Taming Precious Sinclair

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Precious Sinclair


Sasha Combs



Published by Lori Turner

Copyright 2011 Lori Turner




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All characters and incidents in this book are fiction and figments of the author’s imagination. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.



All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2011 Lori Turner


Taming Precious Sinclair

Rich...absolutely. Headstrong and brilliant...just like her daddy. Beautiful...undeniable. Marriage material...debatable. And that’s the problem. Well, it isn’t a problem for Precious because she has the bod and the brains to do whatever she wants. She’s decided that she can live a fulfilling life with or without the wedding ring but there’s one particular man aiming to make her think differently on this point. Hamilton has had his eye on Amelia Precious Sinclair for a while and due to a mishap, their paths become briefly entangled. While he works to solve her problem; she’s forced to lay low at one of his homes. When hidden passions surface; sparking into blazing flames. Hamilton Gantry is left with only one question. He wonders if his love will be enough to tame her willful heart.




Taming Precious Sinclair


Chapter 1

If you feel like your life is a party but you don’t feel especially welcomed; maybe you didn’t receive an engraved invitation.


Outside, along the shoreline where sand meets surf; a flock of seagulls sing high pitched cries. The white winged birds squeal their loudest when following ocean worthy ships, navigating the lakes and rivers. Through a window, this image appears picturesque, but behind a thick pane of glass framed in oak wood; the sound is barely heard. Inside of the restaurant, whispered voices swell like a wave, then the sounds recede, returning to normal tones. At times, the noises rise, becoming a mixture of jabbering languages and chortles muffled behind manicured fingers. This scene isn’t at all unusual. Quite the opposite could be said. Laughing and talking amongst friends creates a fitting ambience when sharing a meal. The chorus is a musical cacophony beloved by chefs and restaurateurs. On this busy afternoon, one of the areas most popular dinning spots is brimming with the cities finest. People who want to be seen, and those who want to see them.

The Crescent Lounge is a posh trendy steakhouse located on the waters edge in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. People in the area love eating here and the restaurant has the finest wine and liqueur selections. The menu boast that their steak servings are large enough to feed a table of two and the meat is so tender it practically falls off the fork. That’s great billing for the men but the women tend to feast on the salads and shrimp cocktails, to avoid the unwanted calories.

In the rear of the restaurant two cinematographers, a sound technician and a director milled near a table of women. There were hands and arms wildly gesticulating as they carried on their conversation. An unlikely scene for a community like this. This city is known for its old money and it is a place where some of the country’s oldest families still live. They lived private lives and ostentatious displays were frowned upon. So, when a studio crew strolled into this quiet upscale suburban community outside of Detroit; the waters weren’t as calm anymore. A well known producer had set his eyes on the town to host his newest reality TV program. Then he chose from the wealthiest families to cast his show. When the dust had settled, and jaws were lifted from the ground; the show aired as scheduled. Four wealthy bachelorettes began defying the rules by airing their gossip, then streaming these tidbits for all the world to see.


While the other people in the restaurant showed indifference or feigned ignorance; the women talking at their table did the same. They pretended that their conversation wasn’t being filmed. And they’d all gotten very good at this. They talked to each other as if they were the only customers in the restaurant.

The director, Artie Weinstein; he motioned for the cameraman to move in for a closeup. Faye Gunther was just about to reveal her special news and he wanted the frame centered on her professionally made up face.

“Girls, I have something I want to share with you.” Faye trilled, while eyeing the others.

The cameraman took his cue; filling his viewfinder with the beautiful blond haired Faye Gunther. The other two women stared at their friend expectedly. Regina Christy and Pamela Fields. The three women had been BFF’s since their days at Cranbrook Preparatory Boarding School in Bloomfield Hills. Their friendship had withstood the test of college, trivial jealousies and more than a few heartbreaks. They were more like sisters than mere friends and Faye couldn’t wait to reveal her news.

Pamela lifted her wineglass to take a sip. She swallowed, then said....

“Faye, are you sure you don’t want to wait until Precious joins us?”

Pamela didn’t outright care if Precious was here for the news or not. In fact, her mind was on the BMW G 1200 GS Adventure. While visiting her parents last night, she’d read the shipment list laying on her father’s desk in his home office. Pamela’s family owned a number of dealerships across the country. They dibble dabbled in a little of this and that; anything that had two or more wheels. She’d been thrilled when her father bought the BMW dealership in Birmingham because she adored their motorcycle line and their sports cars were amongst her favorites. Pamela didn’t mind wearing Prada, Versace or Diane von Furstenberg but she wasn’t herself unless she had wind in her hair and an open highway beneath her, while traveling at full throttle.

While Pam’s mind drifted, recalling the vibrating sensations felt when hugging a motorcycle between her legs; her rocketing brain didn’t get to far. Her daydreaming was cut short by her good friend Regina.

“Pamela, did you talk to Precious? I tried phoning her this morning but she didn’t answer my call. Maybe she’s at the club with Stone.”

