Romance: New Adult: One Game at a Time - A College Football Romance (Bad Boy Romance) (Sports Contemporary Short Stories) (6 page)

BOOK: Romance: New Adult: One Game at a Time - A College Football Romance (Bad Boy Romance) (Sports Contemporary Short Stories)
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Jennifer rode Ryan furiously, tired of the teasing, tired of the soft touches. She made him fuck her hard, and she was coming for the second time before long.
yelled out loud, so loud that someone banged on the wall from the other side, but she didn’t care. She groaned and moaned as the second orgasm of the night rocked her body. Ryan kissed her to shut her up, as she was still shaking, her pussy gripping tightly on his cock as her juices flowed out of her from around it, running down his pelvis and his balls.

Ryan was
a nice guy
, but he could only take so much.
his animal instinct woke up, and as Jennifer continued to ride him, panting
after her orgasm,
he pushed her aside. She landed on her back, and went to spread her legs, but Ryan just shook his head and grabbed her by the hips, rolling her over and pulling her
so she was on her hands and knees. His cock neared
and she reached down to grip his cock and guide him into her pussy, but he grabbed her hair tightly and shook his head.

“Not there,” he said, and pushed his slick dick, shining with her spit and pussy juice still, into her ass.

Jennifer wasn’t an anal virgin, but she had never had a cock as big as Ryan’s in her butthole. She yelped as he pushed into her, and she gripped the sheet on the
so tightly her knuckles were as white as ghosts. His balls slapped against her pussy when he was fully inside of her, and then he pulled back.

It didn’t take long for the man to come, her asshole was even tighter than her pussy, and it was both
relief and disappointment when he finally pulled out of her. Ryan used his hand on himself, jerking twice before he was spraying hot thick ropes of cum onto her ass cheeks. As he was spraying his spunk on her skin, Jennifer tried to catch her breath.

He collapsed next to her, and she laid on her stomach. She looked over and laughed.

“Who would have thought you had that in you?” She said.




Over the next few
Jennifer and Ryan saw more of each other. They fucked like rabbits, and they began to go on dates. Jennifer liked the man. He always had
money; he
always treated her to
dinner; he
bought her flowers. She had never dated a man like that. And the sex was
. Best of all Jaxson
liked Ryan, and for his
Ryan seemed willing and able to spend time with the boy.

The only thing Jennifer wasn’t sure about was why she was still so attracted to the big burly bikers in her bar,
Rocky. He drank there almost every night, the same as the rest of the Reapers. He must have known she
was seeing
Ryan, because he came in even more frequently, and Jennifer wasn’t ashamed to be
a good guy for once, so they would kiss and hug when he was in the bar. Still, it didn’t keep Rocky from hitting on her, often right in front of Ryan.

Almost exactly two months to the day that Ryan and Jennifer had gone to Tempe, Jennifer’s life changed forever. She was bartending alone on a lazy
night. It was just about closing time, and the only people left in the bar were two strangers. They were both men in their fifties, bikers with long hair and beards. She guessed they were passing
through; they
wore vests with a snake and knife logo she was
unfamiliar with

“You guys drink
up; I
’m about to lock up,” she said.

“All right,” One man said, draining his beer and standing up from the bar.

“I’ll catch you in a minute,” the other man said, he still had half a beer to go. His friend left some money on the bar and headed out. Jennifer smiled
the man who remained.

“Where you from?” She asked.

“I don’t want to talk to you,” the man said, and then he grinned. It was predatory, his teeth white and gleaming. “But there is something I would like to do.”

“Sorry, I don’t think so,” Jennifer said, and the man made her so uncomfortable her heart started beating fast as adrenaline began pumping through her.

“I don’t think I made myself clear,” the man said. “I wasn’t planning on giving you a fucking choice.”

