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“No one else will ever touch this magnificent body,” he growled into my ear. “You are mine fully and completely.”

“Only yours,” I whispered. “I am only yours.”

He yanked my hair roughly, and a jolt of shocking pleasure raced through me. He was growling right in my ear as his pace quickened. It was raw and primal, animalistic. I loved his roughness, and I wanted more of it.

“Claim me!” I begged him. “Make me all yours!”

His hand wrapped around my throat, and he squeezed it just enough to exert his power over me without hurting me. It was unbelievably erotic. This man, this beast, this gorgeous creature, had taken possession of me and was claiming me in every possible way.

He grunted with each thrust, and I could sense his release was imminent. I could feel my own orgasm mounting, and I began to clench around him, pulsing. He began to throb, and I could feel a surge inside me as he came, shuddering and groaning as I cried out along with him. He dipped his head to my shoulder, and I felt a burning pain as his teeth sank into my flesh, and I drew a sharp breath in through my teeth.

The weight of his body collapsed on top of me. He was clearly spent, and he and I both struggled to regulate our breathing. Neither of us could even speak.

Finally, his fingertips faintly touched the bite mark he’d left on my skin and said, “With this bite, I claimed you as my mate. Tomorrow I must take you to meet your new pack.”

My new pack. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with dread, as I feared their reaction. Would they accept me? Would they like me? If they didn’t, would he throw me away?

I wrapped my arms and legs around his body and tried not to think about it. He said our mating was for life. They would have to like me. They just had to.








I invited Geo to stay the night with me, but he refused. He said he needed to get back to his pack and prepare them for my coming. My heart sank knowing that we wouldn’t be spending our first night as mates together, but he promised me he would come for me the next morning.

As I feared, I was in for another sleepless night. I couldn’t shake the nagging worry that his pack wouldn’t accept me. I kept wondering where I would live, and what life would be like. These were things most new brides had plenty of time to acclimate themselves to. They knew their new husbands well, and they discussed these things long before the wedding.

This was new territory. I’d met Geo yesterday and agreed to become his mate today. We hadn’t even had time to discuss living arrangements.

I tossed and turned, unable to sleep, and sometime during the night I heard a faint rustle coming from the living room. My heart seized, hopeful it was Geo and afraid it might be someone else.

The doorknob to my bedroom slowly turned, and the door creaked open. Geo’s face peeked around the corner, and I released a breath I’d been unaware I was even holding.

“Geo…” I whispered.

“I was afraid I would wake you,” he said.

“I couldn’t sleep.”

He padded softly across the floor and lifted the covers, slipping into my bed beside me. His strong arms wrapped around me and he held me close, inhaling my scent deeply.

“I couldn’t stay away,” he told me. “You are my mate, and you will never sleep alone again as long as I live.”

I shifted my body so that my curves melded perfectly against his body, and his embrace tightened further. I fell asleep quickly, lulled into dreamland by his warm breath on the back of my neck and the strength of his protective arms around me.

The next morning, the sunlight spilled across my face, pulling me from my sleep. I realized that Geo still had his arms around me, and I could feel the slow rise and fall of his chest as he breathed.

“Good morning, Sunshine,” he said sleepily.

“I was wondering something,” I told him suddenly.

“What is that, darling?” he asked.

“What is my last name, now?”

He chuckled and said, “We don’t generally use last names as humans do, but our pack is called Greystone. Thus, you may refer to yourself as Dora of Greystone.”

“Dora of Greystone,” I repeated. “I like the sound of that.”

“So do I,” he said.

I was suddenly aware of something hard pressing against my backside, and I smiled and shifted my body to rub against him. He moaned deeply, and I felt his hand clutch one of my breasts and begin massaging it.

I was wishing I’d slept nude instead of in the pajamas I had worn to bed the night before. I longed to feel his skin against mine.

As if he could read my mind, Geo began to tug at my clothing. I moved my body, making it easier for him to pull away my top and then my bottoms. He’d been shirtless, and I could feel his muscular chest against my back.

His fingers lightly stroked my arm, and he whispered, “Your skin is so soft.”

I could feel him reach inside his sweatpants, pulling his erection from within the fabric and releasing it against the crack of my bottom. He began to thrust it against me, and I moaned, longing to feel him penetrating me.

His hands freely roamed my body, and I did not tense at his touch. I was already coming out of my shell, my confidence soaring with every moment we were together.

“This all belongs to me,” he said, kissing the nape of my neck as his hands groped me under the sheets.

“All of me,” I promised him. “Now and forever.”

“God, you’re so perfect,” he groaned into my hair, thrusting himself against me once more. “Every inch of you is sheer and utter perfection.”

I was almost starting to believe him. Seeing myself through his eyes was like seeing myself as I truly was for the very first time. It felt amazing.

