Romance: New Adult: One Game at a Time - A College Football Romance (Bad Boy Romance) (Sports Contemporary Short Stories) (7 page)

BOOK: Romance: New Adult: One Game at a Time - A College Football Romance (Bad Boy Romance) (Sports Contemporary Short Stories)
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MOTORCYCLE CLUB Romance – Bad Boy Biker SEAL



Rebecca Roberts loved the feeling of the air on her face, whipping her long blonde hair behind her, the bike rumbling and roaring between her legs. She was riding alone, as she did so often in the last few months.
wore her colors on the back, a black zip up hoodie with her club’s logo, a skull with two crossed hammers beneath it. She had never been one for the leather vest, and these days, a lot of the younger members were putting the logo on shirts or jackets instead of the black leather. Riding in a motorcycle club was evolving - for the first time in decades.

Of course, some things would never change. Rebecca knew that first hand. She was beautiful, just shy of twenty-five, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was petite, with
hips and large breasts. Every man who saw her wanted her. If they were into bikes, they wanted her even more. There was just something sexy about a woman who could fix up a Harley, and no woman could do that better than Rebecca. She had been serving as The Hammer’s mechanic since she was twenty. She loved the work, and even as the rest of her life crumbled down around her, she found solace in sitting in her garage, her hands black and greasy, her mind on one thing. A bike.

Jason Alder was pushing thirty, a large man with muscles growing upon his muscles. He was good looking with an angular face and a
beard, his hair black but with flecks of gray already making an appearance. He had been the leader of The Hammers for three years, and a member
a lot longer than that. The Hammers
were based
out of Oklahoma City, where Rebecca had been born and raised. Her father had been a
and had taught her everything she knew. He had died when she was only fifteen, being shot by the police after The Hammers and another local crew had a massive
that led to seven people dead altogether, including one cop, and one civilian who was simply in the
bar at the wrong time.

Jason was the kind of guy who thought that since he was
, he should get what he wanted. And what he wanted was Rebecca. Her last serious relationship had ended when she was eighteen, and though there had been a string of men since
when Jason went
her, she didn’t put up much of a fight.

The relationship had lasted a little over a year. The sex was good, but everything else had been bad. She had
fallen for him, and he told her he loved her, but by the time she found out
had cheated on her for
the third
time, she knew he was full of shit.

was crushed
. She left Jason, and he seemed determined to make her life Hell. He yelled at her, put her down in front of everyone, and managed to turn most of the club against her.

“Why don’t you just leave?” he asked her one night.

“I love the bikes,” she had
said quietly
. He had laughed at her, and she had cried.

She had taken to just cruising around a lot. She worked during the day, keeping The Hammer’s bikes in good condition. As evening came on, she would ride, well into the night. It was almost three in the morning when she returned home to find Jason waiting for her, sitting
his bike in her driveway.

Rebecca lived in the same house she had grown
up in
. After her father had died her mother stuck around for a few years, but as soon as Rebecca turned eighteen her mother split, heading back to Florida, where she
was from
. Rebecca hadn’t seen her yet. She had almost been moved to Florida three years before she turned eighteen, but she had made a deal with her mother: stay in school, and her mother wouldn’t move her. It was the only thing that kept Rebecca in class.

“What do you want Jason?” Rebecca asked as she rolled her bike past her ex and opened the garage door. She parked inside and then closed the door by hand, slapping a padlock close.

“Call me Boss. If you
won’t leave
the club, at
respect me,” the man said, throwing one leg over his bike as he climbed off of it.

“No one else calls you boss.”

“The girls I fuck do.”

“We don’t fuck anymore,” Rebecca said, rolling her eyes and pulling her house key from the pocket of her tight jeans.

“Look, I just came over to tell you, I’ve been missing you, and I think we should put this behind us and go into your bedroom.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Rebecca said, shaking her head. She unlocked her door and stepped into her modest home, turning to stand in the doorway.

going to invite me in?” Jason asked.


