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Body to body now, Tracy growled into Levi’s mouth. This wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough. Levi sober…and fuck the man could kiss…he slid his hands down Levi’s hips and grabbed him behind his thighs, lifting him off the floor.

“Fuck, yeah,” Levi whispered against Tracy’s mouth. He wrapped his legs around Tracy’s hips, allowing Tracy to hold him pinned to the door.

“You taste just like I remember.” Tracy widened his stance and rocked into the erection pressed against his own. “Friday night. Fuck, Levi, I want…”

“Your desk. Want you inside me. Just like Friday night. Want you to make me feel it.” Levi’s breath came fast and hot as Tracy humped into him. He opened his eyes and gazed into Tracy’s, hands on his face, he swiped his thumb over Tracy’s lips. “Oh, fuck, Tracy, soon. I’m not going to—“

The door behind Levi’s head made a loud pounding noise. “Hey, Coach, are you in there?”

Tracy dropped Levi to the floor and bolted to the safety of his desk. He was so fucking hard, and the cargo shorts he wore had to be sporting a huge wet spot. Levi didn’t move, he seemed stunned, his shirt rode up his belly showing a fair amount of abs. The compression shorts he wore held him in check for the most part. His lips looked swollen.

“Levi, I’m sorry. That shouldn’t have happened,” he said quietly in the tense silence that filled the room. Levi nodded and licked his lips. The door banger pounded again, and Tracy growled. “I’m in a meeting. I’ll be out in five. Unless someone is bleeding or frothing at the mouth, stop banging on that door and wait outside,” he shouted over the noise.

“Yes, Coach,” came the muffled reply, and then there was silence.

Levi slumped over, hands on his knees as if he’d run suicides in hundred degree heat. “Is this how it happened Friday? Just boom?”

“Pretty much, yeah.” Tracy answered truthfully.

“Do you move this fast with all your boyfriends?”

Boyfriend? Is that what he thought this was? “When I really want to fuck a guy, yeah pretty much.”

“Jesus.” Levi stood up, swiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Tracy noticed the trembling was back. “We can’t do this. You’re the coach. What’s it called? Fraternization?”

“Christ, Brody, it’s not like you actually work for me. You’re a volunteer, unpaid…unless you thought this was…” he stopped as the thought occurred to him. Why would a championship winning quarterback be living in a trailer? “Do you need money? Is that why your brother bent over backward to get you on as a coach?”

“Wow, back to the insult Levi portion of the program. It’s a wonder you ever get laid.” Brody’s face changed dramatically, the anger he’d seen briefly resurfaced. Eyes flashing, he ripped the door open and stormed out into the hallway, turning left to make his way into the locker room proper. And all Tracy could do was sit and wonder what fresh hell he’d found himself in this week.



Chapter Five

Losing himself in the familiar rhythm of an afternoon practice calmed the panic that had plagued him since the final word from the front office had come down. Sidelined. Permanently. He didn’t know much about coaching a pack of squabbling kids; he’d always led his teams by example. Since he didn’t know any different, that’s what he did. Throwing himself into the calisthenics alongside the offensive line. Shouting encouragement and showing how to correct a stance when needed. All the while trying to keep his attention off the blond giant of a man with the whistle around his neck.

Tracy Wright. Something about that name rang a bell. The face ringing an even bigger bell. Levi knew at least five Tracys that were male. There was even one on the New Orleans team. But none of them were a Wright. After the sun went down and the crowd in the stands grew louder along with the cheerleaders bickering in the far end zone, Levi stopped moving. Something was off. Something that made practice work for him.

“What’s the matter, Brody? Is it your arm?” Wright shouted from the back of a tackle sled. Levi couldn’t tell if it was mocking or if there was concern in his voice. The whistle blew before he could tell the coach where to shove himself. “Five minute water break. Then pads on.”

The boys dropped their helmets on the field, and groaning, they all slunk over to the benches and the water stations. “You look like you saw a ghost. Did you pull the shoulder? Seriously, it’s not a game.”

“No. No, the shoulder is fine. I’m a bit out of shape after all this downtime, but I’m good.” Levi moved into a companionable walk beside the coach as he headed for the sideline. “It’s just. Something is missing. Can’t put my finger on…” Music came from the end zone, distracting him. The girls with pom-poms on hips moved into a dance routine. The music was recorded band music, but still, that’s what was missing. “Who has the best sound system in their ride?”

