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Some of the things he'd had her doing...

"Well if you weren't so sexy I wouldn't have needed to, ergo, your fault," he told her firmly, ending the argument with a swift, hard kiss before he pushed away and stood up.

"Now I really need to go, and stop looking at me like than unless you want a repeat performance right now."

She chuckled, closing her eyes, as he left the bedroom in haste. "Coward!" He didn't answer, just chuckled, and shortly afterwards she heard the front door close as he left.

Zette got up slowly, sitting on the edge of the bed for a moment. Immediately as she lifted her head off the pillow, a fresh wave of nausea hit. This was really beginning to annoy her now, not to mention washing her out. The wedding was two weeks away, she couldn't afford to be ill at the moment.



by Mina Carter

She had dress fittings and things to organise; she just didn't have the time to be sick.

Sighing she pushed herself to her feet, heading for the bathroom. She'd give it a day or two and if she was still feeling ill, she'd go see the doctor. Nothing was going to ruin her big day.

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by Mina Carter

Chapter 5

The church was packed. Throngs of people, most of whom Zette didn't recognise as she peeked around the door at the back of the church, filled the pews. When a few turned, eager to get a glimpse of the bride, she ducked back behind the door.

"Ready for this?" a deep voice asked as she turned. Logan Fyre, impossibly tall and handsome, stood waiting to escort her into the church. JJ's lawyer friend, she'd met him a couple of times since she and JJ had got together.

"Yeah ... but a little nervous," she admitted as she moved to stand next to him, sliding her hand onto his arm. He'd offered to give her away since she had no family of her own.

JJ had wanted to track down her mother but she'd told him not to bother. She'd not seen Ariadne for years, not since she was eighteen.

True to form, she'd tried to get in touch when Zette had made it to the big time. There had been a few 'pity me'

stories in the press. They'd stopped after Zette's lawyers had informed her in no uncertain terms that if she continued then Zette would spill the whole story of her abandoning her daughter; a story likely to completely blow the 'ignored mother' line out of the water. Unsurprisingly she hadn't heard a thing from Ariadne since.

She was ready though. More than ready. She loved JJ, she'd known that since the night he proposed and now they were getting married. She moved her hand, the inside of her 71


by Mina Carter

wrist brushing against her silk-covered stomach for a moment. And she had the best wedding present of all for him.

She was pregnant.

Somewhere along the way fate had intervened and the stomach bug she'd thought she'd had hadn't been an illness at all. No, it had been the best news in the world and confirmed by the voicemail her doctor had left on her phone this morning.

She smiled, holding the precious secret to herself for the moment. As soon as she'd listened to the message, she'd wanted burst out of the suite in the hotel JJ had booked. Well, more taken over really. He'd booked the entire hotel for the reception and for their guests overnight. But she'd held off; it wasn't the sort of news you could just shout through a door, and it was bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony.

"You'll be fine," Logan slid her a sideways glance, breaking into her thoughts and misinterpreting the look on her face, his blue eyes kind. He was arguably one of the most handsome men she'd ever met, bar JJ of course, looking like he belonged on the screen or something. She'd seen agents go nuts over men that looked half as good as he did. In fact there were several out there in the congregation she just knew were going to be hunting him down at the reception.

She almost felt sorry for them, the man was a lawyer, and from what JJ had told her, a ruthless son of a bitch to boot.

"You look fantastic, you'll knock JJ's socks off." His voice was filled with reassurance, a moral support she suddenly found she needed as she fussed with her skirt.



by Mina Carter

She'd gone semi-traditional. One of her trademark corsets, this time in cream silk and scattered with embroidery and beading, layered over a long skirt. The fabric was arranged into gentle folds that whispered as she walked, the fullness pulled back into a small bustle and train arrangement. It was gorgeous and she felt like a princess, the feeling further enhanced by the delicate tiara that sat atop her head, nestled amongst the deceptively simple up-do her hair had been arranged into. She'd even gone with the veil, to complete the fairy tale bride image.