“You’re a bitch. That’s why you’ll always be alone. You run off every man who comes to you. Or in you.”

Jason,” Rebecca said, and she went to slam the door, but he called out and what he said made her freeze.

“Hull is back.”

he isn’t.”

“Yeah, I hear he is, and he wants in.”

Hull was the first man Rebecca had ever loved. His name was Christopher
, but everyone just called him Hull. He had been in The Hammers since he was sixteen, and he was
to become
, since his
father had been the leader, but was nearing retirement age, Hull being his last kid out of five, and only son. Hull and Rebecca had fallen in love, and when it ended the way it had he decided to join the Navy. He became a Seal, and Rebecca was sure she would never see him again. Two years after he left, his father died, and he didn’t even come back for the funeral

“You going to let him in?”

“He wants my job. So fuck him,” Jason said. “Just telling you, he probably still hates you for what you did to him. I was coming to protect you.”

“He wouldn’t do anything to me,” Rebecca
said softly
, her voice fading into the
dark night

“War changes people,” Jason said with a shrug.

“I’m going to bed,” Rebecca said suddenly, wanting the man to leave.

“Alright, Weasel is bringing his bike over tomorrow, told him you’d take a look at his gearshift. It’s sticking.”

“Alright,” Rebecca said, and she shut the door.

She went and filled her tub with
so hot steam rose from it in her
bathroom. She disrobed and sank into the water. She was tired, but her mind was racing. She couldn’t stop thinking about Hull. She wondered if it was true, him being back in Oklahoma City. And if it was, she wondered if she would see him. She had been the one to end their relationship, after a pregnancy scare. She had been young, hadn’t wanted to go down that road, but he had seemed so ready to do so. He had been twenty, two years older. He was going to be the president of the largest motorcycle club in Oklahoma. He wanted to marry her, to be a father. It all had scared her. She had cut him off, and he had become so heartbroken that he ran to the military, risking his life every day, just to be three thousand miles from her.

Rebecca sat in the bath until the water was lukewarm, and then she stayed a bit
until it was downright chilly.
she climbed from the tub and dried off, before heading to bed. As she
to sleep,
she thought about Hull, and
wondered if she would see him.



Rebecca didn’t have to wonder if she would see the first man she had ever loved for long. The next day she was working on Weasel’s bike. Weasel was a Hammer, a big bear of a man with a wiry white beard and long hair he kept in a
ponytail. He was in his
and looked the part of grizzled biker. But
was a friendly guy, with a booming laugh and a warm smile, and he was one of the few Hammer’s who hadn’t given Rebecca shit since breaking things off with Jason.

The big man had brought his bike over
the back of a beat up
truck in the morning, and had spent an hour or so
with Rebecca in the garage before he left. She had promised him his bike would be ready by six, and then she had gotten to work.

Just after
she realized she would need a couple of parts
didn’t have on hand, so she went inside to wash up, and then headed to a local motorcycle shop. As she stood by the counter in the shop, waiting for Dave, the man who ran the place, to grab the parts she needed from the back, her stomach rumbled. She would need to grab lunch on the way home.

Embarrassingly her stomach was so loud someone behind her heard it.

“Hungry?” a male voice asked, and Rebecca turned around. Her mouth fell open. There, standing behind her, was Hull. He looked the same, but entirely different somehow too. His head
was practically shaved
, just small dark dots to show
. He had always been muscular, but now he gave Jason a run for his money. He was tall, and he wore a gray tee shirt which was stretched tight across his muscular chest.

“Hull,” Rebecca said, feeling foolish. Even as his girlfriend she had never called him anything else. No one called him anything else.

“I should have known I’d find you here.”

“You were looking for me?”

Hull smiled, an easy thing, kind but sarcastic. “No, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Oh,” Rebecca said, feeling a burst of heat on her cheeks as she blushed. “I heard you were back.”

“I wanted to see everyone. I think I’m going to stick around.”

“You going to join back up?”

“With The Hammer’s?”

