Romance: New Adult: One Game at a Time - A College Football Romance (Bad Boy Romance) (Sports Contemporary Short Stories) (5 page)

BOOK: Romance: New Adult: One Game at a Time - A College Football Romance (Bad Boy Romance) (Sports Contemporary Short Stories)
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That wasn’t his real name of course, but then Jennifer didn’t know his real name. Rocky was close to her in age, if not a couple of years older. He was the definition of a bad boy. He was a member of one of the local motorcycle clubs, a rowdy group of men who called themselves The Reapers. They all wore black leather vests or jackets, and on the back they had
large patches, a
grim reaper in tattered black robes, holding a long scythe.

Rocky was handsome, with a square chin and dark brown hair, grown a bit long. He had a scar just below his lip, and he drank too much. Jennifer knew she shouldn’t be interested in him, but she couldn’t deny the attraction. She had fantasized about the man so
though she had never acted on it. And
of course,
he had tried. He kept trying with her, and Jennifer knew he
wasn’t used
to being turned down, judging by how many different women she had seen sitting on his lap in the bar.

“Hey,” Rocky said. “Can I get another beer?”

“Alright,” Jennifer said. She turned and grabbed a bottle of the brand she knew he
and placed it in front of him. He grabbed it and took a swig. She expected him to turn and go outside to watch the fight, but he didn’t. He pulled the bottle from his lips and looked at her. She giggled. “What do you want?”

“I want you to come back to my place so I can fuck you all night,” Rocky said.

Jennifer laughed, and though she felt a stirring between her legs, she shook her head. “You’re bad news,” she said.

Rocky laughed. “That’s true,” he said, and then he turned and walked away. Jennifer watched his ass as he did so.




Saturday came around, and Jennifer found herself in Tempe with Ryan. The drive was
, they made idle chit chat, and she learned about his childhood. He had grown up in
and gotten a job there. The company had sent him to Arizona three years previously. He liked it, but he missed his family.

Jennifer didn’t tell him much about her childhood. She had been born and raised in Maryland, where her father drank too
and her mother cheated on him
. They divorced when Jen was fifteen, and she got into her car and left the day after she graduated from high school. Her car broke down in Arizona, and that was where she had stayed. It wasn’t as
or quaint a story as Ryan’s. He wouldn’t want to know about her asshole father or stepmother.

The dinner was
nice, and Jennifer felt a strange sense of pride when Ryan
was given
his award. He went up to the stage and accepted it, and gave a small speech. Jennifer found herself feeling a little sad for the man as well. He would have much rather shared the moment with those he cared about back in Ohio. When he got back to the
and they finished dinner, Jennifer brought up old girlfriends.

“I’ve dated a few women out here,” Ryan said with a shrug. “It never works out.”

“You’re cute,” Jennifer said. “You have a good job. What’s the problem?”

“They aren’t you,” Ryan said truthfully, bolstered by the three glasses of wine he had drunk.

The dinner wasn’t over until nearly ten, and Ryan’s business had comped him a room at a nearby hotel, but he insisted he could drive her home that night.

“I’m sure you want to get back home to your son,” he said.

, and you can’t drive,” Jennifer countered. “And neither can I. We can sleep it off and head home in the morning. The sitter won't mind.”

And that much was true. Barbara adored Jaxson, and it only took a phone call to make sure the older woman was okay with having him through the night. They were close enough to the hotel to walk, it was only a few blocks, and Jennifer and Ryan did just that.

Jennifer stood with him in the hotel lobby, waiting as he checked in. She was feeling frisky, a bit light headed, and she felt like playing once more with the man who had such a massive crush on her. She pinched his ass, she slid her hand into his pocket, brushing along his hardening member with the tips of his finger through the material of his pocket, playing it
off like
an accident.

“Looking for gum,” she said with a grin when he gasped and looked
her. Ryan got a keycard to the room, and they rode in the elevator to the fifth floor. Ryan led the way down the
and opened the door to the

It was a nice room, spacious with one bed. Ryan saw
and his face fell. “Oh, I didn’t even think,” he said. “I can sleep on the loveseat.”

