The Aphrodite Sisterhood Collection 1 (12 Futa Stories-Massive Bundle!)(Futa-on-Female, Hot Wife, Menage, Cheating, Bride, Erotia) (5 page)

BOOK: The Aphrodite Sisterhood Collection 1 (12 Futa Stories-Massive Bundle!)(Futa-on-Female, Hot Wife, Menage, Cheating, Bride, Erotia)
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This was the most significant moment of my life.

The deeper we went, the more certain I was that we were leaving the real world behind and descending into some mystical realm where anything was possible—such as receiving a magical clitoris that transformed into a cock. I would be reborn in this darkness, birthed as a new being.

The stairs ended at a heavy, wooden door carved with a busty, nude woman. The door handle was a cock sprouting from the center of the door at the nude woman's crotch, thick and turgid, carved exquisitely from ebony.

“Are you ready?” Simone whispered. “You can still back out, but once you enter, you'll forever be sealed to us. Our sister.”

I nodded, my mouth dry. A sense of awe had crept over me, and I didn't want to pollute the solemnity of the moment with my voice.

I trembled as Simone twisted the cock and opened the door, its hinges rasping. For a moment, the room was pitch black, and then torches flared to life and braziers smoked, adding a sweet, spicy aroma to the air. At the center of the room, on a small dais, was a statue of a nude, busty woman carved from white marble. Flowers lay strewn at the statue's feet. A shrine.

I swallowed, what was I getting myself into?

No fear or regret. I was getting my futa cock!

Simone entered the room and prostrated herself with grace. Becky pushed past me and joined her wife, their faces pressed to the ground, their beautiful asses facing me. I stood frozen, unsure what I should do.

“Oh, great Goddess!” prayed Simone. “Light of womanhood, the most beautiful, perfect being in all creation, we come before you with humility to present one whom desires to join your Sisterhood.”

“She fervently wishes for your divine gift,” Becky continued. “I ask that you judge her worthy and choose her to be your disciple!”

“Grant her admittance into your sacred sisterhood, Goddess of Love and Beauty!”

My heart hammered; some presence or spirit seemed to enter the room, brushing past me, my skin tingling with electricity. I shivered; something far greater than Simone, Becky or myself shared the shrine with us, an awareness more ancient than anything man had ever built, primal and vital. Marble groaned and grated. Movement caught my attention; my eyes widened. A dick sprouted from the groin of the statue, engorging into a proud, futa cock, a single drop of milky liquid beading at the tip.

My mouth watered and my pussy ached.

“The Goddess has chosen you,” Simone intoned. “Worthy and fortunate are you to be chosen by Aphrodite.”

“Fall to your knees before her and demonstrate your obeisance,” commanded Becky, her drawl almost entirely gone.

I moved forward, almost in a daze; my eyes fixed on Aphrodite's cock. I would worship her, worship anything, to get my futa dick. I fell to my knees before the statue animated by the Goddess, and kissed the tip of her cold, stone rod.

Salty warmth flooded my mouth, suffusing my entire body with gentle, unconditional love. I trembled, every cell in my body burning with passion. And then the heat began to gather between my thighs, growing hotter and hotter as it intensified to a single point on my body—my clitoris.

The burning grew so hot and intense, itching to burst out of me. My clitoris grew, expanding, thrusting out before my naked body. I gasped and shuddered as the warmth inside me exploded out in the most powerful, intense rush of pleasure I had, flooding my body with bliss and spraying cum out of my futa cock, staining the flowers and the statue's feet with my offering.

“Welcome, sister,” Simone breathed and wrapped her arms around my neck. Then Becky's exuberant embrace engulfed us both. “You are a futanari!”

To be continued...

My Futa Massage Training

Futanari Massage 3

(A Story of the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe)


Reed James

My Futa Massage Training

Last night, I joined the Sisterhood of Aphrodite, and the Goddess of Love and Beauty had gifted me with a futa cock. Now, whenever I grew horny, my clitoris would transform into a rock-hard dick.

