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Rune had already decided. It was possible he was making a hell of a mistake but couldn’t stop himself.

He was supposed to be concentrating on the killings by the rogue vamps, not on the sexy siren before him. One that hit him hard. Yet to all outward purposes, he appeared calm and in command, but nothing could be further from the truth. It took every piece of steely resolve for Rune to keep his desire chained. “You remain here, in my quarters, for the duration of your stay.”

Jess propped herself up on one elbow; a frown crossed her face. “Sorry, I don’t get it. What about the brochure?”

“Is now obsolete.” He rose and towered over her, tempted to clutch one plump breast that bulged against the glaring red net. He approved of the vibrant colour, it matched the swirling glints in her dark hair.

“What do you mean?” Jess winced at the pain splitting over her head. She pushed her mane of locks back. “I get to pick who I, er I mean, wh…” Her words petered off. Her face heated, stained with colour; she wished he didn’t look so stern, so severe, so hot and Goddamn sexy.

“If you’re trying say you get to select who you fuck, then that decision has been taken away.”


Jess flushed at his crudeness. “You’re not making sense.” Panic began to set in. No way was she leaving without getting what she’d come for. What she needed, to get laid with a hard erection thrusting deep inside her.

She’d had enough of her plastic friend, now she wanted someone to talk to after an orgasm. To curl into and feel loved. Even if it was pretence for a weekend only, one that was paid for to ensure she enjoyed it.

“Tonight you rest. I’ll see to it a tray is brought up.” His golden promise seared her. “And tomorrow your education begins, as my sub.”

“What? Whoa right there, just back up.” Shock and excitement tingled over her. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing; all her dreams were coming true. But Kitty’s words echoed, he kept himself apart and didn’t indulge, so why now?

He arched one tawny brow. “You object?”

“Fuck no!” Then flushed a deep crimson, her face matched her underwear. She squirmed against her damp crotch at the thought of being made love to by the man mountain.

An amused grin crinkled his lips.

“But I thought, er, I mean to say, well. Kitty said...” She stumbled over her words.

“Kitty?” he queried.

“My friend, she stayed here with LeBron. It’s Kitty that’s paid for my long weekend.” She sounded like a gibbering idiot, and why did she reveal that snippet of information?

Recognition registered on his face. “Ah, the petite blonde. I’ll have to remember to thank her. And what did this Kitty say?”

“That you, well, you never participate.” She couldn’t stop her attention wandering to his crotch, at the ridge that appeared huge.

“And she would know?” he countered smoothly.

Jess shrugged her shoulders. He had a point. What was different about her? Nothing, that’s what, and why would he break something he never did? A ripple of disappointment fluttered over her because for once in her life she wanted to be special.

With one lasting glance, he veered away. “I’ll be back later; tomorrow, your duties begin.”

She watched him leave; the door closed with a click of the key. Okay, so she was locked in; as long as food arrived, she’d survive, and she rubbed at the dull ache across her head. Jess rose out of the bed and reached for her bag, rummaging deep. It had to be somewhere, but her mobile was missing.

And she didn’t need to be Einstein to know who had it.

Rune Masters was a canny bastard, she realized. And then wondered, why the cloak of secrecy, why she wasn’t allowed contact with the outside world? Next time she saw him, she’d have to ask.

The foil packet of tablets crunched in her hand, and she thanked God that he’d at least left those. Jess threw two down her throat and retreated back to bed. Unclipping her bra, she dropped it to the floor, along with her panties. Jess always slept naked, and this was too long a habit to ignore.

And besides she reasoned, her duties didn’t start till tomorrow.

Tonight was for healing, and curling into a ball, Jess punched the soft pillow and nestled in. She decided to have some shut eye before food arrived. Her eyes drooped and she fell into a dreamless sleep.


Rune drove through the lanes; the car weaved along a spidery crawl of twisting twirls until he reached the turn off. A large sign blew against the post written in sweeping black strokes

His Lamborghini pulled up outside the large rambling bungalow that was actually a club. One exclusively for shifters only, no humans allowed. It was also run by his current mistress Storm, each one of her girls was up for sex. He tried not to grin; basically, it was a vampire brothel. It was also one he visited on a nightly basis, to fuck the hostess. Rune didn’t pay for sex, didn’t need to; as the madam, she didn’t sell her own body. Not that he would care if she did, that would be her decision.

