Six Months To Love: Charlotte's Redemption (12 page)

BOOK: Six Months To Love: Charlotte's Redemption
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The impact caused John's head to slam into the window and bounce off. He held on to Andrew with everything he had. The smell of oil mixed with gas stung his nose as the accident began to sink in further. The sound of the horn was deafening. He tried to focus his senses. Pain pierced his side. Dazed, he tried to move, only to look over and find Andrew slumped over unconscious. Andrew, Andrew he tried to call out but John wasn’t sure if his voice even sounded out loud.  Fear swept through him. He groaned as he tried to move. Magda's car horn was still blaring, or was it Dax's? John couldn't tell. His head was pounding and felt heavy. Sleep was trying to take over. John fought it with everything he had.  Worst of all he couldn't get Andrew awake. John felt lost and scared. Overwhelming emotions raced through him, adrenaline made him sick and nauseated. Blood dripped down Andrews face; Swollen and bruised, black on the side of his face, where he more than likely hit the window.

As John tried to wiggle and move, he looked down to find himself jammed between the door and the seat. The more John moved the worst the pain became. The pain felt like a thousand swords jabbing him in the side. Hot and wet, John ran his hand down his side to his leg to find out where he was pinned.  John’s hand touched a lot hot metal and he followed it straight into his side, just above his hip. Panic tore through him at the realization he had been impaled by parts of the car. John felt something wet and hot at his side. He moved slowly. When he raised his left hand he saw a deep red sticky substance, the look of a thick red wine.


Everything went black as he tried to hold on to consciousness.

A knock at Charlotte’s door woke her. She snapped awake unaware of when she had fallen asleep. She was fighting the lasting effects of the anesthesia from her scan and blood work earlier. Excitement flowed and made her anxious waiting on news from John or Mr. Black. Charlotte was hopeful that no news was good news.

Ms. Nelson got up and answered the door. She stepped aside as two New York City police officers walked in. They passed Ms. Nelson without another word or even a simple thank you and walked straight toward Charlotte. At that moment Charlotte’s stomach sank.

“Mrs. Ranger?”

“Ye…Yes.” Charlotte’s voice was shaky and fought to hold back tears. She wanted to heave as her stomach twisted against her.

“There was an accident and…”

Before they could finish the doctor broke in and snapped at the two officers standing there. His voice carried and his eyes were furious.

“What in the hell is going on here? Who the fuck do you think you are coming in here and upsetting my patient? She is in no condition to see visitors for any reason, and her blood pressure is sky rocketing.”

“Sir, we apologize but we have urgent news.”

Cut off again the doctor lowered his eyes in severe warning at the two cops.

“Urgent or not you cannot upset her like this, it’s not safe for her or the baby.” Charlotte couldn’t breathe. Being torn different ways, she tried to register all that had just happened. Accident. John, Andrew. Mr. Black. Baby?

“What baby?” Charlotte wasn’t sure if her voice even made an audible sound.

“Charlotte my dear, you’re pregnant. About two months along.”



Christina Leija is a proud military spouse and mother of three beautiful children who was raised in Colorado. Currently residing in Tennessee, at Fort Campbell Army Base. Adventurous and outgoing, she is always giving back to others and fully supporting those around her.  She holds a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology, is a certified Peace Officer and currently Teaches Criminal Justice at Daymar College. Writing is a passion of hers and is defined with the heart of personal experience and perseverance to complete any goal she sets out.


BOOK: Six Months To Love: Charlotte's Redemption
11.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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