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BOOK: Romance: New Adult: One Game at a Time - A College Football Romance (Bad Boy Romance) (Sports Contemporary Short Stories)
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''Good night Marcus,'' she said.

''I don't suppose you've changed your mind?'' he said nodding in the direction of her room.

''No. It was a lovely evening, but I haven't.''

When Marcus got
to his room,
he was sexually charged. He thought about watching a porno, but it wasn't the sight of any old female flesh he wanted. He wanted to see Tonya's beautiful body. The only option left open to him was a lonely masturbation session in the shower. He imagined Tonya in
a number of
sex positions, coming time after time as he thrust his massive penis into her. His orgasm came quickly but didn't satisfy his desire in any meaningful way.

Tonya dreamed about winning enough money in the casino for her to pay off her debts. Just before she woke up, however, her dream turned to Marcus. When
she was devastated to realize she was out of breath and that her womanhood
was aroused
. No, she wasn't falling for him, it was just the excitement of
money that had turned her on, she told herself.

The next day, they played in the casino and went for a walk along the strip. As they
they held hands.

''What do you feel?'' he asked as he
her an ice cream.

''In what way?''

''About me. We've been holding hands for a while now.''

She thought for a minute. ''I like you. But you're still a blackmailer.''

''I like you too. I'm sorry. I regret what I did to you. It wasn't gentlemanly of me at all. You don't have to be my girlfriend anymore. I'll give you the money as a gift.'' It was a tactic that he hoped would work. If he politely rejected her, she would want him more,
and before
they had to go home open her legs for him.

''Oh.'' She didn't know what to say. When she thought about it, she was a little disappointed. She wanted to ask him if he didn't find her attractive or if she'd done something wrong. Why had he suddenly decided to tell her she didn't have to be his girlfriend? ''I'd prefer to carry on as we agreed,'' she said.

''Well, I'm
sorry I've changed my mind. I'll  write you a check when we get to Sandpoint. I'm so sorry to mess you around. I won't do it again.''

He handed her an ice cream which she didn't want now. He'd rejected her just as she was warming to him. Didn't he know it sometimes took a
girl a
while to develop her feelings?

They walked further along the street. Tonya's mind was working overtime. Why had he stopped? Was she so bad? Was she falling for him? Then she heard her say something that shocked her to the core.

''Sex for all the money.''

He stopped. ''What?''

''I will fuck
if you pay off all the debt.''

She was a clever
, he, though. She'd fallen for his withdrawal
but she had, at least, put her
conditions to it.

''Okay. When?''


''No, I want to fly home. I want you in your
bed, in your house.''

''Marcus, that's impossible. My mom.''

''We'll find a way. But I want you in your bed, not in some seedy hotel bed.''

''What about your place?''

''No, your bed.''

Another twist, she thought. Why did he want her in her bed? Was it some
kind of
weird fetish or did he think she would be more comfortable at home?



Marcus had told Tonya to
him when her mother went to the hospital. Hospital appointments were usually lengthy
and it would give them more time together.

All Tonya could think about was eighty thousand dollars. She'd invent some story or other for her mother to believe when she found out they weren't poor
any more

''She's got an appointment next week Wednesday. She'll be out all day,'' Tonya whispered as Marcus was leaving the reception area.

''Another week? It's driving me wild,'' he said.

''You'll just have to wait.''

Tonya knew that she'd reversed all her principles. Now she was going to be the best-paid hooker in the world, but just for one day. And it wasn't
prostitution. It was a friend giving her a present in exchange for a favor. Tonya didn't manage to convince herself, though.

and Tonya waved her mom off in the taxi. She went upstairs and changed into her best lingerie.
put on a gown and went downstairs to wait for Marcus.

Funnily enough,
she wasn't nervous. The more she'd
about it, the more she'd wanted to do it. He was very
and he was going to pay her a vast amount.

