Sweet Love (The Sweet Love Saga #1)

BOOK: Sweet Love (The Sweet Love Saga #1)
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Sweet Love


Vol. 1


I. H. Schrauth



Copyright © 2016 by Ian Schrauth All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the author.




This novel is a product of the author’s imagination. The events described in this story never occurred. Though, Buildings, and businesses may exist. This story is to only entertain readers.


Chapter 1


I honestly think that love is not worth it. Yea, sometimes I crave it, but why should I love someone? I have my college studies to do.

Today, in favor of valentine’s day coming up, our creative writing professor told us to write a short story. The story should contain something with the valentine’s day theme.

This was going to be hard for me because, like I said before, I don’t do love. It doesn’t get along with me at all.

This is going to be hard…

I was trying to think of a plot, when my roommate came in, Kristy. Unlike me, she gets all of the boys. Sometimes, she has one-night stands with them in our dorm when I’m away. How do I know? Well, the room has that sexy-feeling to it…

How does she not have any disease?!

“Hey Tiffany.” Kristy said as she sat her backpack down. “How hangs it?”

“Well, we have to write a story about love, since valentine’s day is coming up soon.” I replied. “Honestly, I think that this is going to be the hardest assignment that I will ever do?”


“Because in my mind, fuck love!” I said.

“But love is amazing!”

Yea, coming from a girl who has sex three times a week.

“I think I’ll go down to the library.” I said. “Maybe they’ll have a book down there about love.”

“Do you want any suggestions?” She asked.

I grabbed my laptop, and said, “No thanks. You’re probably tell me about that fifty shades book.”

“How did you—”

“How do I
know? You are always having sex with some man!”

She looked at me surprised. “No!”

“yes. I know this for a fact. Any man that comes in your way has sex with you.” I said and walked off.

“At least I got dick!”

“OK dick head.” I yelled back and walked off.

Sometimes, she can be a little bitch. OK, she can be a big bitch. A
bitch. Like, she’s crazy to the core! Doctor crazy coming into the room!

When I reached the library, I walked up to the librarian, and asked, “Would you recommend any romance books?”

“What type of romance? We have New Adult, Young adult, Erotica, Paranormal. What instructs you?”

What ARE those subjects?!

“New adult.” I said, not knowing. That is the only one that sounded interesting, and the only one that I think would be interesting,”

“Good choice.” She sand and walked from away her desk., “Follow me.”

I followed her to a section that was labeled “ROMANCE” and she pulled out a couple books.

“This book is a book I would recommend. It’s about a guy named Daniel finding this girl who he met in the dark.”

Oh wow…

That DOES sound interesting. It was called “Finding Cinderella” by Colleen Hoover.

“Or you could read this book by Jamie Mcguire. It’s called ‘Beautiful Sacrafice’.”

“The cover looked good, but didn’t appeal to me.”

“I think I’ll stick to this book.” I said and grabbed the Finding Cinderella book. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” She said and walked back to the counter.

I tried to find a place that was not taken by someone, but I could not find one for the world. All the tales were filled with nerds, but there was one table that had a man there. He was looking down in a book, and he caught my attention.

I walked up to him, and said, “Excuse me, can I sit here?”

He looked up from his book, and looked at me. His eyes as blue as the ocean looked in mine. He was so…beautiful…His eyes looked like I could take a dive into the ocean in his eyes, and I just melted inside.

“Hey there.” He said. “You’re welcome to sit here.”

I sat down in the seat, and opened up my laptop, and my book. I turned to the first page, and I had that strange feeling that someone was staring at me.

I looked up, and I noticed that he was looking at me.

“Can I help you?” I asked, not in a rude tone.

“Nothing. I’m Just admiring how beautiful you are.”  He said. “My name is Walter by the way.” And gave me a crooked smile.




My heart turned into a puddle and went down to my feet. My feet were warm, and I couldn’t stand him.

“So, tell me about yourself.” He said. “I would like to know you a little more.”

“I’m acutely ‘kinda dull. Not into love, and going for a creating, writing major.” I said.

“Interesting.” He said. “I love a girl who is creative.”

Why wouldn’t you?

We’re at Full Sail university… It’s, like, the creating collage…

“I actually have to get back to work.” I said.

“Doing what? Reading a romance book on your time.”

“No, I know nothing about romance, and I need to write a story about romance, and I and just getting ideas.” I said.

“What book are you reading?”

I show him he cover, and he said, “Colleen Hoover. She’s an amazing writer. She writes stories in the middle of Fifty Shades of grey, and The notebook.”

With at sex scene in the beginning, I can tell…

“Yea. Well, I better read.” I said and looked down at my book.




Chapter 2


Well, I would have to say that Finding Cinderella was VERY interesting…I mean, Danial had sex with her in the dark, and I think the ending was sweet.

Not going to spoil it!

Before I got up to put the book back, the guy looked at me. His blue eyes met mine, and he said, “it was nice to meet you.”

‘Thank you.” I said. “Same.”

He gave me a crooked smile, and said, “Want me to walk you back to your dorm?”


