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“Absolutely perfect!” I answered back enthusiastically, being completely honest. Fiona gave me the most reassuring smile, and without words, invited me in. It was time to finally have a taste of my sister. I slowly lowered my head down, taking in the intoxicating aroma being emitted. Fiona’s scent was musky, distinctly feminine, but most noticeable of all, familiar. The scent of my sister.
I think I growled again…


Fiona’s pussy was glistening, absolutely soaked in its own juices. I opened the outer folds, bringing my face in closer. At last I was able to take a nice long taste. My mouth twirled its way around the outer folds, getting drunk off the sensation. The inner beast was telling me to keep going, to keep tasting, to ravish the fuck out of my sister’s pussy. Fiona was panting, squealing, absolutely moaning in pleasure, begging for more and more of my sweet tongue.


“Tastes so good! Tastes so fucking good!” I grunted out. I moved my hands up a little, touching her clit. It felt plump, as if a little swollen. The faintest touch sent Fiona wild, yelling out so loud I thought the neighbors would hear. Again my fingers touched up against her seemingly extra sensitive clit, while my tongue kept ravishing her glorious pussy. I followed my instincts, rubbing Fiona’s clit in circles, applying as much pressure as possible, while basking in her feminine essence. Fiona kept moaning out my name, encouraging me to provide more and more and more. Anything to make her happy. I felt so damn powerful, making my sister feel this way.


“Seth! Bro! I think I am ready. Please, take me!” she conceded in the sexiest voice I have ever heard.


“Are you sure? Once we do this, there is no going back!” I rattled off, letting the rational side of my brain free for just a brief moment.


you,” Fiona said back, looking as cute as ever. I grinned back, happy with her response. At long last, it is time. I climbed on top of my sister, kissing her ever so tenderly. My cock was throbbing hard, right in front of her delicate pussy. The warmth was almost inviting me inside. At last I brought myself closer, and with a hard thrust, finally entered Fiona. My sister quivered at my very presence, giving off a soft long moan. Her pussy felt like absolute perfection. It was wet, firm and very, very familiar. I started to thrust, to pump, to make love to my sister.


Fiona shivers and moans as I kiss her sweet face. I started to thrust harder, eager to fill up my sister. Each plunge causes Fiona to squeal out, her body begging for more. My cock felt so damn good, each thrust sending jolts of pleasure throughout my entire being. There was something different about being inside Fiona. It simply felt right, completely natural. The sensations felt heightened, each so called taboo thrust causing me to grunt out like mad, taking all of my willpower to not finish off.


“I love you Sis!” I grunted harshly while making sweet love.


“I…I love you too Bro!” she responded, half gasping.


Hearing those words gave me a jolt of energy. My thrusts became harder, faster, stronger. Fiona’s pussy was almost loosening up, accommodating my full girth. Each powerful thrust was sending the both of us ecstatic. Fiona was panting heavily, taking short breathes. Her face was becoming rosy red, blushing like crazy. Her eyes were squinting a little. Her mouth had the most satisfied smile. She was loving it, real good. Too much for her. My love was too strong. As I kept pounding away, showing my sister my love, she started to scream out, clawing me with her fingernails, tightly planted into my back.


“Oh Seth! Seth! Seth!” she repeated again and again, lost for breathe. Her pussy was swelling up, almost contracting over my rock hard cock. Finally, she yelled out at the top of her lungs, screaming out my name again. Her whole body was shaking in pure bliss. As my sister started to come, I grabbed her face, passionately kissing as we rode out her orgasm. As we kissed, as her body shook, my cock started to throb, my balls tingling. I can’t hold it in any longer!


“I’m about to finish! Where do you want it Sis?”


“In…In me! Please, I need you in me!” she muttered, still screaming out in bliss. I grinned, made a few more hard pumps and kissed her again. My sister. The girl I have loved all my life. The girl who has apparently wanted me all her life. The one person I have been trying to deny out of fear. The one person I actually care about…right in front of me…
this is all too much!


With a final thrust, my seed came forth, erupting in a fiery blaze of passion. I made a few more pumps, each time letting off more and more of myself.
So good, so fucking good.
My body was heaving, overcome in bliss. Each thrust, I kept filling my sister with more and more of my love until every last drop was implanted, until I have used up every last ounce of strength.


We kissed again, two siblings completely spent. I rolled over to her side. Fiona rested her head on my shoulder and whispered those sweet revitalizing words into my ears before falling asleep.
I love you…




A few months later and Fiona moved in. At day I was at work under the hot sun while Fiona was off at school, studying her brains out. At night we would be together, going out to new places in the city, trying out different restaurants, or just kicking back at the apartment relaxing together. Oh, and loving, lots and lots of loving. Without the gaze of nosy townsfolk or our parents, we were free to be together. Together forever with the woman I love.

Why hello there!


This is
Casey Dare
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Chuck was very quick to take the offer, pinning me down on the bed. His warm breathe send shivers up my spine. My brother began to kiss the fuck out of me, going absolutely wild. Soon my Rag Tag uniform was off. I was bare, just in my underwear and bra.


Chuck gave me the cockiest smug smile I have ever seen. He looked so damn fuckable in his leather jacket. Chuck’s kisses were wild and passionate, tenderly exploring every inch of exposed skin on my body.


“You have no idea how badly I’ve missed you Tiffany!” Chuck grunted as kissed the sensitive exposed area right above my belly button.


With a bit of force, I pried off the man’s leather jacket, revealing yet again his hard toned body with that perfect hair. The man looked sexy as fuck in his jeans. His pants were swelling up, his hardness very obvious.


“Mmm, I’ve missed you too Bro!”


With a nasty growl, Chuck bit into my bra, pulling them right off. My breasts were heaving, my nipples swelling up in excitement. Chuck became an animal, tasting my breasts like never before. His touch was wild and rough, yet smooth and reassuring at the same time. I was panting, heaving, wanting more and more of my brother’s touch. His lips were wet, the warmth of his breathe was tantalizing. My skin was almost flaring up at the touch of his warmth, quivering, getting exactly what I need.

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Her tender young body was waiting for me, absolutely willing. Debbie wants, me real bad. The look of desire and yearning overwhelmed my daughter’s young soft face. Her smile, her fucking gorgeous smile kept enticing me, begging for me to ravish her like crazy and make sweet love to her. To seed my fertile daughter, to show my daughter just who the man of the house is. My cock was pulsating hard, wanting to begin, to be placed in my daughter’s forbidden temple and start a rough taboo session of pure loving.


“What about, err…you know, protection?” I asked back cautiously, wondering if she still
the offer.


“Didn’t you hear me before! I want you inside of me! All of you! Including your seed!”


“Yes dear!” I replied back with a sly grin. “Get on top! I want you to ride me. Ride Daddy’s thick cock!”


My cock was pointing upwards, ready for action. Debbie moved herself ever so slightly, resting her elbows on my shoulders, arms clenching at my head. Looking upwards, I noticed just a hint of fear in Debbie’s eyes. She looked anxious.


“Don’t worry Debbie. Daddy will not hurt you!” I reassured my daughter.


I wanted to so badly just thrust away and pound my sweet innocent daughter into adulthood. However, have to take things nice and slow, it is
her first time
after all.

BOOK: Stepbrother: Taboo Passion
2.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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