“Why don’t you call it a night,” Jennifer said, backing up from the bar. The man leaned forward, darting like a coiled snake, and he took hold of her arm. He wrenched her towards him, towards the bar, as she screamed. Her stomach hit the edge of the
and the wind
was knocked right out of her
. Her scream fell short as she gasped for breath. He kept pulling, and before she could stop
Jennifer was
the bar, being dragged across it. Once across the man forced her to the floor, and the petite girl could do nothing but cry.

When it was over she was left bloody and crying on the floor, her shirt torn, her jeans down around her ankles. The man left after splashing his cum across her stomach. He threw the money he owed her for his beers on top of her, some of it falling into the salty mess. Jennifer didn’t
move; she
didn’t even watch him leave. After he was
she didn’t dare move, even when her cell phone began ringing from the spot behind the bar where she always kept it. It was Barbara she guessed. It
was past
time to pick Jaxson up.
, after gaining control of her tears, Jennifer got up.




Jennifer had called Barbara, told her what happened. The old woman told her to call the police, but Jennifer had something else in mind. At four in the
she was standing in front of a small house with a grungy unkempt yard, knocking on the door. It took some time, but
the door opened.

“What are you doing here?” Rocky asked her. She opened her mouth to speak, but instead she started crying again. The young biker took her
and she sat on his
and told him everything.

“I’ll kill the asshole,” Rocky said. He reached over and pressed his hand to her knee. She flinched.

“Relax,” he said. “I’ll handle it.”

And that was all he said, and Jennifer knew that he would
handle it
. She left, got her son, and went home. She didn’t know what Rocky was going to do, and she didn’t want to know.

She tried to put the situation out of her mind over the next week and a half, but she was assaulted by unending nightmares every night.

She took some time off from the bar, putting trust in her employees. One night she had just gotten her son to sleep when there was a sharp knock on her door. She opened it without
and was surprised to see her rapist standing there on her porch. He had a black eye, and a cut on his forehead.

“You bitch,” he said. She didn’t let him
finish; she
slammed the door shut.

“Your boyfriend won’t save you now!” The man yelled, mistaking Rocky for her significant other. She ran for her phone, as her son came out of his room.

“Mommy, what’s wrong?” He asked as the man outside began to pound on the door.

“Go into your room, lock the door!”
yelled at her poor, confused child. He rushed to do as he
was told
, and she got Rocky on the phone. He only lived a few minutes away, and even as she was talking to him on his cell, she heard his bike roar to

She thought then of Ryan. She hadn’t been seeing him much, hadn’t been speaking to him. The sexual assault had changed her somehow. He wasn’t a man who could protect her. She liked him, but if she had gone to him, he never would have been able to help her. Not like Rocky could.

She heard Rocky’s bike roaring down the road, and the pounding on the door quit. Minutes later there was a knock, and Rocky was there. She told him about the man with the black eye, and Rocky searched her property. The man was gone.

Jennifer got her son back in bed and sleeping, and when she returned to the living
Rocky was still there.

“You don’t have to stay,” she said.

“I will,” he replied.

She nodded, and then they sat on her couch and she curled up beside him. He kept an arm around her the whole night.

When Jennifer
was filtering in through her living room windows, and Rocky was looking down upon her. He
and kissed her suddenly.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Jennifer asked, pushing him away and standing up quickly.

“I stayed here all night!” Rocky said, surprised.

“So what, I should kiss you?”

“At least!” Rocky said.

“Do you know what that guy did to me?”

“That’s different,” Rocky said, “You want to fuck me.”

“Get out!” Jennifer yelled, trying not to wake up her son, but unable to help it.

“I can’t believe this.
Blue balls
for this shit? You owe me,” he said, and then he left.

Jennifer sat on her couch, her heart pounding. She couldn’t believe what the biker was thinking. Even worse,
didn’t know why her loins had begun to stir when he kissed her. She wanted him. She always had. But… she wasn’t ready. He was a bad boy. He would be rough with her. She didn’t need that. She needed Ryan.