I loved it!

When I returned home after the ceremony, I couldn't stop my little clitoris from growing into a big cock. My right hand would fist my new shaft as my left hand pumped a few fingers in and out of my pussy. It was spectacular. Two different pleasures surged through me, creating a tsunami of passion that culminated in white cum spurting across my belly and breasts, and pussy juices squirting around my pumping fingers—a double-cum.


My clitoris would shrink for a bit, but that itch would return, and it would sprout into a wonderful cock, and I'd would be stroking her all over again.

I pulled into the parking lot of Ms. Futa 'N Ari's Massage Parlor bright and early. I would be spending the entire weekend being trained in the arts of a futa masseuse. I walked up to the garish, pink building—it looked more like a strip club than a spa—and strode boldly through the front door into the very nice waiting room.

“Melody!” Mandy squealed, greeting me with a big hug. She was the blonde receptions, and her nice, round breasts pressed against me; my clitoris hardened and swelled, filling my panties. I shuddered as its sensitive head rubbed against the soft fabric of my underwear.

“Someones happy to see me!” giggled Mandy. “Or, at least, to feel me!”

“Sorry,” I winced, though she did feel nice, and I couldn't help rubbing against her.

“Control will come,” Mandy promised. “To a point.”

I laughed. “Good. When I got my coffee this morning, I kinda regretted wearing such a tight skirt.”

“Hot barista?”

I nodded. “I'm seeing women in a whole, new light.”

“Aphrodite's blessing has that effect.”

“So you're...”

“Of course!” she beamed. “Anyways, Veronica will be here soon to begin your training.”

“Jennifer told me all about her,” I smiled.

“Jennifer?” Mandy asked, frowning. “That name sounds familiar.”

“She's my best friend,” I replied. “She's the one that recommended this place to me.”

“Oh, what a great friend!”

I nodded. “She told me all about Veronica and her big, Black dick and how—”

“I do have a big, Black dick,” a sultry voice purred behind me.

I jumped, spinning around. Veronica stood behind me, one hand on her hip, a predatory grin set on her gorgeous face. A multitude of beaded braids brushed her shoulders, clicking and clacking as she surveyed my body. Her skin was a rich, coffee brown, giving her an exotic cast that made my futa cock bulge the front of my skirt.

Veronica's grin deepened as she eyed my package. “Turn around, girl. Let me get a look at you.”

I did a slow spin, putting a sexy sway to my hips.

She slapped my butt, then gave my cheek a hard squeeze. “That is a fine, White-girl ass!”

A pleased thrill filled me up. “Thanks.”

“Sweetie, I'm gonna love that ass!” She gave one last squeeze, then let me go. “What's your name.”


“That is a great name! You're gonna make some fine music when your client's are cumming on your cock.”

“I hope so,” I grinned.

“Well, let's get this party started!” Veronica's arm went around my shoulder, walking me across the waiting room to a door leading to the massage rooms and the Shrine.

I shivered, thinking about the Shrine. The door at the end of the hall led to it, opening on a stairwell that seemed ripped right out of a Gothic castle. After descending down the dark, spiraling staircase, you would reach a room dedicated to the Goddess Aphrodite, every step leading you further and further from the modern world and into an ancient spectacle where magic still existed. Last night, the Goddess had blessed me with my futa cock down there.

“So the whole point of what we do here is to pamper our clients,” Veronica explained as we walked down the hallway. “We're giving them an experience that their dull lives lack. They come here for the experience that their husbands and boyfriends cannot supply. And they pay us handsomely for the pleasure.”

“And ours!”

Veronica gave a wicked laugh. “That's the spirit! No where else can you have a futanari fuck you.”

“Futanari?” I frowned.

“It's Japanese for hermaphrodite, Melody. And it's quite popular in their animated porn cartoons. Oh, I forget what those are called. Anyway, Becky and Simone adopted there word to describe us.”

