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She whirled on him so fast he was forced to take a step back. “Don’t you dare!” She jabbed her finger into his chest. “You don’t get to call me baby. We had sex, Caleb. Once. And since there is no chance of it ever happening again, you won’t ever earn the right to call me baby. Or anything else for that matter.”

He lowered his gaze to her chest. His mouth watered to suck those tight little nipples that told him more than her words ever could. “Never, huh?”


Before he could think better of it, he jerked her forward. Her breath came out in a rush when her breasts hit his chest. The heat from her body penetrated his skin, but she didn’t pull back, didn’t fight his hold.

“I was an ass.”


Her scent surrounded him, making him lightheaded. He cupped her neck, the need for more contact his main priority.

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sure you are.” She shook her head, as if confused. “That’s the second apology you’ve given me in two days. After all the years of hostility, I didn’t realize being sorry came so easily for you.”

The little minx wasn’t going to give him an inch. “No more fighting.”

Okay, he knew it was a statistical improbability, but it was either that or tell her all the ways he wanted to fuck her. Some things were better for show than tell.

“Right. Because you say so. Get off me. You’re all sweaty and I’m not in the mood to take a shower.”

Her argument would have been more effective had she moved away instead of pressing closer. God, what this woman did to him.

“You’re going to need more than a shower by the time we’re through.” He bent and took possession of her mouth.

There was nothing gentle in the way he slanted his mouth over hers, demanding entrance. Caleb shoved a hand through her hair, its silky curls hugging his fingers as he held her still. He sucked her lower lip into his mouth and caressed the soft tissue with his tongue before diving back into the warmth of her mouth.

Her body went limp against him, the soft mewls coming from her throat a major fucking turn on. Caleb kissed her until they were both breathless.

“Bed,” Samantha panted, jerking her mouth away.

“Too far.” Caleb judged the distance to the couch and decided that wasn’t close enough either. “Fuck it.”

Samantha squealed as he wrapped an arm around her waist and lifted her onto the counter. Her legs came around him in a gesture so natural, it was as if they had done this a hundred times.

It felt … right.

Which was wrong on more levels than he cared to think about. She was Amanda’s best friend. Alec’s bestie too, apparently. Not to mention that she’d told him flat out their time together was limited.

Was that the reason he wanted her?

Unfortunately, he didn’t know the answer. Didn’t care much about the answer while she was in his arms, either.

“Caleb?” The heat from her sex burned as she pushed her hips against his stomach.

Right. “Let’s get rid of this.”

Samantha raised her arms and he pushed her top up, over her breasts. Those rosy tips beckoned for attention, so he let her finish the job as he lowered his head and pulled a nipple between his teeth.

Caleb felt more than heard the breath leave her chest, as if she was preparing to endure something annoying. He didn’t take offense. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to learn her nipples needed more than passive stimulation to provide her any pleasure. He’d figured that out last night, within seconds of touching her. What he did take offense to was that she seemed to believe he wouldn’t get her there.

O ye, of little faith.

He firmed his bite just enough to get her attention, yet not cause her unwanted pain. He trailed his fingertips around the soft mound until he cupped her breast, lifting it more firmly to his mouth. He flicked his tongue over the hardened tip before nipping at her again, teasing her nerve endings with the different sensations.

While his mouth and hand were busy, his other hand roamed. He’d never gotten this hard by just touching a woman before. With Samantha, he couldn’t get enough. He was addicted to the warmth and softness of her skin.

Caleb wondered what it’d be like to have her next to him in bed. To wrap himself in the comfort of her body. He wanted to find out.

He worked her nipple until she squirmed, then moved to give the other the same attention, biting and sucking until she moaned with pleasure.

Her nails bit into his biceps. “That’s so good. God, Caleb. How do you make everything feel so damned good?”

A surge of male pride went through him. He released her breast and shoved his shorts down his legs. She made quick work of her own panties, the delicate material joining his shorts on the floor.

As long as he lived, the image of Samantha, naked and spread on his counter, would be burned into his memory.

He placed his palm between her breasts and urged her to lean back. He was dying to taste her, to bury his face in her sex and feast for hours. His cock had a different plan. And wouldn’t you know, he didn’t have a condom within reach.

As if she’d read his mind, Samantha gave him a shy smile. The uncharacteristic expression hardened him even further.

“I’ve never had sex without a condom. I’ve been tested. I mean, I’m safe if you —”

Her voice broke off on a gasp as Caleb jerked her legs forward and surged into her. He was safe and had the vague awareness of mumbling something to that affect as he fought not to come. He’d had his fair share of bedmates, but never without protection. Not until now. The fact that he was the first man to ever feel her heat, skin-to-skin …
. A fierce possessiveness burned through him as the slick, pulsing walls of her sex squeezed around him, pushed him to the brink.

