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I sipped my hot toddie and felt the warmth begin to spread through my body. My goose bumps were gone and I was beginning to feel good.

While Lonnie and Eag traded insults I let their voices fade into the roar of the loud rock music, my attention drawn by something equally interesting. Behind the bar was a mirror, and in the reflection of the mirror I could see the front door. As I took a sip that was closer to a gulp I saw an unlikely looking spectacle which caused me to turn around and watch.

At the front
door a rather out of place man entered. He was wearing round glasses which made him appear to be squinting, and he was wearing an expensive looking dress shirt and tie, and carrying a briefcase.
What on earth is he doing here?
Surrounded by rough looking men in leather he seemed very out of place.

Then I watched something strange unfold. Lonnie went over and greeted him, and they shook hands and hugged. I couldn't hear a word they said over the din of the loud rock music, but they clearly knew each other.

The bespectacled man placed his briefcase on a table and raised his hands to his face. The man removed his glasses, and then undid his necktie. As he began to undo the buttons of his shirt I noticed that he actually filled it out very well; although he'd looked kind of dorky when he first entered, he was actually quite well built underneath.

The man stripped off his shirt and my eyes bulged. The geek had been transformed. Underneath the dress shirt he was wearing a Harley Davidson wife-beater and I could no
w see the very visible tats completely covering his arms, giving him a full set of sleeves.
Holy shit. Appearances can be deceptive.

"That's the doctor." Eag hadn't said a word while I'd been staring. Apparently he'd been watching me watching the man.

"He's actually a doctor?" I asked, surprised and somewhat impressed. When I'd first scene him enter I would have believed it in an instant. But after seeing him turn himself into a full on biker-bad-boy the idea almost seemed preposterous.

"Yep. A real doctor
and a real Son."

"No shit?"

"No shit. He's also the other VP."

I raised an eyebrow at him. "I thought Jase is VP?"

He looked at me like I was an idiot.
How the hell am I supposed to know this stuff?
"Well he is. And so is the doc."

I watched as The Doctor made his way over to us.

"Good evening Eag," he looked at me seemingly confused, "you."

"It's Nicole," I said

"Uh-huh." He didn't seem interested in the slightest.
Well fuck you buddy.
The Doctor sat on the barstool on the other side of Eag and as they turned to face each other I was once again left alone.

I finished my hot toddie and then reached for Jase's. I'd just taken my first sip of my second drink when a welcome face appeared. I was beginning to get bored, but Jase made
sure that didn't happen.



0pm Nicole

I felt a thrill run through me as we left the raucous din of the main clubroom and headed down a hallway.
Where's he going to take me?
My hand felt small inside his. Small, but it fit perfectly.

He was giving me a tour, but I think we both knew that's not all he, we, had in mind.
Will we get more than a few minutes alone?

"There's a kitchen there. If you want something I'll get a pledge to cook something up for you. Then down here are the rooms."

"The rooms?"
What rooms? Is he going to take me into a room?
My mind began to wander as I thought about what he might do to me, and what I might do to him.

"Yeah, sometimes the guys stay here. This one here, that's Bigfella's. This one is Brodie's. Then the next one is Bottle's. The other
s are for whoever."

I frowned. "You don't get one?"

"Nope," he grinned at me.
He's hiding something!
"I got the penthouse, baby."

I laughed. "The penthouse? Uh-huh. Sure."

He laughed again. "Seriously. Okay, it's not a fancy penthouse or anything, but it's still the penthouse. I mean, it's what we call it."

I was intrigued. What did he mean? I conti
nued to follow him as we passed the doorways and reached the end of the hallway. Jase opened a doorway that led outside to what I figured was the back of the clubhouse.

The cool desert air filled my lungs and I breathed deeply. It was refreshing to be outs
ide again after the mayhem of the clubhouse interior.

I followed Jase around a corner to a metal spiral staircase. "Come on." He continued to hold my hand behind him as he led me up the winding stairs to the roof of the Sons of Mayhem headquarters.

When we got to the top he stopped. "Look." He waved his hands up towards the sky.

I looked up and gasped. It was beautiful. The music from inside was faint and now the night time sounds of the living desert were dominant. Up above the sky was blanketed with stars
. It was a perfectly clear night.

"Come on." I was disappointed to look down, and then saw where Jase was leading me. Ahead of us, in the middle of the roof, was a trailer.
Penthouse. Haha. Whoever heard of a trailer penthouse?

Jase grinned, he seemed prou
d of it. "I told you it's not much. But it's mine. And it keeps me away from the ruckus downstairs. Wanta see?"

What's he going to show me?




We stood facing each other inside his small trailer, his jacket still wrapped around my shoulders. My head spun, just a little, but I wasn't sure if it was from the drinks or from the man in front of me.

I thought back to a week before, when I'd finally decided I'd had enough of my boring life, and wanted something more exciting.
Well holy shit, I guess my life certainly did get more exciting. And where the hell is Lucy?

Jase's voice was low and rich as he spoke, "What a day. But thank God I finally got you alone. I promised, right?"

I nodded. In my lightheaded state and after the day I'd had I found myself becoming someone I'd never been before. Not a totally different me, but more confident, cocky. Seductive. "Oh yeah? What are you going to do to me?"
Say it; say what you'll do to me.

He stepped closer to me. His eyes smoldered as they bore into mine. "What do you want me to do to you?" He raised his eyebrows slightly. I wanted him so bad.

He pulled his jacket off my body and tossed it on to the back of a chair. His hands wrapped around my waist, half touching the top of my shorts, and half resting against the bare skin of my midriff. I found myself speaking words I'd never heard myself say, "I want you to touch me."