“Is he back?” Pamela asked and she felt bad for not knowing.

“Yes.” Regina said. “Stone returned a few days ago. On Wednesday I think.”

“Yes... Stone Norris is back.” Faye said, clearly annoyed. She wrinkled her forehead, then continued. “Now, can we get back to me.”

The persnickety blond detested being upstaged. Even when she was young, she hated being interrupted and her nannies had never been able to correct this behavior. Her single-mindedness only got worse when the women were cast on their reality TV show. Now, with a million eyes on her; she demands to be heard.

Faye forced a frown even though she knew the facial distortion might turn into a future wrinkle. The crinkle didn’t last long because there were the cameras to consider. Couldn’t have them recording her with a distasteful scowl. She also worried over her fans. Can’t disappoint them, she thought to herself. She wasn’t a fan favorite and Faye still didn’t understand the aberration; the annoying fact that the fans were completely enamored by Amelia Precious Sinclair. At first, Faye had told herself, the fascination lie in her friends middle name. Not many people in her circle of friends have names like that. Of course, she did have friends with names like, Porsche, Mercedes, Paris and Monterey. But those names were hot cars and popular destinations; not adjectives or common nouns. But as time passed, and Precious remained the topic of conversation; Faye had to admit. The weekly post and daily comments told the true story; and Faye knew the truth because she was a frequent visitor to these websites. Faye read the fan mail as if their comments were her daily bread and water. Most of the fans tuned in to watch their reality program because they wanted to see her friend, Precious Sinclair. Whenever Faye talked about her friend, she had to remind herself of this. So as not to upset the masses, she said in a measured voice...

“I left a message for Precious on her voicemail and she didn’t bother to return my call either. Now that Stone is back, there’s no telling where she is and I’m sure he’s the reason that she isn’t here now. Maybe she’s where she wants to be. Maybe Stone finally persuaded her to say yes and marry him.”

Faye sealed her mouth shut, narrowly avoiding a bit lip. The word marry was supposed to be coupled with her name and not Precious Sinclair’s. She continued....

“Look... I don’t think I’m being rude if I share my news before she gets here. You said it yourself Regina... You called her too and she didn’t return your call either. So, as far as I’m concerned, Precious had her chance to be here and she blew it.”

The lighting was perfect and she refused to waste her professionally made up face; especially when she knew she looked fabulous. Faye had returned last night, after spending two days in New York being fitted for several nightgowns and her one of a kind Vera Wang wedding dress. There would be parties, private dinners with family and some of her parents dearest and closest friends. Even the governor had sent his RSVP for the party planned for this weekend. She had it all, but Faye wanted this glorious moment as well.

Faye tilted her neck, moving a curtain of her hair with the back of her hand. In a commanding voice, she spoke clearly to be heard by the sound man.

“Now listen girls...” Faye said and she was certain this revelation would be a tongue wagging topic. The high point of the reality shows season finale. Words worthy to be printed in the society section and in all the magazines that followed their show. She’d been waiting for this moment for weeks and weeks. When her family prematurely found out about her engagement; Faye had informed the studio, requesting addendum's to the confidentiality statements. These were signed along with the forms that had already been endorsed by every person filmed, then aired on the show. The added precaution had been something Faye insisted on. Today, she wanted to be the shows zenith. But before she could relay her announcement. Before her words left her smudge proof pink colored mouth. Amelia Precious Sinclair, walked through the open doors of the trendy restaurant. More than one newspaper had dubbed her one of the cities most beautiful bachelorettes. Precious eased through the establishment, smiling at the patrons as she passed them. The camera crews swiveled their viewfinders to capture her swaying glide. She crossed the floor, excusing her way effortlessly while capturing everyones attention. Faye could have burst a blood vessel and no one in the restaurant would have noticed. This infuriated her and still, no one was aware of her vexation.

When Precious stood less than a foot away from the table; she smiled and the dazzle beamed like a lighthouse. Her eyes danced across each face seated at the table when she said in her girlish voice...

“Hey girls... What did I miss...?”

“Precious... Over here hon...”

Regina’s naturally curly red hair bounced on her shoulders. The reality TV Show had been a hit from the beginning, and each woman had instantly become local celebrities. Their faces were also known wherever the program aired; which was in practically every American household. After the first two weeks, with ratings soaring through the roof; the show was aired in markets outside of the US. In spite of that; Precious didn’t take her new found fame seriously. She’d only agreed to do the show due to the pleadings of her best friends. Actually, when she’d agreed to join the cast, in her mind the idea had been a lark. But as she neared them, seeing all three beauties holding their glasses; Precious didn’t see the humor in this. The show had created a toxic environment and their relationships had suffered horribly due to it. She wanted her life back as it once had been. She wanted to walk down the streets and just be seen as one of the pretty faces lost in a sea with the others.

BOOK: Taming Precious Sinclair
13.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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