“I can’t believe I got this lucky,” I told him as he continued to touch my body, his hands massaging me and stroking me.

“I am the lucky one,” he said, nibbling the flesh over my shoulder blade. “You have fulfilled me in every possible way.”

I turned my body so I could face him. He cupped my face in his hands and pulled me into a kiss. He slid his hands around to my hair, gripping it firmly as his tongue probed inside my mouth.

I was growing slick in anticipation, and I lifted my leg and draped it over his hip, pulling him against me. His erection was raging, and I could feel it snaking between my thighs and pushing against my slit.

“Will every morning be like this?” I asked him hopefully.

“No,” he answered. Just before my heart sank completely, he added, “Some mornings I will
wake you up
by penetrating you.”

I sighed with desire, and he pulled me back into the kiss. He held the back of my neck with one hand while the other began to explore me. He squeezed my breast and tweaked my nipple. He ran his hand down the curve of my waist and hip. Then he slid it around to squeeze my bottom.

He used his finger to spread me apart, and he pushed the thick head of his cock between my lips. I was so wet that he slipped inside me easily, and he began to thrust in and out. His fingers found my clit, and he began to pinch and massage it as he made love to me.

I was completely lost in desire. Everything around me faded and dissolved away until there was nothing left but Geo and me. His arms were embracing me, his face burrowed between my neck and shoulder. He was groaning against my neck, his hot breath causing my entire body to be electrified with goose bumps and tingling excitement.

His shaft was rubbing against my clit, and each thrust was sending jolts of pleasure through me. My fingernails began to dig into the flesh of his back, and I bucked against him with each thrust.

“Your body is my temple,” he groaned against my neck. “I want to spend the rest of my life worshipping it in every possible way.”

His breathing was becoming erratic, and the knowledge of his ever-increasing pleasure sent me over the edge. My body began to spasm, and I cried out, clutching his muscular back and screaming as I pulsed around his shaft. He began to growl, his teeth sinking almost painfully into my shoulder, and I could feel each throb of his hardness as he came inside me.

He lay there motionless for several moments as both of us fought to regulate our breathing, and then he stroked my cheek with his hand and ran his fingers back into my hair.

“You are so beautiful,” he breathed against my cheek.

I felt his lips brush against my skin, and I clung tightly to his body, feeling his hard, rigid muscles against the softness of my curves. I would never grow tired of hearing him say those words.

“I’ve never felt beautiful until now,” I admitted.

“Why not? Have you looked in the mirror?” he asked.

“Yes, and that’s why I haven’t felt beautiful,” I told him. “Society seems to think that because I’m not a size zero, I don’t matter.”

“You matter, beautiful,” he said. “Believe me, you matter. And who cares what others think? To me, you are the most incredible vision of beauty I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

“Somehow, I actually believe you,” I told him, laying my head on his chest.

“Are you ready to meet my pack today?” he asked me as he stroked my hair.

“Just a little nervous, I guess,” I answered.

“Why should you be nervous?” he asked. “They are my family, just like you are now. They are now your family, too.”

“What if they don’t like me?”

“They will love you,” he said confidently. “You are smart, kind, and gentle. There is no reason for them to dislike you.”

“I hope you’re right,” I mumbled.

He took my face in his hands and forced my gaze to meet his. He nuzzled his nose against mine and then kissed the tip of it.

like you,” he promised.

I cuddled up closer to him and the sound of his breathing began to lull me back to sleep. I wished I could sleep for days, but that would only postpone the inevitable. It was time to meet his pack.







I took a shower and got dressed, choosing practical clothing because I wasn’t sure how far Geo and I would have to walk to reach his cabin. He said it wasn’t far, but he wasn’t used to using human measurements, so he couldn’t accurately describe to me how far away it was.

Geo suggested I pack a bag of everything I would need for a couple of days. He wanted me to move into his cabin right away, but he would have to send pack members to collect the rest of my things and move them for me. In the mean time, I packed toiletries, clothing, my kindle, and some extra shoes and undergarments to be sure I had everything I would need.

“Are you ready?” he asked me.

My stomach was twisted into a pretzel, and there must have been an entire army of butterflies swarming inside it, but I nodded. He took my bag and slung it over my shoulder, tightening the strap so it was close to my body.

“We will get there faster if I carry you,” he told me.

“That’s really not necessary,” I told him. “I can walk just fine.”

“I know, but I’m faster,” he argued.

“That may be true, but…” I shifted my weight back and forth between my feet in an anxious dance, unable to find the words to express how I was really feeling.

“What is it?” he urged me.

“It’s just… I know you’re strong and all… but…”

“Stop,” he said. “I know what you’re going to say, and I don’t even want you to think that way.”