When she got Jaxson to
she called Ryan. He agreed to come over on his lunch break. She told him why she had been distant, and what had happened. He held her. She kissed him. They made love.
they lay together. He had been gentle, caring, sweet and tender. It had been what she needed, but it had made her realize Ryan wasn’t the man she needed. Why couldn’t He look and act like Rocky, but make love to her like he did? Couldn’t a good guy be a little
? Or a bad guy be a little tender? Was that too much to
ask for

Ryan went back to work, and Jennifer knew she was going to break up with him. She needed a man who could keep her safe. She knew Ryan couldn’t. Sex had been the furthest thing from her mind as of late, but safety had been forefront on her mind. Somehow the two were mixing.

Jennifer didn’t like confrontation, something she picked up by dating assholes. They were short tempered, and confrontation always led to fights, so she almost called Ryan when she knew he would be home from work. But she felt as though she owed the man more, so she went to see him after dropping Jaxson off with Barbara.

“Hey hon,” Ryan said when he opened the door, but he must have
something in her face because he sighed. “Uh-oh.”

“How’d you know?”

Go check
in the mirror,” Ryan said glumly.

“Listen, it’s not going to work.”

“This afternoon…” Ryan said, but he trailed off, his words hanging in the air between them.

“I know,” Jennifer said. “You’re the best guy I’ve ever dated,” she added. “That’s no joke.
I’m being

“Then why would it not work?”

“Maybe I’m not good enough,” she said with a shrug. “I don’t know. Maybe you’re too good.”

“I’m too good to date?”

Jennifer sighed. “This is hard, alright Ryan? Thank you for everything, you’re
something else, in a
way. You’re different than any man I’ve known.”

“I can give you time,” Ryan said. “I know what happened, and this afternoon, maybe we shouldn’t have, but you started it, I would wait, I will

“I don’t think you could keep me safe from that monster,” Jennifer finally said truthfully. “Maybe I need a monster of my own.”

And with
she left the man, his mouth hanging open behind her, as though he was about to say something else. She didn’t
give him the chance



Finally, almost three weeks after she had
been raped
on the barroom floor, Jennifer returned to Chuck’s. Brittany was behind the bar when she got there, and Andre was in the kitchen. He hugged her when he saw her.

“If I would have been here,” he started, but Jennifer smiled and shook her head.

“I know,” she said. “How’s the baby?”

Andre grinned. His wife had given birth less than two weeks before. “Fit as a fiddle,” he said. “You got to come by and see him, alright?”

“I will,” Jennifer said, and she went out behind the bar. Brittany gave her a hug too, but the younger woman didn’t know what to say, so she stayed quiet. Rose was at the bar, and she slid a shot across to Jennifer.

“On me kiddo,” she said, and Jennifer took it, slamming the empty glass down on the bar when she
was done
. Her throat burned, but she started to laugh.

That night Rocky came in with a couple of his biker club pals. He paid Jennifer no mind, and she thought it would stay that way, but just after midnight he approached the bar and leaned against it.

“Can I talk to you?” He said.

“I’m a little busy.”

“No you ain’t,
come talk
to me,” he
and reached for her hand.

Out back
,” she said with a sigh, not taking his hand, and then she disappeared into the kitchen, heading for the back door. Rocky went out the
and walked around the building.

“What?” Jennifer asked when she saw him. She was leaning against the wall next to the back door.

“I wanted to say sorry,” the biker said. “I
was being
an asshole.”

“You think?”

“I’m trying to apologize,” Rocky said, and she softened.

“Alright,” Jennifer said. “I do appreciate what you did for me.”

“I would do anything for you,” Rocky said, and then he laughed. “Good lord I sound like that dork you’re dating.”

Jennifer laughed and shook her head. “I broke up with him a couple of days ago.”

“How come?”

Jennifer paused for a moment, and then she shrugged. “He wasn’t you.”

his head to the side and raised a brow. “Yeah?”


