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Jess raised her bottle. “Bye bye the twenties and hello to the grand old age of thirty, may it change this year, this life of mine forever.” She sucked on it and guzzled the whole contents, her throat constricting, swallowing the river of alcohol.

Kitty gave a sneaky grin; she rummaged in her bag that lay on the table and handed over her present. “Happy birthday, hun.”

Jess beamed a bright wide smile, and she clutched the manila envelope. Her pacific blue eyes glinted with a shimmer of excitement. “What is it?”

“The answer to all your dreams.” Kitty giggled and waited. “Go on open it.”

Jess flashed a nervous peek and shakily opened her gift. Dragging the contents out, a myriad of emotions raced over her face. Shock, horror, surprise, and wholesome lust. A huge gleeful package of it. At last, she was about to undertake the ultimate experience.

Sex with a real live cock.

She turned to Kitty, wonder written across her features. “How?”


“I had an endowment policy, thought the least I could do was get my best friend laid for her big ‘o’ birthday.”

The tears filtered through a brush of heavy lashes. “Oh God, Kitty!”

“Shit, don’t you like it?”

“I love it, you stupid, sex-starved bitch of a best friend. And I love you.” She snaked her arms around her neck and yanked her close, kissing the top of her head.

Kitty struggled to extricate herself from suffocation between Jess’s huge tits, which was about where her head rested standing up. “Good,” she managed to breathe. “And don’t forget, no picking LeBron.”

“I won’t,” Jess promised. A shiver crossed her crotch at the thought of sex. “So, why book this for me?”

Kitty gave a loud sigh, a massive whoosh of air, a pissed-off type, blasted out. “Because I think it’s about time you had sex? And not with a vibrator, but with an honest to God man.”

Jess shook her head. “I can’t believe it, that I’m going in for a long weekend of fucking!”

“Hun, it will be much more than that, the whole experience will be a total education.” She gave a sinful wink. “And when you’re done, you’ll soon find your toys won’t be enough.”

“Yeah, well, I’ll take your word; it will take a lot to beat the General,” said Jess, a sinful smile crossed her face thinking of her huge vibrator, and pulled another beer from the fridge. “So, what is this LeBron like?”

“Tall, cropped hair, a mass of muscle, and drop-dead gorgeous.” Kitty hyperventilated and tried to calm down.

“Anything else I should know?” Jess stared at her own brochure, the one that came with the confirmation. Her burning gaze continued to eat into each and every specimen.

Kitty swallowed because that was an invitation, an opening to explain who she really was, but she didn’t. Instead, she cowed out and said one word. “Rune.”

Jess settled her curious attention on her friend. “What about him?”

“He is hot; fuck, Jess, that man is a temple of testosterone, and one I’d like to worship,” swore Kitty.

“Thought you were into LeBron?” teased Jess.

“I am without question. My interest in that man is purely of an observational nature because no-one ever gets near Rune; he owns the club but doesn’t ever participate.”

“Is he gay?”

“Shit no, at least not going by what LeBron said; you see him, Jess, hell but he’s stunning. A blond sun God is how I’d describe him. Absolutely huge, filled with muscles and a bastard of an attitude, a real cocky fucker.”

“And your LeBron?” asked Jess.

“Is a damn wanker that doesn’t know what he could have,” she spat. “He’s a dark-haired piece of…” She dragged in a shaky breath. Kitty couldn’t explain to Jess what he was, what he meant to her. LeBron had to realize that and come to her. “Don’t go there, but, Jess, how he made love to me, the emotion he seemed to show, I was sure I meant something to him. That I wasn’t merely a promotional chore of a fuck.”

“Why don’t you book in again and ask for him?”

“Because I’d feel like I was buying his body; it wouldn’t be the same.” Kitty hopped off the stool and stooped pulling two glasses out of the cupboard. She settled them on the table and grasped a bottle of vodka.

“It’s what you did the last time. What’s changed?” Jess reached for a carton of orange juice.

“Because then I didn’t know I was going to fall for him. He was a stranger, but hell, I don’t know, I can’t explain.” She razed a hand through her hair; her green eyes glittered with unshed tears. “Now, I want him to come to me, to date me, and give me …” Kitty paused, a thoughtful expression on her elfin shaped face. “His body,” and released a long ripped snap of hot breath.