“LaShawn Johnson—you can hear him coming a mile away. Why?” Wright handed him a water bottle from the ice chest as he flexed his neck. “I’m getting too old for this shit. Going to start calling plays from the sidelines and grow a beer gut.” He downed the water in a gulp.

“Wouldn’t look good on you.” Levi watched his Adam’s apple bob as he drank. The music situation all but forgotten. “And you’re what, maybe thirty? Not too old.”

“Thirty-two. Too freakin' old to keep up with sixteen year olds. No wonder my daddy bought a four wheeler to get around the farm. I need to go get it and ride it around the field. Or one of those gyro things the cops down in Mobile use. Think it would set the budget back too much? Why do you want to know about Johnson’s sound system?” Wright talked while he rubbed the sweat away with a towel.

“Have him drive it into the stadium and park it down past the stands, would you?” Levi slapped the coach on the shoulder as he ran past him and into the parking lot. He leaned into his car, fishing through the junk in his backseat for his iPod, hoping the kid had a modern hookup. When he got back, a low-rider pickup truck with all the bells and whistles sat parked just past the south end zone, the cover over the bed raised.

“What you got there, Coach?” The tall kid strode over to him, a smile on his face, curiosity in his eyes, and Levi tossed him his device.

“You got a jack for that?”

The kid looked at the screen, his face split into a big grin at the title.
Who Dat Noise!
“Sure do.” Then he paused and looked over to where Coach Wright stood with his hands on his hips. “Unless Coach kicks my ass.”

“I’ll handle him. Put that on. And crank it up. We’re going to do this like they do in the pros.” Levi left him to start the music while he went to soothe over the growl he could see about to come from Wright’s mouth.

“What the fuck are you doing? We don’t need more distractions. The cheer squad is bad enough.” Wright shouted, and Levi got in his face and just stood there. Close. Too close. “This is my team.”

“Just give it a try, Coach. Music helps. We use…they use it in New Orleans. We used it in college. It helps practice flow. Just give it a chance.” He could tell he wasn’t getting through, so he leaned forward. “Give it a chance, and I’ll blow you after practice.”

Tracy turned red and stepped back. He looked around to see if anyone over heard. “Fuck, Brody, don’t say shit like that on the field.”

“I don’t fuck on the first date.” Levi couldn’t help but smile as the polar ice caps the man called eyes began a slow burn. He had no doubt that he was playing with fire by taunting the coach.

“You sure bent over fast enough Friday night, so what do you call that?” Tracy crossed his arms over his chest and looked down at Levi with a gotcha grin that made Levi want to do so much more than stand here and whisper-flirt with him.

“That wasn’t a date. When you take me out, we’ll talk about that other thing.” Levi heard the soft moan as he walked away. The music that pounded from the truck at that moment was the only thing he could hear, and because of the huge bass speakers in the back of the truck, feel. God, it felt so damned good to smell cut grass in summer, and sweat doing what he loved doing. Life didn’t get any better than this.


Life fucking sucked. Levi leaned under the spray, hands on the wall, trying to angle the heat to his shoulder and neck. He’d waited to strip down until after the kids were all gone. A couple of assistant coaches still hung around, finishing the clean up or their own showers. He heard one call out “night, Coach” from the hall and the outer door slamming closed echoed through the building. He was alone. Mostly. His body knew exactly who was left in the building and wanted to respond. Coach Wright. Damn, but he was a fucking gorgeous man. Levi kept his head down and tried to control his thoughts as the water beat down on his aching muscles.

“Looks like you overdid it.” He hadn’t heard footsteps. The voice so close startled him into looking up just as Tracy dropped his shorts to the floor. Not good. The Viking King naked in the same shower with him…oh SO not good. He focused on the tile on the floor. The same tile he knew by heart from the years he’d counted squares to keep from checking out his teammates, and their oh-so-exposed anatomy that made his brain turn to mush.

“Probably. I’ll be feeling it in the morning. But it’s a good burn.” He didn’t look up when the shower beside him came on. He could see big feet in his peripheral. Big pretty feet. His dick woke up to take a peek. Without thinking, he reached up to turn off the water too fast, pain ripped through his shoulder. Tiny pinpricks of light flashed behind his eyes. “Fuck.” He tucked the arm against his chest and focused on breathing until the pain passed.

