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Twenty one


Twenty two


Twenty three


Twenty four


Twenty five


Twenty six


Twenty seven


Twenty eight


Twenty nine




Thirty one


Thirty two


Thirty three


About the author


Excerpt from Choices, Book 2 of the Guardian Series




Praise for Liz Schulte’s Dark Corners

Bee Knees Reviews-
This book had me guessing on every page.  Just when I thought I knew what was going on, I later found out that I was wrong!  This book was really creepy, but it kept me hooked until the very end.  Dark Corners was full of drama, suspense, mystery, and murder! 

Just One More Paragraph-
I devoured horror stories growing up, with my favorite authors being Alfred Hitchcock and Edgar Allan Poe. There is just something about the old classic scary stories - hair raising, creepy without the gore. I have been craving those types of stories, but had figured they were gone with the times. Then along came Liz Schulte with her novel "Dark Corners" and finally - finally, a hair raising, creepy story that actually kept me guessing throughout the whole novel!

Autumn Blues Review-
Dark Corners is a mix of suspense, thrill, and ghostly expectations all wrapped up into a little bundle. It left me feeling utterly spooked, wondering what was going to happen next, and even had me checking the dark corners in my own home.

Great Minds Think Aloud Literary Community-
I am sitting here in my living room, right now, writing this review and I am still looking around me and in all the possible dark places scared to death that someone might be hiding there. This book caught me from the beginning in an iron vise-grip and did not let me go.

My Guilty Pleasures-
I experienced moments of heart pounding anxiety that had me putting the book down for a moment. Only to pick it back up because I swear it was calling my name. Then to top it off, it had to go and end with CHILLS!!!

Matter of Cents-
I loved this book. A page turner! I had to restrain myself from going to the end, so I could find out what happened. It is a book that has classic suspense theme and feel to it which I loved. A Hitchcock type thriller.




There are so many people to thank. Thank you to everyone who read Dark Corners and gave me such amazing support and confidence. Thank you to my family, especially my mom, for telling everyone she knows her daughter is a writer.


Thank you to my friends in the Inner Circle for being awesome. A special thanks to my lovely partners at 4 Corners Press: M.d. Christie, Elizabeth Sharp, Michelle Ferguson, Julie Titus, and Khloe Kamalis. And thank you to Mandie Stevens of Promotional Books Tours and Time 4 Mommy for being so enthusiastic and organized and for arranging the most epic book tour known to man! And finally thank you to the best friends a girl could have, Kim, Jessica, Katrina, Devin, Leslie, and Kristin.




Liz Schulte




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