Shattered Vows (The Denton Family Legacy Book 2)

BOOK: Shattered Vows (The Denton Family Legacy Book 2)






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This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, and places are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.




To taking a chance, and trying to live without regret.



The Denton Family Legacy, 2


Sam Crescent


Copyright © 2016




Chapter One


“Oh fuck, that’s so good, you’re so big. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Abel rolled his eyes as he slapped the woman’s ass. He was riding her asshole, plunging his condom-covered cock deep inside her, mainly because her pussy was too damn used. Gripping her hips, he plowed inside her, going deep. She was a whore used to being used. Most of the women in the brothels they owned were used to having all of their holes used, and Deidre was one of the women that had been at this game even when he was a boy. She was the first woman he’d ever fucked, and the one woman he kept coming back to for an easy lay.

There were times he hated the challenge of finding a new woman.

Deidre was an experienced whore who knew exactly what he liked, and never fucking complained if he didn’t take his time getting her off. Most of the time, she was just happy to have someone who knew how to fuck.

Slamming inside her, he filled the condom, groaning as he did. Slapping Deirdre’s ass, he pumped the last little bit of cum, and that was it. He didn’t linger, quickly pulling out of her gaping ass, and ridding the condom from his body. Abel was under no illusions that he would be the first man inside her body. He was the first one tonight, but he wouldn’t be the last. Deidre was known for her love of a good fuck.

“That was so fucking good,” she said. “I really need to start paying you.”

Abel smirked. “Babe, you couldn’t afford me.”

“I’ve been called a lot of things in my time, but babe is not one of them.”

He quickly pulled his clothes on, and wrapped the condom in some tissue, placing it in a disposable baggy to take with him.

Deidre rolled her eyes. “You know I’m not going to try to con a kid out of you.”

“Don’t care.” He never explained himself. This was what he did.

Abel finished dressing, running a hand down his jacket to make sure he was suited to be a Denton. His father demanded excellence, and he was more than happy to be that. A Denton was feared. He glanced in the mirror, satisfied with his appearance.

When he had time, he’d go home and shower the whore from his flesh. Until then, he had work to do. Heading toward the door, he glanced back at Deidre. “Let me know if anything bad happens. You’re in charge of the girls, remember?”

“I’ll keep an eye on things. It has taken a long time to clean out the trash on this red zone, babe. I won’t let it fall.”

Abel nodded. Just over a year ago, this red zone whore house had been dragged into the dirt by a disloyal employee, who no longer had the pleasure to breathe.

Deidre was a whore to the core, but she was also a damn good worker, and knew when things were spiraling out of control. If there were any signs, she’d call him, and he’d come running to make sure things were okay.

He was in charge of this fuckup, and if anyone tried to take it from the Denton family, they would pay for it. Deidre stood, pulling up her panties, and tucking her tits back into her bra.

Without another word, he left the room, and made his way back outside toward his waiting car. Climbing inside, he pulled up Jacob’s name, and waited for his brother to answer the call.

“What could you possibly want?”

“Got my weekly update from Deidre. Everything is good. The red zone is no longer a problem.”

“Good, Dad was pissed about that.”

“He had a good reason to be. Our Denton name has to instill fear, and if there is any doubt about us, we’ll get attacked. So how is married life?” Abel asked.

“I’ll call you later.”

Abel frowned. “What the fuck for? You want this—”

anniversary, Abel.”

He didn’t need to be told who
was. The whole family knew that Riley, twin brother to Jacob’s wife, Lou, had been killed. Fuck, most of them had been there to witness it, watching as Lou tried to save her brother. She was finally getting over it with the help of their family, but there were moments where she seemed to drift off. Abel put it down to that freaky twin connection they seemed to have going on. Totally fucking weird, but whatever. Lou was a good woman, a sweet woman, a little bitch at times, but Abel knew how to handle a woman with claws. She was also the mother of his first ever nephew, Riley Denton. That little reminder also made him wince. Jacob was away with Lou and Riley, and not due back home for a couple more days. His cell phone bill was going to be sky high.

“Call me when you’re free.”

Heading toward the casino where his father kept his main headquarters, he parked the car, and nodded toward the security team. The men were constantly changing, and Abel was not good when it came to names. Deidre was lucky he knew her name, as otherwise he’d be screaming someone else’s.

He used the elevator, waiting as it took him up to the top floor near his father’s office. Oliver and Gideon were each reading a magazine as he entered the main foyer. His father’s office was closed, which was rather unusual for a Friday when business was going down.

“What the fuck is going on?” Abel asked. “Mom and Dad screwing again?”

It was no secret that their parents couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Six sons and one daughter confirmed their need for each other. Also, there was that pesky little legacy, or curse as Abel liked to think of it, that caused some trouble. The Denton men had a little secret. Whenever they found their woman, the one woman who would be theirs for the rest of their life, they sensed it, they knew. There was no backing out, and according to Jacob, there was no way you could satisfy yourself with another woman. You became completely devoted to her. It sounded romantic, but Abel had learned there was also a danger of hurting people. His own uncle Stuart could attest to that. Marrying one woman, falling for the babysitter, and then knowing he’d hurt one, if not both women along the way.

The women they were supposed to fall for, they didn’t necessarily have the same feelings either. It wasn’t like looking across a crowded room, and the woman of your dreams feeling the same.

“It’s not Mom and Dad,” Gideon said. “They’re in there with Landon.”

Abel groaned. What had his little shit of a brother done now? Landon was now seventeen years old, had proven himself in a fight like all the Denton men had. From what Abel had learned, he had a lot of problems at school, staying out of fights.

