SEAL Kissed: A Navy SEAL Military Romance (Hot Dirty SEALS Book 1)

BOOK: SEAL Kissed: A Navy SEAL Military Romance (Hot Dirty SEALS Book 1)
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SEAL Kissed
Mia Kenney
Plan B Publishing

© 2015 by Mia Kenney

All rights reserved.

Published in the United States of America.

First published in September, 2015.

Disclaimer: The following ebook is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to characters in this story may have to real people is only coincidental.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Chapter One


,” I growl as my hand fists her hair, cringing at the three inch dark roots tangled around my fingers. She’s definitely done this before and isn’t shy about the sucking noises she makes with every bob of her head. Six months of hot molten lava simmer in my balls, my cock waiting for the perfect moment to erupt in her warm soft mouth.

But my sixth sense is firing like crazy and I can’t ignore it. That goddamned feeling has saved my ass too many times to start brushing it off now. My SEAL team has been state side less than forty eight hours, after returning from a half year tour in the middle east. Rife with paranoia, I lean back and take in my surroundings through slitted eyes.

The club lighting is dim, packed with military guys on leave mixed with the typical spring break college crowd and what appears to be a wet t-shirt contest on the stage. It’s the type of establishment that doesn’t mind turning a blind eye to a guy getting a little oral action from under the table.

The hairs on my neck tingle and intuition tells me I’m still being watched. Scanning the crowd that has formed around the stage I see her.
We lock eyes as she twirls fallen tendrils from the tight high bun on top of her head. Her face is flushed and her mouth twists as she bites her lower lip. Those big brown doe eyes behind librarian glasses travel over my face, down my body and between my legs. Her tongue darts out, swiping across a plump cherry lip that I suddenly wish was wrapped around my cock. The thought of feeding my dick into her beautiful mouth shoots bolts of lightening down my spine. As she remains completely mesmerized by the scene of debauchery happening under the table I gaze downward at her stiff nipples pressing through her thin white top. Knowing she’s enjoying the show makes my dick twitch. Lust snaps through me, burning up my veins and igniting every cell in my body. The tight skirt hugs her body from her waist to just above her knees. I’m not fooled by her good girl image and the desire to undo her bun and grab her hair burns through me. She wiggles her hips and the fabric gathers as her thighs squeeze together.
Oh, sugar, I’ll make you wiggle on my tongue, on my cock, on my fingers…

“I’m warning you now, I’m about to come. And I expect you to swallow every fuckin’ drop,” I say aloud for the whore between my legs while I stare at the woman I wish was on her knees. Instinctively my eyes squeeze shut but I force them open, wanting the beautiful woman watching to somehow know that it’s her I want to be in. Finally she brings her eyes back to mine and I will her to keep them on me. Her lips part, and I swear I can hear her panted breath. Redness colors her cheeks and those damn glasses slide just a nudge down her nose, exposing dark long lashes fluttering over the rims. Free from her hair, her long slender finger breezes over her jaw, across her bottom lip and along her collar bone before wrapping around the single strand of pearls wrapped around the most elegant neck I’ve ever wanted to taste. Something in my chest clenches, and it takes every bit of will power I have to not get up and have this spellbound woman finish the job.

Pushing my cock down her throat as her hands squeeze my balls I try my damnest to let the woman watching know that it’s her I’m fantasizing about sucking my dick. Like a newly released fire hydrant, I explode, shooting six months of what feels like an endless amount of come into her throat. And she swallows every fuck’ drop. Then licks her lips for good measure. Yeah, she’s a frog hog.

I take a swig of my beer and stretch my arms over my head. My sexy little voyeur remains captivated, and Mona, or whatever the fuck she calls herself, is grappling with my jeans and still hard cock. She’s dragging her body up over mine from under the table. She’s going to ride me right here. I’ve never been one to turn down public fucking but the need to catch my breathtakingly beautiful gawker before she disappears into the crowd is stronger than my desire to screw right now. Her little skirt is already pushed up over her hips as she straddles me and licks her lips. “You don’t need a condom, I’m on the pill,” she rasps into my ear.

