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Summer Solace

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Summer Solace





Maggie Ryan



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Ryan, Maggie

Summer Solace


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Chapter 1


Joanna breathed deeply of the clean, crisp air as she followed a faint trail through the towering trees. She looked up as the wind whistled through the swaying branches. The wind was the main reason she was still in the woods instead of sitting in her favorite swing on her back porch, a much needed cup of coffee in her hands. She pushed aside a branch and confirmed what she had suspected earlier. There was a faint glow up ahead, the flickering light indicating a campfire. She hadn’t expected to encounter any other campers this deep into the woods but had thought she smelled wood smoke. She walked a few more feet into the woods before stopping suddenly. What was that sound?  Was someone crying?  She pushed into a strand of bushes on her left and froze again. The bushes and the growing dark concealed her at the edge of the woods. Before her was a clearing that was designated as camp site forty. In the center of a fire pit, a small camp fire blazed, its glow lighting the area surrounding the ring of stones. However, the fire wasn’t what had captured Joanna’s attention.

“No, please, don’t. I’m sorry…I won’t do it...owwww!” The sounds that had carried into the woods became clear. They were coming from a young woman who was indeed crying and pleading. Joanna stood as still as a statue, unsure of what she should do. The woman was obviously in pain, but seeing as how she was bent over a man’s knees, her shorts and panties at her ankles, her hands clinging tightly to the legs of a camp stool, the cause of her distress was clear. The steady cadence of sharp slaps rang through the night. The man held the woman with one arm around her waist as he used a paddle to deliver swat after swat to the woman’s bare bottom. The woman was beginning to kick her feet and twist her body in a futile attempt to escape the paddle that connected again and again with her upturned bottom.

“Stop, please…please…it hurts!” the woman cried. Joanna almost smiled at the words. It certainly looked like it hurt. She was momentarily shocked, not at the scene playing out before her, but from her reaction to it. It hadn’t been that long ago when she had changed the entire direction of her life over an incident that could be compared to what she was witnessing. She had thought all possibility of ever feeling a jolt of desire from any sort of discipline had disappeared on that night. Frozen in place, she fought the need to moan in recognition that she had not buried her sins as deeply as she had thought. Another highly pitched wail followed by a desperate plea for the spanking to stop snapped her back to the present. Evening had already descended, but the firelight showed the poor girl’s bottom was turning darker with every stroke of the relentless paddle.

“Settle down. Of course it hurts. Spankings aren’t supposed to feel good. I can’t believe you would make such a stupid decision. You know better than to get involved with something like that. Young lady, you deserve a nice long spanking and a very hot bottom, don’t you?” the man asked even as he continued the spanking. Joanna felt a shiver race down her back at the man’s voice. It was deep and husky. While the girl’s pleas were high and frantic, the man’s tone was calm, almost soothing. Joanna began to tremble, realizing that it also sounded very, very familiar. Shaking her head in an attempt to dispel that thought, she desperately wondered what she should do. Knowing the best thing would be to step away, Joanna found that she couldn’t. She did begin to step back deeper into the darkness of the trees but froze when a twig snapped under her right foot. She stopped breathing as she saw the man’s head snap up, his eyes quickly scanning the edge of the tree line. Joanna felt her face grow hot as she felt the man’s eyes seem to fall directly onto her. She couldn’t make out his features very clearly but was certain he was searching the tree line for any evidence of movement. She knew that it would be impossible for him to discern her outline as long as she remained perfectly still. After a few moments, his attention returned to the upturned bottom over his knees.

“I asked you a question, young lady. Do you deserve this paddling?”  His question was accompanied by an additional flurry of spanks that caused the poor girl to buck and kick, one hand releasing the stool’s legs to fly back towards her bottom in an attempt to stop the paddle. Joanna watched as the man simply captured her escaped hand and held it tightly in the small of the girl’s back. The paddle continued its attack, moving down to slap against the girl’s upper thighs. This got the girl’s attention.

“Yes!” she wailed. “Yes, Sir…I deserve it, but…owwww…please, no more!  Please, I’m sorry!”  

