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"Oh God." Her breathing was ragged when he lifted his head, moving on to kiss along her neck. Cruel, almost bite-like kisses that left her in no doubt this was going to go exactly when and where he wanted it to. A shudder went through her body. She wanted it and badly. Even like this, rough and angry.
like this. She reached out to stroke him through his pants, needing to feel that familiar hardness. He moved subtly, blocking her move.

"Not yet." He sucked her nipple into the warm cavern of his mouth and suckled hard. Zette's head fell back, his hand supporting her, urging her to arch her back for him as he feasted on her generous breasts. Her eyes rolled back in her head as he curled his fingers inside her, searching for the sensitive spot buried behind her pelvis. "I want to taste you, want you to come for me first."

She moaned for an answer, no longer able to frame a coherent answer. Especially when he slid to his knees, his 51


by Mina Carter

fingers sliding from her to push her thighs open wider. Baring more of her to his view. A flush covered her cheeks and she shifted as if to cover herself. He growled warningly, hard hands holding her open for him.

"I'm not done with you yet, not by a long shot." The words were breathed right against her sex, the puff of his breath whispering over her hyper-sensitive clit. Her hips jerked a little in response, a movement lost as he looped her legs over his broad shoulders, his thumbs parting her folds.

The first warm brush of his tongue was fantastic, sparks erupting behind Zette's eyelids. The second was delicious torture. By the third she was writhing in need, her hands buried in the short spikes of his hair as she urged him on.

His tongue flicked over her clit, dancing over her, each flick coiling the tension low in her belly higher. Soft, breathy moans escaped her as he added nibbles and sucks to the onslaught, a sensual salvo so intense the hard knot of tension building in her shattered abruptly. Pleasure exploded from her core through her body, her hips jerking in response as she groaned.

He didn't give her time to clear her head, her body still humming with pleasure as he swept her up into his arms. He strode through her apartment as though he owned the place, glancing into doors until he found the bathroom.

She blinked in surprise as he placed her gently on her feet, his hands smoothing the thick robe from her shoulders. She'd been expecting the bedroom. Expecting him to stride in there, drop her on the bed and finish what he'd started. Expected him to fuck her there and then. She flicked a glance up at him 52


by Mina Carter

through her lashes as, silently, he took her hand and helped her into the water. His features were set, almost feral.

Zette shivered, sinking down into the water as he stripped off his jacket to roll his shirt sleeves up over muscled forearms. He was dressed for the evening. The event she'd not turned up at.

"Don't look at me that way. Or so help me God, I'll pull you out of that water and screw you on the damn floor!" His voice was tight with need and something else. Frustration?

Anger? She didn't know what but he was angry with her, seemed angry at wanting her. Was that it? He was annoyed because he found her attractive?

Thoughts and questions swirled silently in Zette's mind, brushed aside as he kneeled next to the bath. His hand fisted in her hair as he brought his lips down on hers again. His kiss was just as hot as before, but the warm brush of his mouth was somehow gentler as he explored her. Tasting, teasing, sipping from her lips as his free hand dipped into the water to stroke along her skin.

He lifted his head, lips clinging for an instant, as though reluctant to release her. In silence he washed her, the sensual glide of his hands over her skin turning Zette on all over again. Someone, somewhere had taught this man how to turn a simple bath into a weapon of seduction. Senses already shattered by the explosive climax in the hall, Zette didn't stand a chance, shivering in need by the time he stood and slowly began to strip.

The silk shirt parted to reveal a muscled torso, lightly peppered with hair down the centre and around the nipples.



by Mina Carter

Satin smooth skin Zette's fingers ached to slide over again.

He pulled the shirt free from his pants, dropping it to the floor as his hands moved to his belt buckle.

Hazel eyes caught hers, desire flaring darkly in them.

Zette caught her breath as he unfastened the belt, dropping his pants and underwear in one smooth move. His erection sprang free of its confinement, standing proud as he moved toward the bath. Already fully erect, he closed his fist around it, pumping slowly.

