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“What, Brody? You don’t want to be with us anymore? You want to forget we ever touched you?”

Zak’s voice was clipped and tight, and he gripped the doorframe until his knuckles were white.

“No!” Brody cried out in alarm, afraid that Zak was about to slam the door in his face. “I don’t. I mean I do. I do want you.“ Brody took a deep breath and struggled to order his thoughts before Zak kicked him down the stairs for his inept fumbling for the right words. “I do want to be with you. I think you and Lark are amazing together. I really…yeah.”

Brody felt completely lame as he tried to express how he felt. It was all tied up in knots, and for a moment, Zak just stared at him, as if he wasn’t going to give Brody an inch. Then Zak seemed to deflate right before his eye, all the fight and anger draining away until all that was left was a tired, worn, and…fragile looking man.

Brody wouldn’t have believed Zak could ever look fragile. He was so big and muscular and…well, solid. His demeanour was one of strength and confidence and leadership. But at the moment, Zak looked like the slightest thing would tip him over the edge. Brody wanted to reach out, wrap his arms around the man and hold him close. But he wasn’t quite sure he’d earned that right yet.

“It just…it blindsided me. It was just so…” Even as he tried to explain, Brody began to realise two things.

First, it really didn’t matter. He didn’t care at all if Zak and Lark were brothers. The only thing that really mattered to him was that they were two of the hottest, sweetest, most genuinely caring men he’d ever met, and they were interested in him. And he was incredibly interested right back.

The second thing Brody knew was that he had to somehow make it right between them all again. That would be his first priority. He pushed everything else away to focus on that one goal.

“Zak?” Lark asked from somewhere behind the big man blocking the doorway. Zak searched Brody’s face for a moment, as if wanting to make absolutely certain he wasn’t going to hurt Lark somehow, before he stepped back.

Brody’s heart ached when he saw Lark, whose eyes were red-rimmed and swollen from crying. Lark had always smiled. To see the broken, dejected look on his face was even harder than confronting Zak’s anger.

“It’s alright, Lark. Brody is…” Zak’s voice trailed off as if he wasn’t quite sure what to say about what Brody was doing there at the moment.

Brody had to admit he wasn’t sure what to say either. He just knew he couldn’t leave things the way they were. Without giving himself time to stop and think about what he was doing, Brody took a step forward and wrapped his arms around Lark.

“I’m sorry, Lark. I’m so sorry! I should have said something. I should have defended you, told Gus to shut his stupid mouth. Something!”

“I thought…when you didn’t…” Lark’s voice was muffled against his chest, but Brody could hear the
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stress in it. And he couldn’t stand it, not from Lark. Lark should never be like this.

Pulling away, Brody tilted Lark’s face up to capture his lips in a deep, aggressive kiss, trying to erase the torment and anguish he sensed in the other man. He wanted to take all the hurt and pain of the evening away and replace it with warmth and passion. Within seconds, Lark was thrusting his tongue back to meet Brody. Licking and moaning and nipping at him just as fiercely.

Brody felt the explosive power of the kiss ignite other fires within his body. Soon he was a raging inferno of lust and desire and something else, something that was slowly sneaking in while they were busy feeding the flames of their need for one another. But for the moment Brody tried to ignore the niggling sensation.

For the moment his body was in complete control and demanding more.

Just as he was about to start working on the buttons of Lark’s shirt he felt Zak wrap his arms around the two of them and drag them inside. The heavy slam of the door echoed in the room.

Zak pushed them both, still clinging and grinding against one another, back against the wall. There was nothing gentle or tender or soft about Zak now. He was all aggressive, sharp movements and feral intensity. And it drove Brody absolutely wild to see Zak lose control like this. To feel Zak tearing at him, pulling at his shirt, yanking at his fly buttons—it was incredible.

“I want to see. I want Lark to fuck you while I fuck him. Show me you want us together like that.” Zak punctuated his demands with a stinging little nip to Brody’s bottom lip that had him arching up into Zak and crying out with his arousal.

“Yes,” Brody hissed before Zak sealed their lips together again.

As Brody let Zak thrust his tongue in to explore his mouth and answered eagerly with his own voracious exploration, Lark was rubbing and stroking his hands over them. Lark nuzzled into them, leaving open mouthed kisses and sucking gently on their necks and any expanse of skin left exposed where their shirts had been opened by questing hands and ripped buttons.

