Romance: New Adult: One Game at a Time - A College Football Romance (Bad Boy Romance) (Sports Contemporary Short Stories)

BOOK: Romance: New Adult: One Game at a Time - A College Football Romance (Bad Boy Romance) (Sports Contemporary Short Stories)
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One Game at a Time


A Sports Romance



By: Kelly Clark



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SPORTS Romance – One Game at a Time

“So you’re the prosecutor this time?  I will never understand why you like playing courtroom games with all your other friends,” Matt said.

I perked up, brushed the errant hair from my face, and took another sip of my coffee.

“You just don’t get it;
the high of winning an argument
.  It’s like going skydiving, or what I assume skydiving would
be like
.  I’ve never been, but I can imagine it would be quite a thrill,” I said.

“So, you’re saying it’s like winning a game?  I think I know what that feels like, Holly,” he said with a smirk.

I’d known Matt for so long that I sometimes forgot how well he knew me.  I could be a little scatterbrained at
times, and
he always called me on it.

“Right, like winning the big game,” I said with a sigh.

“You’re a mess when you’re excited,” he said with a laugh.

“Well, at
I perform
well in
the moment.  The rest of my team always says I give the best counter-arguments,” I said boastfully. 

While I never
found myself attracted to Matt, I always found him
handsome.  He was tall and well built, lean and muscular in just the right areas, and knew how to hold himself well.  I was more than a little jealous of his overwhelming confidence.

“Are you coming out to my party this weekend?  You’ve missed the last couple months, and I was hoping that you’d get to meet my new girlfriend,” he said.

I paused a moment, somewhat speechless.  He seemed to have a party every
and I usually was capable of coming up with a good excuse to avoid attending, but having broken up with Albert, I couldn’t
come up with

I slumped into my chair and sighed.

“Okay, I suppose I can make an appearance for a little while at least.  But, I can’t drink.  I need to get a lot of studying done early Saturday.”

worry; I
won’t be the one forcing drinks down your throat.  Besides, I know you don’t drink
,” he said, “
, I gotta get out of here.  I have to meet up with
April; she
said she
had a surprise for me, and I know what that means.”

He smiled that devilish smile he flashed when
knew that he would be sleeping with
and stood up to leave. 

I stood and gave him a big hug to see him off.  I
was lucky to have as good a friend as Matt.  He always stood up to the bullies that I seemed
to always attract
I would tutor him when he was failing miserably in class.

He sprinted off for the door and gave me
an excited
wave as he left.  I rolled my eyes and giggled at his silly behavior; he was a grown man but still acted like a schoolboy when a girl beckoned him.

continued on
with my work; I had an entire argument to prepare before Monday’s mock
and I didn’t want to be the person who lost it for our team. 

“You look like someone who could use a break,” I heard a voice say from behind.

I whipped my head around and made myself dizzy in the process.  When my vision cleared
I saw a rather tall and large man standing behind me.

He had a smile plastered on his face, with chiseled cheeks and high cheek bones accenting his somewhat silly expression.  His eyes twinkled with
a deep
and a tousle of blonde hair
was neatly shaved
his head. 

He walked his
build around and sat in the unoccupied seat beside me.

“Hello?” I questioned.

“Jeff,” he replied.

“Ah, hello Jeff,” I said, “I’m
’m not in the mood for conversation, I have a lot of work that needs to
be done

He picked up one of the many books I had lying around and examined it

“Trial procedure,” he said in a monotonous tone.

“What of it,” I asked.

“Nothing, just trying to make sense of what you’re studying,” he replied.

I let out a deep
and tried to drink from my empty coffee cup.  I slipped my current studies into the book on the table to mark the
and closed the book.

“If you need me to spell it out for you, the least you could have done is bring some coffee,” I said, shaking my cup.

He raised his eyebrows in a gesture of understanding, or
flirting; I
didn’t know which, and sauntered off. 
Before long,
he returned with a pot and filled my glass before returning to the seat beside me.

“So, spell it out for me,” he said.

“I am the prosecuting attorney in a mock trial, and I have to study for my case.  You understand what a mock trial is, right?”

“I think I get it,” he replied with a laugh.

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to shoo him away, or keep him around as a distraction.  My work was beginning to get a little boring without someone to
talk to
.  I might not look it, but I’m rather social when it comes down to it.

“Is this what you do for fun,” he asked.

It sounded like he
was being
condescending, but it might have been something I imagined.  So I answered as honestly as I could.

“It’s not like I seek this out for recreation, but I find the arguing enjoyable.”

“I object,” he said, jokingly.

I laughed awkwardly at his
attempt at a joke.

“Is this what
do for fun?” I asked.

“What, you mean making friends?” he asked in turn.

“Yes,” I replied, “do you like bothering people for fun.”

“I like bothering you,” he replied with a coy smirk.

“I can tell you have a lot of friends,” I said. 