As she expected, he wasn't late. When she heard his car pull
she got up and watched him walking towards the door.  Before he had time to knock, she opened the door. What he saw, took his breath away. She was
made up, and the gown she had on was open, showing him all the treats she had waiting for him.

''Wow. You look fantastic,'' he said.

''Come in. Let's do it,'' she said enthusiastically.

As she led him
he watched her behind sway to and fro. At the door, she turned around and pulled him to her.

''When we
are finished
, please respect me. Don't go telling anyone at work.''

''I have a confession to make to you,'' he said. ''I haven't been fair
you. '' Tonya was listening intently. ''All this has been a game to me. Its' not the first time I've done this, I'm ashamed to say. I have paid debts off for other women in the past in return for sexual pleasure.'' He looked at Tonya for a reaction, but there was none. ''But I didn't reckon on falling for you. Tonya, I'm
not playing around now. Here's a check for the money. I'm going to go.'' He handed her a check for eighty thousand dollars.

She watched him turn around and take the stairs. When he was half way down, she shouted after him. ''And what about me? What about my feelings?''

''You've got the money,'' he replied.

''What if I have fallen for you as well? I was looking forward to today and not only because of the money.''

He looked back up at her. She let the gown slip to the floor and took the pose of a model in a lingerie shoot. He smiled and began to climb the stairs again.

''Then we're on the same wavelength at last,'' he said.

''Yes. It has taken me a while. But I still don't like your blackmail tricks.''

''I'm sorry. It as
game for rich men. I'm sorry. I want you
and I won't fool around
any more

''Then here is my bedroom,'' she said opening the door.

He looked inside and smiled. ''Cute, so girly.''

There was a double bed with a pink duvet and several bears on the dressing table. On the walls, pictures of boys that he guessed had been there for a few years.

''Kiss me,'' she said. He stood close to her and put his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her face to his. She caught the same scent that so turned her on when she'd visited his consulting room. A mix of him and some expensive shower gel. When his
onto hers, she closed her eyes and felt his tongue looking for her. She ran a hand over his face and loved the coarseness of his chin.

''I can feel you want me,'' she whispered. ''Shall I help you a little?'' He groaned at the thought and watched as she lowered the zipper on his pants. As she did, her
breasts wobbled
in her half bra. When she put her hand inside his pants, she loved the warmth and the scent that escaped from them.  His masculinity played in her nostrils, encouraging her to pull his penis out and look at it. Before she began
to stroke
him, she felt how long and smooth he was. She marveled at the pre-come on his tip, and the tightness of his balls as she massaged them. When she took him in her
she felt a gush between her legs as her excitement raised to a higher plane.

As she sucked his penis, he massaged her shoulders and felt the weight of her breasts. She loved the feel of him in her mouth and the power she now had over him. His pleasure was in her
and it made her as horny as hell. When she felt his penis
she cupped his balls encouraging him, but he wanted more than a blowjob. He wanted to screw her and screw her until she came multiple times. He pushed her away and pulled her to her feet.

''God that was
, you're so soft. I love it,'' he whispered as he placed tiny kisses on her neck. She threw her head back allowing him to kiss her more, then moaned as she felt his hands rubbing over her panties.

''I want to taste you,' he whispered. He pushed her onto the bed and opened her legs. He soon removed her
and looked down at the blonde hairs above her vulva, and the tiny droplets of her excitement. When she felt his coarse tongue on her narrow opening, her body jerked. He held her hips steady and began to lick her with such precision she soon began to shake and moan. She reached out and stroked his hair as her legs splayed wider for him. Soon she closed her fists in his hair and bellowed a few obscenities as a surge erupted
from her
womanhood and took her breath away.

He stood up and took his clothes off. She watched. His body was long and slender and his muscles well defined. His penis stood erect making a contrast to the angular nature of his appearance.

''You are so hot Tonya.
Do you know that?''

She shrugged her shoulders and pulled her breasts from her bra. ''Suck on these when you screw me. I love having my nipples sucked.

