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“You know, you’re right.” I sat up in bed and ran a hand through my hair. “I’m sick of lying in bed, trying to get my head straight. I’m gonna go for what I want.”

“Good girl.” He punched me in the arm.

“Hey now.” I hit him back in the arm and we both tumbled over into laughter.

“So does this mean you’re going to get up and make me some food? I’m starving.” My stomach rumbled. I was
hungry as well. I stretched up on my tiptoes and let out a yawn.

“Yes, I’ll feed you.” I grabbed his hand in mine. “Come on piggy.” We both laughed.

Walking into the kitchen, I found Nathan with a beer in his hand and a puzzled look on his face. “Hi,” I told him and walked over and gave him a sideways hug then kissed him on the cheek.

“What’s that for?” He raised an eyebrow.

“That’s because I happen to like you a lot,” I told him and then stepped away. I had to admire God’s handy work for a minute. He had the perfectly chiseled jaw, wide shoulders, and a lean but built body. He was probably a little over 6 ft, which was tall compared to my 5’2”. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and my mouth watered looking at the perfect V that narrowed down below his waist. He was the most handsome man I’d ever seen. I felt the heat simmer through my body from one look.

“Lex,” Nathan said.

“What?” I was a bit confused. Wasn’t he supposed to say that he liked me back?

“Quit ogling me.” He gave me that damn smile that I wanted to kiss off of his face.

“Can’t help it,” I said teasingly. “I happen to like what I see.” I winked at him, and his smile didn’t falter. He was grinning ear to ear.

“Oh, is that so?” His tongue darted out, and he licked his lips. Sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

“Yup.” I may have popped the P a little.

“Lexi, you said you’d feed me. I’m starved.” Travis interjected and broke up my flirtatious rendezvous.

“You want a beer, love?” Nathan asked and went to the fridge. “Or do you want a margarita?”

“Oh, a margarita sounds really good. I’m going to make you boys my soup. But I’ll cut up a little something for us to snack on first. Start making my cocktail and I’ll get working on dinner.” Nathan grabbed the margarita ingredients, and I started gathering the goods to make my famous soup.

“Do you boys like smoked sausage, cheese, and club crackers?”

“Fuck yeah, I like that shit,” Travis said.

“Yes, you know I do.” Nathan came over to me, handed me the margarita and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“What was that for?” I figured two could play this game.

“That’s because I happen to like you a lot.” He took a sip of his beer and then quickly changed the subject. “Want me to help?”

“Sure. Can you start cutting the cheese, please?” I grabbed a cutting board and handed it to Nathan.

“I can cut the cheese,” Travis offered. I thought he was going to come and join us, but he lifted his leg and farted instead.

“That’s so corny and gross all at the same time. Get out of my kitchen, mister.” I went and started pushing him out of the kitchen, then the horrible smell hit me and I gagged. “Oh my God, that smells awful.” I plugged my nose while I fought to keep the bile down that was rising in my throat. It was horrible.

Travis roared with laughter and I looked over to Nathan and rolled my eyes.

I began slicing the sausage and Nathan leaned over me and snagged one. “Hey.” I slapped his hand away. “You have to wait until it’s all done.”

“No fair. Since I’m helping the chef, I think I should get tasting privileges as we go.”

“Fine,” I grumbled, but gave him a smile anyway.

“So are you excited about your date tomorrow night?” Nathan asked and wiggled his eyebrows at me.

“Who’s this guy you have set me up with?” I was more than curious.

“His name’s Ernest and he works with me at the firm. He’s a good guy.” My stomach plummeted when he didn’t say my date was with him.

Trying to hide the disappointment from my face, I replied, “Oh okay. What’s he like?” Hopefully, this wouldn’t be another nightmare date. “He’s not like Bob, who stuck his finger up his nose for an hour and then ate it is he?”

“While I can’t tell you that he doesn’t pick his nose, I will say that he’s a really nice guy. A total gentleman.”

