Ten Taboo Tales of Forbidden Passions - the ultimate taboo ten book box set (3 page)

BOOK: Ten Taboo Tales of Forbidden Passions - the ultimate taboo ten book box set
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We stared into each others eyes and I felt his hand running up the inside of my thigh. His other hand caressed my right breast and I felt my nipple become erect as Daddy moved his head down and sucked on my teat. Daddy's hand reached my cleft and then his finger pressed against my panties up against my engorged nub. I felt the familiar sensations of pleasure return as Daddy rubbed my magic button.

"Oh Daddy," I gasped, "I'm really fucking happy that I'm grounded!"

"Not as glad as I am Shelly," replied Daddy, "I think it's time these come off."

Daddy moved downwards and I felt his teeth tug at my panties, pulling them downwards. His hands took over and Daddy continued to gently pulled my panties down. I arched my back and raised my ass to let Daddy pull the panties off over my cheeks. I lifted my legs and Daddy quickly removed the panties from me entirely. He held them to his face and sniffed deeply.

"Your pussy scent is beautiful," Daddy announced.

I spread my legs wider, fully exposing my pussy to Daddy. I reached down and with my middle finger I began to rub at my clit. Daddy leaned in and I felt his lips kiss my pussy followed by his tongue licking me upwards. I felt his tongue at my finger and so I removed my hands and grabbed the back of his head pulling him into me. Daddy licked and sucked at my nub creating electrical tingles of pleasure to radiate outwards.

"I want your cock inside me Daddy," I gasped, "I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard Daddy!"

Daddy looked up at me from between my leg and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand before coming up and kissing me on my mouth. I kissed Daddy back, tasting and smelling my own sex
and then I reached out blindly for Daddy's cock as our tongues probed each others mouths. By now I was desperate to have Daddy's cock fill me up.

I found Daddy's cock and grabbed it pulling his shaft towards me. I parted my pussy lips using the head of Daddy's cock and then rubbed it up against my clit. The sensations I felt as I did this were incredible and I involuntarily moaned in response. Daddy carried on kissing me and allowed me to use his dick on my button.

A short while later Daddy began to move his hips and he began to rub his cock against me himself. The shaft of Daddy's cock was now slick from my juices and each time his cock slid up and down in between my pussy lips the shaft and head of his cock rubbed over my clit. It felt like heaven. Daddy then moved himself and I felt his shaft slide down towards my entrance. 

"Are you going to fuck me now Daddy?" I whispered.

"Yes," Daddy replied.

I felt the head of Daddy's cock begin to enter me followed slowly by the rest of his length. It was incredible! Daddy's eased his cock all the way into my depth, filling me completely and I moaned with pleasure. Daddy began to make thrusting motions with his cock, fucking me as if his life depended on it.

"Oh Daddy!" I gasped.

"Your pussy feels so wet and tight Shelly," said Daddy.

"Your cock feels fucking amazing Daddy!" I replied as Daddy continued to fuck me.

Soon I felt the familiar sensations from deep within me as I approached my climax.

"Oh fuck me Daddy! Fuck me! I'm going to fucking come! Fill me up you dirty bastard!" I yelled.

Daddy's thrusts became even more urgent and I pulled him close to me as I began to orgasm. As I came I buried my face into Daddy's chest and let out a muffled scream. As my orgasm subsided so did Daddy's thrusts and then he pulled out of me.

"Turn over so I can fuck you from behind," said Daddy.

"Whatever you want Daddy!" I replied as I turned over and presented my ass to Daddy.

"Jesus, what a tight ass you have!"

"Do you want to fuck me in my ass Daddy?" I asked, "I think I'd really like that and I have lube in my top drawer."

Daddy spanked my ass cheek and then reached over to my bedside cabinet. He pulled the drawer open and rummaged about.

"Got it!" Daddy announced triumphantly.

"Well, lube up then Daddy! My ass isn't going to fuck itself!" I replied laughing.