I started to gather up my things, wondering where else I could go to work on my studies.  My room was still probably occupied with Pauline and her boyfriend.

“Tell you what; I’m going to let you get on with your work.  But, I won’t leave until
I, at least,
get your phone number.”

He produced his phone from his pocket and held it out to me.

I wanted to leave a fake number, but the sincerity in his face led me to believe that he wasn’t as bad a guy as he was portraying.  He didn’t seem the arrogant and stuck up type, or
at least,
this just felt like a ruse.  I punched in my phone number, somewhat begrudgingly.
“Great!  I’ll give you a call sometime next weekend?” he said.

“We’ll see.  I am a busy woman, after all,” I replied, gesturing to my work.

“And, I’m late for practice,” replied, jumping over the chair and sprinting from the coffee shop.

I stifled a giggle; I’d never seen anyone run that fast from a coffee shop before.  I was still indecision about whether I’d say yes, were he to ask me out on a date.  He was cute, but he was very different from the men I was used to.

I preferred men that were interested in their future; men that studied hard to find their place.  I wanted someone who was stable and down to earth, and he didn’t seem to be either of those.



My afternoon runs were probably the only thing keeping me sane.  It was the only time of the day I could tune out my roommate and my studies; I could listen to some of my favorite music and just enjoy the moment.  Matt would sometimes join me, but we never
chatted while on runs.  I never minded his company, and he was one of the few people that could keep up.

The sidewalks
were dotted
with other students finishing their studies for the day.  Thankfully the track was usually free for another hour, which made for
a boring
run, but it usually ended with Matt and me stopping for a smoothie.

He was already in the middle of practice with the rest of the team.  He was quite a creature to watch on the field; his
steps could get him out of any tackle, and his ability to throw was second to none on the team. 
This worked
in his favor and made him starting quarterback within one year.  He was probably the quickest to rise to that level in the history of the school.  But, he never passed it off as a big deal.  He always praised the
and his fellow players loved him for it. 

I continued my run, and amidst my third
I noticed another familiar face.  It was Jeff, standing right in front of Matt.  He was
and confident, as well.  When the play
he showed his powerful build by
holding back two other players.  It was an impressive
to say the least.

I probably should have been watching where I was going, but as things happen I bumped into another runner on the track and lost my footing.  I quickly apologized for my failure and limped my way to
a nearby
set of standing bleachers to nurse my injured leg.

It wasn’t anything serious, to say the least, but I did take the chance to watch the guys play more football.
  I lingered longer than
intended, and
I’m pretty sure
neither of them noticed me. 

was wrapping up, and I wondered what I should do.  I would have liked
to just go talk
to Matt and grab a small bite to eat before returning to my
at the same time
I had a feeling if I were to walk over I would have been pulled
in to
a conversation with Jeff.

In my attempt to avoid the latter, I stayed toward the sidelines, doing my best to avoid both of their gazes.  The two of them chatted and headed back toward the showers, but Matt was pulled aside by the coach.  The two talked for a brief moment before splitting.  I could tell it was good news.  Matt didn’t always smile when he was happy, but being friends for more than ten years gave me an insight most didn’t possess.

Before he started off to shower I caught his eye, he just nodded in recognition without coming over for a hello.  I figured he’d probably return when he was cleaned up.

I didn’t have to wait long, maybe fifteen minutes before he strolled back to me at the edge of the field.  We started walking toward the row of shops that occupied the next block over.

“What did the coach tell you?” I asked.

“He told me that I could be team captain if I wanted to be, it’s a big honor,” he replied.

“That’s great,” I said, “I’m sure everyone would be excited to have you as captain.”

“Yeah, but I don’t know if I want to be,” he replied.

“Why is that,” I asked.

“It’s a big responsibility, and while I love being responsible, I have a lot of other things I am interested in besides football,” he said.

He was a good student, and probably as smart as, if not smarter, than me.  He’d mentioned on a few occasions that he wasn’t sure if he was going to pursue a career in football, and I always teased him about it.  His scholarship was in sports, and he was only here because he played.  He had to go
if he could. 

“How long do you have to decide?” I asked.

“About a week,” he replied, “I’ll figure it out by Monday.”

“How long has Jeff been on the team,” I asked.

“You know Jeff?”

“More like, he ran into me in the coffee shop the other day after you left,” I said.

“He’s been there since I started, but he’s only now getting into a starter position.  He’s good.  He’s in the running for team captain as well.  Some of the guys don’t like him as much.  He can be a bit of a glory hog from time to time,” Matt said.

  I went quiet for a little while as we continued to walk.

“You’re not
interested in him, are you?” he asked.

didn’t know what to say, but I had a feeling that Matt wouldn’t let me out of this without some
kind of

BOOK: Romance: New Adult: One Game at a Time - A College Football Romance (Bad Boy Romance) (Sports Contemporary Short Stories)
4.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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