“So, does this mean he could be boyfriend material?” I had the dire need to tell him I wanted him to be my boyfriend. I needed that from him, but the words were lost on me.

He huffed out a breath. “Sure.”

“So what does he look like?” I asked after I finished cutting the last piece of sausage.

“He looks like Justin Timberlake.” He wiggled his eyebrows. He knew I was a huge fan of Justin Timberlake. I’ve loved him ever since he was on the Disney channel.

“Oh! Now that I can do.” I wiggled my eyebrows back.

“Hey, is the food ready?” Travis came sauntering back into the kitchen.

“Yes, here’s some sausage and cheese; the crackers are in the pantry.” I motioned behind me for him to grab them himself.

“I’m gonna turn on some music. I’m in the mood for some Elton.” He rushed out of the room.

“Oh boy, I can only imagine.” Travis had all the love in the world for Elton John. He thought he was his biggest fan. Nathan and I pacified him by saying we thought he was as well.

Travis came back into the kitchen while the sounds of Tiny Dancer filtered through the air. “Yay, I love this song.” I looked over at Nathan and his gaze met mine.

Blue jean baby.
” We all started singing together. “
L.A. Lady. Seamstress for the Band.

“God I love this song,” I told the guys again. They both were stuffing their mouths full of sausage and cheese.

Reaching under to the cabinet, I grabbed a big stock pot to start the soup. “
Jesus freaks out in the street. Handing tickets out for God,
” we all sang together again.

Just as I was settling my pot on the stove, Nathan came over and grabbed me by the waist. “Dance with me, love,” My breath hitched. He was so close to me that I could almost taste him.

I turned in his arms and laid my head on his shoulder. He began to sing to me as we started swaying back and forth. “
Hold me closer tiny dancer. Count the headlights on the highway.
” His breath tickled my ear and sent a signal to my pussy like a live wire. Suddenly, I was all keyed up and wanted more than only to be dancing. He sang the last of the song to me and I was lost. Completely lost in his warm embrace. I thought about tomorrow night and how I wished I was going on my date with Nathan and not some guy named Ernest.


I walked into the apartment with my head hung low and an ache in my back, I noticed it was eerily quiet and all the lights were off. It was odd, because usually the guys beat me home from work. Today, I’d even worked an extra hour, so I was super late getting home.

For the life of me, I don’t know why I agreed to go out on this damn date tonight. I just wanted to stay home, take a bubble bath and perhaps go to bed early. I wasn’t in the mood for company or making conversation with a complete stranger. I would rather be dipped in a fryer full of hot grease at this point.

I stepped a bit further into the apartment and noticed a soft glow coming from the family room. I looked down and saw a path of rose petals on the carpet. Maybe Travis or Nathan were entertaining tonight, but I didn’t remember them saying anything about having a guest over. Plus, it seemed highly unlike Travis to go through so much trouble. My heart sank thinking it was Nathan who expected company. How I longed for it to be me. But no, he set me up with some guy named Ernest. I shook my head in
disgust. Why couldn’t I just suck it up and tell him how I really felt? I was the world's biggest wimp.

Once I reached the family room, my heart sank and a knot formed in my throat. There were two flutes filled with champagne and a plate of fruit and cheese, which were my favorites. Nathan stood up from the couch and sauntered over to me. He was wearing nothing but his low hung jeans and a grin that was spread so wide on his face that it was almost contagious. Almost.

I noticed the soft candlelight spread throughout the room and realized he was expecting company. Why couldn’t it have been me? My heart panged in my chest it hurt so bad. I sucked in a breath preparing myself for what he was going to say.

“Hey um, I can just crash in my room, if you’re expecting company tonight,” I told him starting to head towards my room, but he grabbed my hand.

“You have a date tonight,” he told me. As I glanced back at him, he had a grin on his face like he was hiding something.

“Shit, right. Can you let him know tonight won’t be a good night for me? I’m pretty beat.” And I’m suddenly feeling like my heart is being crushed in my chest.