I looked over my shoulder and watched Daddy cover his cock in lube. Then he put some in between my ass cheeks and I felt his finger teasing at my pink asshole.

"How's this?" asked Daddy as he slipped his finger into my asshole.

"Mmm. That's nice Daddy, but I want your cock not your finger."

Daddy took his finger out of my ass and then I felt the head of his cock at my back entrance. Daddy spread my ass checks apart with his hands as he eased the head of cock inside me.

"Oh Fuck Yes Daddy!" I yelled, " Fill me up!"

"You are one dirty girl!" said Daddy as he pushed forward and more of his shaft entered my dark passage.

"Is that all you've got Daddy?" I asked.

Daddy pushed his cock all the way into my ass, filling me up nicely and I moaned at the lovely sensations of pain and pleasure that emanated from my forbidden hole. Then the fun really began as Daddy started to fuck me properly in my ass.

"Oh Jesus that feels good!" exclaimed Daddy.

"Yes Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck my dirtbox you filthy bastard!"

Daddy laughed at my language but did as he was told and continued to fuck me. As he did this I felt his hand at my pussy and he started to work my clit once more with his fingers. Every time Daddy thrust into my ass felt better than the last and that combined with the sensations being generated by his fingers on my nub made me begin to moan with pleasure.

"That's it Shelly, take that cock!" Daddy exclaimed as his thrusts became more frequent and he pounded away at me.

I buried my face into my pillow to muffle my increasingly loud yells and began to rock my ass in time to Daddy's thrusts so that I took his cock so far into my ass that I could feel his balls slapping up against my pussy. Suddenly and with almost no warning I tipped over the edge and came. I let out a long howl of pleasure.

"No more, no more," I gasped.

Daddy pulled his cock out of me and still gasping I moved around so that I was on my knees and facing Daddy's cock. Daddy held his shaft and grabbed the back of my head pulling me towards his cock. I hungrily opened my mouth and gratefully accepted Daddy's length into my mouth. I began to suck and lick at Daddy's cock and Daddy rammed his length into my mouth almost making me gag.

"Suck that cock Shelly!" Daddy exclaimed.

I reached up with my hand and as Daddy's cock fucked my mouth I massaged his balls. Daddy's thrusts became faster and faster until I felt his cock become even thicker and stiffer. Daddy pulled his cock out my mouth and he held the hair at the back of my head tightly keeping my head in place as he began to jerk himself off.

"Give me your cream Daddy," I gasped and then I opened my mouth wide and put out my tongue awaiting his load.

Suddenly Daddy let out a moan and a hot white jet of cream suddenly shot out of his cock showering my face. It felt wonderful. I moved my head slightly and another load shot out this time into my mouth. I moved in and devoured his cock swallowing his load as I began to suck at Daddy's length. I felt more of his hot juices fill my mouth and I kept going until I had sucked his cock dry.

"That was fucking incredible Shelly," gasped Daddy as he removed his cock from my mouth.

I sat there smiling as I felt Daddy's cream drip down my face. I licked up what I could with my tongue and then used my fingers to gather up the rest. I licked at my fingers.

"Mmmm! Daddy you taste delicious!" I exclaimed as I finished licking up Daddy's present.

"I think we'd better get cleaned up," said Daddy.

"Okay Daddy," I replied, "I'll go and cleaned up in a minute."

"So was that better than some party?"

"Definitely Daddy," I giggled, "I guess you can ground me anytime you want if this is what happens..."

Daddy laughed and kissed me on my forehead and then he gathered up his clothes and went to my bedroom door. Daddy turned around.

"I'll be back shortly Shelly," said Daddy, "I'm hitting the shower."

"Okay Daddy," I replied and then Daddy left the room leaving me alone.

I lay back on my bed and smiled to myself as I replayed the evening's events in my mind and wondered what we would be doing next.