"See what you do to me Zette?" His demand was softly spoken, but no less intense when backed up by the hot look in his eyes. "I've been bloody hard all day, thinking of you, waiting to get you to myself."

He stepped into the bath behind her, sinking in the water to pull her back into his arms. Locked in the sensual spell he'd cast she couldn't say anything, just leaned back against his hard body. His arms slid around her, spanning her waist easily and sliding up slowly. His fingers traced each rib as he got higher and higher. Zette almost moaned in relief when his hands cupped her breasts, anticipation killing her.

"You like that, hmmm?" he murmured in her ear as she arched her back, needing more of his touch. "What else do you like Zette? What do you want me to do to you?" His fingers closed over her nipples, rolling the wet flesh between them and almost sending her into a sensual daze.

"You know what I want," she managed, wriggling back against him in the water. This was fantastic, she'd never done this in a bath before but with the heat of the water, the slide of skin on skin ... It promised to be an experience she 54


by Mina Carter

wouldn't forget soon. Somehow he managed that. Managed to take the ordinary and turn it into the fantastic.

"Tell me."

"I wa—I want..." Her voice trailed off, mouth going dry as his hand slid down her again, dipping below the water and between her legs. She parted her thighs, a willing accomplice in her own seduction.

"Yes Zette?" he prompted, his fingers parting her and finding her aching clit again. She moaned, her head dropping back against his shoulder as his clever touch worked her body again.

"Shall I tell you what I'm going to do to you?" he tempted, kissing along her neck as he drove her to insanity.


"I'm going to lift you up, into my lap ... the hot water lapping around you. Lapping against that delicious cunt."

She gasped at the crude words, at the visual he was creating even as his hands shifted to her hips.

"Then I'm going to drive my cock into your tight little body, impale you on it and fuck you senseless."

She didn't answer, didn't get the time. He was already lifting her. Her pussy clenched hard as he lifted her clear of the water for a second, the surface slapping against her aroused flesh for a moment. Then the swollen head of his cock brushed her slit, pressing against the entrance to her body.

She hissed softly as he eased his grip on her hips, letting her weight and gravity impale her slowly on his rigid length.

The sensation was sublime, her body stretching and accepting 55


by Mina Carter

his hardness as it filled her completely. She loved that about him. He seemed made for her, they fit together that well.

"You feel fantastic. I can't think when I'm inside you," he admitted, his hips setting up a slow, hard rhythm that took her breath away. Reaching out, she grasped the sides of the bath and ground her hips against him, needing more. Already she was close to the edge again.

His hands snaked around her body again, one under the water at the juncture of her thighs and the other cupping her breast and tweaking the nipple. Her delighted gasp was enough encouragement as he thrust deeply.

"I can't-t ... I'm nearly—" She couldn't finish the sentence, her body already tightening hard around him. A precursor to another hard and fast orgasm. He sped up, thrusts so hard and powerful now if she hadn't been as turned on as she was, her pussy slick with her own juices, he'd have run the risk of hurting her.

"It's okay, come for me Zette, I want to hear you scream my name." His fingers circled her clit, firm pressure that tipped her over the edge and into her release, his name on her lips.

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by Mina Carter

Chapter 4

The concert was over. Zette breathed a sigh of relief as she finally made it to the after-show party, slipping through the door and snagging a glass of champagne from a circulating waiter as the speeches began.

"I'd like to announce that the '
Midsummer Night's Dream

concert was a huge success! The phone lines are still jammed and early figures show we've smashed our original estimates," Christine Lombard, the promotions genius JJ had sent to help Zette with the concert, announced as she beamed around the room.

"So well done guys, here's to you!" She raised her glass to toast the room. A room filled, not with the high fliers who had headlined at the concert, but with 'real' people. The people who'd made it happen. Zette was an exception, being one of the headliners as well as a behind-the-scenes person.