“Your date is already here.” Nathan winked at me.

Looking around the room, I didn’t see anyone other than Nathan. “Is he in the kitchen or something?”

“Don’t be obtuse, Lexi. I’m right here.” I looked at Nathan and my eyes nearly came out of my head. He was saying that he was my date and suddenly my heart didn’t hurt any longer. I let out a relieved breath. I actually thought about pinching myself. I couldn’t believe his words were true, I had longed for this moment for so long.

“Nathan?” I lightly whispered.

Nathan didn’t miss a beat or say a word. Instead he crashed his lips against mine giving me the soul searing kiss that I’d always craved from him. I didn’t relent, no, I leaned into the kiss grabbed him behind the head and melted into him as he deepened it. His tongue traced my lips, and then I opened to him. His tongue was in my mouth owning me, owning this kiss. He wrapped his arm around my waist and drew me closer to him. I went willingly. I pressed my hardened nipples into his chest while he ravished my mouth. His tongue danced with mine as he sucked and then slightly bit my lips. I was completely lost in him, lost in his touch, his clean minty taste, the feel of his skin against my fingertips. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before and everything I had hoped it would be. He was my everything, and I think he was trying to prove to me that I was his as well.

We pulled apart, both breathless, our bodies close together. I could feel his hard shaft against my belly, and I sighed.

“Nathan.” I looked at him and saw his half hooded, lust filled eyes.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” he said to me and then smiled. It was that sweet smile that warmed my heart and one that I cherished.

“Me too.” I caressed his hair and ran my fingertips through it. Then my mood started to shift a little. “I don’t want you to take one for the team; I don’t need sex bad enough to ruin the amazing friendship we have.” I looked down.

Nathan lifted my chin, and our eyes were locked on one another. “I want you to listen to what I have to say. If when I’m finished, you still think I’m doing this to take one for the team, then we can go our separate ways tonight and just keep things a platonic friendship. K?”

I didn’t like the sound of that, but I urged him to go on. “Okay.” I sucked my lip between my teeth and bit on it.

“I’m fucking crazy in love with you, Lexi. I have been for a long time, but I didn’t know what to do about it. You drive me fucking crazy. We’ve danced around this apartment long enough, avoiding what we both know we want. I want a lot more than just one night with you. I want it all. Like that relationship you’ve been looking for? I want to be that guy if you’ll have me.”

I cleared my throat and swallowed around the thickness in it. My eyes fluttered a few times as I tried to blink away the unshed tears. I couldn’t believe he had said that to me. I’ve wanted this, needed it. He’s been all I’ve been able to think about for some time.

“Say something, love?”

“Nathan, I’m so in love with you. You’re all that I can ever think or dream about. You mean everything to me. I’ve wanted to tell you for so long but I was afraid of what you might think, or worried it would ruin our friendship. Nothing would make me happier than to be in a relationship with you and to share our lives together as more than friends. I’m yours.” A lone tear slid down my face as a smile reached my lips. My heart thundered in my chest.

“That makes me happy. Come, let’s have some champagne and celebrate.” He took my hand and led me over to the couch where I took a seat next to him. I kicked off my shoes and shoved my legs under my bum. “Sit on my lap, love. Let me feed you.” He grabbed a flute and brought it to my lips and I took a sip.

“Yum! I love champagne. You have all my favorites tonight.”

“I know.” He winked at me and grabbed a strawberry. “Open up, beautiful.” I opened my mouth and took a bite of the strawberry. It was so good.

“So what are we going to tell Travis?” I asked. I was more than curious.

“He’s known for a long time how I felt. He’s been goading me to say something to you. I never knew when the right time was or how you felt about me.” He took a drink of his own champagne.

“You mean I haven’t been obvious with the hugs or telling you how perfect I think you are?” I had pretty much told him in so many words.

BOOK: Roomies eBook
11.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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