The Aphrodite Sisterhood Collection 1 (12 Futa Stories-Massive Bundle!)(Futa-on-Female, Hot Wife, Menage, Cheating, Bride, Erotia) (10 page)

BOOK: The Aphrodite Sisterhood Collection 1 (12 Futa Stories-Massive Bundle!)(Futa-on-Female, Hot Wife, Menage, Cheating, Bride, Erotia)
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“Keep the change. I'm going to dance with my girlfriend.”

“Ahh... It's like that, huh?”

I shrugged and headed back into the dance floor. Yurika and I had an open relationship. We had to considering what I did for a living. Besides, Yurika was a futa slut. She loved fucking a woman with a cock, and it didn't bother me that she had fucked most of my fellow masseuses. We loved each other, and our love was about more than just sex.

Though we did love fucking each other.

Linda's lips were on my girlfriend's neck and Yurika had a big smile painted on her flushed face. My girlfriend held out her arms to me as I walked up, wrapping them around my waist and pulling me close. Her hands slid down my back to my ass, squeezing me and pulling me tight against her writhing groin. My short skirt rode up and my naked clitoris brushed against hers; I shuddered as pleasure rushed through me.

“Hi, Melody!” beamed Linda, her tan face flushed and sweaty. “Umm, that's nice.”

“Having fun?” I asked.

“Yep!” she beamed, giving Yurika's neck another kiss. “You, cutie?”

“Oh, yes!” gasped Yurika, a shudder of pleasure passing across her face. “A lot of fun!”

My girlfriend's groin pressed rhythmically against mine and a suspicion dawned in me. “Are you fucking my girlfriend, Linda?”

“Uh-huh!” Linda panted. “In the ass!”

I couldn't believe that they were secretly fucking while surrounded by all these dancing women. It was the hottest, nastiest thing I had ever heard of. The lust went straight to my clitoris and she blossomed into full cockhood, pressing out from beneath my skirt and between my girlfriend's warm thighs.

“Someone's excited!” moaned Yurika. “And I have another hole!”

I laughed—I had corrupted her!

“Your beautiful girlfriend is a futa slut!”

“Yes, she is, Linda!' I panted as Yurika wormed her hand between us, grasping my cock and guiding it to her dripping pussy.

“I love futanari!” Yurika gasped as I buried into her tight, wet depths. “I loved being stuffed full of futa cocks!”

The music pumped through us, guiding the rhythm of our thrusts as the three of us 'danced' across the floor. Beautiful women writhed about us unaware that two futanari were fucking a beautiful, Japanese woman. Her pussy was tighter than usual, and I could feel Linda's cock reaming her ass, rubbing against my dick, adding to the wonderful friction.

“Oh, yes!” Yurika moaned in my ear, her chin resting on my shoulder. “So wonderful!”

Linda smiled over Yurika's shoulder, biting her lip. “Take my dick!” she hissed. “Dirty, futa slut!”

We had our thrusts timed, pulling out at the same moment, then thrusting back into my girlfriend's holes. Yurika's body shook every time we bottomed out in her sheaths, her arms kneading my ass.

“You feel amazing,” I whispered into my girlfriend's ears.

“I'm gonna cum,” she moaned. “Oh, fuck, it's too much! I'm stuffed with so much futa cock!”

A new song began, its beat quick and staccato. Linda grinned, and picked up the pace. I matched her, driving my cock faster and faster into Yurika's tight pussy. I loved it. The pleasure grew inside me as I felt Linda's cock through Yurika's flesh. The music seemed to animate us, our hips thrusting with the bass line.

My girlfriend threw back her head, her blue-black hair flying about, brushing Linda's face as she howled her passion. “I'm cumming! Oh, yes!”

Her pussy went wild about my shaft, spasming and milking my cock, while her body writhed and bucked between us. Her lips found my neck, sucking my flesh and muffling her ecstasy, while around us the other lesbians danced on unaware that Yurika was having the climax of her life.

“Don't stop!” she gasped. “Keep fucking me! I want to feel you both erupt inside me!”

“There is no way we were stopping,” purred Linda. Her hands reached out around Yurika, grasping my hips. “We're gonna fill you holes with so much cum, you'll be leaking for a week.”

“Yes, yes!” she sighed. “So wonderful!”

I drove harder into her, my cock tingling. “This is so fucking wild, Linda!” I moaned, leaning my face across Yurika's shoulder.