Before I could utter another sound, Geo swept me into his arms and whirled around in a circle, tossing me up into the air and catching me as if I were as light as air. It took my breath away and left me dizzy. As he lowered my feet slowly to the ground, I could hardly feel the earth beneath my feet and my knees buckled. His strong arms wrapped supportively around me.

“Whoa,” was all I could say.

“I am even stronger in my wolf form,” he said. “So you’ve no reason to worry, alright?”

I nodded, and he kissed my forehead delicately.

“Don’t worry, in my wolf form, I will have you back in my territory in no time at all,” he said.

With that, I watched in awe as I saw him shift for the first time. In a spectacular display of contortion and morphing, the man before me managed to compact himself into the body of a hulking wolf that stood nearly as tall as Geo had been in human form – but not quite.

I couldn’t help but ogle him with my mouth hanging open like a fool, and once I realized what I was doing I only hoped he wouldn’t think any less of me for doing so.

He stepped toward me and lowered himself to the ground. I realized he expected me to climb upon his back, so that is exactly what I did – and not without a fair amount of trepidation, I assure you. But he lifted me easily as he rose to his feet.

As I clung fiercely to the fur that covered the wolf’s shoulder blades, Geo shook his mighty head and lunged forward, reaching a dashing speed that left me breathless in no time at all.

I could easily see why he’d said we would be there faster if he carried me. No human could possibly move so swiftly, or so gracefully. The wolf bounded over fallen logs and evaded ill-placed tree branches so masterfully it left me scarcely able to breathe. My fists were clutching his fur and my legs were tightly gripping his ribcage to keep me positioned atop this swiftly moving creature.

I’d say it took less than an hour to reach his cabin. We’d moved so fast that I could hardly see anything more than a blur for most of the trip, but I knew we’d circled the clearing around the lake and up the hill through the forest on the other side.

He slowed as he began to approach what I assumed to be his cabin. It was a beautiful little log-hewn building set into the side of the mountain within a small clearing. A tuft of smoke wafted from the chimney, and the morning sun filtered through the nearby trees and gave the cabin a dreamy golden glow.

He came to a stop, and I slid off his back. He nudged my hand with his head, and I scratched him behind the ears. This brought out a deep rumble within his chest, and I watched as he shifted.

He stood naked before me, and I realized they must all be naked after shifting. I blushed, despite our status as mates for life. I wondered if I would ever get used to it.

“They should all be here,” Geo said. “Shall we go inside?”

My eyes shifted from Geo to the front door of the cabin, suddenly very anxious to know that his pack would be gathered inside. I suddenly wished it was only Geo and I the first time I saw our new home, but nothing could be done about it now.

I took a deep breath and nodded, saying, “I’m ready.”

I used my hands in a vain attempt to smooth my frizzy hair, which had undoubtedly been blown into a wild, matted mess during our frantic trip. Geo took my hand and opened the front door. He stepped in first, and pulled me, reluctantly, with him.

The cabin was small and cozy. The main room was much smaller than the one that belonged to my grandparents, and it was decorated in a very rustic way that led me to believe most of the furnishings were made by Geo or his pack members. A fire crackled delicately on the hearth, and every seat was taken by someone. I found myself hiding behind Geo, clinging tightly to his hand for protection.

“It’s about time you got here, Giovanni!” called out a female voice.

“They probably spent the whole morning in bed!” a male voice said, laughing.

“Oh, hush, Samson,” the female voice hissed.

“Everyone, I’d like you to meet my new mate, Dora. Dora, this is your new family. Come out and say hello,” Geo said.

I peeked cautiously from behind him, swallowing hard to clear the lump that had risen in my throat. It had always been difficult for me meeting new people, but it was especially hard in crowds.

“Hello,” I said meekly.

The female I’d heard speaking earlier squealed and jumped from her chair, rushing over to me and throwing her arms around me warmly. My cheeks warmed upon noticing she was naked – and quite stunning.

“Geo, she’s gorgeous!” the young woman shrieked. “And she’s so sweet! I can tell already!”

“This is Greta,” Geo said.

“It’s nice to meet you, Greta,” I told her.

Her smile was wide and bright, and I noticed a little streak of black hair, which stood out in stark contrast to the rest of her blonde mane, falling across her face. She blew it out of the way before speaking.

“We’re sisters now,” she beamed proudly.

A very tall, bulky male with spiky black hair stepped forward. He was also nude, and I kept my eyes focused squarely on his face, which was handsome, but entirely too harshly defined for my taste.

He extended his hand and when I pushed mine toward him, he took it and squeezed it so firmly and had to refrain from yelping in pain.

