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9:30pm Jase

Jase sat to the left of Bigfella. Opposite him sat The Doctor, the senior Vice President. Around the table the other members of the leadership council sat. T-Bone, Bottle, Lonnie, Brodie and Eag. The mood was serious.

Jase looked at Bigfella was the Presid
ent of the club, and the oldest member there. He was also the most striking as he had waist length gray hair which was always braided. After welcoming everyone he got down to business. "Jase, do you have any idea why the Mexicans would be after you?"

sighed. "Not a clue. Nothing. There haven't been any S.O.M.E. problems with them. I've not been in any fights lately. I've not even spoken to any of them in weeks."

"Anyone else? Any ideas?" Big Fella looked around the table expectantly and seemed a little
surprised at who answered.

"I might have an idea." It was The Doctor who spoke. In his current getup he looked every bit the biker badass, and his voice was firm and strong as he spoke, "I was reached out to last week. I wanted everyone to hear this. Sorr
y for not bringing up to you first Bigfella, but I think everyone should hear."

Jase leaned back in his chair as he listened, curious as to where this was going. "Who reached out to you? About what?"

"The Koreans." The room erupted in surprised gasps. The Koreans were into heavy shit and had not been friendly to the Sons in the past.

Bigfella spoke again, "What the hell did they want?"

"They want to do business. They have some product they want to move, and they want us to help move it. Through our security contacts and our regular networks." The Doctor looked directly at Jase as he spoke. Jase was in charge of the security company the club run. As they provided doormen for a number of clubs and bars, they also controlled the drugs there. Weed, pills, coke, mostly.

Bigfella looked at the doctor, "Why'd they contact you?"

The Doctor grinned, "One of their guys works at the hospital. They know we're not real friendly to them, so I guess they thought speaking to me in the hospital would avoid any surprises. Or chances of confrontation."

Jase looked at the Doctor "So you told them to fuck off, right?"

The other VP looked at Jase with a cold look. "I thought we should bring it to the table. And in light of today's events, I think that was a good idea. Don't you?"

ase saw Brodie catch Bigfella's eye and received a nod in return, allowing him to speak. "Call me a fuckin idiot if you like," he grinned good-naturedly as Bottle and Lonnie complied, "but what's the connection here?" A couple of the other members nodded, not understanding the link. "What the fuck does the Mexicans going after Jase have to do with the Koreans speaking to the Doctor?"

Jase thought he had a pretty good idea what was going on. Sitting forward again Jase spoke, "I guess the Mexicans got wind o
f what was up, and they don't want us dealing with the Koreans. Right?"

The Doctor nodded. "Yep that'd be my guess too. Approaching me in the hospital was stupid. Half the janitorial staff are Mexicans, and you know they all know each other. Everyone's som
eone's cousin twice-fucking-removed."

"Or fucking someone's cousin," said Lonnie to mumbled laughter.

"Of course," said Jase, "this just goes to show the Mexicans are fucking idiots. We're not going to have anything to do with the Koreans, right?"

Jase's o
pen question drew a couple of approving nods from the men seated around the table. Of course they weren't going to have anything to do with the Koreans.

The Doctor spoke again, "Of course, dealing with them is far too risky. I mean, it's potentially a lot
of money, but we're doing well enough on our own, right?"

The nods of agreement were halfhearted. They weren't doing that great on their own. Jase felt several pairs of eyes looking at him. The security company was making a profit, but not that much. They
weren't exactly living big these days. But then again, what the fuck did The Doctor, or Bottle, or even Bigfella bring to the table for that matter? Lonnie and Brodie had a thing going with some women; putting the party chicks to work as they called it, but that shit hadn't gotten all that far yet.

"How much?" said the previously quiet man in the corner.

The Doctor looked over, "Well Eag, let's just say they talked six figures. Big six figures." The room was filled with muttering as each of them figured out just precisely what that meant. It meant they'd be rich.

Jase looked over at the Doctor, his voice w
as unimpressed as he asked, "And what exactly is it they want us to distribute? I'm assuming it's not pot, we already do that and it’s barely a five figure business a year. It ain't a six figure business a month."

"Crystal meth." There was muttering around
the table.