One second, two. Breathe in, breathe out.

Sweet mercy, she was tight.

Samantha’s back arched, her heels pressed hard into his ass. He’d pulled her from the counter and she gripped it from behind, holding herself in place for him. “Please, Caleb.”

Lust gripped his balls and he shook with the need to come. He’d never known such hunger, such desire for a woman before. Desperation drove him.

Digging his hands into her ass, he ground his pelvis against hers. She returned the favor, the counter providing her greater leverage to rock back and forth on his cock.

“Hold on tight.”

He didn’t give her time to respond. He shifted his feet, eased back before slamming into her. Over and over, he sank into her until his legs burned under the strain.

But still, he didn’t stop. Didn’t ever want to stop.

How had he lived without this? Without her?

Samantha tightened around him and screamed his name as she came undone. His breath caught as her orgasm sparked his own. He emptied his balls within her body, filling her. Marking her. Giving her what no other man had.

Caleb yanked Samantha up and kissed her, unable to express his sudden feelings for the gift she’d given him in any other way. He eased her up until she could sit on the counter and wrapped her in his arms.

The stillness of the room accentuated the sounds of their breathing. The smell of sex and sweat clung to them, meaning they would both need a shower.

Just as soon as he could move.

For the moment, he was happy staying just like this. With Samantha’s naked body against his, basking in the afterglow, his mind was quiet. For once, the outside world didn’t exist.

And, for once, she wasn’t yelling at him.

“Caleb?” Samantha snuggled against his chest.

“Yeah, sugar?”

“You should realize you’ve been an ass more often.”

Chapter 9

t’ll be light soon,” Caleb mused.

The panoramic view of the pre-dawn sky offered just enough light to make out his handsome features. His strong jaw was dusted with scruff, his lips, full and inviting, curled into a relaxed half-grin.

Although they’d fallen into his bed over an hour ago, neither seemed in a hurry to go to sleep. Samantha marveled at the peacefulness of it all. Watching the city around them sleep, her head nestled against Caleb’s shoulder, his breath slow and steady against her hair.

A girl could get used to this.

Some other, random girl, of course. Not her. She couldn’t afford to go down that road of heartache. But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t enjoy this change in Caleb’s attitude while it lasted. They’d been at each other’s throats for so long, it was nice to see him relaxed, content even. It gave her a little thrill to think she’d given that to him. Whether she had or not, she didn’t know. And right now, she didn’t care.

She traced lazy circles across the heavily muscled forearm that lay against his belly. “You’ve been hell on my sleep patterns. It’ll take me weeks to get back on schedule once I get home.”

He shifted to his side to face her. “Complaining?”

She shuddered as his hand teased down her side and came to rest on her naked hip. “Not in the least. But, I wouldn’t say no to staying in bed all day.”

He leaned in and kissed the tip of her nose, his lips drifting to linger over her cheek. “Hmm. A whole day in bed? I can’t remember the last time I did something like that.”

“Is there something else you have to do?” She rarely spent a day in bed either. Who had that kind of time? She had a law practice, laundry to do, and people shooting at her. She was a very busy woman. But, the thought of spending the day naked with Caleb was too irresistible to pass up.

“Let’s see … I’m sure there’s a game on. The boys could come over. There’s all that delicious food in the fridge…”

Smart ass. Two could play at this game.

She shoved him away and rolled onto her back. “Food I slaved over for a whole day, I might add. Go ahead. Call them. Watch your stupid game.” She cupped her breasts and pushed them together. “I’ll just stay here.”

She toyed with her nipples and pretended to consider the situation. “But, having no door is problematic if I stay in here naked.” She gave him a serious expression. “Wouldn’t want the sheet to slip and expose myself to your brothers.”

Ignoring the rumble in his chest, she continued. “Plus, with you busy watching the game, I’ll have to entertain myself and my toys are all the way over in the spare room. Guess I’ll have to get up after all.” She released her nipples with a tortured sigh. Swinging her legs over the edge of the bed, she moved to rise. She laughed as Caleb wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her back to the bed.

“Not so fast, sugar. Unless you’re going to fetch those toys and bring them back here, you aren’t going anywhere.”

She snuggled back against his body and damn near purred. “So, I guess that settles it then.”

“Settles what?”

“Naked Sunday.”

His laughter rang out as he pulled back and gave her a curious stare. “Naked Sunday?”

It was hard not to laugh with him. The deep rumble was like music to her ears.

And holy cow. Scowling, he was handsome, but with his bright green eyes alight with humor, and his sly smile—he was downright, panty-melting gorgeous.

“Wanna know the rules?”

“We have rules now?”