“Yeah,” Rebecca said, leaning back against the counter.

“I think so,” Hull said, and he nodded. “It’s good to see you.”

Rebecca nodded.

“So you’re hungry, we could grab a bite to
if you have the time.”

“Alright,” Rebecca said. “I’m working on a
though, so it will have to be fast.

“Did you ride here?”

Of course,
she did. Rebecca nodded.’

“Me too, but my bike needs some work, it’s been sitting in a storage locker while I’ve
been gone
. We could grab something and take it back to your
if you don’t mind sharing your garage.”

Rebecca nodded, but she couldn’t believe her ears. Hull was back, and he was talking to her like an old friend, and he wanted to
come use
her tools. They got the parts they needed and then rode over to a small burger place, taking a couple of greasy paper bags back to her place. She opened the garage
and they rolled the bikes out into the Sun, where they ate and worked at the same time. Their conversation was
, like two old friends touching base.

“So what happened
the Navy?”

The fit man shrugged. He
was bent
over his bike, a few fries sticking out of his mouth. He chewed them and swallowed before answering. “It wasn’t what I wanted to do forever. I put in my time, felt like I should go.”

“Back to the world of motorcycles, huh?”

“It’s more than just
you know it. The club

the club my father was a big
part of…
I want to steer it back to the right path.
Since Jason’s been running the show…
I don’t know, I’ve only been back a few days, but some people aren’t happy.”

That was a fair enough assessment. The club had always done well in the area, and they made a lot of money doing
things, but Jason had seemed to take to being a boss as if he needed to entertain people. Everything was big, flashy. He brought attention down on The Hammers,
they didn’t need.

They spent some hours working on the
and talking. It was almost as if no time had passed at all, even though it had been five years since they last saw one another.

A little after six Weasel came by, and he and Hull took a few minutes getting
. Then the fat man loaded his bike
the back of his truck and drove off.

“Well, I guess I can call it a night,” Hull said, wiping his hands on an old rag as Rebecca pulled the garage door down and locked it. “Mind if I wash my hands?”

“No, come on in,” Rebecca said, leading the way. “You remember where the bathroom is?”

She turned to look at Hull, expecting him to be heading towards the
, but
he was standing directly behind her. She went to
but he leaned forward, placing his hands on her hips and bending so that he could kiss her.

She shut her eyes and parted her lips
his tongue. He explored her mouth, and he tasted like the mint gum he was almost always chewing. She wrapped her arms around him, without even meaning to do it.

The kiss broke, and Rebecca opened her eyes. The man she had once loved was looking down at her.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

“It’s fine,” Rebecca said. She went to step
but he caught her by the arms and pulled her close. They kissed again. Rebecca didn’t know what she was
she knew that
shouldn’t be kissing the man who had joined the Navy just to get away from her, the man
had crushed, the man who had a broken heart because of her, but she couldn’t stop herself. So she did kiss him, and her hands
his back as his slid up from her hips, taking her shirt up with them.

They broke their kiss long enough for her to pull the shirt over her head, and then they were kissing again, with Rebecca in only her jeans and a bra. She placed her hands on Hull’s stomach, reaching under his shirt. His abs were hard and defined. His hands were on her back, but one slid around to her chest, his fingertips brushing
her soft skin until he was
her bra. He groped her, her nipple hard and
against his palm. His finger hooked into the top of her bra cup and pulled it down, freeing one of her breasts, large and pale with a dark red areola.

His fingers found her nipple, pinching and rolling it softly between his thumb and index finger.
He broke the kiss next, lowering his head so that he could kiss her exposed breast, planting a series of small kisses around her nipple before finally he was done teasing her, and his lips brushed against her nipple before they parted and his tongue snaked out, the tip flicking back and forth over the sensitive nub.

her head back and groaned, her eyes shut. Her hand found the back of his head, rubbing there atop his buzzed hair. He sucked on her nipple steadily but softly, pulling and pinching it with his teeth as his tongue worked its magic. Hull ground his hips
so that his pelvis rubbed against hers, and the young woman felt his hard cock, trapped by his shorts, yearning to get out.