“I’m Samson,” he said. “I would have been Alpha if Geo hadn’t…”

Greta nudged Samson sharply in the ribs, and he glanced at Geo and then cleared his throat.

“Welcome to the pack, sister!” Samson said, clapping me firmly on the back.

“Be gentle with the human!” Greta warned him. “You know they’re fragile.”

“Oh, right,” he said. “Sorry, Dora. I already forgot you’re human.”

“What, the
isn’t enough of a reminder?” groaned a female voice from the back of the room.

“Layla!” Greta admonished her.

“I don’t mean anything
by it,” said Layla, hopping to her feet. She was short, but gorgeous, and her chestnut brown hair hung nearly to her hips. “But you know all those soaps and perfumes they use gives them an unmistakable odor.”

“Yeah, like a meadow in the spring when all the flowers have just bloomed,” Greta sighed wistfully. “Isn’t it divine?”

Greta leaned forward and sniffed me, and I tried to hide the discomfort I felt having this girl suddenly grabbing a handful of my hair and inhaling deeply.

Layla stood nude before me extending her hand. I took it, and her grip was gentle. She didn’t smile, but she nodded a greeting.

“Welcome to the pack,” she grunted.

As she turned and walked back to her seat, I noticed her hips swaying hypnotically. She was the epitome of everything I’d ever wanted to be. She was thin, but still curvaceous. Her hips were wide and shapely, her bottom full but not enormous, and her breasts were a little on the small side, but perfectly shaped. I glanced at Geo, but he was paying her no mind. Was he really not attracted to her? How could he
be gawking at her? Hell, even I had a hard time taking my eyes off her.

“Don’t mind Layla, she’s like that with everyone,” Greta groaned, rolling her eyes.

“Like what?” Layla demanded, plopping down in her chair.

“Aloof,” Greta shrugged. She turned to me and explained, “Layla’s not mean or anything, she’s just… a loner, I guess you could say.”

“Speaking of which, are we almost done here?” Layla asked. She’d crossed her legs and arms, looking intensely impatient as she began to swing her top leg.

“Come on, Pete, come meet our new sister,” Greta said, motioning for someone to approach.

A young man, who I estimated couldn’t be over eighteen or twenty, stepped forward with his head hanging and his eyes downcast. His hands were thrust deeply into his pockets. He was the only member of the pack who was fully dressed, wearing black cargo pants and a charcoal gray hoodie with the hood lifted.

“Dora, this is Pete,” said Greta. “He’s a little shy.”

I extended my hand toward Pete and smiled. He stared at me for a moment, and then removed a hand from within his pocket and very briefly shook my hand before shoving it back into its cloth confines.

Pete turned without a word and headed back to his seat near the fireplace. He leaned back in his chair and turned his eyes toward the fire.

“Pete’s a troubled boy,” Greta explained. Then she lowered her voice so much I could scarcely hear when she whispered into my ear, “I’ll tell you why later.”

I nodded an acknowledgement.

“Where are Sammy and Edgar?” Geo asked.

“Oh, that’s what I was forgetting!” Greta gasped. “They wanted me to tell you they scented potential trouble near the gorge and are patrolling.”

“Trouble?” Geo urged her for more information.

“Nothing to panic about,” Greta said quickly. “They just smelled an unfamiliar scent. Didn’t seem human, but they’re not quite sure what it is.”

“Can you stay with Dora?” Geo asked Greta. “I need to check this out myself.”

“You got it, boss!” Greta said with a little salute.

Geo turned to me and said, “I’m sorry I have to leave so suddenly, but whenever there is an unfamiliar scent in our territory I feel better checking it out myself. I’ll be back before nightfall.”

I nodded, and Geo clutched my shoulders and kissed me firmly on the forehead, his lips lingering temptingly long. When he finally pulled away, I found myself leaning toward him as if drawn back to his lips by some unseen magnetic pull.

Without another word, Geo dashed out the door and slammed it behind him. I cast my eyes toward Greta, who looked at me piteously.

“Sucks, huh? I mean, this is kind of like your honeymoon and all,” she said.

“Is everything ok?” I asked her.

“Oh, yeah, yeah,” she said. “Don’t worry. Giovanni knows what he’s doing. It’s likely just some shifter passing through.”

“Can we go now?” Layla moaned.

“Oh, just go!” Greta snapped.

Layla and the others got up and slowly moved toward the door. Samson patted me on the back as he passed by, but the others barely acknowledged me.

When they were gone, Greta pulled the curtain back and peeked cautiously outside. Then she turned to me.

“I told you I would tell you about Pete later,” she said. “Do you want to hear?”

“Of course,” I answered.

Greta took my hand and led me to the sofa by the fire. We sat down, and she pulled her feet up behind her and made herself comfortable.

BOOK: Rough Wolf
11.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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