“Do you think I’m stupid?” Her eyes widen and she pushes out her bottom lip.

I’ve never fucked anyone without latex. No girl is worth a trip to the clinic with a doctor shoving a long swab up my dick hole just to confirm a sexually transmitted disease. Or even worse, having a baby with a SEAL seeking whore. These type of girls are well versed on military pay and benefits.

“Listen Mona, I’m not gonna fuck you bareback.” She rolls her eyes.

“It’s Monica. And I’ve never let a guy fuck me without protection. You’ll be my first.”

I choke on my beer.

“I’m clean. On my honor.” She crosses her heart and holds up two fingers in a V formation like it’s suppose to mean something.

“Well, now I’m not gonna fuck you at all.” Twisting my hips I shove my hardon to the side and zip up. Christ that hurts. I glance up and see my peeping librarian turning to leave. The natural predator in me hums to life and my heart races, pumping adrenalin through my vascular system at lightning speed.

“What the hell is wrong with you sailor boy?” She squirms and grinds her hips into my thigh, tempting my cock to reappear. I hate being called sailor boy.

“I don’t want to ruin your perfect condom streak. Now get the hell away from me,

She stands and I get a good look at her. On rare occasions I disgust myself. This is one of them. “Not my type. The unicorn family tattooed on your forearm just isn’t doing it for me.” I finish my beer and throw some cash on the table.

“But you see that table of guys over there,” I say nodding my head over to my teammates. “They’re always looking for an easy fuck, doesn’t have to be good, just easy. And I think you’ll fit their standards just fine.”

Her hand smacks my face and my cock gets ever harder. Damn, I’m fucked up. I look up at my teammates all laughing at my situation.

“And you see the guy in the red shirt?” I gesture to Sullivan, my best friend since BUD/S training. “He loves unicorns.” As if on cue, he waves her over and she happily obliges.

And now I start my hunt. I love a good chase. In a flash I’m up and hot on her ass. I make it outside just in time to memorize her license plate as she pulls out from the parking lot.

Chapter Two


livia has been jumping
up and down for half an hour to earn her spot in the final round of the annual spring break wet t-shirt contest. It’s faithfully done every year and hosted at Maloney’s, a premiere club in San Diego, California. The place is packed with hotter than hell military guys and their women groupies hoping for more than a few screaming orgasms and an empty bed in the morning. Bruno Mars is screaming Uptown Funk in the background and a group of barbie look a likes are bouncing on stage as the emcee hoses their perfect double D cups with ice cold beer.

But all I hear is the sound of my heart thumping in my head. I’m bumped and shoved among the crowd and find myself smashed between two guys with biceps bigger than my thighs. My eyes follow their bulging blue veins down the length of their arms. They’re both tan, tatted and scary sexy.

The crowd roars and I look up to see my best friend forever being held up in the air by a group of club security. She’s drenched in beer, undoubtedly the cheap stuff but it doesn’t matter to Olivia. Since we met on the first day freshman year of college her only aspiration has been to win this contest.

The emcee’s voice rings out over the cheering crowd, “Ladiiieeesss and gentlemennn, introducing the new hottest tits in townnnn!” He’s holding my friends arm up over her head as she wiggles her hips and blows kisses into the screaming audience. Olivia is an instant celebrity and male shouts of ‘baby sit on my face’ and ‘I’ll ride you all night’ are coming from the crowd.

I think Olivia’s perky breasts are trying to incite a riot. As weird as this may sound I feel happy for my best friend. Looking at her nipples jutting through her wet shirt doesn’t do anything for me, I don’t swing that way. But this is a dream come true for her and that makes my happy.

The last four years I’ve patiently listened to Olivia complain how the girls with the plastic boobs always win and if she could only convince her parents for an extra five grand she could get a new and improved set too. So the fact she won this years contest ‘all natural’ is a huge accomplishment in her book. I came to San Diego State for an education. Olivia came for a party.

