Ten Taboo Tales of Forbidden Passions - the ultimate taboo ten book box set (8 page)

BOOK: Ten Taboo Tales of Forbidden Passions - the ultimate taboo ten book box set
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"Let's get in the house then," replied Daddy smiling, "there isn't enough room in here."

I grabbed my bikini top and bottom and ran out of the car giggling, quickly running naked into the house. Daddy followed behind me, he too was naked and was holding his clothes around his junk.

"Go to your room!" ordered Daddy as he entered the house, "You've been a very naughty girl!"

"If I have to Daddy!" I replied laughing and I ran into my room.

Daddy chased after me and caught me as I reached my bed. He spun me around and then kissed me, his hands all over my tits and ass. He sat on the bed and looked up at me.

"Bend over onto my lap young lady!" ordered Daddy.

I giggled and lay over Daddy's lap so I was looking down at the floor,

Daddy put one hand on the small of my back and then I felt him caress my ass.

"That is one sweet ass," said Daddy, "it's a pity I have to smack it!"

Daddy smacked me across my bare ass. It stung slightly but I was instantly aroused.

"More Daddy!" I yelled, " I need to be punished!"

Daddy smacked me again and instantly I felt my pussy get wet in response. I could feel where his hand had hit me and it felt good.

"One more!" Daddy yelled before he smacked me again.

I let out a moan of pleasure as the stinging sensation subsided wondering what Daddy was going to do next. I suddenly felt Daddy's fingers at my pussy and then them enter me.

"Oh Daddy!" I gasped, surprised at the sudden pleasure.

Daddy's fingers slid out of my hole and then he moved them to my clit and began to gently finger my nub. I gasped.

"Do you like that?" Daddy asked.

"Yes!" I gasped as Daddy continued to work me with his fingers. My pussy was dripping wet again and totally swollen. His fingers felt amazing but I needed more. I needed my hole to be filled and my virginity to be taken.

"Daddy, please fuck me," I gasped, " I need to be fucked Daddy!"

I looked around and Daddy
smiled at me. Then he removed his fingers from me and gestured for me to stand up. I did as he wanted, alternating the lustful stare from my eyes between his cock and his face, wanting Daddy to stick his cock deep inside me. Daddy gently pushed me back onto the bed. He stood over me as I lay there looking back up at him. I looked down at his manhood and watched as he massaged his own cock. It quickly became fully engorged. I watched in amazement as Daddy's cock grew in size and length until it was fully erect and stiff. The head of his cock glistened in the sunlight that shone through the window. Licking my lips I spread my legs apart still glaring at him with sheer lust.

“I want you
r fucking cock inside me now Daddy!” I demanded.

Daddy smiled and came at me between my legs. As Daddy lay on top of me I felt his cock slipping in between my wet cleft, parting my pussy lips apart. Daddy began to rock his manhood to and fro so that the head of his cock was rubbing against my clit. It felt incredible and I moaned in pleasure, feeling the blood rush to my pussy and swelling me up. Suddenly Daddy slid his cock down to the entrance to my pussy hole. Before I could even catch my breath I felt the head of Daddy's
cock plunge into me, slipping through my soaking wet entrance, going deep into my virgin depth.

"Oh fuck yes Daddy!" I gasped, "Fucking give it to me!"

My virginity was no more! Daddy's cock filled me completely and I gasped for a brief second as I did not think I could take any more of his length. Daddy pulled back and the sensation of his cock as it passed back the way through my tunnel was just as incredible. Daddy thrust forward again, this time quicker than before and then he began to fuck me properly.

I wrapped my legs around Daddy
and with each of his thrusts forward I pulled him towards me with my legs. I wanted as much of Daddy inside me as was possible. I wanted Daddy to ruin me completely. Daddy gasped and moaned as he nuzzled at my neck, all the time fucking me senseless. I breathed in the scent of Daddy as I gasped in pleasure. I buried my face into Daddy's chest as his thrusts became ever more frantic.

“Oh Daddy!
” I screamed, "More! More! Fuck me more Daddy!"

complied and his thrusts became even quicker. I arched my back and pulled him deep into me and the sensations of electric pleasure emanating from inside and around my hole suddenly became too much and I felt myself reach orgasm.

“Fuck Daddy! Yes!” I screamed as my entire body was gripped by force of my almighty orgasm!