When he entered her, he lowered his head and did as she asked. As soon as his mouth touched her, her hips began to
and her breathing became labored.

His body felt marvelous on her.
and hairy, he was coarse and smooth at the same time. The feeling of his shaft parting her was
and she soon cried out another orgasm.

When she came back down, he flipped her on her belly and entered her from behind. He reached under her and began to play with her clit. For Tonya, there was no better feeling than being taken from behind. She came again, this time, less noisily but more deeply.

She felt the hair on his legs rubbing against her hips as he straddled her, thrusting his length between her buttocks into her womanhood. The sight of her hips and long slender back was too much for
and he pumped faster. He held her buttocks and pressed her down as he showed her no mercy. She was screaming at the force of his
, his thighs slapping against her buttocks sending vibrations to her clit.

Tonya buried her head in the pillow and screamed more. When she felt his penis
she reached between her legs and
her fingernails gently over his balls. He groaned her name as he stayed still and emptied himself into her.

Afterward, they lay entwined in each other, basking in the warmth of the sex they had just so wonderfully shared.

''I like you so much Tonya. Will you be my proper girlfriend now?

''If you don't blackmail me
any more
, yes. And I'll be watching you, so no more bullshit.''



Tonya and Marcus got married on the day Tonya's mom got the all clear. Never again did they want for money. Tonya completed her management course and ran Marcus’ business enterprise. Tonya had trouble conceiving but after IVF, she and Marcus became proud parents of a little boy called Jake.



BILLIONAIRE BOSS Romance - He’s The Boss

Carl Johnson screamed as he looked below him and realized how small everyone looked. He was hanging by his ankles from a scaffolding around a
apartment block, in
Los Angeles.

''It's around a hundred yards to the ground. Don't do it Carl. Don't do it to the poor emergency services. They've got better things to do than scrape pieces of you from the sidewalk,'' Ryan said. ''Now, I'm going to ask you one more time about the contract. Who gets

Carl closed his eyes and prayed the two enormous men holding him wouldn't suddenly take even more of a dislike to him, and let go. He had a wife, three kids and a new grandchild that he
adored. ''Put me down Ryan, this isn't the way we do business. You're not a murderer.''

Brave guy, Ryan thought. ''There's a first time for everything Carl. You promised to sell this place to me once it was finished. Now someone has made you a better offer you've gone back on your word. That's not nice.'' Ryan nodded to one of the
and he let go of Carl's left leg.

''Jesus,'' Carl screamed. He was now hanging by his right leg, and the man holding him was beginning to breathe hard. ''Okay, Okay. It's
please pull me up.''

''Pull him in,'' Ryan ordered. The two men heaved him back over the rail and threw him into the building. Ryan stood over him and noticed he'd wet himself. ''Don't do that again Carl. I hate heights,'' Ryan said.

The building was still very much a shell, and the only way down was in constructor's lift,  down the outside of the building. The door
was made
of mesh and as they descended the wind whistled around them.

Down on the sidewalk, Ryan felt in his jacket for his
. It seemed like it was the hundredth text he'd had that morning. Cindy again, he said to himself. When would she leave him alone? He'd made it
perfectly clear
to her he only wanted to fool around, not get into a long-term relationship. Most women understood what he wanted, but not Cindy. She'd just lost her husband to a heart attack, and maybe he shouldn't have taken her to bed while she was in such a fragile state. He'd seen her across the room at an art exhibition given by one of his clients in San Francisco. Her beauty and vulnerability had turned him on. In her state, she hadn't taken much persuading to come to his hotel room. She'd needed a shoulder to cry on, a man to love her and tell her she would feel better soon. But he didn't want
and she'd have to be told to stop contacting him.

''Where to boss?'' the chauffeur asked. He'd been waiting in the Rolls Royce since dropping Ryan off to do his dirty business with Carl.