“Yep. Rule number one, no clothes.” She caressed between his pecs, trailing down to swirl her fingers around his navel. His stomach hardened as he sucked in a breath.


“Shh,” she said softly, all that warm, male flesh distracting her as she continued downward. “I’m trying to explain the rules.”

He arched his hips, his approval of her destination clear as he pinched her nipple, rolled it between his fingers, and flicked the beaded tip. “By all means, carry on.”

Samantha liked this playful side of Caleb. She liked temperamental Caleb too, almost as much as she liked how he worked out his frustration on her body.

Oh, who was she kidding? She liked him no matter his mood.

Her nipple tingled, tiny sparks of sensation that followed his touch around the flesh of her breast. Her womb tightened in anticipation, her body readying itself for whatever he had in mind.

“Well, that’s pretty much it. We stay in bed. We sleep, we have kick-ass sex, we sleep some more. If we get hungry…” she reached under the sheet and wrapped her hand around his length, “…we’ll figure something out.”

He hardened in her palm. “I’m in, although I doubt we’ll sleep much.”

He pushed into her hand again, his eyes drifting closed as she stroked him once more. He cursed and rolled over on top of her, pinning her arms above her head. “But first, we need to talk.”

“You’re kidding right?” Samantha arched into him, trying to align his cock where she wanted it. Breath hissed from her lips when he grazed her clit. Her body tightened, demanded release.

He pressed her into the mattress, his weight making it impossible for her to move.


“Spoil sport,” she choked out. “I can’t breathe, stud. If you aren’t going slide that baby inside me, ease off.”

He pushed up and air filled her lungs. Between that and the feel of him against her pussy … total head rush.

“Tell me about Matteo’s wife. Carlotta, is it?”

“I’m not getting laid until I tell you, am I?”

“Probably not.”

She was on the verge of begging him to fuck her, and he was seemingly unaffected, damn him. The man sure knew how to damage a girl’s ego. Samantha growled in frustration and dug her palms into his chest. Caleb took the hint and moved off her.

It would be so easy to give him what he wanted. To sit back and let him protect her. Caleb was strong and gorgeous and did things to her she’d never imagined possible.

If only she were a different person. She knew what it was to be a player in someone else’s game. She knew the pain that came from trusting someone who’d sworn to protect her. As much as her body yearned for this man, Samantha wasn’t sure she could do it.

She had resources of her own. Unfortunately, those resources hadn’t turned up any new information, so she didn’t really have a choice but to widen her net.

“Yes, Carlotta. Or it was, anyway.”

Caleb settled on his side, his head resting in his hand. “Was?”

“Well … yeah. We had to change it to secure her safety.”

He arched a brow. “We?”

Amanda had been the one to secure the documents they’d needed. Samantha had promised no one would ever know. Caleb would have an aneurism if he found out, and she didn’t even want to think about what Joe would do.

She hedged. “We, as in me and Carlotta.”

“Start from the beginning. Walk me through it.”

Samantha sat up and pulled the sheet around her lap. She didn’t bother covering her breasts and by his look, Caleb appreciated the view.

“Carlotta was messed up when I met her. She came to my office, looking for someone to help her with a divorce. I was confused at first, since I’m not actually a divorce attorney.”

She’d often wondered what had brought Carlotta into her office that day. Fate, she supposed. Another attorney could’ve gotten her the divorce she’d deserved, but that wouldn’t have saved her life.

“The minute I laid eyes on her, I knew she needed much more than that.”

Caleb nodded with understanding. “Divorce wasn’t enough to get her away from Vincent. Guy like that … power and money behind him…she’d have been back in his clutches before the ink was dry.”

“Right. I couldn’t turn her away.” Samantha shuddered as she remembered the look in Carlotta’s eyes that day. She hadn’t looked like a woman who desired to leave her husband. She’d looked … dead. As if there weren’t an ounce of fight left in her. Yet, there she’d sat, insisting Samantha must know someone who could help her disappear. Not for the first time, Samantha wondered if it was her association with the Martin’s that had brought Carlotta to her. Martin Tactical and Security was a well-known, highly respected business in these parts.

Caleb reached over and tucked her hair behind her ear. The gesture was sweet, surprising.

“Of course you couldn’t.” His tone held no judgment, only acceptance, as if he’d expected nothing less from her.

Also surprising.

Obviously, his feelings toward her had changed, but she didn’t need to go crazy about it. They were having sex. Really incredible sex, but that didn’t change how things would end.

She glanced down at the muscles of his naked chest. Her fingers itched to explore his delectable body, every solid inch of it.

“Quit looking at me like that.”

She smirked. “Like what?”

He growled and rolled over on his back. “Like you want my cock for breakfast.”

