Ten Taboo Tales of Forbidden Passions - the ultimate taboo ten book box set (4 page)

BOOK: Ten Taboo Tales of Forbidden Passions - the ultimate taboo ten book box set
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Daddy smiled and then his head moved in towards my pussy. I put my head back and suddenly felt his fingers gently parting my labia apart and then I let out an involuntary gasp as his tongue took their place sliding up between my lips before making delicious contact with my clit. It was incredible!

"Oh Daddy, fuck yes!" I gasped.

Daddy's face nuzzled right up against my pussy and then I felt the wonderful sensations of his lips and tongue working on and around my clit, each contact sending electric tingles of pleasure throughout my entire body. Daddy had obviously spent a lot of time pleasuring women in this way as everything he did felt amazing. Next, I felt his lips surround my pleasure nub followed by him gently sucking at my clit with the occasional sensation of the tip of his tongue pressing against it.

"Oh Daddy, my God!" I yelled.

Daddy kept doing this with his mouth and very soon I felt myself approaching my climax. I gasped and moaned with sheer pleasure as Daddy's mouth continued to devour my haven. Then, just as I thought it couldn't get any better I felt his fingers join in and then I could feel one of his fingers actually penetrate me.

"Daddy! Oh Daddy!" I yelped.

Daddy's finger began to fuck me whilst he simultaneously continued to give me head. Finally, I felt myself begin to orgasm and I grabbed at Daddy's hair and involuntarily gripped his head tight between my thighs as the spasms of pleasure ebbed out from deep in my pussy.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Daddy, you sexy bastard!" I yelled as I came.

Daddy removed his finger from inside me and I looked down to see him grinning up at me, his face all shiny and wet from my sex.

"Now, I'm going to fuck you..." announced Daddy.

I was still gasping and experiencing the after effects of my orgasm but I wanted more. I craved more. I wanted to become a woman and I wanted Daddy to take my virginity.

I was still spent and could hardly move so I just lay there looking up at my Daddy  waiting for him to do whatever he wanted.

"You can do whatever you want Daddy," I whispered, "anything at all."

"Can I fuck you from behind?"

I nodded and then I rolled over onto my front and then got onto all fours before looking over my shoulder at him. I saw his gargantuan cock was fully erect and pointing outwards from between his legs. Seeing it properly I genuinely wondered if I would be able to accommodate all of him inside me.

"I'm all yours Daddy," I said, "but please just take it slow at first with that thing of yours!"

"I promise I'll be slow and gentle," said Daddy.

I leaned forward and raised my ass in the air and I felt Daddy's hands around my hips and then the head of his cock grazed against my soaking wet labia. I gasped as instead of entering me he instead just let the shaft of his cock slide in between my lips until the head of cock passed over my clit. I was instantly hit with a wave of pleasure.

"Fuck yes Daddy!" I gasped.

Daddy, still not entering me yet, then continued to let the shaft of his cock slide up and down between my pussy lips. It was glorious! He only did this for a short while but I was so turned on I could feel that we were both totally soaked with my juices. I felt I was as ready as I was going to be and by now I was absolutely dying to be filled by that cock of his.

"Fuck me Daddy," I gasped, "enough foreplay. I just want your fucking cock inside me..."

As soon as I said this Daddy expertly guided the tip of his massive cock to the entrance to my haven and then began to enter me. His cock felt spectacular as it slowly slid deep inside me and filled me up. There was a slight pain as he tore through my virginity but that was almost instantly replaced with pleasure. Then, just as I seriously began to think that he was perhaps going to hit my cervix he slowly slid back the way. Fuck, this was good. No, better than good, Daddy was an amazing lover. As he entered me again I moved my ass towards him so as to let him know that I wanted more of him.

"I want all of you inside me Daddy," I gasped, "I want you to fuck me as hard as you want."

Daddy took me at my word and I felt his massive cock slide deeper inside me, filling me entirely until he was in me so deep that I would swear that I felt him actually touch my cervix with the head of his cock as his balls pressed up against me from the outside.

"Fuck Yes Daddy!" I yelled.

Daddy then began to slide in and out of me a bit quicker, each time making me gasp and moan with pleasure.

"Do you like that Blair?" asked Daddy.

"Mmmmm. Fuck, yes. Oh Daddy, you have no idea!," I gasped back, "You have no fucking idea!"

Daddy held my hips and fucked me faster still, each penetration of his cock making me gasp and moan. Finally, I felt myself approach my climax and then I was sent straight over the edge into nirvana as Daddy thrust himself deep inside me.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" I yelled as I felt myself orgasm. Daddy continued to fuck me and I kept going until I could take no more.