I was totally overwhelmed as Daddy’s massive cock made one final massive thrust into my core. I literally could take no more and I gasped as Daddy removed his length from me. Daddy got off the bed and was standing at the bottom in between my legs.

"You know what to do," Daddy said.

I sat up and slid down so I was at the bottom of the bed and then I got off the bed and went onto my knees. I was now facing Daddy’s cock that was all slick from my juices. I gripped the shaft with both my hands and began to massage his member. Daddy let out a moan of pleasure as I worked his shaft with my hands. I continued to work his shaft as I pulled the head of his cock towards my mouth. I licked the head of cock and this made Daddy moan again.

"Fuck yes," Daddy gasped, "suck that cock."

I opened my mouth and devoured his cock. I knew exactly what I was doing this time as I felt his length slide over my tongue. I moved my head back and forth more quickly, taking as much of his length as I could. As I did this I continued to work at his shaft with both my hands.

Terri!” Daddy moaned, "I'm going to cum."

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I continued to jerk him off with the head of his cock right next to my open mouth.
I felt his cock stiffen in my hand and then begin to pulse. I braced myself and my face and hair was suddenly showered by a hot jet of Daddy's white cream. I took his cock back into my mouth again, lapping up what was in my mouth hungrily and continued to work at his shaft. Daddy's cock stiffened and pulsed again as another load shot out filled my mouth.

I finished swallowing
and removed Daddy's cock from my mouth. I licked around my lips swallowing his cream that had landed there before giggling as I looked up at Daddy.

"What's so funny?" Daddy asked smiling.

"This is the best reward I've ever got from you for doing chores!" I exclaimed laughing, "I'll need to wash your car more often!"

As Daddy laughed at my joke I gathered up the last of his cum from my face with my fingers and then lapped it all up with my tongue before finally swallowing it.

"You're delicious Daddy!" I exclaimed.

"So are you honey," replied Daddy.

We both got back onto the bed and lay down exhausted. My plan had worked and I had not only finally fucked my Daddy I was also now a woman!



"Happy Birthday Daddy!" I yelled as Daddy blew out the candles on Daddy's cake.

"Yes, Happy Birthday," said Mom as she put the cake back down on the table next to the grill.

Today was my Step Daddy's birthday and Mom, Daddy and I were out in the backyard having a barbecue to celebrate.
I turned and smiled at Daddy not knowing what to say. Daddy smiled back and I blushed. This was the first time we'd seen each other since last night when Daddy had walked into my bedroom when I was approaching my self induced climax.

Last night, ten minutes before I was caught by Daddy I was browsing sexy pictures on the internet and had became all worked up. I eventually gave into my urges and slipped my hand into my panties, dipping my fingers into my swollen and wet pussy. Then, after making my fingers all slick from my juices, I began to lightly massage my engorged nub as I thought about being fucked by some anonymous porn star I had just seen a picture of on my laptop..

I smiled as I recalled the electric shocks of pleasure that had hit me each time I had stroked over my clit last night. After a while I wanted some extra stimulus and had grabbed the best thing I had available next to me; my long handled hairbrush. I continued to rub over and around my clit whilst I eased the hairbrush's handle into my pussy hole. It had slipped in very easily and as the handle filled my cavern I had gasped with pleasure. Even now just thinking about it I felt my panties moisten slightly. It was not long after that, when I was frantically rubbing my clit whilst fucking my pussy with my hairbrush, that Daddy had barged into my room.

In my fantasy of what should have happened,
after a few seconds of looking into each others eyes, Daddy would suddenly come over to me and then pull me towards him. Daddy's lips would then be on mine and I would respond in kind, probing him with the tip of my tongue. Seconds later, with our lips joined, our mouths would both be open with our tongues frantically exploring each other.

What had actually happened was that I had froze and Daddy had stood staring for a few seconds. Then I don't know why I did what I did next. As I looked into Daddy's eyes, I had bit at my lower lip and began to slowly move my fingers over my nub as well as start to move the brush in and out of my pussy again. When I felt a spasm of pleasure ebb out from my pussy I had gasped and then involuntarily moaned and closed my eyes in reaction to it. When I opened my eyes again my bedroom door was closed and Daddy was gone. However, I could still hear Daddy breathing outside my bedroom door.

So after that I just threw myself into it and made sure Daddy could hear me. I tried to make as much noise as I could with my pussy as I furiously rubbed my clit and fucked myself relentlessly with my hairbrush. I let my breathing become as heavy as possible, gasping as I approached my climax and then yelling with pleasure as I made myself orgasm, coming harder than I had ever came before in my nineteen years of life.