Finally the emcee drops her hand and she bounces off the stage and right next to me. Before I know it she’s standing on the bar and swinging her shirt over her head for all to see. The sopping wet tee goes soaring into the crowd and a lucky guy catches it with his teeth, shaking his head back and forth like a rabid dog. The men are going nuts and some women are too. The bartender offers his hand and she’s lifted from the limelight and given a new shirt to wear. She holds it up for me to see and I can tell by her expression it the happiest day of her life. The shirt looks like it’s made to fit a toddler. Except that the Maloney’s logo is stamped across the front. Pulling it over her head she swings her long mane of hair side to side and it fits her like a second skin. It’s loud, so I yell my congratulations and give her a peck on the cheek.

“Hey bartender, bring my friend and I a shot of your best stuff!” She shouts. Olivia looks at me and smiles and if beer were absorbed via osmosis my best friend would have alcohol poisoning. She’s dripping wet and every man in the place is circling her for a chance to take a selfie with her award winning breasts.

“Drinks are on the house for the winner and her cute friend,” the bartender shouts as he slams down our shots onto the bar. We tap glasses and I wince, placing my drink back on the bar.

“This is college, Emerson, you’re suppose to be having crazy fun. Hell, I just won the biggest contest in town.” Olivia rolls her eyes and slams back my drink too. She’s my only friend and I feel a pinch of sadness when I see her disappointed face.

“I am having fun. This is...loads of fun. Now I can say I’ve been to a wet t-shirt contest.” Olivia sticks out her tongue in jest and guys cheer, immediately reminding me that we have an audience.

Remembering I haven’t eaten much today I grab a handful of pretzels from the bar and shove them in my mouth. “Listen Emerson, if you don’t mind I’m going to sort through this crowd and find myself a man who can handle all this,” she says as she wiggles her shoulders and hips.

“Go have fun you deserve it! I’ll be heading back to our apartment soon, just be careful.” We hug and give each other air kisses on both cheeks.

Before I can make my getaway she grabs my shoulders. “Emerson you should stay and have fun. Maybe you’ll meet someone who can make you scream like a monkey under the sheets.”

I know she’s only trying to be helpful and means well. “Olivia, I don’t want to scream like a monkey. And there sure as hell isn’t a guy in here I would even want to do it with.”

“Well, I want to scream like a monkey and more than once. There’s lots of guys here and I plan on giving one of them a try,” she says with a spin of her hips and leaves me standing there.

Ugh. I know I’m a fun sucker but I don’t have the luxury of staying out all night and sleeping in. In between school and work I barely have enough time to search for my mother. Quickly I find the glowing exit sign above everyone’s head. Pushing my way through the crowd I’m almost there when someone from the far corner grabs my attention. Jade green eyes bore into me, holding me in a trance as my jaw drops to the floor.

he cool ocean
breeze smacks me in the face and takes my breath away. But even the change of atmosphere can’t erase the images floating in my head. It’s like a slide show on repeat. A very hot and dirty slide show. Only the girl sucking him off is me. I’ve never given head but the sudden urge to suck his cock is overwhelming. My body tingles all over and my panties are warm and damp between my legs.

Glancing over my shoulder I scan the area but can’t find the man I want to be on my knees for. I didn’t get a good clear look at his face, his head thrown back with closed eyes as he pumped himself into some whores mouth. Considering my lack of experience with the opposite sex, this is a good thing.

But I did get a good look at his thick neck and the throbbing vein running down its side. The dark stubble leading to his chest, a very broad and muscular chest from the way his black t-shirt fit him. Dark ink wrapped around his biceps, my gaze faltering over his defined muscles rippling with every movement. And then he stood and it took everything I had to pull my eyes away from a body that appeared to be chiseled from stone.

BOOK: SEAL Kissed: A Navy SEAL Military Romance (Hot Dirty SEALS Book 1)
3.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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