A veil Logan was even now drawing down over her face before they stepped into the church. He paused for a moment, a serious look on his face as he sought her eyes.

"You're the best thing that's ever happened to him, whatever happens, you remember that, okay?"

* * * *

She was beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

JJ had turned as soon as the music had started, knowing from the sound and the collective sigh from the back of the church that his bride had arrived. Even though this was a marriage of convenience so to speak he couldn't help himself.

He looked over his shoulder, every inch the nervous bridegroom, telling himself that's what Zette would expect to see. If he could convince himself of that, they'd be getting somewhere.

The sight of her took his breath away as she floated down the aisle on Logan's arm. The sheer veil did nothing to conceal her beautiful features and for once, it wasn't her 73


by Mina Carter

gorgeous body that grabbed his attention, taking it and his libido for a joyride. It was the look on her face, the soft smile that curved her lips as she approached. Her eyes met his through the sheer veil; open and honest, emotion shining there for all the world to see.


JJ froze, like a rabbit caught in a car's headlights and feeling like the rat he knew he was. He'd conned her into this but he'd never intended for her to fall in love with him, not really. Yeah, he'd thought about it, played on her emotions, knew it would make that task easier. But now, realisation hit him hard, a sickening feeling in his stomach that almost overshadowed his sense of triumph as she slid her hand in his and they turned to face the vicar.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today..."

* * * *

Zette stood by herself in a corner of the main reception hall, briefly between groups of guests as she sipped from a glass of mineral water. She'd taken the merest sip of champagne during the toasts, a fact she passed off to JJ as being too excited to need alcohol as well.

Instinctively her eyes swept the hall, looking for the tall form of her husband. Husband, that sounded strange.

Strange but good. Her eyes softened as she found him, talking to a bunch of men over in the corner. They all had that same hard-bitten look about them, a sense of ease in the formal suits they wore that said they were used to wearing 74


by Mina Carter

them. Colleagues, she decided. Everything about them screamed 'business.'

In fact, they probably had about ninety percent of the world's business brains in here, she decided, looking around and 'suit' spotting. But unerringly her eyes returned to JJ. His formal suit fit his tall, broad-shouldered form to perfection.

Understated but no one was going to mistake him as anything other than the groom. He'd gone minimalist, but the lines of his suit screamed 'expensive tailoring,' the cream waistcoat under the charcoal jacket emphasising the broad chest that narrowed into a slim waist and powerful hips. Strong thighs pulled the fabric of his dark pants as he turned to look at her, sensing her eyes on him, not too tight but just right.

He smiled, a slow languorous smile that made her heart stutter. She smiled back, still sure that this was a dream.

That she'd wake up the morning after the concert to find it was over and she'd dreamed everything. Their engagement, her pregnancy. Everything. She'd always wanted to fit somewhere, wanted to be part of a family so it was her ultimate fantasy; a family of her own.

Sure they'd not started out well. Past history and the way he'd conned her into bed would probably have most people clucking their tongues at her and warning her to guard her heart. Ever the cynic, Zette would have been one of them, should still be one of them. She didn't believe in fairy tales, did she?

Her ringed hand tightened on her glass, the diamond solitaire glinting in the light and nestled next to it, the heavy wedding band JJ had pushed onto her finger mere hours 75


by Mina Carter

earlier. His voice had been low; sincere as he spoke his vows, his hazel eyes unwavering as he looked at her throughout the ceremony.

She sighed, a soft sound of contentment, happiness. She did believe in fairy tales. Somewhere deep inside was still that little girl who wanted her prince charming and her happily ever after.

And now she had it.

* * * *

"Congratulations to you and your lovely wife. Never thought I'd see the day, the Jensen shark on the hook and hauled in!"

