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“Infatuation you say?” she replied with a cute little grin.


“Yes Sis. Infatuation. Just a deep natural fondness we have developed for each other. Not true love. The difference between that and true love is,” I said, unable to finish off the sentence.
What the fuck are you droning on about? Sure sounds like love to me…


“Yes Seth? The difference between love and infatuation is?” she probed, still smirking.


“Umm, err. OK scratch that,” I said, failing to convince myself. I decided to just be honest. “We can’t be together because we are family. Simple as that!”


“You know Bro, nobody has to know. It can be our little secret!” she said with the cheekiest grin. Although it was somewhat ironic considering the public setting.


The thought never occurred to me. Is my sister really advocating the two of us having an affair with each other? A steamy, forbidden affair. Blossoming love with just the two of us?
Sounds fucking perfect!


“Our little secret,” I repeated back staring vacantly into Fiona’s gorgeous hazel eyes. I moved in just a little bit closer, eyes locked on hers. Dare I really do this? Dare I kiss my sister? Dare I start this forbidden sordid affair? Fiona gave me the warmest, most comforting smile I have ever seen.


“Seth, I love you!” she repeated more bluntly, softly stroking my hair.


“I…I love you too Fiona!”


I moved in closer, unable to fathom just how badly I wanted this. Fiona’s cute young, familiar smile. The way she can command me with just her eyes.
Fuck! It is time!
I grabbed my sister’s head, pressing my lips against her own. At long last I was able to taste my sister, to bask in her essence. The kiss felt so damn fucking right, a true sign of the way we feel for each other. It was a slow, passionate kiss. I was getting all fluttered up on the inside, a mixture of nervousness and excitement. I know this kiss is considered taboo – but that makes it seem all the more right. At long last, the two of us were united.


The two of us rushed into the lift, going up so many floors, back to my place. We were kissing at every moment, grinding up each other as the lift went up. I grabbed my sister, carrying her down the hall into my home. At last we were finally back in the studio, my double bed lingering by the balcony window.


I clutched tightly onto my sister, the two of us melting into one. Her warm gentle touch was mesmerizing, sending me over the moon. Our lips at long last pressed together. I could taste the faintest trace of melon on her lips, reminding me of all the summer days we have spent together. Fiona gave me the cutest smile I have ever seen, firing me up ready to go. The mere sight of my sister was sending a pulse of life straight to my groin. My hardness grew more firm, more wild, wanting to be unleashed onto my sister.


I slid my hands around to Fiona’s curvy supple butt. My sister seemed extra sensitive to my touch. I couldn’t help myself! I grabbed hold of the prize, clutching tightly. Fiona growled back with a naughty grin, before going in closer and kissing me again. Fiona started to ravish me, kissing around my neck, going up to the cheek and finally reaching back into my mouth. With a moan and brute force, I lifted my sister up slightly, wrapping my legs around her. I wanted her to stay exactly where she is. My heart was pounding like mad, completely lost in an excited daze of passion. We kissed again. This time I entered Fiona’s mouth with fierce vigor, our tongues interlocking in a fiery blaze of desire. This kiss should feel dirty. This kiss should feel wrong. I should not be enjoying this. But I do.
I fucking love everything about this kiss.
The way we both dominate each other, how Fiona’s eyes look eager and hungry with anticipation, her sweet feminine aroma, everything! But most of all, I love this kiss because I love my sister, a fact I kept repeating every chance I had. Fiona lifted off my shirt with quick haste, revealing my rock hard abs. She gasped in excitement, while feeling up my firm masculine chest.


“I’ve always, err, admired your muscles Bro,” Fiona said with a devilishly cheeky grin. I couldn’t help but blush like a ripened tomato, completely embarrassed.


“Noticed anything different?” I said, deepening my voice.


“You have grown bigger!” she murmured back, while kissing onto my breast. “No longer a little boy. A man’s body!”


“Do you ever, you know, touch yourself while thinking of me?” I asked, letting the curiosity out.


“All the time Bro! It is the only fantasy I can really get off to!”


Images of my sister touching herself at night, in her old bed back home flooded my mind. Fiona moaning out my name, completely lost in fantasy.


“What about you?” she asked back with a tiny wink.


Rather than reply with words, I grabbed hold of Fiona, pinning her cute young body up against the wall. I proceeded to kiss the fuck out of her. This kiss was more rough, more forceful, more primal. Exactly what I needed. We were both panting and moaning, completely lost for breathe, devouring each other. Each sweet nibble, each movement, was sending shockwaves throughout my entire body. Each forbidden touch was like sweet honey, absolutely essential to my being. My mouth continued to ravish my sister, kissing down to her delicate tender neck.


As Fiona’s hands were exploring every inch of my exposed torso. I was getting a little jealous, wanting to see her own body myself. In a flash, I whisked off my sister’s top, discarding the thing on the floor.


“You sure seem eager Bro!” Fiona said, taking a step back. Her eyes were glaring down right to the tent forming in my pants. “How do you like this?” she asked as she swayed her hips from side to side. Soon, without the use of hands, her pants were off. I couldn’t help but stare at the divine beauty standing in front of me. Her body was absolutely gorgeous. Soft, a little curvy, skin to die for. The fabric of her bra was weak and almost see-through.  Her nice supple breasts were begging to be released. The very sight was making my hardness grow to new lengths.