Jennifer laughed and slapped his arm playfully. “That’s a big bed, I’m sure we’ll both be fine in it,” she said, and she went in and kicked off her heels.
had dressed up for the dinner, a tight black dress that was low cut enough to show off her massive breasts, but not so much as to make her look trashy. It was short as well, but she had the body to make it work. She wore dark hose, stockings only, and when she sat on the end of the bed to take her earrings out she crossed her leg this hem of the dress came up, and her creamy, milky thigh
was shown
above the material of the stocking.

She saw Ryan looking, and she grinned. She kept her earring in, instead reaching down to her leg with one hand, running her fingers up the material of the stocking. “I love thigh highs,” she said in a soft voice, practically purring. “Don’t you?”

Ryan was near the door. He nodded. She looked him over, smiling to herself when she noticed the bulge in his pants. The man might be a bit nerdier than most men she had been with, but it looked as though his cock was

Come touch
them,” Jennifer said. She was telling him to do it. It was an invitation that
didn’t expect him to turn down. She ran her index finger up her
thigh, catching the hem of her dress and hiking it up even further. Ryan went forward. He stopped in front of her and reached down, but she slapped his hand away. The men she was usually with, they were in charge. Always. But with Ryan, Jennifer knew she could be in charge.

“Kneel down,” she said. Ryan nodded again and did so. She wondered if he would be able to speak.

He reached out for her again, but
slapped his hand once more. She stood up.

“Do you think about me when you jerk off?” Jennifer asked the man. She felt her pussy growing
hot; her
juices begin to flow.

“Yes,” Ryan breathed.

“You hold your cock, you milk it, you make yourself come, thinking about me?”


“What do you think about?”

“Let me touch your stockings,” Ryan said.

“Tell me what you think about first, and then you can,” Jennifer said.

“I think about fucking you.”


“Every way. Bent over the back of my couch.”

“Did you jerk off while you thought of me last night? Knowing you were bringing me here?”

“Yes,” Ryan said. “Let me touch you.”

Jennifer was enjoying herself too much. She knew she would let the man have her, but she was having fun with him. No man she had fucked before would have asked her permission to touch her. Ryan wanted her so badly, and it was driving him nuts, and it drove her nuts in turn.

“Tell me what you pictured me doing last night, and then you can.”

“I pictured you sucking my cock as I drove here.”

“Road head?”

“Yes,” Ryan said.

“Did you come in my mouth?”

“Yes,” Ryan said.

“Did I swallow it?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes,” Ryan said.

h my stockings,” Jennifer said. Standing in front of the kneeling man
, his face was eye level with her waist. He reached forward, a hand on each leg, starting at her calf and working up. His wrists met the hem of her dress and pushed it up. He kept raising his hands, and soon his fingers touched her skin, leaving the top of the stockings. He stopped then, and
his hands back down, onto the thigh highs.

“Are you hard?”


“Do you want to see my pussy?” Jennifer asked.

“I want to eat it,” Ryan said.

“Lift my skirt up,” Jennifer said, and Ryan ran his hands back up her legs. He got to the
and pushed it upwards. She reached down to help him, taking the hem and pulling. She pulled the dress off in one motion, tossing it to the floor. He looked up to her, his hands on her thighs, fingers kneading the skin there beneath her stockings. She was wearing a
black lacey
thong and a matching bra with sheer cups. His eyes were on her rosebud nipples, hard and straining against the mesh.

Ryan looked down then, to her pussy, the lacy crotch of her thong soaked with her juices. Jennifer still wanted to be in control, she turned and walked away from the bed. Ryan watched her.

“I didn’t mean to be too forward,” he said.

“Stop apologizing,” Jennifer said, trying to sound stern. “Stand up.”

Ryan followed her instructions, climbing to his feet. His cock pressed against his dark pants, and he still wore a shirt and tie.

“Take off your tie,” Jennifer commanded.

Slowly, Ryan did so. He draped it over the back of a chair.

“Holy shit, you can’t even crumple up your tie? Put it on the floor,” Jennifer snapped. Ryan reached over and took the tie, and dropped it to the floor. “Good,’ Jennifer said. “Now
take off your shirt

She watched as Ryan slowly started unbuttoning the shirt, and she grinned and shook her head. With three quick
she was in front of him, fingers on each hand sliding into his shirt between the buttons. She pulled quickly and the shirt was open, some of the buttons popping off and flying across the room.