Personally she preferred the second role. Less bullshit.

"To us!"

Zette raised her glass as the room erupted into cheers and general merriment. There was a definite party atmosphere in the air; the promised release of tension after a long, hard slog. Zette breathed a sigh of relief and allowed herself to relax a little. She was wound tighter than a spring, had been for the last week or so.

She took a sip from her glass and looked about. She was still dressed for the stage; all she'd done was lighten up the heavy makeup they had plastered on her. Her entrance had 57


by Mina Carter

gone unnoticed for the moment, which she was glad about.

She always needed a little time after a show to wind down and let the adrenalin drain away.

Usually. Tonight she felt odd, still keyed up. Her eyes wandered over the crowded room, settling on one tall, familiar figure. JJ. She'd know those broad shoulders and that well-built body anywhere. Her tension rose another notch.

She hadn't been sure he'd make it back from the business meetings that had taken him overseas for most of the past week. Some crisis in the Middle East only he could sort out.

Pleasure filled her that he had managed it, but it was bittersweet pleasure. She snagged a table in the corner, noting the stick-insect starlet who was clinging to his arm, and his every word, with delight. Zette didn't blame her, women's eyes followed JJ wherever he went and an affair with a guy like him wasn't going to hurt any up and coming wannabe's career. Which was obviously what this girl was after and, by the way JJ leaned into her, he wasn't adverse to the idea. Her teeth worried her lower lip as she tried to ignore the two in the corner over in the other side of the room.

It was over, she was fairly sure of that. Apart from the physical distance with being abroad JJ had been distant on the phone, always too busy and rushing her off whenever she called. So she hadn't called for the last couple of days. The silence had damn near killed her. As much as she tried to kid herself that he was just busy, that he'd call, she knew he wouldn't. And he hadn't. And with the concert over Zette had no reason to share his bed anymore, so there would be a vacancy. Convenient.



by Mina Carter

"Kidding yourself Zette, time to move on. He obviously has," she murmured into her glass, downing the rest of the champagne in one go. Misery and frustration crowded into her heart but she squashed them down. Now that she was facing the fact it was over, however it had started, she found she didn't want it to be finished. She was in love.

Totally, stupidly, head over heels in love with JJ.

She stopped and studied the empty glass absently. When had that happened? When had she been
enough to let that happen? She'd thought she was in love with JJ before.

Playing with the stem of her empty glass she realised she hadn't been. She'd just been a teenager with her first crush.

At the time it had seemed all-consuming, a passion so desperate that when she'd found herself alone, her heart had broken into so many pieces she was sure it would never be whole again.

But it had been nothing more than a crush. She'd picked herself up and carried on, the experience hardening her, giving her that edge she needed to make it. This time though, she was a woman and it would devastate her...

"Another drink Ma'am?" The waiter's voice broke into her reverie. Zette looked up, a little startled, into kind brown eyes.

"Pretty lady like you shouldn't look so sad at a party, if you don't mind me saying. Whoever he is, he's a prat." He placed another drink on the table next to her, flashing a small smile at her start. Surely she wasn't that transparent?

"I recognise the look. Have a few drinks and forget him.

Plenty more fish in the sea," he said, sympathy in his eyes.



by Mina Carter

He had to have recognised her. Knew who she was. She could almost see the headlines now '
Heartbroken star mopes at

Somehow though, she didn't think that was going to happen. There was something about him that was sincere and after years in the cut-throat world of music, Zette had learned to tell the genuine ones from the fakes.

A soft smile curved her full lips. "Thanks. I'm fine, but thanks." Her voice was soft, her eyes thoughtful as the waiter moved off unseen. There were plenty more fish in the sea, but she'd always want the shark.

She shivered, trying to shake off her morose mood, as the microphone crackled again. She looked up but it wasn't Christine this time. JJ stood in the middle of the makeshift stage. He cleared his throat and spoke.

BOOK: Rockstar
3.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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