''The Towers,'' Ryan replied. The Towers referred to Mathewson Towers, a huge office block in LA which Ryan owned. His company occupied the top three floors of the ninety-eight-floor building. The rest was a mix of hotel and
. 'I've got a radio interview at two,'' he added.

''Hi Mr. Jacobson, Kelly Cruz is here, I put her in the
board room
,'' Steffi said.

''Thanks, Steffi. Do I look okay?'' he asked his sixty-year-old secretary?

''As handsome as ever,'' she said.

''You're a great liar,'' he added. Steffi was his backbone, the woman that organized his days,
looked, after all,
his correspondence and made sure his thousand dollar suits came back from the dry cleaners on time. But disaster had struck, she'd decided to retire.
was the one employee he knew he couldn't
do without
. He'd offered her
a huge increase in
salary, even offered to pay off the tiny bit of mortgage she and her husband still had
their detached house. But tired after years in the stressful environment Ryan adored, she wasn't to be swayed. 

Why the hell he'd agreed to do an interview for a radio show he had no idea, it wasn't his thing.
hated the media. He was a real estate guy, a developer, someone who had to make unpopular decisions in the name of making money. The media was always
his case. He knew what he
he didn't need telling every day.

The boardroom was the most luxurious room in the whole building. When Ryan entered the
he was very pleasantly surprised. Kelly looked just like her photos. When she'd sent an email requesting an interview, Steffi had shown him a
of her on the Capital Radio website, and he'd immediately said yes to her request.

''Kelly, hi, nice to meet you.'' He shook her hand.

''Mr. Jacobson, thanks for agreeing to the interview.''

''You're the first ever.''


''Yes, I don't like the media much.''

''Well, I hope you like us,'' she said with a smile.

She was Ryan's type.
A glitzy
blonde, dressed in a business suit and heels. ''I'm sure I will.''

''Shall we just start? If you want to stop at any time, just hold up your
and I'll halt the recording.''

''Sure, go right ahead,'' he said taking a looking at her breasts as she reached behind her to pick up the microphone. She put it on the highly polished table and cleared her throat.

''Today we're in downtown LA, with real estate mogul Ryan Jacobson. Thank you for agreeing to see us, Mr. Jacobson.''

''My pleasure Kelly.'' He took a lot down at her bronzed legs and wondered how she got them so smooth looking.

''A lot of people know you as the secretive billionaire
. Perhaps you would tell us how you got started.''

''Sure. Well, I went to construction college and learned how to
build, and then
I worked for a real tough guy called Jake Inchmore as a young apprentice. He clipped my ears a few
I can tell you. I learned a lot from him.''

''And when did you start your own business?''

''As soon as I knew what I was doing. I was very grateful to Jake for teaching me all he knew. You know, the day I told him I was leaving to set up my
company, I
was terrified
of what he'd do to me. But he was
supportive and pleased I had some entrepreneurial spirit.''

''You certainly do.''

''The company you have built has seen a good amount of controversy hasn't it?''

''In what way?'' he asked.

''Well your core business is buying apartment buildings, doing some refurbishments and increasing the rents drastically. There have been
a number of
high-profile cases where your company has evicted
old people
and families with young kids. People who couldn't pay the new rents.''

''I knew it. I fucking well knew it. I'm the dumbest
in this whole Godforsaken city. I thought you were
that's why I invited you here. But you're just the same as all the others. Now get the hell out of my office.'' Ryan swiped his arms over the table and knocked the microphone onto the floor.

''That's the first and last time, Steffi, never again,''he said as he walked past her desk. ''Bloody media. And don't
say I told
you so.''

''Well I did,'' Steffi said. ''If she hadn't been so good looking, you would never have agreed to the interview.'' Typical Ryan, she thought. He was a great
business man
but a sucker for
a pretty
woman. She couldn't remember the number of times she had a tearful lady on the phone asking after his whereabouts.

Ryan slumped into his giant leather desk chair and looked through his emails. There was one from Alina telling him she would arrive in LA around eight that evening. She told him she would take a cab to his home and not to bother sending a driver.