My Mom started dating James about a year ago. I've no idea what James saw in my Mom as she wasn't the prettiest of women and I thought James was a hot stud way out of her league. They had met when my Mom and I had been shopping for a new pair of shoes for me. James was the shoe salesman in the store. He was very attentive and at first I thought it was me he liked although he was flirting with the both of us from the minute we set foot in the shop. But as I was only eighteen at the time and James was obviously older and much closer to my Mom's age than my own I wasn't too surprised when he asked Mom out on a date instead of me as he rang up the shoes at the till.

The first few months of their relationship James and my Mom got on really well and so I got to spend a lot of time with him which was nice as we got on really well too. However, what I never got used to was when James came over to our house and usually about a half or so after I went to my bed him and my Mom would have very noisy sex sessions. It wasn't long until I started wearing my headphones to bed to block out the sounds of my Mom's screams and squeals as James fucked her brains out.

What was even worse was my Mom's tendency to yell out a running commentary about what she was doing when they were fucking. Believe me when I tell you that there's nothing that will make you cringe more than the sound of your Mom yelling things like; "fuck me with your monster cock!", "stick that big dick into me!" and "oh my God, that's it, fill me up with your King Dong!".

So, because of the prospect of having to permanently hear lots of embarrassing noises, I wasn't too thrilled when James moved into our house a few months later. However to my surprise the sex noises became less and less frequent soon after James moved in and it had now been months since I had heard any noises at all.

The sex noises were replaced with something almost as bad; arguments that happened every day and which had became steadily worse. In fact things appeared to have came to a head today of all days. My nineteenth birthday.

Earlier this evening my Mom had gave me a birthday card with some cash in it however James announced that he had also bought me a present. I was thrilled when I opened it up to find he had picked me out some really pretty underwear and it was exactly the right size as well. However, as soon as my Mom saw what James had bought she went bat shit crazy and it quickly turned into a massive argument.

I just left them to it, went to my room and put my headphones on. I must have fallen asleep as I was woken up just a few minutes ago by the front door slamming. I took the headphones off and looked at my clock; it was 10pm. I listened carefully but couldn't hear anyone so I got up and walked out of the room. I walked through to the lounge and James was there drinking a beer. He looked up at me.

"Oh, hi Blair," said James, "your Mom's just went out."

"I heard."

"Yeah, sorry about ruining your birthday Blair," said James as he picked at the label on his bottle of beer, "I've not been getting on with your Mom lately and I don't think she liked the present I bought you."

"What?" I exclaimed, "What's wrong with her? I mean, you're almost like my Daddy so why shouldn't you be able get me a present?"

"Wait, you really think I'm like your Daddy Blair?"

"Yeah, sure. I never met my real one and you're the longest boyfriend my Mom has ever had so yeah, I suppose you are just like a Daddy to me."

"I like that you think of me as your Daddy."

"Well, that's what I'll call you from now on then!"

"I don't know why she got so mad just because I bought you a stupid present."

"It wasn't a stupid present it was a lovely present! If anything is stupid it's my stupid Mom!"

"You shouldn't talk about your Mom like that honey."

"Yes, I can! She's a stupid idiot and she's lucky she's even going out with you!"

"What a deadbeat shoe salesman?"

"No Daddy! A handsome, funny, sexy guy like you who could easily do much better than my Mom," I said as I walked over to the sofa and sat down next to him.

"Handsome, funny and sexy? I don't think so," said James still looking down at his beer.

"You're wrong Daddy, you are all those things."

He looked up at me and we stared into each others eyes. I felt my face go red.

"Why are you blushing?" asked Daddy.

"I'm not! Shut up Daddy!" I exclaimed giggling.

"Man, I really like hearing you call me Daddy."

"Well, that's good because I like calling you Daddy," I replied, still giggling.

"So you really think I'm handsome and sexy do you?"

"Yes Daddy, I really do."

"Even more handsome than your boyfriends?"