A shadow of sadness filtered over Jessalyn’s face, and she decided that she’d be having a little word with this LeBron. She was determined that somehow she would discover if he felt the same as Kitty did and maybe do a bit of match making. Again, she glanced down at the catalogue, six hunks to choose from, then amended it to five, LeBron was out of it. Jess took a large sip of her drink and choked. Her eyes sprang open. “Shit, how much vodka did you put in here?”

Kitty shrugged. “I intend getting pissed tonight, along with you.”

“Think you might be right there.” Again, her gaze snuck over the images of masked men and near naked bodies. Each one was absolute perfection, a full package of rippling muscle. “So, if this is a BDSM club, don’t other patrons use it?”

“Yep, lots of Doms and subs go there, but this is a specialist service. These guys are select, and on hand to fulfil a woman’s fantasy. And once you pick your Dom, he commands you.”

An excited tremble bubbled over Jess, along with a very real terror. Could she have sex with a stranger? Hell yes, her conscience screamed, it was the ones she knew she couldn’t, daren’t ever get close.

All her life, ever since she was old enough to understand, she’d witnessed the savage tearing apart of her parents’ marriage. And it had scarred her to the soul; she’d rather remain single than put herself through that torture. This was the reason why she’d never had sex, never wanted a relationship. It scared her shitless. The few she’d had, holding hands and the odd kiss, had done nothing for her.

When their hands had moved, so had she, fast.

“So, what exactly can I expect?” Jess didn’t wince with the next mouthful; obviously becoming desensitised, she decided.

Kitty swirled her glass, and her face took on a soft glow. “You’ll be completely at the mercy of whoever you choose.”

“I thought the Doms did the picking? At least they do in the books I’ve read.”

“Usually yes, but this is a special package deal, one that is unique to this club.”

Jess nodded. “Okay, I can go with that, and—”

“And expect to be fucked everywhere, I mean your body will become theirs.” Her hand shook holding her glass. “You’ll be tortured, sexually I mean, until you’re screaming for release.”

Jess let loose a low groan, a shiver sprang over her, and her nipples hardened, they burgeoned beneath the material of her shirt. “Will you shut up, Christ I’ll be coming now.”

Kitty ignored her. “And then there’s the bondage part, cuffed, chained, whipped, and you’ll also be paraded through the club as the property of your Dom.”

“I will?” Jess eased a hand between her legs; hell she knew she’d be giving herself an impromptu session any second. The ache grew, and her fingers scrolled over her clit despite the material.

“Mmmmm, almost naked, he’ll show them that you are his. He’ll tease you with his fingers, his hands will—”

“Oh fuck, I’ll be back.” Jess slid off her seat, she raced to her bedroom. One thing on her mind, and that was relief.


Kitty continued to sip from her drink; she was used to Jess’s needs. For a plastic virgin, Jess was highly sexed, almost unnaturally so, because Kitty had heard her vocal cries. Kitty had wondered many a time why or how Jess suffered from such an acute desperation for sexual gratification because it was more than desire. A lot more. And flinched when her scream reverberated from upstairs. Never in her life had she met someone so needy for sex, and one that didn’t have it.

At least not with a man.

There was only one other that retained the almost unhealthy need to copulate to such an extent, and there was no way Jess belonged to that species.

She was human, sort of, if she excluded her bitch of a mother Doreen.

Five minutes later, Jess returned. Her face flushed, her hair loose, it swirled around her hips, and her eyes held that sleepy, just-been-fucked look. “Sorry about that, I had to come.”

Kitty chuckled; her friend was so unconventional and outspoken at times it even shocked her. Yet she was used to her unorthodox ways. “That’s okay, I’ve refilled our glasses.”

“Good.” Jess held her glass up; they clinked in the silence. “Here’s to a wicked fucking.”

“Happy birthday, hun,” said Kitty, “and enjoy it.”

“I can’t wait. When is it?” She searched for a date on the invite she held.

“Tomorrow evening.”

“Fucking hell,” screamed Jess. “I can’t, it’s too soon, I mean, I’m not ready.”

“Jess, if I left it to you, you’d never be ready,” said Kitty. “If you had time to think on it, you’d back out.”

Jess knew what Kitty said was true. Despite the fact she craved actual sex, she’d recall her parents constant rows, would assimilate it, tear it to pieces, and refuse to go. “Oh my God, I need to get drunk.”