He nodded in agreement with her assessment of her need to be spanked. He lifted one knee a bit to elevate the poor bottom a bit and finished the spanking with a half dozen smacks to the girl’s tender sit spot. He wanted her to remember this spanking and blistering her bottom would ensure she’d think about it every time she sat down for the next couple of days. He finally lowered his knee and turned to place the paddle on the picnic table behind him. The girl lay sobbing over his lap, her hands once again wrapped around the legs of the stool. He didn’t speak for several minutes as he allowed her time to realize the spanking was over and to begin to compose herself.

As her cries began to slow, his eyes again scanned the tree line. He knew that something or someone was present, just out of sight. However, he also knew that he needed to deal with this situation. After several minutes passed, he asked softly, “Are you ready to be a good girl, Amber?” 

The girl sniffed and nodded. “Yes, Sir,” she managed to say as she hiccupped. He grinned and then gently patted the well roasted bottom over his lap. She wiggled off his knees once she felt the pat, knowing he was giving her permission to get up. She stood and was surprised when he told her she could dress. She hesitated only a moment before bending quickly to pull up her panties and her shorts. Once dressed, she stood before him.

“I’m really sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. Please, don’t be mad at me anymore,” she said quietly. He looked at the young woman and stood. He wrapped his arms around her and bent to kiss the top of her head.

“You’re forgiven, Amber, but believe me, if you pull a stunt like that again, this little spanking will feel like a couple of love taps. The next time you’ll be so sore you won’t be able to sit for a week. Understand me?” he warned firmly. Amber pulled away and nodded.

“Yes, Sir,” she answered, knowing he was serious. He reached out and ruffled the girl’s hair which was messy from all her struggling during her spanking.

“Good, now I do believe we have company,” he informed her. Amber’s mouth dropped open even as she whirled around. She didn’t see anyone, but was acutely aware that her spanking had probably just been witnessed. She suddenly understood why she had been allowed to dress instead of being made to stand with her spanked bottom exposed while she spent several minutes thinking about her misbehavior. Her face flushed as she heard him say, “You can come out now. I know you are there.” 

Both the campers watched and waited. A few seconds passed.

“Please, don’t make me come and get you.”  His last words did the trick. He was surprised when a  woman stepped out of the shadows of the tall pines into the edge of their clearing. Though her features were still hidden in the twilight, he saw that she wore the uniform of a ranger. He relaxed a bit, but still stepped in front of Amber as if shielding her.

A little late for that, Amber thought even as she took the opportunity of his diverted attention to rub her bottom with both hands in an effort to ease the ache his paddling had caused.

Joanna walked into the firelight and approached the couple. It took every ounce of her courage to reveal herself. The moment the man had turned towards her, the firelight revealed him very well. His size was another identifier. He had looked large when seated. Standing he loomed over the smaller woman hiding behind him. Joanna was tall for a woman, measuring just an inch short of six feet barefoot. Even from several feet away, she knew exactly how perfectly the top of her head would nestle under his chin. Within moments, her eyes drank in more. He looked broader and leaner than before. His shoulders were wide, his chest broad before tapering to a slim, lean waist and some of the longest legs she had ever seen.

He watched as the ranger looked him over and returned the favor. The woman was tall and slender. The hat she wore hid her facial features. She was wearing the khaki uniform that usually didn’t flatter anyone wearing it. On her, however, the uniform was filled out quite nicely, at least from the frontal view that he was enjoying. She reached up and pulled the length of her braid from where it had been hanging down her back. The firelight seemed to make her hair glow, their colors almost matching. He looked puzzled for a moment. When he saw her fingers toy with the end of the braid, his eyes snapped up to her face. Joanna pulled herself together and spoke for the first time.

“Hello, Gabe,” she said softly.

Gabriel Jamison was a man who was a master of control. For only the second time in five years, he was totally at a loss. His heart stuttered in his chest. The woman who had caused that break in his control years ago had just done it again.

“Jo?” Gabe asked, disbelief clear in his tone. He was the only man who had ever used the nickname for Joanna. For the briefest moment, the wall she had spent years building showed the faintest chink. “God, Jo, it’s really you. What are you doing here?  Where have you been?” Gabe asked, still attempting to reconcile himself to her presence. Gabe had a million questions he wanted answered.

Joanna remembered that she had no desire to go backwards. Her life had been hard enough to rebuild, she didn’t think she’d have the strength to start again. She fought to remember her responsibilities. “I’m the chief ranger,” she explained. “I wasn’t aware that anyone was registered this far up the mountain.”

BOOK: Summer Solace
8.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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