Soon her other breast was out, her bra tugged down but still on, and his lips were there, sucking on the newly freed nipple. Rebecca bent, careful not to break Hull’s hold on her breasts, and she reached down and felt his rigid member through his shorts. He responded by grinding forward again, against her palm. She gripped him, flexing her thin fingers around his cock. He pulled away from her
and she knelt down before she could stop herself, sitting on her knees just
the foyer. She reached up to the man’s fly and undid his zipper. Hull helped her, unbuttoning his shorts and pushing them down along with his boxers. His cock sprang forward, large and throbbing, the base disappearing
a bush of wiry pubic hair.

Rebecca took his cock in her hand, gave it a soft squeeze, and Hull moaned. She smiled up
him, and he looked down to her.

“Suck it,” he said, and the
young beautiful
woman did just that.

She leaned forward, parting her lips as she did so. His hard
sliding past her lips. She went slowly, using her tongue to tease him, sliding it back and forth on the sensitive underside of his cock.

Hull’s hand went to the back of her hair, his fingers taking hold of her hair there. He controlled the pace, working her mouth back and forth over his cock. He pushed his hips forward when he pulled her head in, shoving the bulbous head of his dick down her throat. She gagged, but she took it.

Hull was the one to stop the blowjob, pulling her
so her lips slid off of his penis. He pulled her up by the hair, pressed his lips to hers again.

“Bedroom” he breathed as the kiss ended. Rebecca nodded and turned. As they
they disrobed, a trail of discarded clothes leading the way from the front door to her bedroom. She stood naked at the end of her bed, turning to see the man she had once loved. He was nude too, hard and
. He pushed her back
the bed, and then lowered his head between her legs.

His tongue on her wet slit was ecstasy. She took a hold of her sheets, her body writhing as he flicked the tip of his tongue over her engorged clit. He slid a finger into her as he licked, and then two, sliding them in and out of her. She was coming in no time, an intense wave of pleasure exploding from her groin, her juices flowing freely and coating the bottom half of Hull’s face.

When she was done, sweaty and spent and
he positioned himself over her, his pelvis between her legs. He reached down, using one hand to guide himself into her hot, wet, snatch.

Rebecca groaned as he pushed fully into her. He was big, the biggest man she had ever been with, his cock rock hard and pulsing inside her tight pussy. Hull rocked back and forth, sliding into her until his pelvis met hers, and then
would pull
until nothing but the tip of his cock was inside her.

His pace was swift, his humping furious, and Rebecca knew he wouldn't last long, but still, somehow, she beat him, having another orgasm. It was just like their relationship, all those years ago, he was the only man who could ever get her off more than once, usually within a span of minutes.

She dragged her nails down his back as she came, her his shuddering against his bucking ones. She cried out, not a name, not to Jesus, but just
a cry,
a long moan as the orgasm shook her to her core.

Then it was Hull’s turn. The man thrust deep inside her and stayed there, throwing his head back as he came, one hand holding him up over the young woman, the other groping at one of her breasts, the
hard between his thumb and forefinger.

His cock jumped
her, once, twice, a third time, each time spraying a long line of sticky cum deep inside her pussy. With a
he pulled out of her when he
was finished
, and rolled onto his back on the bed next to her.

“Wow,” he said.

“Yeah,” Rebecca said.

“Oh crap, I should have used a condom,” Hull said.

“I’m on the pill.”

Hull leaned up
one arm and looked
her. “You have a boyfriend?”

“Not anymore,” she said.

“Perfect,” Hull said with a grin.

She looked
him, propping herself up on her
elbow, the mirror image of him. “Why is that perfect?”

“We can get started again, and I don’t have to kick anyone’s ass.”

BOOK: Romance: New Adult: One Game at a Time - A College Football Romance (Bad Boy Romance) (Sports Contemporary Short Stories)
7.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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