“I think that’s a very good idea,” grinned Kitty refilling their glasses.

Chapter Two

Jessalyn attempted to roll over in bed; unable to move, she discovered herself trapped, her legs tangled in the sheets. Dragging her eyes open, a blast of sunlight along with a mind numbing pain hit her. She hitched up onto her elbows and waited for the room to stop spinning.
Shit, she felt as if she were on a fairground ride.

Jess pushed her hair back and muttered to herself. “By fuck, I’m never drinking with that bitch again.” Her scream rang out at the touch of the undulating body moving at the bottom of the bed.

Kitty peered up, her eyes swollen, her face pale, the usually immaculate hair a total disaster. She crawled out from beneath the sheets resembling an earthquake survivor. “Don’t blame me; you were the one to open the second bottle.” Her hand slapped across her forehead, then winced. Her face turned from pale to ashen, then changed to a tinge of green, and slapping a hand over her mouth, she half fell out of bed.

Jess turned away and held her stomach, whilst Kitty threw up over the floor; the retching noises ground throughout the room and made her heave. She placed her hands over her ears, blocking the sounds, her eyes squeezed tightly closed.

“Oh God, I’m never drinking again, no way, not ever.” Kitty shot her a murderous glare, yet didn’t follow with words, and, instead, wiped the spittle from her mouth. The remainder of her body that was wrapped in the sheets fell to the floor. She resembled a chrysalis evolving; her legs freed, they released their tenacious grip. On a slow roll, she struggled to her feet, still fully clothed, and staggered from the room. She held her palm to her head. “I’m going to die in the shower.” The door closed with a soft click behind her.

Jess winced, just that slight sound cracked through her cranium, and her hands clutched her head as the wave of shooting pains ransacked a befuddled brain. They left her exhausted. Then, she happened to check the time,
, it was moving past twelve, and she had a bag to pack.

Over an hour later, she ambled downstairs to face a pale Kitty, who sat at the table propping her head up on her hand. The coffee she held steamed dark and pungent, the aroma strong. “Don’t speak to me, don’t say a word. Just let me curl up and suffer.”

“Whatever,” said Jess; helping herself to a mug, she struggled to hold down the nausea. Christ, this was to be the night of her life coming up and she felt like shit. That was putting it mildly. Carefully, she sat her ass on the chair.

The silence blew out, the only sound steady slurps from their mugs. Jess couldn’t speak; she tried to arrange her scrambled thoughts. There was so much to think of. Firstly, what was she supposed to take? What did she need to pack? Then, Jess gave another groan because at this present time she didn’t give a toss. She continued to hold her head in her hands.

The phone rang. It screamed, cutting through the silence. Each blip sent a shard of pain slicing over her. She reached out, finally grasping it.

“Hello.” Her voice hoarse, it crisped out in a not-so-sexy growl.

“Jess? Are you okay?”

“Hi, Dad, yes fine, just hung over.” She tried to stop the smidgeon of a grin that attempted to play over her lips.

“Good, I’m on my way; bet you thought I forgot your birthday.” His words bounced and bounded with excitement.

“You did,” she managed to stutter. “It was yesterday.”

“Yes, so? You don’t think I didn’t know that?” he spluttered.

Jess smiled; she knew her father, he was the worse fibber on earth, and it was beyond him. “No, Dad,” she lied with ease; she’d never hurt him. Her mother, yes; her dad, no.

“Anyway, I’ll be there in the next half hour or so to give you my present.”

“Thanks, Dad, see you whenever.” Jess dropped the phone; she knew his idea of time and it was too much of an effort. Her head hurt, her brain had exploded, and she didn’t know how the hell she would cope with a wicked Dom.

The afternoon passed in a blur. Jess finally shifted her ass and showered. She stood beneath a spray of icy cold water waiting for it to blast her back into the real world. Her nipples had peaked, her skin blistered, and her hangover remained.

It lingered, resembling a stubborn germ.

Jess clutched the mug of strong coffee, taking sharp sips, and stared across at Kitty. She looked worse than she felt, if that was possible.

It was only the arrival of George that broke her out of her lethargy. The loud hoot of his horn ripped through her head. She knew what she intended doing to that frigging object.

“My father is here.” The words slipped out slow.

BOOK: Rune
5.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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