tell you’ve been crying,” she said.

“Who did you tell about James and
me?” I asked again even more forcefully.

“No one.
I swear I didn’t say a word. I promised you and I meant that,” Josie said. I collapsed on her and she hugged me tight as I cried again. She held me for a moment until I composed myself.

“I’m sorry,” I offered and Josie led me out to the living room and sat with m
e on the sofa.

“Tell me what happened,” she asked gently.
I did, able to keep my emotions in check for the most part. I told her all of it. Victoria firing me, her assertion that James was staying with the agency and then about Victoria taking the contract I’d negotiated and promising to claim it as her own.

“What a bitch!
You don’t believe that James is part of this do you?” Josie asked.

“I’m not sure what to think.
I don’t want to believe that, but…,” I answered not wanting to finish my thought. Part of me wasn’t so sure. I wondered if maybe James was using me in some way, though I couldn’t figure out why. If this was somehow designed to secure a beneficial contract, there were certainly easier and less convoluted ways to do it.

“Have you called him?” Josie asked.

“No, I’ve been asleep since sometime this morning. I guess I should,” I said though I was afraid of what he might say. I hated myself for not trusting him but I hadn’t known him for that long. I didn’t want to believe he was using me but I was in Los Angeles and he was a celebrity. He wouldn’t be the first rich and famous person to lie to get what he wanted. I retrieved my phone and dialed. I got his voicemail. I hung up and called again and like the first time, I got voicemail. I didn’t want to dump all this on James in a message so I only asked him to call me.

BOOK: Rock Hard Love
4.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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