"No more, no more!" I gasped and I pulled myself up the bed and turned around onto my back.

"Too much?" asked Daddy smiling.

I lay there still gasping and quite unable to speak.

Daddy sat astride me, ran his fingers slowly up my sides, then across my abdomen and then he grasped both of my breasts. I reached down and rubbed my hands up and down his thighs looking at his huge and still very much erect cock. I sat up slightly to let Daddy reach behind me and unclasp my bra. I let my bra slide off revealing my breasts.

"Your breasts are amazing," whispered Daddy.

Daddy leant forward and as he took my left breast in one hand he began to kiss and lick at the nipple of the other with his mouth. I felt my nipples become erect to his touch and my pussy becoming wet again. His hand left my left breast and slid down my body until once again he was at my haven. As he continued to suck at my nipple I felt his fingers slide around and over my clit.

"Oh Daddy!" I moaned.

I looked down to see Daddy looking back up at me and then we kissed each other hungrily, our tongues becoming entwined and then exploring each other mouths. I could taste my own sex from him. As we continued to kiss I felt his fingers continue to work their magic on my pussy.

"I want your cock again Daddy," I whispered.

Daddy's fingers moved away from my pussy and then were quickly replaced by his cock, just as I had requested. I kissed him harder and spread my legs wide apart so he could enter me deep.

Daddy slowly thrust his massive cock into me once more.

"Fuck yes!" I yelled as his rock solid penis filled me up.

Daddy began to fuck me good and hard, his huge manhood slipping in and out of me faster and faster. I held him tight and gasped in time to his strokes into his ear which was right up against my mouth.

"I'm gonna cum," Daddy suddenly gasped, "I'm gonna cum Blair!"

"Cum inside me Daddy," I gasped back holding onto Daddy tightly, "I want you to cum inside me with your massive cock!"

Daddy thrust into me a few more times and then suddenly I felt his huge cock stiffen and then pulse inside me. This was followed almost immediately by the lovely feeling of him filling me with his hot, wet cum.

"Fuck yes!" Daddy gasped as he finally reached his climax. His whole body stiffened and I held him tight against me. He made a few more thrusts before eventually removing his manhood from inside me and then rolling off me, collapsing onto his back next to me.

"That was amazing Blair," whispered Daddy.

"It certainly was Daddy," I replied as I turned to face him.

Daddy was lying on his back with his arm over his eyes still breathing heavily. I put my arm across his chest and snuggled into him. I was a woman now and I was glad.


I was supposed have been home over an hour ago and my step-daddy was going be mad I was so late. I had been out with my girlfriends and as my Mom was out of town I hadn’t got my usual reminder call to tell me I had to get home before curfew. It was ridiculous I still had a curfew as it had been an nineteenth birthday a few weeks ago and I was a big girl now.

Piper, you’re such an idiot! Daddy’s going to be so mad!” I said to myself as I pulled into the driveway of our house.

Even as I said that I knew I was lying to myself. Daddy and I had been flirting with each other for months now when Mom wasn't looking. The real reason I had stayed out so late was because I was avoiding him as I didn't know what might happen with my Mom out of town and the two of us at home alone together.

It was pitch black outside and after midnight. I turned the engine off and got out of the car and then ran up to the front door. I went to put my key in the lock when the door opened. It was Daddy and he looked cross.

Daddy was six foot tall and ever since I could remember I knew why Mom liked him so much. Just about any clothes he wore clung well to his lean and muscular body. He had married my Mom when I was just a dumb kid but as I got older I had started to appreciate his looks. In fact
the past few months I had started to fantasise about him. Just the other day I’m ashamed to say that I had masturbated myself with the shower head whilst thinking about what it would be like to suck Daddy’s cock and then have him ram it deep inside me, taking my virginity.

Piper. Can I ask what you’re doing back so late?” asked Daddy, who was standing in front off me with his arms folded.

“Daddy, before you say anything I’m sorry! I just lost track of time.”

“That’s a shame,” replied Daddy, “if you let me see your watch I’ll show you exactly how late it is.”

I held out my wrist so that Daddy could see the time. Daddy took a hold of my wrist and then looked down at my watch. For a second I imagined that he was doing this as an excuse to touch me and
look down over my legs as I was wearing my tiny denim shorts.

“Ten after midnight!” Daddy said holding my wrist up for me to see my watch.

“I’m sorry Daddy!” I replied, using my little girl voice and smiling as I spoke.

Piper, damn it. It’s way past curfew! Get in the house!”

I walked into the house and Daddy stepped aside to let me in.