"Well, I've never really had a proper boyfriend so yeah."

"A beautiful girl like you and you've never had a proper boyfriend?"

I felt my face go all red again and butterflies in my stomach at his compliments.

"Nope," I finally managed to whisper, "no boyfriends."

Still holding his beer in one hand he began combing my hair through his fingers with the other.

"I can't believe that you've never had a boyfriend Blair."

"Well, it's true... Daddy," I whispered back, my mouth suddenly dry.

I realised that my legs were shaking and my stomach was churning with butterflies as he continued to comb my hair with his fingers. I liked what he was doing but I was nervous as to what I should do next. I decided to go for it and I put my hand on his thigh. I could feel the warmth of his skin through his jeans and I felt a familiar warm tingle from my haven. He put his finger under my chin and gently turned my face towards his. I looked up into his eyes and bit my lower lip.

"Ask your Daddy what he wants," he whispered to me.

"What do you want Daddy?" I whispered back.

"I want to give you a birthday kiss."

I was trembling all over and my stomach was now doing cartwheels.

"I want to kiss you too Daddy," I barely managed to croak.

He leaned forward and I closed my eyes as our lips met. His lips were warm, firm and felt incredible against my own. I kissed him back and as I did I could smell a mixture of beer and aftershave. It was lovely. I squeezed his thigh with my hand and in response I felt his hand leave my chin and then I felt his hand gently cover my breast. I kissed him more and squeezed his thigh again. He responded by caressing my breast and then his tongue entered my mouth.

My senses were bombarded with all the sensations. I felt my nipple harden as his thumb brushed over it through my clothes and he tasted amazing as our tongues intertwined. We continued to kiss for what felt like minutes until we finally stopped.

"Oh, James...," I gasped.

"Please, Blair call me Daddy," he whispered back.

"Okay... Daddy. What do we do now?"

"That's up to you. Do you want to go further?" he asked.

"More than anything Daddy," I whispered back.

Daddy leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips and then he took my hand and moved it down to his crotch. He held my hand against where his cock was and I could feel his hot stiffness through his jeans. I kissed him harder and rubbed my hand up and down the outline of his cock through his jeans. I was a virgin but Daddy's cock felt much, much bigger than I imagined it would be.

I felt Daddy's hand on my bare thigh and then slowly move up towards my haven under my skirt. I moaned as his fingers pressed up against my sex through my panties. Daddy pressed against me more and I could tell that my panties were already soaked through. The edge of Daddy's fingers parted my lips slightly through my panties and I felt a surge of pleasure as they met my clit. I gasped and Daddy's lips left mine. Next, Daddy began to kiss and nibble at my neck.

"Oh, Daddy!" I gasped, "That's nice."

Daddy then slowly removed his hand from under my skirt but continued to kiss my neck. I put my arms around his neck and then suddenly I was scooped up by Daddy and lifted off the sofa.

"Will we go to your bedroom Blair?" asked Daddy.

"Yes please Daddy," I whispered back.

Daddy carried me through into my bedroom, walked to the bottom of my bed and then dropped me on top of it so I was lying on my back. I sat up, leaning on my elbows and looked him up and down. Daddy looked so handsome, tall, strong and as I looked down I couldn't help but notice that he really did have a massive looking  bulge in the crotch of his jeans. There really was nothing not to like about Daddy.

I felt a lot less nervous now and a bit brave so as Daddy began to lean forward to climb onto the bed I placed my bare foot on his chest to stop him and pushed him back slightly.

"No Daddy," I said giggling, "you can't come onto my bed yet, you're way too overdressed!"

Daddy let out a fake sigh, stood up facing me and then took of his shirt to reveal his muscular torso. I took it all in and couldn't believe that this was actually happening.

"Am I still overdressed Blair?" asked Daddy raising an eyebrow.

I thought. My nerves had completely gone and I felt like I could make Daddy do anything I wanted. I smiled and shook my head.