Bigfella raised his voice, "We don't deal that shit! We've never dealt that shit, and we ain't gonna start now. Let's vote it!"

Jase breathed a sigh of relief, glad Bigfella hadn't been swayed by the promise of more money than their club had ever seen. Bigfella had clearly seen the danger of further talk when that much money was on the table.

He should have guessed of course. Bigfella hated heroin with a fiery passion, and there were certain other drugs he lumped in together with it -- crystal m
eth and crack were equally deserving of his ire.

The Doctor spoke again, "Of course, you're right, I just felt the issue should be brought to the table. All in favor of doing business with the Koreans say 'aye.'"

Only one man said 'Aye', and of course that man was Eag. Jase wasn't surprised, if there was one thing Eag loved it was pussy, and if there was one thing he loved even more than pussy it was money.

"The motion
is denied." Bigfella looked around the table. "All right. Go fuck some bitches and drink some fucking whiskey. Jase, Brodie, stay here a minute."

Brodie sighed and caught Jase's eye. They both had things they'd rather be doing.

"Sorry boys. Brodie, I want you to clear this shit up with the Mexicans. Let them know we ain't doing shit with the Koreans. End this before it begins."

Brodie nodded. Jase could see the pride in Brodie's eyes. He'd only been brought up
to the leadership council a month before, and this was the first time he'd been given a direct order from Bigfella on serious club business. "I'll get on it first thing boss."

Bigfella sighed. "Sorry Brodie. I want you to get out there tonight."

Jase saw Brodie look crestfallen. He knew exactly what Brodie wanted to be doing tonight. Or who, anyway. But of course he didn't, couldn't, complain. "Sure thing."

"Alright. Get with you."

Brodie pushed his chair back. "Later," he said to Jase and they bumped their fists together. "Keep Juicy warm for me?"

Jase laughed. "Uh-uh. That dirty girl's all yours brother. I'm stickin' with the sweetness.

"That what you calling her?"

"Maybe I am." Jase realized he quite liked the nickname. He'd have to start using it on Nicole.

When Brodie had left and closed the door, Bigfella turned to face Jase.

"Son, I don't think I like this."

Jase didn't like the so
und of where this was going.





9:40 Nicole


I sat next to my roommate, still pissed off. "You're a real bitch sometimes, you know that?"

Lucy giggled. "Sorry hon. I just wanted to see it for my own eyes."

What the hell.

"You know. Good girl Nicole getting down and dirty with a bad boy biker." She giggled again.
She's weird.

I let out a laugh. "Well I guess you missed out."

Lucy raised her eyebrows at me and leaned in. "Did he taste good?"

I smacked her on the arm and giggled. "Lucy!"
What is wrong with that girl!
She was funny though. She knew how to make me feel embarrassed in a second.

She wasn't done teasing me yet though. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Let me have a taste."
Again, w
hat the hell?
I turned to look at her, not comprehending, until she pressed her lips against mine and ran her tongue across.

"Oh yeah!" A pledge with long greasy red hair leaned in. "Don't stop."

I pulled my head back sharply. "What the hell Lucy!"

Umm umm. Your biker bad boy tastes almost as good as mine.”

I gave her a sharp look.
She could be so annoying sometimes. "Hey BK, get me a beer, please?"

"Sure thing." A bottle appeared in front of me and I sipped it sullenly.

Lucy ordered one of her own. "Sorry Nicole, I was just trying to have a little fun."

I sighed. "I know. But just..." I paus
ed to think. "...just chill out a bit, would you? I'm not as wild as you."
I'm not, am I? Today's been a weird day.

Lucy grinned, pleased that my mood had lightened again. "Anyway, you looked pretty wild in Jase's trailer. I saw you, on your knees with you
r hands all over his ass."

I let out another embarrassed laugh, "Can we please talk about something else now?"
I guess I did look pretty wild.

It looked like Lucy was about to say something when the red headed asshole made a reappearance. Rage surged throu
gh me as the asshole grabbed Lucy and me by the hair, and tried to shove our mouths together again. "Less talking, more kissing sluts."

We both resisted but our heads were being pressed inexorably closer together.
Fucking asshole!
In a rage I lashed out with my elbow and somehow caught him at the top of his stomach.