JJ chuckled, shaking the offered hand. A slender, lean man in an immaculate suit, John Ryland was a long time competitor and, more surprisingly, a friend. It was a friendship built up over many years of arguing and trying to get one up on each other. A friendly rivalry JJ relished, knowing that Ryland was as manipulative as he was. John's blue eyes twinkled as the older man looked from JJ to Logan and back again.

"One down, one to go. Will we be seeing you heading down the aisle next Logan?" he quipped, his voice filled with amusement. The two men were well known for their avoidance of the matrimonial state, and Logan was infamous for not dating the same woman for more than six months.

Logan held his hands up as though to ward off the thought. "Oh no, not me. It's just him who's taken leave of 76


by Mina Carter

his senses." He laughed good-naturedly and jerked his head toward JJ.

"Well, thank the lord for that!" John replied and smiled down as a young woman appeared at his side, sliding her arm through his and flashing a shy smile at JJ and Logan.

"Anyway, before I get dragged off, congratulations again JJ.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Perhaps she'll soften you up a little, eh?" he teased as he was dragged off by the girl, who JJ vaguely recognised as his daughter.

"Don't count on it Ryland! I still intend to nail your ass to the wall on the Sanders deal, just you wait and see!" JJ called after him, amusement in his deep voice.

Even though he'd thought it himself about colleagues who got married, why did everyone assume that now he was married, he'd suddenly lose his instincts, his business acumen? If anything he felt right on top of his game, as though he could take on the world and win!

"Someone's watching you," Logan said, drawing his attention with an almost imperceptible tilt of his head over JJ's shoulder.

JJ turned, catching sight of Zette over on the other side of the room. Standing by one of the large windows, the area around her was clear of guests for the moment, which left her framed against the glass and the darkness of the night outside. Once again her sheer beauty caught his eye. She looked every inch the fairy tale bride.

Their eyes caught for a moment, locked. The air between them virtually sizzled and caught fire before one of the guests approached her, no doubt to offer yet more of the endless 77


by Mina Carter

congratulations that seemed to be going around. She turned, an easy smile on her lips, breaking the connection.

JJ knew that the image of her framed in the window, the hauntingly beautiful blushing bride, would remain in his memory forever. Stamped there until his dying day. Because he knew she wasn't just playing a part like he was. She really
a blushing bride, hyped up on the excitement and emotion of the day. After all, hadn't she whispered earlier to him she was too excited to drink any more of the champagne they'd served with the wedding breakfast? Even now he could see she only had a mineral water in her hand. Whereas he was knocking them back, trying to ignore the growing sense of unease in his chest.

"You're going to hurt her, you know." Logan's voice was bland, as emotionless as JJ had ever heard it. But he still heard the censure behind the words. The subtle disapproval Logan was so good at when he thought JJ was being a prize idiot.

He sighed.

"Yeah, I know," he admitted, keeping his face as neutral as possible. Luckily no one seemed in imminent danger of disturbing them, the two men standing at the side of the room, just shy of the door. A much needed break for the groom before he started circulating again.

"You're still set on this idiotic scheme then?" Logan asked carefully, nursing his glass in one hand as he looked out onto the dance floor. It had been filled since JJ and Zette had taken their first dance and it didn't look like clearing any time soon.



by Mina Carter

JJ shrugged. Even though Logan didn't say it, he knew what he meant. It wasn't really proper to mention the divorce when the ink was drying on the marriage certificate and the reception still underway. Not that Logan would care about what was proper, blunt was his way.

"It's done now, I'm committed."

Logan snorted, lifting his glass and draining it in one long swallow. "You know what I meant. You're committed to this, not the other. Sure you want to follow through with it? I can destroy those papers in the morning for you," he offered, placing his empty glass on the table next to them, his eyes intent as he looked at JJ.

JJ didn't answer, just looking out over the crowd, a drink in one hand and his other hand shoved deep into a pocket. Did he want to divorce Zette after a year? A year was all he needed to fulfil the clause in his grandfather's will and he had sole control of Jensen Inc.

BOOK: Rockstar
13.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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