“I thought we were called futa girls because...” I felt stupid. “Their last names aren't Futa and Ari?”


My cheeks burned. I hated feeling like an idiot. “It's a code word.”

“You're a smart cookie. I didn't get it for months.”

Her words brightened my mood, even if she was lying to make me feel better.

She stopped at a door labeled 4, and opened it. “This is one of the shower rooms. I like to break in new masseuses in here.” Her hungry smile made my pussy wet and my cock ache.

Room four was the same size as the massage room I was in last night, tiled in mauve and white, with a large shower dominating the corner encased in foggy glass. A shelf covered in various body washes stood against the wall, pink towels hung on racks, and a plastic bin sat on the counter. I recognized that from my massage—the clients clothes go in there.

“First thing you do is strip,” Veronica lectured, then gave me an expectant look. I shifted. “So...strip.”

“Oh, yeah,” I tittered. “Sorry, I'm a little nervous.”

“Relax, sweetie, you're in good hands.”

I relaxed and smiled, my fingers working the pink buttons of my sleeveless blouse. I folded it up and carefully placed it in the plastic container. Then I reached back and unhooked my lacy, black bra. Veronica's eyes lit up.

“Very nice, sweetie.” Her dark hand reached out, fondling my right breast. My nipple hardened, and her fingers pinched and pulled my nub; pleasure spiked through me. “Very nice, indeed.”

My skirt unzipped on my right side, falling down my hips and legs. My panties were black, and the pink tip of my cock peaked out of the frilly waistband, a bead of precum adorning its crown.

“Cute,” Veronica grinned.

“Thanks. I bought them at—”

“No, your cock.” She licked her lips. “Let me see it! Take those panties off!”

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband and pushed them down my hips and ass. My cock sprang free, bobbing wildly like a diving board after someone took the plunge.

“Oh, sweetie,” Veronica cooed, her hand darting to grasp my cock. “So thin and cute! It's perfect on you!”

“Thank you,” I groaned.

“And what a cute tat.” Veronica let go of my cock, tracing the tattoo of a hummingbird on my groin to the right of my pubic mound. “So naughty.”

“I was drunk,” I explained. “And in a sorority.”

“Mmh, college. I had a lot of fun in college.” Her hand grasped my cock. “In fact, I still have a lot of fun.”

“I bet,” I groaned as she stroked me. “Oh, wow.”

“You like my hand on your cock, White-girl?”


Pleasure surged through me every time she brushed the sensitive tip. Veronica moved behind me, still jerking, her breath warm on my neck. I gasped, a shudder passing through me as another person touched my cock! She squeezed harder, stroking faster.

“Such a cute, White-girl cock. Are you gonna shoot a big ol' load of cum for me?”

“Yes!” I gasped.

Her hand had a firm grip, flying up and down my shaft, feeling magical. Veronica pressed her body against mine, her lips brushing my neck, while her other hand slipped around my side and stroked my stomach in a lazy circle.

“I want to see how far you can shoot,” she hissed in my ear. “Do you think you can reach the shower?”

“I don't know!” I moaned. “But I'm willing to try!”

“That's the spirit, sweetie!”

Her hand flew up and down, building a pressure inside me that ached for a release, to erupt out of my cock in an orgy of rapture. Veronica's lips kissed and nuzzled my neck, hissing encouragements in my ear as that pressure ballooned inside me.

I needed to cum.

The pressure seemed to build at the tip of my futa cock. My entire body tensed in anticipation. My breath quickened; my skin tingled; my pussy dripped passion down my thighs. I arched my back against Veronica.

“Yes, yes!” I gasped. “Make me cum!”

The pressure ballooned, bursting inside me. My body shuddered and a delightful ejaculation rushed out of my dick. White cum flew out, splatting the tile floor just short of the shower. Another powerful rush, another jet of spunk. Veronica's hand squeezed tight, forcing the last drops out of my cock and one last shudder through my body.