Lark pulled away from them unexpectedly, but before he could take more than two steps, Zak yanked him back.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Condoms. Lube. We need—” Lark’s eyes blazed as he raised himself up into this toes to plant loud, smacking kisses between the words on Zak’s lips.

Zak growled, pulled Lark in tighter to his body and drove the last kiss into a true, passionate claiming.

As if Zak couldn’t stand the thought of Lark leaving them even for the short time it would take to get supplies.

Completely mindless with lust now and not wanting to be left out, Brody licked at their joined mouths until they made room for him to merge with them.

Still holding on to both of them, Zak began to walk them all through to the next room, pausing when they passing a hall table. Without breaking away from them, Zak tugged open a drawer and scrabbled about in it. He pulled out a bottle of lube then continued to dig around. Finally, Zak pulled away and slapped the drawer closed in frustration.

“Naked. Now,” he commanded. He glared at Brody and Lark with a fierce, hungry look. Whatever he saw satisfied him, and he turned to stalk away.

Brody shivered and quickly shed his clothes; Lark did the same beside him. When Brody was fully naked, he looked up again to see that Zak had returned with a ribbon of condoms dangling from his fist.

Now, Zak was shucking off his own shirt and jeans. As each new delicious inch of Zak’s body was revealed, Brody felt his cock throb. The broad, hairy chest, the firm, bulging muscles of his legs, arms, and abs, the long, thick cock that pulsed, leaked beads of clear pre-cum and glistened invitingly—Zak was magnificent in every way.

Zak shoved gently but insistently on his shoulder. “On the couch, Brody, let us take care of you.”

Brody glanced around to the matte black leather couch behind them. Yes. This was what he wanted, here with these two stunning men. Now.

Brody focused on Lark. He was so completely different in form and feature to Zak. Lark was all slim, lean muscle and pale, smooth skin. The tousled mop of his blond hair fell into his eyes and begged to be brushed back. Brody reached out, grasped Lark’s wrist and pulled him over to the couch.

Brody lay down and stretched out on the butter-soft leather, then guided Lark to lie over him. He took another long, drugging kiss and thrust up into the warm welcoming body as Lark settled onto him. Their cocks met and moved over one another, their pre-cum smearing and coating both of them with a thin, slippery film.

Cool, wet fingers touched Brody’s hole, making him gasp and jerk as Zak spread lube in lazy circles around his hole. Brody opened his legs wider and pushed back, trying to get more, dying to feel Zak’s thick fingers enter him.

“Shh, baby. I’ve got you. I’ve got you both. My beautiful boys,” Zak whispered.

Lark shuddered and Brody imagined Zak was doing the same thing to both of them, swirling his fingers around in a teasing, gentle touch to sooth and relax their muscles so they could all play together. But the sensation was always just too damn frustratingly light to truly satisfy.

Slowly, a thick finger breached him and Brody joined Lark in a lust-filled moan of pleasure. The finger moved in and out of him—fast, then slow, straight, then in ever-widening rotations. Then a second finger.

Zak scissored to stretch him. Lark wriggled and moaned above him in shared bliss.

As best he could, Brody kept his eyes open and locked on Lark’s. They communicated wordlessly the wonder and the joy that Zak gave to them. Finally, a third thick finger pushed in. Brody threw back his head and arched up into Lark in ecstasy. He was so perfectly stretched and filled.

“Zak! Oh! Ah! Lark…want… “

Brody couldn’t find the words. Zak continued to thrust his fingers in and out, rotating and spreading him—creating lightning that flashed through his body whenever the clever fingers brushed over the sweet, sensitive spot deep inside him.

Lark was no better off. His cock leaked copious strings of pre-cum onto Brody’s belly, which were quickly smeared and rubbed away as Lark thrust and writhed against him.

“Zak, please, I need you,” Lark eventually begged, eyes closed as he panted for breath.

“Okay, baby,” Zak cooed.

Brody heard the tearing of a condom packet, but was surprised when he felt Zak envelop his cock in the thin latex as well. Looking up, Brody saw Lark watching him with the hottest smile he’d ever seen. It somehow managed to be both cheeky and filled with passion at the same time.

“Leather,” Lark whispered. “Zak’s very protective of his couch. That’s why we have condoms in the living room.”