“Well, now that you mention it…”

He shifted and settled against the headboard. He fisted his cock through the sheet. “Story first. Breakfast after.” He wagged his eyebrows. “So, hurry up with it.”

His wicked grin made her mouth water and her pussy quiver with need.

“That’s my kind of incentive.” He was good at distracting her. “Where was I?”

“Still at the beginning, I’m afraid.” He grabbed her wrist when she tried to touch him. Holding it firmly against the heat of his stomach, he scowled. “You agreed to help Carlotta.”

She blew out a frustrated breath. Caleb meant to get the story, even at the expense of a good hard-on. Oh well. She had complete confidence that he’d not disappoint. “Yes. And there isn’t much more to tell. A colleague of mine helped with the divorce papers, but only as a distraction. It bought me the time I needed to secure a new identity for her.”

“You didn’t do that alone.”

“No.” She couldn’t outright lie to him. “But, I’ve learned a few things from Alec over the years. And before you ask, no. He didn’t help me.” Still not lying. “I was careful. Carlotta’s life depended on it.”

“This new identity, where’d you get it?” His brow furrowed, as if he was drawing his own conclusions.

Damn it.

She debated how much she could say without incriminating Amanda. Unfortunately, not a lot. “From a trustworthy source,” she hedged.

Hoping to move him away from the subject, she hurried along. “It was the chance she needed to start over. New name, new town. I set her up bank accounts with enough cash to last her at least a year—if she lived modestly, of course.”

“You gave her your own money?”

She’d dipped into her trust fund, which had been set up by her grandfather. The same trust fund her father had tried so hard to steal from her. Using the money to help Carlotta had been Samantha’s own personal
fuck you
to the man who sired her and then tried to destroy her.

“I’ve got everything I need. She didn’t have anything. Not much of a decision, really.”

“Where’d you send her?”

“Caleb. I can’t answer that.”

“You mean you won’t.”

“Don’t make this a thing. I gave my word. Don’t ask me to break it.”

The silence that brewed between them wasn’t as amicable as before. As uncomfortable as it was, Samantha wasn’t in any hurry to speak. As far as she was concerned, his next response would set the tone for how they moved forward. She wouldn’t be with a man who bullied her for what he wanted. Even temporarily. Been there, done that. So, she’d give him all the time he needed to think things through.

“There’s something I don’t get. Why you? They don’t even live here. Why not hire some fancy, big city attorney back in New York? And that isn’t a slight against you or your work, so don’t take offense.”

Releasing the breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding, Samantha relaxed a little. Maybe he wouldn’t press her for more. “Duly noted. And I’m not sure. Vincent has businesses here and, from what I understand, Carlotta traveled with him a great deal. I assume she came to me because they were in Austin when he’d beat the shit out of her. Maybe she’d had enough and didn’t want to wait to get back to New York.”


“Your brow crinkles in the most adorable way when you’re working something out. What are you thinking?”

He shook his head and slid down in the bed, wrapping his arms around her and crushing her to his body. He took her mouth in a heated kiss that left them both breathless. “I’m thinkin’ that it’s time to get started on naked Sunday.”

“Is that right?” She licked her lips, anticipation brewing in her sex. She bit back a moan as he cupped her shoulders and pushed her lower.

“You ready for breakfast, sugar?” he teased.

“I’ve been ready, but someone wanted to talk.” Samantha moved between his knees. She bent to place kisses on his stomach, arching her back to keep her ass high in the air.

Tiny hairs tickled her lips as she kissed and nipped his tanned skin. She’d had a quick taste of him the other night and it hadn’t been near enough to satisfy her. She wanted his flavor on her tongue, to have him feed her his pleasure.

His hips arched as she squeezed his erection between her breasts. She ducked her head and licked the moisture that seeped from his tip, the woman in her delighting in his tortured groan.

“You know what I want, Samantha. Put your mouth on me.”

Samantha purred like a cat. She felt every bit the temptress as he watched her beneath hooded lids.

“Keep your eyes on me,” she instructed him. “Don’t look away.”

His tongue darted over his bottom lip. “Not a chance. Go on. Do it.”

He arched his hips and she took his engorged cock into her hand, turning her head to maintain eye contact. She didn’t want to miss this. She wanted to remember how he looked the moment she took him into her mouth.

Placing a wide mouthed kiss to his tip, Samantha savored the taste of him. And she wanted more. She wanted to wring every last drop until he begged her to stop. Opening further, she surrounded his swollen cock head with her lips. Fiery steel heated her mouth as she closed around him and sucked hard.

“Jesus, Samantha.” Caleb grunted as his hands caressed her cheeks. “Keep going, sugar. Take it all.”

BOOK: Shadow of Sin (The Martin Family)
5.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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