“A pretty girl like should not be out so late!” Daddy exclaimed.

I looked down at my feet as I replied, “I’m sorry Daddy. I wasn’t thinking.”

“Look at me when you’re talking to me.” he said in a commanding voice.

I looked up and stared into his deep brown eyes. I couldn’t help but smile as I looked at him
. I imagined that now I was in the house he was taking a better look at the rest of me.

“That’s better,” he said staring back at me, “I like to see your eyes when I’m talking to.”

We both stood there for what felt like an age, staring into each other eyes. This was getting a bit intense. I felt butterflies in my stomach.

“I’m the father around here and I don’t appreciate when my little girl breaks her curfew ,” he said breaking the silence.

“I’m sorry Daddy,” I replied giggling nervously.

“Stop laughing
Piper! You should know better than to come home late and then act all sassy in front of me.”

“So, what are you going to do about it?” I replied in a challenging tone. I looked him straight in the eyes and bit my lower lip.

“You aren’t too old for a spanking, or seeing as your Mom isn't here I could even put these handcuffs on you and lock you upstairs!” He said producing handcuffs from his back pocket.

I thought.
Why does he have handcuffs?

“I bet you’d really like that Daddy.”

“I probably would, I bought these handcuffs especially for you Piper.”

I was
now really getting turned on by my Daddy.

“What are you going to do
to me Daddy?”

, turn around, bend over and hold your ankles.”

I turned around and bent over, holding my ankles as ordered. I deliberately took my time to make sure he got a good look at my ass.
I bet he would appreciate it more than my Mom's saggy butt.

“What now Daddy?” I asked.

“This is for your own good Piper.” he said as he suddenly smacked my ass hard with his hand.

“Ow! That hurt Daddy!” I yelled.

“Stand up and face the wall!” Daddy ordered.

I did as I was told and then I felt his hands at my waist. They stayed there for a few seconds and then I felt them slide back down over my ass. I gasped a little.
He rubbed my ass where he had spanked it and then squeezed. His hands then moved up from my ass, back to my waist, around to my front, then up slowly, going past the start of my ribcage until finally his hands were cupping both my breasts. I felt my nipples become instantly erect in response to his firm grasp.

“Daddy!” I gasped.

His hand that was cupping my right breast suddenly let go and then a few seconds later I felt his hand go in between my legs touching the insides of my bare thighs. from behind.

“That’s the hand that I spanked you with,” he whispered in my ear, “I use it on naughty girls. Are you a naughty girl

His hand moved right up between my thighs before finally pressing up against my pussy through my shorts.

I'm so glad that Mom isn’t home.
I thought.

“What if I told you I
a naughty girl?” I whispered, speaking over my shoulder.

“Then I’m afraid I’d have to punish you,” he whispered back, “do you need to be punished

The thumb from his hand that was still on my breast began to rub to and fro over my erect nipple. As he did this he also pushed his hand right up against my pussy. I gasped and pushed my ass back so that I was
pressed right up against his crotch. As my ass pushed right up against Daddy's crotch I could feel the distinct stiffness of his cock through my clothes. I began to gyrate my hips so that my ass was rubbing up against his cock. Then Daddy’s hand moved away from my breast and grabbed a handful of my hair. I continued to gyrate up my ass against his cock and Daddy suddenly pulled my head back by the hair so that my neck was exposed. It hurt just a little but the sensations turned me on and I could feel my panties become damp in response. Next, he started to kiss and gently bite at my neck.

“I’m afraid you might need to punish me Daddy. I’ve been such a bad girl.” I whispered.

“Stand up,” he ordered, “stand up and place your hands together behind your back.”

I did as I was told and stood up straight placing my hands together behind my back. I looked over my shoulder and glared at him, daring him to make the next move. He produced his handcuffs and put them around my wrists, locking them as he did so.

“What are you going to do me now Daddy?” I asked.

“Come with me,” he said grabbing me by the arm, “we’re going upstairs.” He lead me up the stairs and then towards his and my Mom’s bedroom.

“Am I going to be punished Daddy?”

“Well, you’ve been a bad girl haven’t you?” he said as he smacked my ass again.

He opened the door to his bedroom and pushed me in turning the lights on as he entered. I walked in to see that their large metal framed bed, which had railings at the top and bottom had chains and cuffs already hanging from all four corners of the bed.

He suddenly pushed me face first onto the bed. I lay there not moving and I felt him pull down the back of my shorts and panties so that my ass was bare. Then he began to spank me.

"You've. Been. A. Very. Naughty. Girl!" Daddy shouted, each word punctuated by a slap on my bare ass.