The asshole let out an 'Oof' as we were both able to free ourselves from his grip.

"Fuck you!" said Lucy as she span her barstool to face him and gave him a powerful kick in the stomach with her fuck-you boot.

I don't know what came over me as I joined her. The pledge was now doubled over and his head was at the perfect height for my boot. With a flex of my knee I sent it flying into his face.
Take that you fucking fuck. Fuck you asshole.

"Is this prick
bothering you?" It was The Doctor. He'd reappeared from the meeting room. Without waiting for a response he grabbed the pledge by the hair and marched off with him.

Lucy looked at me wide-eyed. "I didn't think you had it in you!"

I just grinned. Adrenaline was pouring through me.
Neither did I, Lucy, neither did I.

I picked up my bottle of beer again and raised it
to my lips, taking another sip, proud of myself, if still a little shaken.

Lucy clinked her bottle against mine. "You are now a genuine badass Nicole. Now are you ready to get initiated?"

Fuck. Initiated? I forgot about that.

Luckily I didn't have to think about that just yet as I saw my savior walking towards us.



9:40 Jase

Jase looked at Bigfella. "What's up Bigfella?"

He sighed. "I don't know Jase, I don't-fuckin-know. But something ain't right."

Jase sighed. He agreed. He wasn't sure why exactly, but he could feel it too. "What do you think is going on?"

"This shit with the Mexicans. It doesn't make fucking sense. Why
the fuck would they target
in particular? You said you haven't even spoken to them in weeks."

Jase nodded. "Yeah. It's weird. I guess just because I'm a VP or something?"

"Then why not The Doctor?"

Jase thought for a moment before replying. "Well I guess he's higher profile, right? A fuckin' doctor at the hospital getting whacked would be major news. A fucking bouncer like me? Who'd give a shit, apart from the club."

Bigfella clapped Jase on the shoulder. "Plenty of shits would be given. But I don't think that's it. Why the fuck would they be so upset over us doing business with the Koreans anyway? It doesn't make any fucking sense at all."

Jase nodded. "And there was one thing bothering me."

"What's that?"

Jase leaned forward. "Why'd they use fucking meth heads? They've got enough of their own guys. Why pay some incompetent white boy drug addicts instead of using their own men."

Bigfella nodded, his great mane of hair shaking as he did so. "Yep. Look Jase, I think someone's got it out for you. Thing is, I don't think it's the Mexicans."

Jase nodded. It hurt to admit it, but it seemed to be the case.

"Those assholes are still in the warehouse right? I know you spoke to them before, but I want them spoken to again. Spoken to

With a grim face Jase nodded. He knew what that meant. The Doctor. With his medical training he knew better than anyone how to get information out of someone who didn't want to speak. That, and he was used to blood and screams from working in
an ER. It was dirty work, but sometimes it had to be done.

"Alright. I'll let him know. Anything else?"

Bigfella sighed. "No. This is fucked though. Someone's trying to fuck with us, and the only person I like fucking me are slutty young bitches. I do not want to be fucked by the Mexicans. I do not want to be fucked by the Koreans. And I definitely don't want to be fucked by whoever-the-fuck-it-is fucking with us right now."

Jase almost grinned; Bigfella certainly had a way with words. But the situation was too serious for that.

"Now, I heard you brought some bitch in today. Good. Go fuck her and forget about this shit for a while."

Jase nodded. He wished he wouldn't refer to her as a bitch, but he knew that was just Bigfella's way.

They stood and hugged, clapping each other on the back, before Jase headed out the door. He left the older man behind, who remained sitting at the head of the table, his brow furrowed as he sat and thought.




Jase fought his way across the noisy clubhouse floor and then cursed. The Doctor was dragging away Red, one of the new pledges, from Nicole and Lucy. He hurried over.

"Are you girls okay? What happened?"

Lucy and Nicole exchanged glances and grinned. "We're good. We took care of it." They clinked their bottles together. Jase shook his head.
Thank fuck for that.

"Give me a minute
, I gotta talk to The Doctor about something."


BOOK: Sons of Mayhem 2: Blood and Whisky
7.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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