''Steffi,'' he shouted. Steffi arrived in his office with a
note pad
. ''Alina's coming this evening. I'll bring her to work in the morning. How long do you think you'll need to handover?''

think I can
teach her all she needs to know in a month. After that, she can have my phone number and call me if she needs to know anything.'' Steffi looked at Ryan and noticed how tired he looked.

''You're not overdoing it are you?' she asked.

''What makes you say that?''

''You look tired.''

''I am tired. Tired of people who don't keep promises. This morning we had to hold a guy over the edge of a building and threaten to drop him.''

Steffi laughed. ''You have a wild imagination, Mr. Jacobson.''

If only she knew the real truth, he thought. ''I'm going home. If you need
you know where I am.''

The Black Rolls Royce drove to Beverley Park and pulled into a gateway. The security guard came out of his hut and opened the gate. As Ryan's car
he waved and closed the

Ryan loved his home. At just thirty-five, he was the youngest resident in the area. At an average price of thirty million dollars, the houses in the immediate
were owned by business people and Hollywood stars.

Getting out of the Rolls, he pulled out his cell. ''Party time,'' he shouted
into in
. ''Spread the word. Starts at seven, let's make it a pool party.''

When he walked into the
he was greeted by John Frazer, a man he'd hired in London. John was one of the few real butlers the world still possessed. ''John, it's pool party time. Starts at seven, can you organize?''

John was tempted to roll his eyes in disgust, but Ryan paid him ridiculously well to turn the other cheek. ''Of course sir. Leave it to me.''



''Hi mom,'' Alina said.
yes......yes. Mom, don't worry I'm
. Nothing to worry about I'll be there soon. Yes, mom, the flight was great. What? Yes, of
I've got enough money.''

''Moms huh,'' the young man sitting next to her in the train said.

''Yer. She's worried about me.''

''First time away from home?''

''Yes, I suppose it is.
I went to college in New York, but lived at home because it was so close.''

'Where are you headed?''

''To downtown LA. My first job.''

''Wow. Such a long way from home too,'' he said looking at her. He
liked what he saw. Her long legs
were covered
by a pair of faded jeans which showed off her slender thighs. Her white blouse had one button too many open, and he got a glimpse of her lacy bra with its overflowing contents.

''Yes it sure is a long way from home, but I'm looking forward to it.''

''What are you going to to?''

''I'm going to be PA to a real estate dealer.
I'm so excited.
I never dreamed I would get the job.''

''Was there a lot of competition?''

''Well, if I tell you the name of the guy you'll know the answer.''

''Go on then.''


''Jacobson,'' he said.

''How did you know?'' she said.

''He's famous. Not for the right reasons either.''

Alina turned her head to him. He was about her age but dressed older. He was wearing a tweed jacket and a pair of highly polished black shoes. ''What do you mean by that?''

''He's got a reputation for treating tenants poorly.''

Alina had no idea whether what he'd said was true or not. All she knew was that she was terribly excited about the future. It had started with an ad
'd seen in the national press. She'd never heard of Ryan Jacobson or his company, but she wanted a
and she'd always wanted to work in the warmth of California. When someone told her Ryan was a billionaire
, the like of which America had never seen, she'd consigned her hope of success to the trash can. A week later Steffi had called and told her Ryan would be in New York and wanted to talk to her. He'd interviewed her the St. Regis, where he was staying in a fifteen thousand dollar a night suite.

She'd worn her best dress and a pair of really chic, but extremely uncomfortable heels. She was sure she'd made a fool of herself when
'd shaken his hand because she just stood open mouthed with her hand in his, unable to say anything. It was the moment Alina found
out what
a powerful aphrodisiac the combination of good looks and wealth could be.

BOOK: Romance: New Adult: One Game at a Time - A College Football Romance (Bad Boy Romance) (Sports Contemporary Short Stories)
5.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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