Stepbrother: Taboo Passion

BOOK: Stepbrother: Taboo Passion
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Stepbrother: Taboo Passion

Casey Dare



A Steamy Excerpt


“Do you ever, you know, touch yourself while thinking of me?” I asked, letting the curiosity out.


“All the time Seth! It is the only fantasy I can really get off to!”


Images of Fiona touching herself at night, in her old bed back home flooded my mind. Moaning out my name, completely lost in fantasy.


“What about you?” she asked back with a tiny wink.


Rather than reply with words, I grabbed hold of Fiona, pinning her cute young body up against the wall. I proceeded to kiss the heck out of her. This kiss was more rough, more forceful, more primal. Exactly what I needed. We were both panting and moaning, completely lost for breathe, devouring each other. Each sweet nibble, each movement, was sending shockwaves throughout my entire body. Each forbidden touch was like sweet honey, absolutely essential to my being. My mouth continued to ravish the lady I grew up with, kissing down to her delicate tender neck.




Stepbrother: Taboo Passion

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Note from the author: This book is a work of fiction. All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. All sexual acts portrayed in this work are consensual by all parties involved, none of which are blood related.


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Stepbrother: Taboo Passion


I was feeling queasy, an annoying combination of anxious and excited. The texts couldn’t have been any clearer. Fiona is traveling into the city to check out J.M.I.T., her future college, and will be staying in my studio during the duration of her visit. I am Seth, bricklaying contractor in the big city.


I haven’t been this nervous since I last saw Fiona a couple months back. Fiona is my sister. Well stepsister actually. My father remarried after catching my mother having an affair when I was in my early teens. Dad, being the strapping charmer that he is, was able to snag up a nice friendly new wife quite quickly. One year later and I had a new second mother and a stepsister.


I have been living out on my own for about a year now, often visiting the family whenever I had the spare time between jobs. Fiona and the folks lived a couple hours away in a small rural town. Fiona’s home since birth actually. I suppose living away from the hustle and bustle of the city was a part of the allure for Dad. I hated it however…


Fiona and I instantly hit it off. She was a very outspoken, extroverted person, always speaking her mind. I am…quite timid to be honest. Absolutely loathe small talk, or even just generic chit chat. I wanted to keep my contacts to a minimum. Introverted to a fault I guess. It was part of the reason why I hated my new home. Everyone from that place was just so God damn friendly. Every time I went to the shops, the shop keep would keep me there for
, mostly asking me to compare city and town life. Old ladies on the streets, the local sheriff, farmers bringing in their produce, all of them wanted to stop and have a chat with the new kid.


Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a total social recluse. Another thing I disliked about the town was the lack of people my age. Fiona’s mother homeschooled the two of us. Luckily the two of us were nearly the same age, me being just a year older.


Fiona on the other hand loves her town and the people that reside in it. In a way she was
just like them
, able to blab on for hours about the most mundane things. She would go out of her way to talk to the neighbors, to chat with the farmers, to be friendly to the shop keeps…


It was quite odd. I generally hated small talk. I generally dislike people. Yet, all those social rules seemed to fly out the window when I was with my sister. We spent a lot of time together as teenagers, having nobody else our own age to hang out with. We would walk around the town, taking in the fresh mid-western scenery. We would read the books our mom assigned us under the grand oak tree. Heck, we would even gaze up into the clouds and discuss the stupid little shapes we could see. Lying down on the paddock, lying on my sister’s shoulder, talking about basically nothing…


I was really enjoying the time I spent with my sister, even if it wasn’t too exciting. Just something about being in her presence was invigorating. I was just a shy guy in a new town. With Fiona, I felt whole, complete, like I had a place in the middle of nowhere. Every minute I spent with her just felt so damn right. When she smiled at me, my whole body would light up. All boredom, anxiety and stress would just float away. All that mattered was spending as much time with my sister as possible.