Linda smiled, licking her lips, then kissed mine, thrusting her tongue into my lips with the same intensity she fucked my girlfriend's ass. I moaned into her lips, my cock buried in heaven, my hard nipples rubbing against Yurika, adding another sensation to the mix. My entire body was alive with electricity and my hands reached around Yurika to find Linda's hips, stroking her flesh through the silk of her dress.

“Oh, yes!” Linda moaned, breaking our kiss. “Fuck that slut harder. I love feeling your cock through her anal walls.”

“Me, too!” I gasped. It was almost like I was fucking Linda, using Yurika as a conduit between us. My hand slid up Linda's side, squeezing her round tit through her blue dress, bringing a wicked smile to her lips. “Fuck her harder. Let's make her cum again.”

“Yes, please!” Yurika sighed.

“Futa slut!” laughed Linda.

Her thrust were powerful, driving Yurika onto my cock. I matched the intensity and we couldn't possibly look like we were dancing any longer. Our flesh slapped together as I drew back full strokes, slamming my futa cock hard into my girlfriend's wet snatch. But no one noticed. The music was too loud, the club too dark, and the other dancers were all having too much fun grinding on their own partners.

“Oh, yes!” Linda groaned. “Her ass is so tight! Fuck! I'm gonna blow!”

“Just hold on!” panted Yurika. “I'm so close!”

Linda's face scrunched up, and she drove harder and wilder into Yurika's ass. She reached that point where she was going to cum and nothing was going to stop her. My own cock tingled, the pressure building inside me, threatening to explode out of me. I fucked my girlfriend harder, so close, not wanting to stop.

“Oh, fuck!” Yurika gasped. “That's it! Oh, fucking yes!”

Her pussy convulsed about my cock. I grit my teeth, right on the cusp of my orgasm.

“Milk my futa cock with your ass!” Linda groaned, burying into Yurika. Linda's face squeezed as she released a flood of hot cum into my girlfriend's bowels.

“Yes, yes! So wonderful!” Yurika moaned. “Cum in my pussy, Melody! Join us!”

I drove into her; my cock exploded.

Heaven filled me.

Jet after jet of cum shot into her. “Oh, yes!” I moaned. I pulled back and thrust in again, firing another load into her. One last shudder past through me as the last drops released into her pussy, and then I collapsed my head on her shoulder. “That was wonderful,” I purred as the three of us swayed.

“It was,” sighed Linda, who gave me a gentle kiss over Yurika's shoulder.

“I can't believe we did that,” moaned Yurika. “I've never cum so hard!”

“Futa slut,” giggled Linda.


The fast beat music gave way to a slow and romantic song. Linda's cock shrank back into a clitoris, and she moved away, leaving us to sway and stare into each other's eyes. My cock was soft, but I kept it buried as long as I could in her warm flesh as I lost myself in her dark eyes. She was the most amazing woman in the world, and I was so happy she decided to get a massage from me a month ago.

My cock plopped out, shrinking back into my clitoris as our lips leaned in for a kiss. We shared our love on the dance floor, surrounded by other women who were having their own fun. The slow song ended, and another intense beat boomed through the club, shattering the moment.

“That was so wild,” I smiled.

She grinned, then her eyes widened. “Oh, fuck. I need to use the restroom.”

“Have to pee that bad?”

“No, I have cum running out of both holes!” I laughed as she dashed off, the white cum glowing blue under the black lights, staining her creamy thighs.

Much later, we stumbled into the apartment building where Yurika lived in the penthouse with her husband, giggling and laughing, and more than a little drunk. We had taken a cab, and put on quite the show for the cabby as we made out in the backseat. I kept catching his eyes staring at us in his rearview mirror. I didn't mind—Yurika was just so beautiful, I couldn't keep my hands off her.

“I'm going to fuck you in every room in your penthouse,” I whispered in her ear as we waited for the elevator.

“Umm, I think that sounds perfect.”

The elevator dinged, doors sliding open. We stumbled in, our arms entwined. She fished out her special keycard and swiped it, then hit the penthouse button. I was on her the moment the doors closed, pushing her against the wall, my mouth hot and hungry on hers.

“I should take you right here in the elevator,” I whispered.

Her hand reached between us, pressing against my wet pussy. She found my clitoris, stroking and pinching it, and arched her eyebrows, challenging me. I let my clitoris blossom into a futa cock, shuddering as it expanded in her hand, engorging and lengthening.