“He got suspended, nearly expelled. Mom is going batshit crazy right now,” Oliver said.

“Little fucker needs to learn to behave.” Abel sat down in the chair, still smelling Deidre on him.

The door opened, and he watched as his mother, Charlotte, stormed out.

“Babe, seriously,” Maddox, their father, said, coming toward the door.

“I am tired of the whole Denton crap. I told you to hold off the fights, to deal with his need for fighting. You told me he’d get over it. You didn’t do anything about it, and I’m the one being called to the principal’s office. I’m the one who has to take him to school. Sort it, Maddox, or I mean we are going to have a serious talk.”

Abel was in shock. In all the years of his parents being together, there hadn’t been a single incident where she stormed out of the office.

“What did you do this time, Squirt?” Abel asked.

Landon looked pale. “She’s going to send me to boarding school.”

Gideon and Oliver lowered their magazines. “Mom said that?”

He whistled. “You must have seriously pissed her off for her to scream the boarding school vote. Wow, you’ll be the first Denton at boarding school.”

Every single Denton man, his uncles included, had all gone to public school. It didn’t matter that his parents could afford an expensive school, or a boarding school. Public school was just as good, and it helped shape them into men.

Abel laughed. “You’ll be forced to wear a suit, and talk all posh.”

“Fuck off,” Landon said.

Maddox clipped the back of Landon’s head. In the Denton household there was a set of rules, which they all had to abide by. If they crossed the line, or were naughty, they got punished. Whatever they did deserved the punishment it earned. “That is the last I hear from you. You’ve put another boy in the hospital, Landon. Your temper is going to get you in serious trouble one of these days. Your mother has had enough of dealing with your troubles, and I don’t blame her. You think I want a fucking thug for a son, think again. I want a man with brains, who knows when to back down. None of your brothers have been to prison, and I’ve never had to bail them out of jail. You, son, are going to learn to pick your game up, or I’ll make sure you never see the inside of a ring, or the Denton family, understood?”

“Yes, sir,” Landon said.

“Good, get in my fucking office. I want a three-thousand-word essay in the form of an apology.”

Landon groaned.

“Oh, I see, make it three thousand words. I want one for your mother, one for the boy, one for the parents of the boy, and one for the school.”

“That’s twelve thousand words!”

“Get writing, boy!”

Landon walked into the office.

“An essay? That’s it?” Oliver asked. “If it was one of us that sent Mom storming out, you’d have done worse.”

“You think Landon’s punishment is done? Oh, don’t worry, Oliver, I’m going to make sure he regrets ever crossing that line.”

His father knew how to punish his sons. Landon was in for a nightmare of a time. Abel couldn’t wait to watch, and to gloat.


“I don’t want to be here.”

Harper Mavis groaned as she looked around the glorious casino. It was like all other casinos, only bigger. Her friends, Lara and Betty, were trying to get over their recent breakups, so they wanted to come to a casino, which apparently had an awesome nightclub upstairs. Her friends had been before, but Harper didn’t like anything like this. She was more of a stay at home, study, and think about the future person. Gambling, partying, they damaged brain cells, and drinking, too. Alcohol was not good for the system. It made women lower their inhibitions, and teenage pregnancy was a huge issue. She wasn’t a teenager, but she also wasn’t twenty-one, either.

This was breaking so many rules, and as she glanced around at the bodyguards, she had to wonder why there were so many. It scared her a little. What was so good about this casino? Denton something-or-other.

“Oh, stop being a spoilsport, and have some fun. You know it’s going to be good.”

“I don’t know. It’s not really good, you know. You have given me a fake ID.” She was the only one out of all three of them who had one. Her friends were both twenty-one, and loved to rub it in her face all the wonderful things they could do. All they could do was drink. Harper didn’t see how exciting that was. She didn’t drink, nor did she smoke, or have sex of any kind. Yeah, she was a nerd, but that was more than fine with her.

“Sh, you want to get in, don’t you?” Lara said.

“What if I don’t get in?” Harper asked.

“I’ll give the bouncer a blowjob. It’ll be fine,” Betty said. “Show off your tits in that amazing outfit, and we’ll be fine.”

Harper glanced down at the dress they’d made her wear. She was a size sixteen on a good day. A bad day, a size eighteen, and in her dreams she was a size zero, but none of her dreams were ever going to come true. The dress was black, so it hid her added weight. She loved Lara and Betty as they were both happy for her to stay as she was. They were two women that believed beauty was deeper into the soul.

They had been friends since kindergarten, and while they were at college, they always looked out for each other, always.

Her feet were starting to hurt from the heels she was wearing. Who wore these kind of heels for fun, or even for sex? They were horrible, and each step she took she wanted to gasp out at the unfairness of her feet. When she got home tonight she was going to need a cold compress or something for her poor feet.


If she ever became someone of political power, she was banning heeled shoes. Walking into the elevator, she tried not to think of everything she was doing wrong. Her friends had a lot more guts about them.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she said.

The doors to the elevator closed, after which Betty shuffled her breasts, and Lara blatantly pulled her panties out of her ass.

“Charming,” Harper said.

“What? I’m not going to do it while I’m out there.”

“So what’s the plan? You two going to find men to go home with tonight?”

“Pretty much. If I’m lucky, it won’t take too long,” Betty said. “I want to prove that Billy’s cock was subpar. He thought a woman could orgasm by dick alone.”

Harper covered her ears. “This is too much for my tender ears.”

“You should be happy. We’re saving you,” Lara said.

“Yeah, your virgin self will never have to deal with two-stroke boys. The kind that don’t know what they’re doing. Have you used the vibrator we’ve gotten you?” Betty asked.

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