I pinned my sister up against the wall, grunting loudly like an animal. With a cheeky grin I began to devour my sister’s smoking hot body. I bent down,  planting kisses on her legs. My mouth made its way upwards, near her thighs. I caught a whiff of the aroma emanating from Fiona’s crotch.
The belly button, under her bra, the delicate skin near her elbows, my mouth had it all. The taste of my sister was enticing, fuelling me up, wanting more and more. At last I reached back to Fiona’s face, kissing the fuck out of her. I nibbled her lower lips, tongue entered, mouth’s exploring. Fiona was sighing out, completely lost at my touch. It made me feel powerful, wanted, like a man.


“I want you so badly Seth!”


“I am all yours!”


“Get on the bed then! I want to
you!” Fiona said with a satisfying smirk. She was not asking. With a burst of adrenaline, Fiona pushed me down on my bed. I was flat on my back, bare chested, cock hard as ever. She walked over to the bed, taking her time. I moved my head up a little, wanting to savor the sight. As she moved, her hips swayed from side to side, fucking me up on the inside. She looked so damn pretty in her panties. With a reassuring smile she took off her bra, throwing it onto the bed, right beside my face. Fiona breasts were of a nice size, and seemed to bounce out of their own accord. Her nipples were swollen. I wanted to so badly just get up and have a taste!

“You are beautiful!


Fiona climbed onto the bed, grinding her body against my own. I was flooded with euphoria. Each touch felt so damn good. My body was tingling up, as if I was under some sort of wonderful drug. I have
felt this good before. Fiona’s breasts were rubbing up against my chest, her mouth kissing my own, brother and sister becoming one.


“Damn Bro, nice and hard!” she commented. Lost by her touch, I didn’t realize that Fiona’s hands had already travelled down, touching on top of my bulge. Fiona moved herself down and with great force, pulled off my pants. I was left lying there in just my underpants. Cock bursting hard, the fabric of my underwear felt like it was about to explode. Unable to contain the beast within. The beast made for my sister.


Fiona clutched onto my hardness tightly through my underwear. My underwear was starting to become a little wet from all the pre-cum, filled to the brim with anticipation. A physical representation of the love I have for my sister. Fiona finally went down, biting onto the straps, pulling my underwear clean off. At last my cock was free, released from its prison. My thick cock was very hard. The head was almost a purple color. My cock is of a nice decent size, with a single rough noticeable vein on the side. Fiona eyes opened up wide, seemingly pleased with what she can see.


“Please Fiona. It is yours!” I begged out, wanting to so badly use the tool. I got a naughty smile back. Fiona went lower and bent down so that she was nearly sitting on my feet, cock right in front of her. She leant in closer. I was lying down flat on my back. Then I felt the most amazing, tantalizing sensation on the tip of my cock. My cock was clasped tightly in between two wonderful forces. But it was not the boney firm grip of ones hands. Instead my cock was being serviced by something much more bouncy…and it felt fucking great.


“Ungh! So good! So fucking good!” I grunted, taking a glance. My sister was holding onto her breasts, lodging my cock right in between. Fiona started to move her chest up and down. I couldn’t help but thrust upwards, spreading my pre-cum over the crevice in between Fiona’s breasts. I was coating it completely, making it easy to glide up and down.


“Fuck! Damn Fiona! Damn!” I said, struggling to string out my words in between all the grunting.


“Well, if you like my boobs so much,” she replied. Fiona moved herself lower down the bed. My cock was already missing the contact, throbbing wildly in the air. Then my sister bent down right in front and…


Such passion, such force, such suction! My sister went right to my cock, taking in the majority of my long hard shaft. Her tongue went up and down my shaft, spreading her saliva all over my rock hard dick. Each touch, each taste, send waves of euphoria, crashing down over my entire body.


“I love you Sis!” I said, quickly adding in a “Keep going.” I was grunting and moaning, stuck on my back being serviced like never before. For some reason, being pleasured by my sister feels so much better than usual. Like my entire body is in synch, feeling the pleasure she is providing to my cock. I wasn’t sure if it was due to love, or due to the fact that my sister was skilled at the task at


Fiona kept going up and down, sending shivers of pure delight throughout my entire being. Her mouth feels so damn good. I was grunting, completely at the whim of my sister. I could not believe my luck. My own fucking sister loves me. True happiness was so very close to home.


“Ungh! Fuck! Keep going Sis!” I begged, grunting like an animal. Fiona held the base down with her hands, engorging herself. She was able to get about half of my length inside, right up into her throat.




With a final suction motion she lifted her mouth off. My cock was absolutely soaked. Pre-cum, saliva, all mixed together into a nice natural lubricant. Primed up by the juices of our love.


“Get down Sis! Time for your bigger brother to have a taste!” I whispered. Fiona crawled back on top of me, kissing me like mad, then rolled on to the side flat on her back. I bent down right in front of her panties.


“You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted this!” I muttered.


“And yet it was so hard for me to get you to pull your pants off! Still think this is wrong?”


“Fuck no! I love you Sis!”


“I love you too!”


I rolled Fiona’s panties right on past her legs. I had the smuggest grin on my face as I caught a glimpse of my sister’s pussy. Soon the panties were past the ankles, past the feet, finally off, thrown out to the side. I growled loudly at the very sight of my sister’s precious pussy. Firm, soft, bare, soaking wet. It looked so damn
. My cock pulsated madly, wanting to just enter her already.
Wait Seth, in good time.


“What do you think Bro?” Fiona asked, her voice quivering slightly. She seemed flustered and a little embarrassed.

BOOK: Stepbrother: Taboo Passion
8.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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