Then things started to become a little awkward. Fiona started to act real different around me about the time we were to “graduate”, which is to say, take our finals in a supervised auditorium in the big city. During that trip, I was able to sneak back a few pamphlets to help secure employment. Have to admit, Fiona’s mom was a real good teacher. Fiona was able to secure a scholarship with her grades, getting a secure spot in J.M.I.T.’s Bachelor of Commerce program.


I never bothered applying for scholarships or college, even though I probably could have. By that time my mind was completely overshadowed, every waking moment was spent thinking about the beauty I grew up with. Fiona’s long flowing brown hair, her cute innocent smile, her curvy tanned body, those fucking breasts! All I wanted was her…and that scared the living crap out of me. I didn’t want to fall for my sister! The old town may have been small, but it wasn’t in the backwaters or anything like that!


So I made a few phone calls and soon landed myself with an on-site training gig with a large multi-state construction firm. The firm specializes in building new houses throughout suburbia, renewing my old neighborhood. The money was real good, even if the work seemed back breaking and hard. All I wanted was an excuse to get out of town, to live away from my sister. To push out all those stupid mushy feelings and get on with my life.


So I moved out, renting my own pad in the city. Work is pretty mundane, mostly brick laying. Have to admit though, I sure have filled up during the last few months. I was always rather muscular from spending so much time outdoors. Physical labor plus exchanging most of my carbohydrates for protein (corn is very, very cheap back in town and was our staple food, canned tuna is quick, cheap and easy) has bulked me up big time. My new body gave me the confidence to seek out companionship. Sort of, I still don’t like small talk. But I was able to fake it enough in the clubs to bring home a few birds.
Yet none of them have made me feel the same way Fiona used to…


My plan to get away from the girl I get all tingly about sort of backfired however. My studio just so happens to be a couple blocks away from J.M.I.T. University…the one Fiona scored a scholarship for. Hence why she is driving here. Gets to scope out the school and visit me. I sort of had to offer her accommodation. Not quite sure if she would like to live here during her course though.
Not quite sure if that is best…Financially it makes sense, but is it worth risking it? Is it worth falling for her again? Have you ever fallen out of it Seth?




I fell for Fiona so damn quickly. It didn’t take much on her behalf though. Just the way she entered the door, jumping up in my arms giving me the biggest hug of my life. It took all my willpower to prevent myself from showing my desire right then and there.


My whole life changed that very evening. I took my sister out to a little Italian restaurant on the bottom floor of the complex I lived in. A nice, decently priced place with a certain ambience to it. Packed full of families and screaming kids, taking away any chance of a romantic setting!


“Wow Bro! You never mentioned just how many shops the city has!”


“Quite different to home, don’t you think?”


“I’ll say! I’ve brought a little ornament for our folks. A wooden carving of an elephant with his big trunk raised up! It is supposed to bring good luck, so the clerk said,” she said, before gobbling up a spoon of pasta.
Mmm, raised trunks bring good luck. I wonder if my raised cock will also bring me luck?


“Did you have a chance to check out J.M.I.T.?” I asked.


“Shoot, no! I just walked around all day. This place is huge! I feel so tiny and small here! There is what, a couple hundred people back home mostly from the surrounding farmhouses? Here, thousands!”


“Sadly, I don’t think you will be able to make friends with everyone in the city!”


“Ha! I can certainly try though! Or start smaller and get nice and cozy with my fellow students!” she said, giving off one of her killer smiles. “You know, everyone misses you back home.”


“Yeah, I miss Mom and Dad too,” I replied rather aloofly.


“Oh yeah, Dad misses having another pair of hands around the fields. The whole town misses you actually. Even Joe the shop keep has been asking about you, like every day!”


“Joe?” I asked back unable to remember his face, “Oh yeah, him.” I didn’t really remember him, Fiona just looked so shocked when I asked…


“Yeah, but most of all…I’ve missed you,” she said, blushing somewhat.


“I’ve missed you too,” I answered back honestly, even though she was the reason why I left. Fiona placed her hands on top of mine, sending goose bumps all over my body. She had the cutest smile on her face.