He wondered why he didn’t give a damn if she shared herself. Then put the thought aside. Tonight, he would take her, and then reveal he wouldn’t be visiting for the next few days. Briefly, he wondered what her reaction would be and instinctively realized she wouldn’t be pleased because for the last six months she’d had exclusive rights to his body.

Rune had sensed how she kept her true thoughts to herself, but he’d stolen into her mind and read them. The jealousy and possessiveness that bounced back was hot and furious. Yet her body was merely a receptacle for his needs, one that could take his overly large erection. No other emotion penetrated him, no care or need, only the desire to have sex.

His thoughts flicked back to Jessalyn, the woman with flames running through her hair, the same blaze that absorbed his body. The tempest she’d ignited raged fast and furious, worse than any bush fire, and he wondered why. What was it about the woman to cause such an intense reaction?

Rune slammed the door closed to the sleek black car, anger and frustration fused over him. He didn’t like his reaction to the strange female and was at a loss to understand why he couldn’t keep her out of his thoughts. Rune decided to wreak his vexation on Storm.

He moved into the brightly lit interior, and at once, Storm homed in on him with an avid hunger, her attention keen, long, raven hair rippled around her. Rune could sense her squall of emotions, feel every horny hormone that exploded through her.

Crossing the short distance, he grasped her hand and led her forward. His powerful driving stride loped up the twisting staircase whilst Storm trailed behind. Once in the room, Rune slammed the bedroom door closed and began ripping at her clothes as she tore at his.

In seconds, they fell naked across the bed. Storm clung to him, her mouth seeking his with a sense of urgency. Rune avoided her searching lips with a sharp hiss. He hated the contact, and foreplay was at the minimum because she didn’t need it. Neither did he have the time or patience. What Rune required was fast, urgent fucking.

Sliding a condom on, he turned her over and mounted her, in one deep thrust he plunged in.

“Oh God,” her startled cry filtered over him. Each time he drove into her, she gave the same reaction before canting her ass against his hips. Storm took every inch that he gave.

Which was why he continued visiting her, not many women managed it, and he hoped to Christ that the female named Jessalyn would be able to take him. Somehow, he’d show her how to relax, to allow him in; with slow strokes, he’d introduce her to his sex. And he knew for a fact that, however many men she’d been with, she’d yet to experience what Rune could give her.

“Please, Rune, please!” begged Storm.

He covered her, holding her hips, his own writhed against hers, and he fucked her hard. Pounding into her, he gripped her small tits and tugged at her nipples. From somewhere came the thought that they weren’t big enough, and he continued his pummelling drive. Rune’s need spiralled out of control and he came in a burst, tunnelling deep, his buttocks clenched, his thighs strained, and he climaxed hard.

Rune lay on his back, his chest heaved, dragging in gasps of oxygen, Storm streamlined over him. Her long, dark hair resembled a veil. She turned and looked up into his face; at once, he recognized the familiar signs of lust. And knew this was the beginning, for tonight he’d fuck her several times before dropping his bombshell. Because he knew that she’d kick off, that she was a jealous controlling bitch. Even though she’d tried to hide her thoughts several times, he’d read them as clear as a pool on a summer’s day. However, he’d use her till another came along and there would; already, he was seeking diversity.

The hours moved on with a swift intensity. His hand lingered across her back, it shifted up and down over each vertebrae. Over the time he’d been with her, he’d taken her hard, in every conceivable position.

Now, he decided to get it over with and tell her. “I won’t be over for a few days.”

Storm froze, her body hardened. “What do you mean?”

“What I said.” Rune hated her clinging jealousy; he’d told he wouldn’t be visiting her for a while, that should be enough.


A freezing chill seared Storm’s skin; she knew damn well something was going down. For months, she had been the only woman for Rune. The only one that could satisfy him, take his awesome erection. And now, he was leaving her for how long? He couldn’t go one night without sex.