She let go.

“Oh, wow!” I sighed, smiling as my clitoris shrank back down to its original size. “That was great!”

“Good. Now we can get down to business, sweetie.”

“Yeah.” That warm, glow filled me up and left me light-headed, joy bubbling inside me.

“Whenever you feel your clit swelling, I want you to concentrate on it staying small. This job is all about the tease, so you can't be busting out your cock too early.”

“Concentrate,” I nodded.

“Now undress me.”

My clitoris tingled; warmth flushed through me. She was so beautiful and passionate; I couldn't wait to touch her and—

“Concentrate!” she barked.

I jumped, looking down to see my clit was as fat as my ring finger and protruding out an inch. I concentrated—small clitoris, small clitoris

and it shrank, retreating back into its hood.

“That's good, sweetie. Keep concentratin'.”

I reached out and began to unbutton her blouse. Her buttons were tiny, and the rise and fall of her lush, large, and beautiful breasts made it hard—

Concentrate! Small clitoris! Small clitoris!

The first button came undone, then the second, exposing coffee-cream skin and the hint of a purple bra. A third button, the slopes of her breasts revealed.

Small clitoris!

Fourth button.

Round, lovely breasts cupped in purple lace, the nipples shadowing through the sheer fabric.

Concentrate! Small clitoris! My bud ached, demanding to swell and engorge. Small clitoris!

Fifth button.


Sixth button.

So beautiful and wonderful—

Small clitoris!

The blouse hung loose and I pulled it off Veronica's shoulders, folding it up and placing it carefully in the tray while I kept focusing on my clitoris, stopping it from engorging.

“You're doin' good, sweetie.”

“Thank you.”

“Now, what do you say when I do this?” She paused, her face changing to a snooty expression, looking down her nose at me. “I am not getting naked. That's not appropriate. What kind of place is this?”

“Well, um, Miss Veronica, it's a shower massage, and, uh, you don't want to get that lovely bra wet, right?”


“Where'd you buy it?” I asked, reaching out to lightly touch her smooth back, my hand trailing down to her bra claps.

“Banana Republic.”

“It's so cute! What a great find.” I unclasped the bra; my clitoris aching. I glanced down; it protruded two inches, pink and glistening, and was well on its way to full cockhood. Concentrate, Melody!

Veronica turned; her breasts were perfect. No sag despite their size, but they were all natural, lacking the skin stretched to tight over implants that fake boobs possessed. Becky, one of the owners, also had a pair of substantial tits that lacked any sag.

“Aphrodite's Gift,” Veronica said.

I blinked. “What?”

“You're wonderin' why I ain't got no sag in my tits. Well, the Goddess didn't just give you a dick, she also tightened up your bod.”

I smiled, nodding, and said, “I guess that make sense. She is the Goddess of Beauty.”

Veronica glanced down. “Concentrate, sweetie. I know I got a lush pair of coconuts and all, but let's keep it together a little longer. You ain't even seen my cooch yet.”

“Right, sorry.” I looked down and flushed; my clitoris was four inches long, the tip forming into the mushroom-shaped helmet of a cock. I forced my engorging bud to shrink back to its cute, pink, original state. That done, I knelt down to remove her shoes.

“What are you doing?” Veronica demanded, slipping back into her snooty customer.

“I'm removing your shoes, miss.”

“I can take off my own shoes!”

I hesitated, not sure what do to. I had possessed the same attitude when I came in for my massage a few days ago. How had Linda handled me? I smiled, right. “Don't you want to be pampered?” I purred. “Let me treat you like the Queen that you are. I'll be your handmaiden, and take away all your problems.”

BOOK: The Aphrodite Sisterhood Collection 1 (12 Futa Stories-Massive Bundle!)(Futa-on-Female, Hot Wife, Menage, Cheating, Bride, Erotia)
6.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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