“Do you want to fuck me?” Jennifer asked, standing so near to him. She moved her hips forward, so her pelvis pressed against his erection, still restrained by his pants.

“Yes,” the man breathed.

“Later,” Jennifer said with a laugh. She pulled the open shirt from his shoulders, and then stepped back.
sat on the end of the
and then lay back,
upwards as she did so. “Taste me,” she said, looking down at the man. He obliged.

Ryan came forward, crawling onto the bed and positioning his head between her legs. She still wore her thong, and she was sure he would pull it off of her, like any other man, but he didn’t.
he placed his lips against the tender and sensitive skin of her thigh. He kissed there, nibbled there, and she moaned and reached down, running her fingers through his hair.

he was done teasing her, she felt his fingers pull aside the crotch of her thong, and then his tongue was on her, lapping up her steamy juices as it ran up and down her pink slit. His tongue focused on her clit then, and his fingers entered her, one at first, and then two, pushing into her slowly as he sucked on her engorged clit, and then curling upwards to probe at her g spot.

Ryan put more care and love into eating her pussy than anyone ever had. It was
that he was eager to please her, to make her come, instead of worrying about coming himself. And come she did, a body shaking quake of passion erupting from her loins, clenching her stomach muscles, sending her pussy into spasms. Ryan rode it out, probing her with his tongue as she came, and then he backed away, kneeling on the bed.

“Stand up,” Jennifer panted, wanting to stay in control. Ryan did so, and she slid down the
so she was sitting in front of him.
still wore a bra, still had the thong on and the thigh highs.
reached up and undid his belt, and then unzipped his fly. She reached in and freed his cock. It was massive, bobbing in the air in front of her face with each beat of his heart. “What do you want me to do to you?” she asked as she smiled up
the man.

“Suck it.”

“Suck what?” Jennifer asked. She had just come, but she was aching to have his big cock inside of her, but she would tease him, and reward him first. She put her hand on his member, jerking him slowly. He
was cut
, his bulbous spongy head an inch from her ruby red lips.

“Suck my cock,” Ryan practically gasped. Jennifer giggled. And then she kissed the head of his penis, a light touch that drove him wild.
didn’t know why she liked teasing the man so much, why she liked being in charge. She was never in charge. It had to do with that. Ryan reached down, placed his hand on the back of her head, and for a moment she thought he had finally had enough, that a bad boy was hiding somewhere in him after all, that he would hold her head still and fuck her face if she wasn’t going to do it. She prepared herself for that, but instead he chose to be gentle yet again. His fingers became entwined
her hair, but he didn’t force his cock into her mouth. He just gripped her hair, and he looked down to
and he whispered.

“Please,” he said.

“Okay,” Jennifer said, and she took him into her mouth. His hard cock was long but wide,
than any she had ever seen, and it stretched her lips to the limit.
sucked him slowly, her tongue twirling deliciously in her mouth as she took him as far as she could go, her lips almost at the base of his cock. And then she would rock her head back, and he would slide almost completely out of her mouth, his cock shining in the soft light, wet from her saliva.

She kept her eyes on his as she blew him, but it didn’t take long until
couldn’t take it anymore, and she let his cock fall from her mouth completely. “Lay down,” she said as she stood, then deciding he wasn’t moving fast enough and shoving him onto the bed. She gripped his pants by the legs and pulled them off, so finally he was nude. She did the same then, sliding out of her thong, and unclipping her bra before crawling on top of him. She reached down and steadied his throbbing cock with one hand as she lowered herself upon it.

His ginormous dick felt like pure bliss in her tight pussy. She let him fill her, sliding up and then pushing down quickly so that her ass cheeks slapped audibly against his thighs. As she rode
Ryan sat up, taking one of her nipples into his mouth, groping at the other breasts with one of his hands.

BOOK: Romance: New Adult: One Game at a Time - A College Football Romance (Bad Boy Romance) (Sports Contemporary Short Stories)
8.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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