I blushed as I realised I was staring at Daddy as I thought about last night.

"Damn! I need to drive over to the store," said Mom suddenly, "I forgot to get the pickles."

"Just leave it," said Daddy, "we can do without."

"Nope," replied Mom, "it isn't a proper barbecue without pickles."

"Okay then," said Daddy.

Mom grabbed her car keys, "I'll be back in forty minutes tops. Just start without me. Those sausages are almost done," she said as she walked down the side of the house towards the driveway.

"Bye Mom," I yelled.

I heard Mom's car door open and then shut. A few seconds later the engine started and I heard the car drive away. I was alone with Daddy.

Daddy grabbed a sausage from the grill with his tongs and put it in a bun. He squirted some mustard over it and I wondered what it would be like to have Daddy squirt his cum all over my tits.

I looked Daddy in the eyes and he stared right back into mine. I glanced down at the sausage in a bun that he was holding in his hand.

"Can I have a little taste of your sausage Daddy?" I whispered whilst lowering my head and then pouting my lips.

"This sausage Hanna?" whispered Daddy as he held the sausage in a bun towards me.

"No Daddy," I replied, "you know what sausage I really want."

"Your Mom will be back soon," said Daddy in a hushed tone.

"We'd better hurry up then Daddy," I replied walking towards him slowly.

Daddy emptied his hands and walked towards me. We met and I put my arms around Daddy's neck. Daddy put hands around my waist and pulled me closer until we were so close I could feel the distinct hardness of his erection through our clothes. He kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth as our lips met. I felt butterflies in my stomach as Daddy's hands moved slowly down from my waist to my ass. We broke off our kiss and I opened my eyes to find Daddy’s eyes looking at me with that smile of his.

Hanna, you’re gorgeous.” Daddy said as he moved his face back towards mine again.

"Daddy, I want you," I gasped as I felt his breath over my mouth.

Our lips met again and we slowly began exploring each others mouths. Daddy's hand left my ass and went to my neck. It moved to my shoulder and then gradually down my front until my right breast was in Daddy's hand. Daddy's thumb and index finger then caressed my nipple through my clothes and I gasped as I felt my nipple become erect under his touch. Daddy's other hand moved around to the front of my thigh and began moving up until he was at the waist of my shorts. I put my hand on Daddy's wrist to stop him going any further.

Daddy-” I gasped.

“I want you Hanna,” interrupted
Daddy, “I’ve wanted you for a while but after last night..."”

I stopped my resistance
, taking my hand off his wrist and putting it around his neck. Daddy’s hand immediately continued on its journey and I felt the button of my shorts being undone and then the zip being pulled down. I felt his hand and fingers slide into my shorts until his hand was in between my legs and covering my mound. I could feel the edge of Daddy's fingers press up against my pussy with only the thin material of my panties between us. I gasped and for a second and I worried about my panties being too wet. That thought was suddenly forgotten as the edge of Daddy's hand began moving up and down gently pushing against my panties. My pussy lips moved slightly apart so that with each upwards movement of the edge of Daddy's hand he was also rubbing my clit sending waves of pleasure through my body.

Daddy.” I moaned.

kissed me again, our tongues quickly entering each others mouths. My hands began unbuttoning Daddy’s shirt. Daddy appeared to take this as a cue as he moved his hand that was on my breast and used it to begin unbuttoning my blouse. My blouse fell open revealing my sunshine yellow lace bra. Daddy pulled away and I saw him looking at my chest.

“Your breasts are amazing.” said
Daddy and then he leaned in again and started kissing my neck.

I felt the hand that was working me below move away slightly before returning a second later. This time
Daddy's hand began entering my panties from the top. I could feel Daddy's fingers against my skin, slowly moving further down eventually making contact with the small triangle of pubic hair I had neatly left earlier today when I showered. I felt tingles shudder through my body as I anticipated Daddy's fingers moving down even further.

Finally, I felt
Daddy’s hand moving slowly over and then actually touching my pussy. One of Daddy's fingers exerting just enough pressure to spread the lips of my pussy apart as his hand went further down. Daddy's finger reached my entrance and then entered me slightly making me gasp. Daddy lubricated his finger in my wetness and then made me gasp again with pleasure as his finger slowly came back up and finally made full contact with my clit.


