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Authors: Huck Pilgrim

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Summer Shorts

BOOK: Summer Shorts
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Huck Pilgrim


Copyright 2011 by Huck Pilgrim


Second Edition


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The Sitter Needs a Ride


Sex Anonymous


Goodbye Roger


New from Pilgrim Press!


Summer Shorts: Volume 2






Summer Shorts
are brief, erotic stories, just long enough to get you sizzling. Each story takes place in the small town of Carnal, where it’s always burning, no matter what the season.


Carnal is a small town where you learn early on to always “accommodate your neighbor’s needs,” as Joe Murphy mentions in the first story, “The Sitter Needs a Ride.” Joe should know: he has offered a teenage girl from the local church an opportunity to earn the esteem of her aunt by babysitting his children. Imagine Joe’s surprise, then, when he discovers that young Gloria Dean is blowing some boy when she is supposed to be watching his kids. After getting rid of the boy, Joe will have to take Gloria home in his car. But before the night is through, Joe’s Volvo may not be the only thing sweet Gloria will get to ride.


All the girls in these stories are strong and independent. They’re smart. The girls from Summer Shorts have hidden reserves they may not even fully understand themselves. In “Sex Anonymous,” Don Manley finds a lonely transient girl who calls herself Natasha at one of Carnal’s local Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and offers her a lift home. Natasha wants something from Don. He will yield to his own needs time and again, eventually deciding to give this young girl a little surprise, but he may be in for a small, pleasant surprise of his own.


Whatever awaits Don, it will not be the kind of surprise that young Roger Bones receives from Joanie Salinger, the blue-haired girl wearing a Carnal High T-shirt in the story, "Goodbye Roger." This sexy little tart leaves us with found footage that documents her shameless cuckolding of her former boyfriend, who presumably cheated on her, and probably deserves everything he gets. Especially if what he got was a copy of this sweltering video produced just for him by this little hottie.


Summer Shorts
is an adult work that features three short stories totaling about 5000 words or twenty printed pages.

The Sitter Needs a Ride

Going into his garage, Joe Murphy hears a soft moan coming from behind a few tall stacks of cardboard boxes, donations meant for the local Goodwill.


Joe’s a big man, with an athletic build. He moves closer, quietly.


He sees first the boy: Cotton T-shirt stretched tight across thick shoulders, pants pushed down around mid-thigh, the muscles in his bottom clenched. He has his head tossed back as he holds his T-shirt high on his abdomen.


Gloria, the new babysitter, is on her knees at the boy’s feet.


He has one of his hands wound into her long dark hair, guiding her head. She is kneeling on a short stack of newspaper bundled for recycling, her blouse open to her waist. Joe can see the straps of her bra, the soft white of her tummy. He can just make out the shadow of her navel above the thick buckle of her belt. The soft moans come from the boy.


Annoyed Gloria is blowing some boy when she is supposed to be watching his kids, Joe is also a little pleased to have caught her in the act. She is an attractive girl, maybe eighteen or nineteen, Mediterranean skin, a large hawk nose and thick eyebrows that somehow complement her, even if those same features dominate her face. When Joe first met Gloria at the social in Saint Barnaby’s basement, he could tell she didn't think much of her looks. This just gave her a shy accommodating sensibility that made her that much more appealing to him. Gloria was spending the summer in Carnal with her Aunt Louise, an Italian woman who Joe knew, but didn't know well, from the after service church socials. Louise was a small, popular woman, with a sturdy choir voice. At the start of summer, she had volunteered Gloria for babysitting Joe’s twin boy and girl ten-year-olds. Joe knew his kids didn't really need a sitter, but he got the sense that Gloria needed to prove something to her aunt, or vice versa, so he went along with the plan. In a small town like Carnal, you learned to accommodate your neighbors’ needs. Molly, Joe’s wife, had been cool about the whole thing. Sometimes women can sense a troublemaker.


Gloria's eyes flutter open.


Shock and fear register on her face. Joe tries to keep his face neutral. He doesn't want to appear too angry. To appear angry would be to get more involved than he already is, and Joe doesn't need that. He also doesn't want Gloria to register the fluttering he’s feeling in his belly right now or the slow lazy roll of his cock as it swells in his pants. He needs to get this boy out of his garage. Get Gloria back home to her aunt. Get his evening back.


Gloria's eyes are wide open now, staring right at Joe.


Her hands move to the boy’s thighs and she tries to rise, to separate herself from the boy, the act she is performing on him. But the boy has other plans. He drops his T-shirt, places both hands on her head, drawing her even closer to himself. He grunts, bucks his hips forward once, then holds her head tight to his groin.


Gloria panics. Joe can see it in her eyes.


She obviously wanted this boy but wasn't expecting that anyone would watch her satisfy him. Now Joe is witness to her slutty behavior.


