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Getting out of bed was the third suckiest thing that happened that Sunday. "I'm so sorry babe. I
make it up to you."


He could see the disappointment in her face. "Promise. Wait here until I figure out what's going on, okay?"


He gave her a final kiss that lingered longer than it should have given the urgency of the situation before heading down to the clubhouse.

By the time he'd arrived the cops had already
gone. They couldn't have been there more than two minutes all told. T-Bone, Bottle, Lonnie and Eag were waiting grim-faced for Jase when he joined them. Jase wasn't surprised that The Doctor wasn't there, as far as he knew he hadn't returned to the clubhouse to interrogate the meth heads the night before.

"Into the meeting room." Jase's voice allowed no question. The club house was being cleaned by a couple of pledges as they headed through the door bearing the Sons of Mayhem mural.

Jase sat in his customary space, to the left of where Bigfella should have been. His distinct absence made it clear what had happened.

"What'd they say? Why'd they take Bigfella away?"

Eag spoke first, his voice soft but clearly distressed. "He was arrested for a double homicide."

" Jase was shocked. There was no way Bigfella had done anything like that. As far as he knew, Bigfella had been in the clubhouse all day yesterday. In fact, he barely left at all these days, except to ride.

"They said they had video of him shoo
ting some Mexicans last night." There were mutters of
around the table.


"Around 6:30."

"He was here then, right?" Jase's tone was serious, but sounding a little more relieved.

"I'm sure he was here. I was here from about 5pm, and I didn't see him leave." Lonnie spoke confidently.

"You're sure?"

Lonnie laughed. "Well, it's Bigfella. I saw him go down to his room with some party chick. I can't imagine him running out on her to go whack a couple of people."

"All right then. So it's clearly a misunderstanding, right? Eag, what's our next step?" As a former lawyer the Sons always went to him with any of their brushes of the law. Even if he couldn't represent them, he could offer free advice.

Eag spoke clearly, and for once everyone gave him respectful attention. "We'll have him out in no time. Tomorrow at the latest. Once they realize we have a dozen people who can verify he was here they'll have to let him out."

Jase looked almost relaxed at the good news. "Okay
. Let's go down to the station. I'll talk to Jimmy and Bigfella." Jimmy was a classmate of Johnny's back in school. While they weren't exactly friends, their relationship wasn't hostile either. Jimmy was just a deputy, but he could still provide useful information.

The men stood up as one and began to filter out of the room. "Yo Eag, call Doc and tell him what's up, will ye?"

"Aye aye."
We're not fucking pirates, asshole.

When he exited the room Jase intended to walk straight through the clubhouse to his bi
ke outside, but on the way he was accosted by a bleary eyed girl. "Hey Jase, do you know what happened to Brodie? He didn't come back last night."

now Lucy. He's probably banging some Spanish broad."

Her face looked hurt but he didn't have time for t
hat shit. Jase stormed outside to the row of motorcycles and jumped on his, starting it and peeling out of the parking lot.

Usually he liked to baby her when he started her first thing in the morning, let her warm up, then enjoy the sound of her slow rumb
le for a while before going anywhere. But not today. Today he was in a hurry.




Jase's voice was firm. "You gotta let him out Jimmy. We've got half a dozen, a
, witnesses who can put him in the clubhouse last night." They were standing in the lobby of the sheriff's office, empty except for Jase, the deputy and the large framed woman at the desk.

Jimmy looked apologetic. "It's not my call Jase, you know that. Thi
s one's all on the sheriff."

"That's fucking bullshit and you know it." Jase's voice was rising at the absurdity of the situation.
We can fucking prove he wasn't there!

Jimmy sighed, "Jase. I've seen the tape. It was night, but seriously, it was him. It wa
s Bigfella. He's the only one in your crew who looks like that."

A pang of doubt shot through Jase.
Had he been there all night? Jimmy wouldn't lie about something like this. Would he?

"Let me talk to him."

"You get five minutes." Jimmy led Jase down to an interview room and let him sit down. "Back in a tick."

Jase drummed his fingers on the table as he watched his blond-haired schoolmate walk out the door to the cells. Jimmy wasn't a bad guy.

He didn't have to wait long. A couple of minutes later Bigfella walked in looking thoroughly pissed off, his long braided mane hanging down over his shoulders swinging as he entered.

Jase stood up and bumped his fist against the president's in greeting, followed by a strong hug. They both sat down.

"Do you know what the fuck's going on?" Jase asked.

Bigfella sighed. "This shit is fucked up Jase. I don't know what the fuck is happening. They said they've got video of me shooting some 'spics."

"You were in the clubhouse right? We gotta get everyone who saw you around then to make a statement."

Bigfella sighed. "You know what I was doing, right?"

Jase raised an eyebrow, "Some chick, right?"