“Hanna, your pussy feels so good,
” whispered Daddy.

’s finger continued to slide up and down; each movement rubbing gently over my clit; each movement making me gasp with pleasure; each movement making me even wetter than I already was.

“God, I love that your pussy is so wet right now.”
Daddy whispered at my ear before returning to kissing and nibbling at my neck.

finger continued its steady rhythm up and down my clit sending a wave upon wave of increasing pleasure each more delightful than the last. I felt myself approaching a crescendo and involuntarily held Daddy tight towards me.

Daddy!” I gasped as I suddenly orgasmed, gripped by pulses of sheer bliss spreading out from within my pussy throughout my body.

’s finger slowly stopped its movements and then his hand came out from my panties.

“Do you want to continue in the bedroom?” I heard
Daddy ask as I was still bathing in the afterglow of my orgasm.

I opened my eyes and smiled at him.

“Is that a yes?” Daddy asked.

“Oh, yes
Daddy!” I replied.

held out his hand and he lead me into the house, through the hallway and then into my his bedroom. Daddy stopped at the foot of the bed and turned to face me, his shirt open revealing his strong muscular chest.

“I need to know if you really want this Hanna,
” Daddy said.

I do Daddy!” I replied.

“It feel
s right,” Daddy said as he slowly pulled me closer towards him.

“It certainly does Daddy!
” I whispered as I was enveloped once again in Daddy's embrace.

leaned in and kissed me. I responded and removed Daddy’s shirt as we kissed. I felt Daddy removing my blouse and then his hands pulling down at my shorts. My shorts fell to the floor leaving me in just my bra and panties.

Thank God I’m wearing my best matching underwear!
I thought.

As we continued to kiss I dared to reach down and unbuttoned
Daddy’s pants. He kissed me harder so I unzipped Daddy's fly and then his pants fell to the floor. I pulled back and looked into Daddy’s eyes.

Should I? Will I be good enough?

I went down onto my knees and faced the front of Daddy's boxers. I could hear him breathing with anticipation. I tugged at the waistband of his boxers and slowly pulled them down over his erection. Daddy's cock emerged from a neatly trimmed area of dark pubic hair. I was glad to see that I had made Daddy's cock stand to full attention. I took a took a good look at his fully erect length and then marvelled at how hot and hard it felt as I took it in my hand.

I gripped Daddy's
shaft tight in my hand and then kissed the side of his cock making him gasp. I then used my tongue to lick repeatedly the underside of his cock like a Popsicle. I could hear Daddy making sounds that obviously meant he was enjoying what I was doing.

I continued to repeat this
action each movement making Daddy gasp a little more. After a while I took the head of Daddy's cock into my mouth and then slowly moved my head down taking as most of it as I could into my mouth and then reversed the action.

Hanna! That feels so good!” Daddy exclaimed.

! Daddy thinks I’m doing it right!
I thought.

I continued moving my mouth up and down the shaft of his coc
k, enjoying the sensation of Daddy's hard, hot prick in my mouth. I felt Daddy’s fingers going through my hair. I suddenly remembered about Daddy's balls and immediately cupped his balls in my hand and gently caressed them as I continued moving my mouth up and down. They felt soft and warm and I paused for a second before removing Daddy's cock from my mouth. I then moved downwards and then began licking at his balls as I continued to work the shaft of his cock with my hand.

Hanna!” gasped Daddy.

I returned my mouth to the head of
Daddy's prick and licked all around it before again taking his cock in my mouth.

Hanna! I’m going to cum if you don’t stop soon!” Daddy warned.

I kept going and unbelievably I felt
Daddy's cock become even harder as I continued.


I felt
Daddy’s cock begin to pulse in my mouth quickly followed by his hot juices shooting at the back of my throat.

“Oh God! Jesus!”
Daddy exclaimed.

This isn’t as unpleasant as I thought it would be! In fact I’m getting off on this myself!

As I swallowed cum for the very first time in my life I felt another load of Daddy's fluids shoot into my mouth. I did a final movement with my mouth up the shaft and swallowed the rest of his load before removing Daddy’s cock from my mouth. I looked up at Daddy and smiled, still holding his penis in my hand.

Hanna, that was the best blow job I’ve ever had!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it

“Do you want to join me in the shower?”
Daddy asked as I stood back up from my knees.

BOOK: Ten Taboo Tales of Forbidden Passions - the ultimate taboo ten book box set
10.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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