“Sure?” I said. Why would he want to walk me back to my dorm? Is he looking for sex?

He got up from his spot, and I put my book on one of the carts. He gathered his things, and we walked out of the library with me.

He walked beside me for the whole time, and while we were walking, we were also talking.

“So, do you want to come over to my place sometime?” He asked.

Wow, this is going by quickly…

We soon reached my dorm, and I said, “No thanks. Like I said, I am not into love.”

“I don’t know. I could change that.” He said. He said “I don’t know” in a tone that seemed sexy.

Get it together girl!

Don’t fall in love with this guy.

I opened the door to my dorm, and said, “Well, it was nice to meet you.” And walked in.

In my dorm, I could not believe what I saw. They didn’t see me open the door.

Yeah, THEY!

Kristy and some man having sex…

It was just disturbing to see this girl having sex with some strange man. Including seeing her naked!

This girl is sick!

“Wat’s going on here?!” I asked.

He stopped rocking in and out of her, and they looked at me. Kristy screamed as they tried to cover themselves with MY cover.

Why the fuck were they on my bed?!

“When did you get in here?” Kirsty asked.

“Well, I got in here a couple seconds ago. And why the fuck are you on MY bed?!” I asked.

I looked at my covers, and the spot where she laid had a wet mark on it.

I grabbed all of my things, and headed out to the couch area. This is where people sleep when they want to leave their dorm.

I laid down on one of the couches, and closed my eyes. I’m already poor, and I’m living off of roman noodles. I need to live with someone else.

Tomorrow is my day off…I’ll go to the office and see if I can switch…


I woke up with a knot in my neck, and when I got up, I go my glasses, and headed to my dorm. My stuff was still there, but I saw they were sleeping in my bed.

I needed my ID…

I grabbed my ID, and tried to avoid that sex-smell that was in the air. I couldn’t stand that smell…

When I exited the dorm, I stared to walk to the office, when I ran into blue eye man.

“Hey mystery girl.” He said. “Why in a rush?”

“I need to move dorms.” I said and walked passed him.

“Want to live with me?”

Why would he say that?! I barley know him!

I turned around, and said, “We barley know each other.”

“Well, we can get to know each other. Meet me at the library at two.” He said and walked away.

Was I relay going to go with this man and possibly fall for him?


I walked down to the office, and I went up to the desk. “What do I have to do to change dorms?”

“Well, I know for a fact that there is one dorm available.” She said and looked on her computer. ‘it is with a guy named Walter Keithern.”

This better not be the guy who was at the library.

But I WANT to move…OK, I NEED to move. Before I go insane.

“I’ll take it.” I said.

“OK. You will have to fill out this paperwork, and then you will switch once it is approved.” She said and handed me the papers.”

“Thanks.” I said and headed out of the office. I headed down to the library, and – once aging – all of the seats were full.


I looked around for a seat, and the only open one was with Walter.

“Hey there.” He said. “Trying to find a seat?”

“You know it.” I said. “May I sit here?”


I sat my butt down in the seat, and put the paperwork on the table to fil it out.

“Is that for moving dorms?”


“Do you know who you will be going with?” he asked.

“some guy named Walter Keithern.” I said. “I think he’ll be better than that whore that I’m with.”

“Yeah. I think he would be too.” He said and went back to his work.

“Wat are you working on?” I asked.

“Homework for my Journalism class.” He said. “This is important, is need to get to work.”

We didn’t talk after that.



Yeah, I know that I never said I would be in love, but I honestly think that I’m in love with this guy. He’s just so…Hot!

I had finished my application to switch, and I decided to read “BEAUTIFUL DISASTER” by Jamie Mcguire, just to stay and be with him.

“Excuse me, the library will be closing soon.” A librarian came up to us and said.

Oh wow…

We’ve been here for that long?!

“OK. Thank you.” Walter said and started to pack up his things. “Are you staying here a little longer?” he asked me.

“I think I’ll check this book out and leave.” I said and gathered my things. “First, I need to go to the office and turn this in.”

Oh. If you would like, you can stay at my place I that slut is having sex.”

Oh god, I forgot I had to go back to her…

“If she is, do you mind?” I asked.

“not at all.” He said and stared to walkaway he turned around, and said, “well, what are you waiting for?”

I got my things, checked out the book, and headed out of the library. We headed to my dorm, and he just stood there. “I want to see what that slut is up to.”

“Do you REALLY want to see her?”

“Touché.” He said and turned around.

Before I opened the door, I pushed my ear against it, and heard nothing. And that is when I was wrong, because I opened the door, and I saw ANOTHER man’s…uh…thingy in her…uh…

Well, let’s say it’s not her “cat”

“Oh god.” I said.

Kirsty looked at me, and yelled, “GET OUT!”

The man pulled out of her, and he noticed me. Kristy threw a pillow at me, and I left the room.

“My place?” he asked.

“Nah, I think I’ll have another night on the couch.”

BOOK: Sweet Love (The Sweet Love Saga #1)
13.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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