Bigfella banged the table, "Some nineteen year old red headed party-girl-wannabe" He cackled as he spoke, apparently delighted at the

Jase laughed. Bigfella was unstoppable. As far as he could tell, he'd been banging different chicks nonstop for most of the last forty years. That was also the cause of most of his failed marriages.

"When were you with her from?"

"I guess about six
, to maybe around seven, seven thirty. That girl can
, if you know what I mean." Jase knew what he meant. Bigfella wasn't subtle.

"Well fuck. You see the problem, right?"

"What? Oh."

"You were banging just that chick for the whole time the murders took place. I mean, she's still a witness, but fuck."

Bigfella muttered something. "Well shit. It should be enough right?"

"I don't know. I guess. We've got witnesses to say they didn't see y
ou leave. They just can't actually verify you were there. Fuck. Who was the chick?"

"I don't know her name. Ask The Doctor, she was a nurse or some shit. She was there last week too. I think that was the first time."

Jase nodded. "Cool. I'll get him to track her down. Eag reckons we'll have you out of here by tomorrow. This video's gotta be bullshit."

Bigfella grinned. "Thanks. I'm glad we've got you to rely on. The Doctor's great, but he's so busy with all that hospital shit."

They pushed back their chairs and stood up just as Jimmy opened the door. "Time to pack it up boys. The sheriff just got back."

They hugged and Jase headed out the door to the lobby while the deputy put Bigfella back in his cell. Jase was about to head out the door of the building whe
n the sheriff pushed it open.

The sheriff looked at him with a look of contempt. "The fuck are you doing here?"

Jase looked coldly at the Hispanic law enforcer. Despite being the children of immigrants he'd developed a reputation for being an absolute asshole to just about everyone. To the Sons, to the Mexicans, to the blacks. No one was safe from his dickishness. Jase gave no response.

"Get the fuck out of my office."

Get the fuck out of my way and I might.
Jase waited for the sheriff to pass him, and then headed out of the door. As he exited he could hear the sheriff yelling, "Jimmy what the fuck was that--" his voice faded as the door swung shut behind him.

It was time to do the police's job for them and find the redhead who'd been with Bigfella the night b

Jase got on his motorcycle and headed out. Little did he know his day was about to go from shitty to a full on clusterfuck.





I lay in Jase's bed waiting for him to come back.  The window was open and a gentle breeze and cool desert aromas washed over my naked body. The sheets didn't cover me. I simply lay there, letting the breeze kiss me awaiting his return.

When Jase didn't co
me back, I found myself dozing off again. I was half-asleep, half-awake, my mind only on him.

In my mind he was kissing me, but not just on the lips; he was kissing me everywhere. Like in the warehouse, but softer, gentler, slower, like we had forever. I i
magined him exploring every inch of my body, teaching me pleasures I'd never known. My fingers, my hands; my legs, my thighs; my cheeks, my lips; my breasts, my pussy.

I imagined doing the same to him; kissing and licking every inch of his hard, tattooed b
ody, pleasuring and teasing him with my tongue and fingers, my breasts, my pussy.

Then in my mind he changed. He was no longer gentle. I imagined him pinning me down and taking me. Ravishing me. Fucking me whether I wanted it or not (and oh, how I did). In
my dreams he looked angry as he took me, pounded me, hurt me, pleasured me, filled me. Not angry at me, but using me for a release, a remedy for his rage.

He pinned my ankles behind my head with a strong hand as he forced himself into me over and over, m
y moans and screams, my yelps and gasps only driving him on, making him force himself onto me, into me, ever more roughly as pain and pleasure overwhelmed me in ever increasing waves.

I was hot and wet and gasping when I was awoken by a scream. A primal s
cream. A scream of fear and pain. And I recognized the voice. It was Lucy.

I jumped out of bed, my head swimming with imagery, my mind foggy and confused, delirious from rapidly diminishing arousal. I quickly pulled on my shirt and shorts, not bothering wi
th underwear. I glanced at the fuck-me boots on the floor.
Fuck it

I opened the door and jumped out of the trailer, my bare feet pounding the flat roof of the clubhouse as I ran to the staircase.

The metal was cool on my soles as I scampered down. The shriek had turned to sobbing. Awful, wailing, sobbing. It was coming from outside. Instead of going in the back door I ran around the side of the building to the source, to Lucy.

Small stones dug into my feet, but I ignored the pain. I had to find out what th
e matter was.

I ran around the corner and saw Lucy being held in a bear-hug by The Doctor. At first I was confused.
What's the matter?
But then I saw it and let out a whimper of my own.

"Oh God." My voice was a hoarse whisper. I'd never seen anything like this before, never experienced this kind of horror. My body immediately started to shake and I dropped to my knees.

On the ground in front of Lucy was a head. A bloody head with a long, thick beard. It was Brodie.

As I dropped to my knees I heard the distant thunder of an approaching motorcycle.
Please be Jase, please be Jase, please be Jase.


To Be Continued...


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BOOK: Sons of Mayhem 2: Blood and Whisky
9.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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