Brody heard the sharp slap of Zak’s palm on the unprotected flesh of Lark’s backside. Lark yelped, but the smile on his face broadened into a huge grin. Brody chuckled.

“We’ll see if you’re still laughing when Lark’s pounding your ass while I pound his,” Zak warned, but it was all show. Brody could hear the joy in the man’s voice.

“Mmmm, yeah! Want it, Zak,” Lark said. He wriggled back and sat up a little so he could roll a condom onto his long, slender shaft. Then he climbed off of Brody and positioned himself at Brody’s hole.

“Ready, baby?” Lark asked huskily.

“Please,” Brody begged.

The tip of Lark’s cock touched his hole and Brody bucked up into it. The feeling of that first contact and the delicious pressure of Lark’s cock head against him was pure ecstasy. He needed more.

“Oh! Oh, move! Please, Lark, fuck me!”

Lark steadily pushed in, using his hand to guide his cock in a long slow thrust. Brody closed his eyes and threw back his head even though he desperately wanted to watch Lark sink into him for the very first time. When Lark was all the way inside, he stopped to let Brody adjust and allow them both time to savour the sensation. All too soon it wasn’t enough.


Lark began to thrust into Brody, tentatively at first, then gradually increasing to long, slow strokes. The exquisite drag of Lark’s cock in and out of Brody’s hole was so agonisingly sweet that Brody found himself grinding his pelvis back into Lark’s groin, trying to help Lark reach deeper inside him.

Brody was nearly mindless with lust and need now, but also very aware that more than half of what he was feeling was because it was Lark doing this to him. Not some stranger in a dark alley, but Lark—the amazing, bright, bubbly, happy man who set his heart racing whenever he stepped into a room, or flashed one of his trademark killer smiles at him.

Lark moaned, thrust himself balls deep into Brody’s hole and stilled. Brody looked up and saw Zak’s larger body covering Lark from behind. Zak curled over them to lay tender kisses and licks to Lark’s long, arched neck. Zak looked more beautiful than ever this way, as a tender giant offering himself to Lark.

Brody’s heart beat a frantic tattoo as he watched the two of them together. How could anyone think this
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was disgusting? Never!

Then Zak began to move.He’s fucking Lark while Lark’s in me! It was almost too much to take in and believe.

Zak fucked in long, smooth strokes, just the way Lark had begun. Zak’s broad, tanned hands came to rest against Lark’s pale hips to guide Lark in and out of Brody. They all began to move with the same even, synchronised rhythm. Endlessly they moved and loved together.

Gradually, their movements became less co-ordinated and more primal, more feral and intense. Thrusts became shoves. Moans became grunts. Faster and faster they drove into one another until at last Brody felt himself teetering on the edge of an orgasmic precipice.

“Oh! Oh! Lark, Zak. Gonna…Ahhhh!” Brody exploded into the thin, latex barrier, his cock throbbing and filling it with spurt after spurt of thick, white cream.

Lark thrust into Brody one last time and cried out in ecstasy. Brody felt the cock in his ass pulse as the orgasm rocketed through his lover’s body, spilling heavy shots of seed into the condom. The sensation of Lark’s cock shooting inside him set off another, weaker round of ejaculation from Brody’s cock. Then Zak bellowed out his own release and Brody watched in awe as he came inside Lark.

Sated and exhausted, Lark and Zak carefully withdrew. Then Lark collapsed down on top of Brody and Zak lay down on his side at the very edge of the couch. Zak didn’t look terribly comfortable for the long term, but Brody wiggled across weakly with Lark still on top of him and made as much room as possible.

He didn’t want to lose the close, connected feeling he had with his lovers just yet.

“You know,” Lark murmured against Brody’s chest, “if we keep this up, Brody’s going to think we don’t own a bed.”

Zak chuckled sleepily. They all lay tangled together, their bodies slowly cooling and their breathing gradually returning to normal.

Zak gently stroked is hand down Lark’s back. The smaller man nuzzled into Brody and groaned softly at the tender attention.

“We do, you know,” Lark eventually continued. “Do you want to see it? You could stay the night.”

Brody tensed. He’d stayed too long as it was. He needed to get back home to Wolf. “I have to go.”

BOOK: Sandpipers' Secrets
5.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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