“There she is,” Yurika breathed, guiding my dick to her wet hole; I thrust. “Now she's home where she belongs.”

“Her personal pussy,” I giggled, my head swimming with drink and lust.

“Oh, yes!” Yurika sighed. “I wish she could stay inside me forever.” She shifted, squeezing her warm, juicy pussy on my cock.

“Let's do that! Tonight, my dick isn't leaving her home!”

“Umm, sound's amazing.”

Her arms hooked around my neck, pulling me down for a kiss as I thrust slow and hard into her wet depths, savoring the her silky warmth. My hands slid up her leg, under her short skirt, and squeezed her firm butt. I loved this creature so much.

She moaned into my lips, her arms tightening and her hips shifting. Her tongue thrust into my mouth. The heat in her pussy grew, spurring me to fuck her faster as the elevator crept slowly to the forty-third floor. I squeezed and kneaded her ass. Her right leg lifted up, sliding her calf up the back of my thigh; a thrill ran through me.

“Oh, Yurika!” I moaned, breaking our kiss. “I'm so hot!”

“Let my pussy cool you off!”

“Perfect!” I moaned.

Her right hand drifted down my neck to my shoulder, then down into my cleavage, reaching into my silver dress and squeezing my breast through the red bra. My nipple was on fire as her hand rubbed it, sending more pleasure tingling through me, adding to the boil deep inside me.

I thrust harder, wanting to cum in her sweet pussy before we even reached her penthouse. Thank Aphrodite for the worlds slowest elevator! Her fingers crept under my bra cup, wiggling beneath the fabric to reach my hard nipple, pinching the sensitive nub.

“Oh, yes!” I gasped. “You naughty woman!”

She grinned at me, and then her face shuddered and her body quaked. “Oh, yes, Melody! I'm cumming! I love your cock! She always makes me cum so hard!”

The elevator door dinged, sliding open onto her penthouse as her pussy convulsed and squeezed about my cunt. I pounded her harder, our flesh slapping together. I sucked at her neck, my cum just strokes away.

“Fuck me harder!” she gasped. “I'm going to cum again?”

“Yurika?” a man gasped.

I turned my head; Mitch Edwards, her husband, stood in a bathrobe in the hallway before the elevator, staring at us in horror. I looked him right in the eye and smirked at my asshole ex-boss, then drove my cock hard into his wife's pussy.

“Oh, yes!” she moaned. “Cum in me, Melody!”

“What the hell are you doing, Yurika?”

“Fucking my lover!” she gasped, shuddering again, her delightful pussy milking my cock.

“What?” I savored his pain. “'re my wife!”

“And she's my futa slut!” I laughed, our flesh slapping together.

“I am!” Yurika screamed. “I love Melody and her big, futa cock!”

Her hips humped against me as she stared at her horror-struck husband. I pressed my cheek against Yurika's, watching my former boss's world crumble. “This is my pussy now!” I groaned, driving my cock all the way to her cervix. “You'll never get to touch her wonderful snatch again!”

“I'm all Melody's!” she shrieked, shuddering on me again. “Oh, fuck! I'm cumming! I love it! I love your cock!”

My cock ached, ready to burst and shower her pussy with my cum. Every bit of Yurika's warmth drove my lust: her breasts pressing against my tits, her sleek thighs wrapped around my legs, her arms hooked around my shoulder, and her wet, burning-hot pussy engulfing my cock. My hips worked my shaft in short, deep stabs, her cunt massaging my dick, my body tensing, my orgasm nearing.

“Yurika? I love you,” her husband groaned. “I thought you loved me.”

“I love Melody!” she screamed, her fingernails clawing my back.

“Oh, god, Yurika! I love you, too!” I kissed her, driving into her one last time as my futa cock basted her pussy with my cum.

Her husband let out a pitiful moan as I came in his wife's pussy. I didn't care—the asshole had never treated her right.

The elevator doors slid closed.

“I guess your sleeping at my place tonight,” I whispered as we descended.

She nodded her head. “I guess my marriage really is over.” Sadness crested over her face. “I loved him once. I must have, right? Why else did I marry him?”

BOOK: The Aphrodite Sisterhood Collection 1 (12 Futa Stories-Massive Bundle!)(Futa-on-Female, Hot Wife, Menage, Cheating, Bride, Erotia)
8.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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