Storm knew that another woman was on the scene, a woman she intended to remove. She didn’t care who or how, but no one stole her man. And he was, Rune was her life, and she swore that if anyone was foolish enough to attempt to take him off her, then she would eradicate that spark of desire, dousing the flame, the light.



Rune stepped into the room; it was dark, and it was late, the hour rolled onto the early part of the morning. He’d emptied his sex into Storm, and now, his concentration centred on the woman that lay in his bed.

Her long hair wove across the pillows; the sheet had slid down and he swallowed at the sight of her creamy tits surging up. They edged, enticing, the top crested, and he strived to get a better view. The curtain flickered open slightly, fluttering and wafting in the breeze from the open window; the sharp thread of moonlight lanced a spear across the room. He glanced to the floor, at her underwear curled in a red pile.

Rune stripped off, tossing his clothes to join hers; he slipped in beside her and spooned her body. When he pulled her close, her breathing remained deep and she didn’t stir. Yet his cock did; it lurched to attention and he hoped she’d remain asleep.

There was a time and now wasn’t it. Not when he’d just left Storm’s bed. He didn’t have many ethics, but making love to this woman right after Storm wasn’t right. He would wait and take his time. Tomorrow would be soon enough; now, she needed to rest.


Jess snuggled into the warmth; she tried to get comfortable but couldn’t. Her pillow was rock solid concrete. Even though tiny bristles of hair tickled her nose, she attempted to keep her lids closed. A soft sigh rippled from her at the touch of a hand cupping her ass. God, but she loved these dreams.

Wet ones.

And let it continue, giving free rein to her filthy thoughts.

A hint of a smile teased her lips at the suction tugging at her nipples. Shit, it was so real. She groaned, a long, wicked rumble broke free from her throat.

It was the finger at her clit that woke her up; her lids slammed open, along with a healthy splurge of lust.

She swallowed down her scream and stared up into treacle eyes; they burned and roasted over her.

“What, I mean, if, are you, oh fuck—” This man pulled her mind to pieces, he robbed her of sense and reason.

Rune pushed her hair back and cradled her cheek. “It’s morning. I told you I’d give you the night to recover, and today, sweet bitch, you become my sub.”

Jess couldn’t speak; hell, she craved this man with a driving need that matched a fix of sweet chocolate before a period.

“How is your head?”

“My head is fine, not a twinge of pain there now.”
Just the one between my legs.

“Good, and now, we begin your education.”

Chapter Five

Jess couldn’t drag her horny gaze from him and realized how close they were.
Like skin close, not a frigging inch spare close.
She moved her hip and hauled in a nervous gasp,
Christ that erection probing and nudging couldn’t be real. Could it?
The length beat her best vibrator, the Neanderthal He Man of fucks. The General was long, thick, and drop dead sexy. Jess liked to name her inanimate objects; it gave her a sense of belonging, of intimacy, even if it was labelling a sex toy and a car.

When she’d bought her big boy, the assistant had given her a saucy wink. Even now she remembered the words, the doubt on her face. “Are you sure about this? Wouldn’t you like to start with something, well, a little smaller?”

And the shocked expression at her reply. “Hey, I’m a professional when it comes to vibrators, and I’m more than ready for this cannon.”

Jess’s thoughts bounced back to the man torturing her with his touch, his body curved around her. She mewled as his fingers coasted feather light across her body, they roamed with a threat of ownership. And Jess melted against his words.

“You belong to me, Jessalyn, for the time you are here, and you will obey me, in everything I demand.” The heat of his lips roasted across her throat in a slow tempting tease. “Do you agree to this?”

Oh fuck.
She tried to breathe in and discovered she’d lost the ability, instead her heart slammed into her ribcage, her nerves kicked in, and her fanny threw a tantrum.

Unable to speak, her voice had deserted her, she nodded her head. Jess knew she’d agree to anything to get a wicked jump, for his fingers to continue their play.

Rolling her over, she lay on her back, Rune’s gaze pinned her. “Answer me.” He squeezed her labia, hard.

BOOK: Rune
2.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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