She looks at Joe one last time, then resigns herself to the situation. She stops trying to rise, lets her weight fall back onto her knees. She lowers her eyelids. Joe watches the muscles in the boy's haunches tighten, even as Gloria allows her shoulders to relax. Joe sees her brows draw together as she focuses on the task at hand. Watching her work the muscles in her throat, Joe hears gentle suckling noises as she uses her mouth to satisfy the boy.


When her eyes flutter open, she looks up first, to gauge the fulfillment of the boy. Her hands rest lightly now on his thighs. Her face is flush.


“Hey—” Joe says.


He keeps his voice low, with just a touch of menace. He wants to scare the boy, but doesn’t want Molly to see any of this, if he can help it.


The boy jerks back, spins his head and shoulders. His eyes meet Joe’s.


“Get the hell out of here,” Joe hisses.


The boy fumbles with his pants. He is a young man, has a wide-eyed look. Maybe twenty or twenty-two. “Sorry,” he mutters. “I'm sorry.” These apologies are addressed to Joe. He says nothing to Gloria.


Joe points to the door that leads outside with his chin. The boy runs off.


Gloria rises. She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand then starts buttoning her shirt. Joe walks past her and watches the boy disappear around the side of the house.


Shutting the door, Joe turns back to Gloria.


Her blouse is buttoned. She looks at her feet, smoothes the fabric of her shirt. Joe tips her chin up with his fingertips. She twists her head away from his touch. Won't look into his eyes.


“Do you want Molly to know?” he asks. He keep his tone even. Gloria may burst into tears and he doesn't want that. “She’ll tell Louise,” he says.


“I don't care,” she says.


“You're wet,” he tells her. Joe offers her the bandanna from his back pocket.


There is something wet just above her sternum, something else sticky in her hair. He use the bandanna to dab at a damp spot on her cheek, averting his eyes from the shallow valley between her breasts.


“Wipe yourself,” he says.


As she takes the kerchief from Joe, her hand trembles, belying her youthful bluster. “You've got some in your hair, too,” he says, trying to sound kind. Helpful.


Molly calls from the other room.


Moving fast to intercept her, Joe says, “Wait in the car.” Gloria is using the mirror over the work bench to clean herself up. She glances at Joe in the mirror. Nods her head.


“I'll get my keys and take you home,” Joe says.




Gloria is a sullen lump in the passenger seat. She hasn't said two words since they began the drive to her aunt's house. With her tight jeans and boyish hips, she looks even more attractive to Joe all pouty and grim. Pulling the car into the dark part of the empty bank parking lot, Joe shuts it down.


The engine ticks as it cools.


Grinning at her, Joe gets out and walks over to the ATM machine. Crickets chirp. Joe grew up here in Carnal. The cool June air feels good on his arms. He’s a real estate agent, a good one. Used to getting his way. In his belly he can feel that same slight fluttering as he did when Gloria first noticed him in the garage. An image of Gloria on her knees at the boy’s feet pops into his mind. He had seen fear, panic in her eyes. But then he noticed something else, something not so much in the look that she gave him, or in the way that she surrendered to her circumstance, but in the way that she then threw herself into satisfying the boy, working his cock with her hands and mouth, utterly ignoring Joe.


He punches in his numbers, listens to the ATM hum.


Suddenly Joe decides to make another, much larger withdrawal—three hundred dollars. He punches his numbers into the machine again and grins. He’s going to fuck that pouty little kid in his car. Why not? She had already taken one load of come in her tummy tonight. What harm sending her home with just a tiny bit more?


Getting back into the car, Joe finds Gloria smoking.


“You got another one of those?” he asks.


Gloria taps a cigarette out of her pack and silently hands it to Joe. Lighting up, he exhales smoke. Fans the cash in his hand.


“How much do I owe you?” he asks. He counts through the bills, passing them from one hand to the other.


“You don't have to pay me anything,” she says.


“No, no—I want to,” he says. He peels off five twenties and hand them to her. She looks at the money, but doesn't move.


“Take it,” he says, waving the cash towards her. “You earned it.”


She looks at him, looks at the money in his hand.


“You don't have to do anything,” he says. “It's yours.”


She reaches out, takes the money.


Joe folds the rest of the bills in half and stuff them into his shirt pocket. He chuckles and says, “That was some show back there—watching you blow that boy.”


She blows cigarette smoke through her nose and laughs.


“Funny?” he says.


She folds the money in half, lifts her bottom off the seat, and then slips the folded bills into her front jean pocket.


“I watched you swallow it,” Joe says. He’s watching her to see how she'll react to this kind of language. “You let him empty himself into your pretty little mouth.”

BOOK: Summer Shorts
8.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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