"Nope! You've still got too many clothes on Daddy."

Daddy kicked off his shoes and removed his socks.

"That enough yet?"

I giggled and shook my head again. I wanted to see how far I could go and so I pointed with my finger at his jeans.

"No Daddy, no jeans allowed!"

Daddy undid his belt buckle and then began to unbutton his jeans.

I sat up and grabbed Daddy's hands, putting them to his sides.

"No, Daddy. Please let me do this bit...," I whispered.

I finished unbuttoning his fly and then pulled down his jeans which fell to his ankles. He stepped out of his jeans and he was now standing before me only wearing his boxers. I looked down at his muscular thighs and then I reached out and gently caressed them before looking up at him.

"Well you've went this far Blair I think you should take off my boxers as well," he said.

I nodded silently and biting my lower lip I tugged at the waistband of his boxers and slowly pulled them down. Daddy's boxers fell to the ground and I was now literally inches away from the first cock I had seen in the flesh in my entire life.

"Oh Daddy," I gasped marvelling at his semi erect cock.

I had watched enough porn videos to know that Daddy's cock was on the large side. In fact it must have been at least eight inches long with a girth to match and it wasn't even fully erect yet.

"Don't be scared Blair," whispered Daddy, "you can hold it if you want."

"Okay Daddy," I said as I put my right hand around his cock. It wasn't even fully erect and it filled my grip.

"Oh wow, that feels good."

I giggled and then decided to do what I had seen on the internet countless time.

"Well, if you like that Daddy then you'll probably like this!"

I leaned forward and still holding his manhood in my hand I began kissing and then licking the shaft of his massive cock. I was surprised as how hot it was and the taste was pleasant.

"Wow," gasped Daddy, "you're really good at that!"

I felt his cock stiffen and my grip being widened as his manhood became engorged and grew in my hand. I began to lick his cock like a popsicle and a few seconds later his cock was totally rock hard. It was truly enormous.

I next began to lick and kiss all over the head of his manhood before finally I attempted to take it into my mouth. As his cock entered I soon realised that I had to open my mouth as wide as possible to accommodate his girth.

"That feels amazing!" gasped Daddy.

I took his cock as deep into my mouth as I could manage and my lips didn't even reach to halfway down the shaft of his cock before I had to go back the way. I cupped his balls with my other hand and was surprised again at how they felt in my hand. I gently massaged his balls and began to eagerly suck on Daddy's enormous manhood.

"My God, you give fucking amazing head," gasped Daddy.

I felt his fingers running through my hair as I moved my mouth up and down his cock. Daddy's manhood was hot, hard and tasted delicious in my mouth. I was enjoying the sensation of his cock sliding up and down over my lips and tongue. I realised that I was getting incredibly turned on myself and could feel a wet and hot yearning from my own haven.

Soon, however my jaw started to get sore and I reluctantly removed his cock from my mouth and looked up at him gasping as I continued to slowly jerk him off with my hand.

"So are you going to fuck me Daddy?" I asked, "I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard."

Daddy needed no more encouragement than that. He didn't waste time pulling off my top over my head and then he unzipped my skirt and whipped it off.

"Wow Blair, you are incredibly sexy," announced Daddy as he paused to check me out in my underwear.

"Why thank you!"

Next Daddy leaned but then went suddenly downwards. Daddy's head was now in between my legs and he slowly began to gently kiss his way up the inside of my thighs. I ran my fingers through his thick, wavy hair, enjoying the sensations as Daddy gradually approached my mound. I suddenly felt his fingers tugging at my panties and glanced down and watched as Daddy slowly pulled them down exposing my virgin pussy. As soon as my panties were fully off I spread my legs even wider apart and gave Daddy an invitation with a raise of my eyebrow.

BOOK: Ten Taboo Tales of Forbidden Passions - the ultimate taboo ten book box set
7.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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