"Oh Daddy!" I exclaimed. My ass was stinging but it felt good. Daddy pulled my panties and shorts back up before lifting me back off the bed so I was standing with my back to him.

“Let me see your wrists Piper,” Daddy ordered. I did as I was told and held my wrists out towards him from my back. Daddy unlocked and removed the handcuffs from my wrists. I turned around to face him.

Now, take off your blouse,” the Daddy said.

was shaking all over and stared at him, licking my lips nervously as I slowly unbuttoned my blouse. I let my blouse fall off my shoulders and then onto the floor.

“Now the bra” he continued.

My fingers trembling I unclasped my bra and then let it fall to the floor exposing my breasts. I felt my nipples harden again.

“You’re all g
rown up now aren’t you? Those are really nice tits, even better than your Mom's. Now turn around,” said Daddy.

I did as I was told and I felt Daddy’s hands around my waist and then he moved his h
ands up so that he was cupping my bare breasts.

“Do you like the feel of my tits Daddy?” I whispered.

In reply he started to kiss my neck and massage both of my breasts. He continued to kiss and nibble at my neck whilst his right hand moved down from my breast and then began to unbutton the front of my shorts. I felt my pussy get hot and moist. As soon as my shorts were wide open he slid his hand inside my panties. Next I felt one of his fingers sliding down in between my pussy lips before coming back up and circling around and over my clit. I gasped.

“I prefer the feel of your virgin pussy,” Daddy finally answered as my shorts fell to the floor leaving me naked except for my panties and sandals. I stepped out of the shorts, kicked off my sandals and then leaned back, reaching up with my arm and putting my hand around the back of his neck. I turned my head around and pulled his head towards me and we started to explore each others mouths, our tongues hungrily probing each other. I let ou
t another involuntary moan as Daddy continued to finger my pussy.

Daddy suddenly
stopped and turned me around properly so I was facing him. He stared at me as he began to unbutton and then remove his shirt. As he stood there staring at me he dropped his shirt to the ground exposing his muscular chest. He then unbuckled and removed his belt which made a thud as it fell to floor. Next he unbuttoned his pants and reached down inside with his hand and pulled out his cock. It was the first time I had ever seen a real cock before. It was rock hard and huge!

“Get onto your knees and then put this in your mouth,” Daddy
ordered gesturing at the cock in his hand.

“Whatever you say Daddy,” I replied
nervously as I got down onto my knees. I was now eye level with his manhood and I grasped the shaft of his cock in one hand and nervously licked the underside of the tip of his cock. It felt solid and hot in my hand, not what I had expected and the taste was okay.

What would Mom say if she could see me now?
I thought.

Next I
opened my mouth and began to move my head forward taking Daddy's cock into my mouth, letting it glide over my tongue as it entered. I used my other hand to pull his pants further down so that I could get at his balls. I was dying to find out what they felt like. I cupped his sack and it was hot to my touch. I squeezed slightly and felt the two squidgy balls inside.

"Careful Piper, Daddy needs those!" gasped Daddy.

I stopped squeezing his balls and instead began to massage them gently with my hand.

“That’s better Piper. Now suck my cock. Suck my cock good and hard!

I started to move my mouth back and fro over the length of his prick, taking it as deep into my mouth
as I could without choking. Daddy grabbed a handful of my hair as I continued to suck his cock and held it tight. This just made me suck even harder and faster.

“Fuck yes!” he exclaimed.

I took his cock out of my mouth and started jerking him off with my hand. As I continued jerking him off I kissed and licked at the head of his cock.

“You’re a bad girl
Piper. You really love cock don’t you?”

I looked up and nodded before taking his cock back in
to my mouth. I then started to suck him off again whilst still working the shaft of his length with one hand and massaging his balls with the other.

“Okay s
top now Piper,” he commanded, “get on the bed and take those panties off.”

“Yes Daddy.” I replied.

I stood up and removed my panties before backing onto the bed and laying down. I looked at Daddy.

Daddy removed his pants and underwear so that he
too was completely naked. Daddy looked absolutely amazing as he stood there in front of me with his cock still stiff and pointing upwards.

I gasped as he grabbed my left ankle and then placed it in the cuff that was attached to the bottom corner of the bed and locked it. He then repeated this action with my other ankle. Daddy then got onto the bed and knelt astride me with his legs on either side of my stomach. Daddy then took my right hand and locked that in the cuff that was attached to the top right corner of the bed. Finally, he repeated this action with my other wrist so that I was now chained to the bed.

BOOK: Ten Taboo Tales of Forbidden Passions - the ultimate taboo ten book box set
2.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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