He rubbed his thumb gently across my stomach causing it to flutter and
send shivers down my spine. His fingers slid down slightly, cupping my ass.

"Like this?" he asked.

More. More. Touch me more. Don't tease me.
"And kiss me."

Our eyes didn't waiver as he pushed his lips to mine and he kissed me properly for the second time
. And it was just like the first. His plump lips molded to mine and he tasted of whisky and ginger. He tasted of heaven.

Our bodies pressed closer together and his hands roamed up and down, caressing my back, hands slipping under my tight t-shirt and attem
pting to slide down the back of my shorts. But they were too tight.
I hope I get shot at every day if it can end like this.

I felt his hands reaching towards the front of my shorts, to undo them.
Not this time
It's my turn.

I pulled his hands away from my
waist and lifted them to my shoulders. I broke away from his kiss and looked up at him for a moment. His eyes burned as I slid slowly to my knees, never breaking my gaze.

He didn't stop me this time as I reached for his belt and undid it without looking.
I let my hand brush against the front of his jeans and felt him hard and bulging underneath. Just the gentle touch of my hand was enough to cause him to moan.

As I undid the buttons of his shorts I felt his boxers pushing out. His eyes didn't break contact
with mine as I slowly licked my lips. My hands ran over his lower back, again admiring his hard body as I slipped them underneath his boxers.

His breath quickened and he groaned again as I pulled his underwear down. My eyes flicked down momentarily as I w
atched his hard member spring back up, free, as it was released from his Calvins.

I can't believe I'm acting like this. I can't believe I've never acted like this before.
I parted my lips gently and let out a warm breath over his head.
Wait for it

His ha
nds slipped from my shoulders to my head. I could see the desperation in his eyes.
You want to push my head on to you, don't you? Can you wait? Are you going to push my head down on to you anyway? I don't mind if you do.

I breathed over him again, sensing
him jump a little. Making sure my lips weren't dry with a final flick of my tongue I pressed into his firm buttocks with my nails and pushed my mouth forward on to him.

"Ohhh fuck."
Do you like that?
As I stared up at him he closed his eyes as I wrapped my lips around his shaft and took him in my mouth. My gaze lowered as I watched him disappear between my lips.

Slowly my mouth enveloped him, taking him as far down as I could. One of my hands strayed from his buttocks and gently clutched him underneath, rol
ling him around in my hand.

"Oh God where did you learn to do that?" His rhetorical question went unanswered as I slid my mouth back up and then down again, running my tongue along and around him as I went.
I learn to do that? It certainly wasn't from being with Mark.

On my knees in slutty clothes in front of the tattooed biker I felt more attractive, and more aroused than I'd ever felt. Sure I'd been hit on at parties, told I'm sexy by random creeps, but I'd never truly
it, at least not like this.

With his jeans around his ankles and his hard member in my mouth, moaning as I sucked him in my slutty little outfit I felt a power I'd never felt before. Power over a powerful man.
At least for now.

Jase slid his hands into my hair and began to mo
ve his hips. He let out quiet grunts as he began to thrust into my willing mouth. His fingers clenched together, pulling my hair, and I didn't mind a bit.

I let out moans of my own as my biker lover began to control the situation.
Show me what to do, Jase, show me how to please you
Last time I used you, this time you can use me.

The faint music and desert sounds from outside faded away as I became consumed by desire, and I literally consumed him. All that was left was him, hot inside me as he moaned and th
rust between my lips.
Faster if you want. Harder if you want. Use me Jase. Use me my tattooed lover.
My nails dug into his tight ass as he fucked my mouth faster and faster, his grip on my hair tight enough to cause pleasurable pain.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck..."
He's about to finish
. I dug the nails of my right hand harder into his buttocks, feeling the rippling muscles underneath as he made his final few thrusts. I gently squeezed him as he held my head still by the hair, dominating and controlling me.

He filled
me with his hot, salty-sweet seed. There was no thought of spit or swallow; it was swallow or choke as he emptied himself in my willing mouth, held tight by his fistfuls of my hair. I swallowed desperately, greedily.
Give it all to me Jase. I'll take it all for you.

My head was held tight against his crotch as I ran my tongue around and over him, feeling the smoothness of the skin with my curious tongue.

He seemed to awaken as if from a daze and released my hair, "Oh my God I'm sorry!"

I languorously pulled my head up my eyes staring into his, as I slowly slid him out from between my lips.
What's he got to be sorry about?
"It's okay--" I began but I didn't get to finish my sentence.

The door burst open and drunken Lucy stumbled in. I fel
t blood rush to my already flushed face as my arousal rapidly turned to embarrassment and anger. "Hey!" I yelled at her as I quickly got my feet, my hand furiously wiping at my mouth. Jase meanwhile was pulling up his jeans, but he didn't seem as desperately embarrassed as I did.
He must be used to this.

Lucy burst out laughing. "Sor-rry!" She raised her eyebrows at me and gave me a wink. I raised my hand to my chin and wiped away more saliva.
I hope that's just saliva. How embarrassing!

"Sorry about that J
ase. But you've got a meeting to go to."

Jase had his jeans pulled back up around his waist as he turned around to face the door and our rude interrupter. I could have sworn I saw a wistful look on Lucy's face as his tight ass was covered up again. "You ev
er hear of knocking?"
He sounds kinda pissed.

Lucy giggled.
She's such an idiot sometimes.
"I was going to knock, but I stumbled. I think there's a log or something out there--"
There's no log.
"--and I just fell right in!"
A likely story. You wanted to catch us. You wanted to catch us fucking didn't you? Well not this time!


BOOK: Sons of Mayhem 2: Blood and Whisky
11.51Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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