“Just breathe.” Gentle fingers closed over his shoulder, applying pressure that made him hiss. “Don’t clutch up, relax the muscle.” Concern laced his voice, and Levi slowly did as he was told as Tracy massaged him. “What does it feel like?”

“Needles shooting up and down my arm. My fingers are numb.” He replied as Tracy moved down his arm, allowing him to straighten his elbow and continue down to his fingers. “Nerve damage mostly. My fingers are numb most of the time. I can hold a fork or a pen now. I couldn’t even do that in January. Fuck, that feels good.” Somehow the massage went from therapeutic to erotic, he leaned back against the larger man.

“Yeah? Maybe you did this just to get my attention.” Lips grazed his neck. Tracy continued to massage his fingers with one hand as he wrapped the other around Levi’s body and pulled him back against him. Levi leaned into the kiss.

“Still not a date.” He turned his hand in Tracy’s and linked their fingers. Bringing their hands up to his chest, he held him there.

“You promised to blow me if I allowed the music. I haven’t forgotten.” Tracy’s voice fell to a whisper as evidence of his arousal grew against Levi’s back.

“Did I? I don’t remember. Must have been desperate.” Levi moaned as Tracy moved against him. Slowly at first, his dick sliding between Levi’s ass cheeks, the head hot against his lower back. He wanted to lean against the wall, to angle his body to take what Tracy offered. “Feels so good. Would feel better inside me.” He angled his head to face Tracy. Blue eyes filled with lust met his. Spray from the shower fell over his head, flattening his hair and spiking his eyelashes. “Kiss me.”

Tracy complied, his lips hot and wet against Levi’s, his tongue darting out to taste him. “No condoms. God, I want to just bend you over and make you mine,” he said between soft teasing kisses.

“This will have to do.” Levi reached behind and angled Tracey’s dick between his legs, easing it between his cheeks so that the head rubbed against his hole and under his balls as Tracy fucked against him, his breath gone harsh. Levi squeezed his legs tight together eliciting a deep moan from the man. “Tell me you locked the door.”

“I locked the door.” Tracy wrapped his hand around Levi’s dick and pulled him flush against his body. One hand still holding Tracy’s, Levi reached between his legs to tease Tracy’s head, gasping each time the hard ridge slid past his balls into his hand. “Fuck, this is incredible.”

“Not fucking! There’s no fucking in the locker room shower! You need to get out more.” The sting of the words were tempered by the moan that Tracy dragged from him. “We need to date. Soon. Or go find a condom.”

“Why? Your ass feels good just like this.” Tracy licked his lips again, his hand slowly bringing Levi closer to gushing hearts and teddy bears all over the man.

“Bent against the wall with you balls deep would be…fuck, Tracy, your dick sliding against my balls is incredible.”

“I already said that. Next time I’ll bend you over something. Bring a condom. Fuck, I’m going to come.”

“Dinner, first. Come now, yeah, I can do that.” Levi shuddered against the huge wet body holding him up, hot cum filled his hand as Tracy pumped into him, his guttural moan sending Levi spiraling out of control. He covered Tracy’s hand with his cum-coated fingers and squeezed, adding his own slick to the heat in his hand.

They stood still, breathing hard, soft kisses when their mouths met. “You are aware that you just violated about a million school codes.” Levi chuckled, pressing his forehead into Tracy’s neck. “And fulfilled a serious fantasy of mine.”

“You wanted to fuck a coach in the locker room?” Tracy’s voice broke as he spoke, his stubbled jaw grazing Levi’s forehead.

“He was a student intern from the university in Mobile. But yeah, tenth grade, my first year starting, I would have done just about anything to get him to notice me. What about you? Any fantasies you want to confess?” He felt Tracy stiffen behind him. Cool air filled the space between them as the coach slid from between his legs and stepped away. He took the bottle of body wash Levi had on the shelf in front of them and soaped up his body before handing the wash over to Levi. “Come on, Coach, I told you something personal. It’s called getting to know each other.” Levi slathered up his balls and stomach to clean away the cum while Tracy did the same.

“I had a crush on the quarterback. And not the one at my school. A rival school. I think the unrealistic fantasy of sharing a locker room with that school and getting the chance to… Stop laughing, I was sixteen, and all our coaches were old married fat guys.” Tracy rinsed, shaking his head as he turned off the shower. His smile made Levi’s heart skip a beat. Just post-sex infatuation, nothing to get excited about.

BOOK: Sidelined
13.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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