“You know, I’ve been thinking about you a lot. Not just as my friend or my brother…but as a man,” she said staring intently into my eyes. I couldn’t help but gulp.


“As…as a man?” I repeated with a slight quiver in my voice.


Fiona leant in past the table. I could feel her warm breathe over the tip of my mouth, driving me wild. I could not believe what was happening! Maybe by running away, I have only brought Fiona closer.


My sister then pressed her lips against mine, attempting to kiss me. Her lips felt so smooth, like fine silk. I could not help but smile, lost for words. Every fiber of my being was telling me to kiss Fiona back, to finally take the forbidden fruit I have been denied all my life. But then Mom and Dad’s voice resonated in my head, telling me to
fucking stop


“Fiona! Please stop!” I said, pulling my head back.


“But Bro! I, well the thing is, err, I think I love you!”


She loves me? My damn sister Fiona
loves me?
! Those sweet words were like nectar to my ears. I was bolstered up, and my stomach became slightly queasy. A flood of butterflies accompanied with a strange sense of wellbeing. Hearing those words put me on some strange, natural, wonderful high. I was nervous and sweaty, yet calm and serene at the same time. Fiona actually has feelings for me! My feelings were actually reciprocated!


I was lost for words, staring stunned at Fiona. She looked so damn cute sitting opposite me. I was about to open my mouth, to confess my own feelings for her. Then the rational part of my brain kicked into overdrive.
But she is your sister. She is forbidden, out of bounds, off limits. Desist your dopamine fuelled fantasy.


“You love me?” I said back with a quiver in my voice. I stammered a bit, ignoring every single directive being sent from my heart. “That is…swell.” Fiona’s face fizzled out in disappointment. I guess she was expecting me to say something a little more caring.


“Swell. That is all you have to say? Have I been misreading the signs?” she said, eyes crossing up. Her face became somber, the life drained right out of her voice. Fiona no longer sounded happy or chirpy. Instead, she became almost robotic.
Fuck Seth! Just tell her how you feel! Tell her now!


“I thought there might have been something between us. I mean, we have spent most of our lives together, it is only natural. Do you have any idea how badly I have missed you these past few months? Leaving me all alone! I’ve been lost without you Bro!” I was sort of glad the restaurant was full of people talking loudly. Nobody could hear her forbidden confession.


“I’ve missed you too Sis. But…love?” I said, trying to deny myself of my true feelings. I felt so very guilty, not just admitting how I feel. But I can’t! We can’t be together! Even though we are far, far away from our folks, it just isn’t right! She is my sister!
Is there really anything wrong with that at all Seth?


“It was foolish of me to say that. It was foolish of me to believe for one second that the perfect guy was right in front of me all along!” she mumbled on, sounding rather depressed at my faux rejection.


Seth! It is now or never! You must confess! Screw the whole ‘it is wrong’ bullshit!


“Wait Sis! I, sort of. I think-I-love-you-too!” I said back as quickly as possible, tensing up in a combination of embarrassment and relief. My sister’s face lit up again. She moved in a little closer, wanting to seal the deal. The rational side of my brain kicked into overdrive however. “We can’t be together!”


“Umm, what? You just said…“


But it is wrong! Your own sister man! Don’t you even think about it!


“Just because we may have feelings for each other, doesn’t mean we should be together. You are my sister. That is
you should be,” I muttered, my voice becoming stiff and cold. Saying this was going against my heart, against everything I have ever wanted. But still, it is for the best. It is simply wrong for a brother and sister to want to be with each other. It would give our old folks simultaneous heart attacks!




“What we have isn’t love. It is merely infatuation. Infatuation from spending so much time together. Infatuation from caring about each other. Infatuation from wanting to take care of each other and wanting to spend all our time together. Just chemicals in the brain,” I rattled on doing my best to convince myself that denying Fiona is for the best.
Seriously Seth? You think this is for the best?

BOOK: Stepbrother: Taboo Passion
6.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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