“I’m an alright guy you know,” he said. Jennifer laughed.

you aren’t. How many times have you gone to prison?”

“I’m an alright guy for having gone to
a couple of

“You ever killed a man?”

“No,” Rocky said. “But the night’s young. I will kill that asshole when I find him. He might be long
though; they
were heading out when I found him the first time.”

“Good riddance,” Jennifer said. “Let him go.”

“What if he comes back?”

“You better be there to protect me,” she said with a grin. Rocky stepped forward, and they kissed.

He hung around Chuck’s that night, and then followed her home on his bike. She asked Barb to keep Jaxson overnight, and then they went into the bedroom.

“Be gentle,” Jennifer said, as Rocky pulled his shirt over his head. “Can you?”

Of course,
I can,” Rocky said, and they were kissing again. He broke the kiss long enough to pull her shirt up and over her head, and then he was touching her back, his fingers moving up and down her spine, making her skin tingle. His touch was light and
though his hands were that of a man’s, hard and calloused.  She put her hands on his chest, felt his firm muscles there, and a warmth flowed through her crotch, soaking her panties.

Their kisses were tender and
slow; their
tongues danced together. Slowly they laid upon the bed, Rocky holding himself over her. She reached down, pulled off his belt and unzipped his pants. He wriggled out of them, clad then in just his boxer shorts. Her fingers found their way through the flap at the front, and wrapped around his member, half hard then, but growing rigid against her palm and fingers.

He tasted of beer, and
and Jennifer knew she was with the right man. The man she should be.

He got her bra off, and his eager lips found her nipples, but
could tell he was taking it slow, being gentle, and it meant too much to her she smiled with her eyes closed and moaned in his ear. “Fuck me hard,” she said.

“Thank God,” Rocky said. He ripped her panties down her leg, tossing them over the edge of the bed. His kisses on her breasts became bites, piercing nibbles on and around her nipples that soaked her pussy even more. He had a hand down there, two of his fingers working in and out of her, the pad of his thumb grinding gently against her clit.

“Fuck me,” She moaned, and he did so. He pushed inside of her, working at a furious pace, their skin slapping together, her juices flowing. Her breathing grew
, and he knew she was about to come, so Rocky leaned back, still fucking her but reaching down and rubbing her clit.

“Shih!” Jennifer yelled as an orgasm rocked her, his massive cock thudding in and out of her tight pussy as it contracted around him. When she had
he pulled out of her, standing and bending over to pick her up. He tossed her over his shoulder, her juices leaking from her snatch and running down her legs and
his arms. They went to the living room like that, and he sat down on a chair next to the TV, and he pulled her into his lap, facing away from him.

Jennifer braced herself with her hands on the arms of the chair, and her feet on the carpet, her legs together as she sat on his cock. It pushed into her tight snatch, and she brought herself back up, and then slammed down, riding him at a furious pace. He reached up and pulled her hair, yanking her head back until she screamed. His other hand slapped her ass, big and round and bouncing on his lap.

“Fuck me,” she screamed, over and over until he pushed her off of him and then down to her knees. He stepped in front of
and she opened her mouth so he could fuck her face. He held her head still, letting his hips control the pace. She was choking, her eyes burned as tears slid down her cheeks.

“Jerk me off onto your face,” he commanded, and Jennifer was
being used
once more. But the fact that he had been willing to be gentle, to go slow, it meant she
was fine
with it. She wanted him to use her for
that; a
woman should be
in the bedroom, at least sometimes. And sometimes a man should be
. Rocky was a man who was willing to go both ways. One wasn’t better than the other. She gripped him in her hand and jerked until he came, his thick white come sloshing across her lips, her face, and up into her
. When he
was done
, she smiled. She knew it was the beginning
a wonderful



BOOK: Romance: New Adult: One Game at a Time - A College Football Romance (Bad Boy Romance) (Sports Contemporary Short Stories)
10.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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