The Aphrodite Sisterhood Collection 1 (12 Futa Stories-Massive Bundle!)(Futa-on-Female, Hot Wife, Menage, Cheating, Bride, Erotia) (4 page)

BOOK: The Aphrodite Sisterhood Collection 1 (12 Futa Stories-Massive Bundle!)(Futa-on-Female, Hot Wife, Menage, Cheating, Bride, Erotia)
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“Oh, Lord, thank you,” Becky breathed as I bent down and wiggled my almost-naked ass at her. “We have to have her, Simone!”

“Patients,” Simone chided. “Though she is showing promise.”

Showing promise.
Simone's words spurred me on, and I straighten up, slapping my ass. “You want to see my thong come off?”

“Does a hummin'bird love nectar?” purred Becky. I chuckled; wait until she sees my tattoo.

I hooked my fingers in the waistband of my thong, then worked the scrap of cloth down my hips and ass. The thong dropped down my legs, bunching around my ankles. I stepped out with my right foot, letting the cloth hang from for a moment before I lifted my foot and let my thong fall to the floor.

“Those butt-cheeks are tighter than a banker's wallet!” Becky goosed my left cheek. “Oh, sugar, I wanna sink my teeth into your delicious rump!”

“I just might let you,” I purred over my shoulder, then I bent over, exposing my newly shaved vulva, glistening with my arousal.

“Oh, yes! Lord, yes!” Becky clapped. “Let me see your cute snatch from the front!”

I spun about, my breasts swaying, and posed, my legs spread and my left hand on my hip. The bulge in Becky's robe grew, and a pink, throbbing cock pushed through the woman's robe, a drop of clear precum adorning the helmet-like tip.

I wanted to fall to my knees and worship that cock, while my finger probed her pussy, giving her the joy only a futa could experience—a double cum.

“Well lookie there!” Becky grinned, pointing at my tattoo. “Ain't that the purtiest hummin'bird you ever did see?”

I smiled; the tattoo was a souvenir from a drunken, sorority bender ten years ago. For the first, I as glad I had it. Becky reached out, stroking the bird's wings, her finger electric as she traced the long, thin beak that pointed right at my pussy.

“She's about to drink your nectar!” Becky giggled. “What a naughty bird. I wouldn't mind havin' a taste myself. I bet you're as sweet as a virgin at the prom.”

“Well, you've impressed my wife,” Simone said, her voice so sexy with that French accent. I looked at her green eyes, desire burning in them as they roamed my naked body. “But why do you want to have a dick?”

“Ever since I saw Linda's fat clitoris yesterday, before I even knew what she was, I had this image of her sporting a cock, and it made me so wet! Then when I saw she had an actual cock...” A groan escaped my lips—such a wonderful memory. “It was so beautiful. And then I gave her a double cum and felt the intensity of her reaction. She was like an exploding volcano. I wanted to experience having a cock erupt and a pussy climax at the same time! I want to have a futa cock and fuck beautiful women!” I was breathless when I finished, my nipples aching and my pussy weeping lust.

“Well, she's passionate!” clapped Becky

“Yes,” Simone purred, raking me with her eyes. “But she needs more than passion for a futa cock to work here. We massage women, treasuring them like goddesses. You have to love the feminine form, and worship her with all the fervor you can muster.”

“I can do that.”

“Have you ever been with a woman before?”

I shook my head. “Unless you count Linda, last night.”

Simone gave a disappointed sigh, frowning.

“But it's like I've woken up from a dream and I'm seeing the world in a whole, new way. Linda showed me just how wonderful and beautiful women truly are. I will treat your clients like their Goddesses.” I paused, taking a breath. “I want to treat them like the Goddesses they are! To nurse at their wonderful breasts, slide my lips across their silky skin, and part their thighs and taste their pussies!”

“Prove it,” Simone purred. “Worship me.”

Her hands unknotted her robe, the teal silk sliding away. Her body was lithe, with smooth skin and small, perfectly-formed, conical breasts topped with mauve nipples. Her legs spread, revealing a shaved mound, flushed dark with arousal.

“Where's your cock?” I blurted out, then reddened in embarrassment. Smooth, Melody.

“I have far more self-control than my wife does,” Simone answered, reaching out to grasp Becky's cock peeking out of her lilac robe.

“True!” Becky laughed. “I'm as impulsive as a squirrel in a nut factory.

I licked my lips and moved towards Simone, leaning over, and kissed her. She tasted sweet—apricot—and her mouth was aggressive, capturing mine and devouring me. My hands touched her smooth, warm skin, sliding up her side to cup her breasts. Simone sighed into my mouth as my thumbs rubbed across her hard nubs.

“Simone loves it when you pinch her nips.”

Simone broke the kiss. “Stop helping her, darling.”

“I just want to see you pleasured. Y'know how much I love watchin' you cum!”

I nuzzled Simone's neck, kissing and sucking her silky flesh as my fingers pinched her nipples, rolling them; She groaned, and I took proud delight in her soft sighs. I let my lips smooch down her neck and chest, then up the slops of her breasts, reaching the pinnacle; I engulfed her summit.

“Mmh,” Simone purred.

“She suckin' you good, honey?”


I sucked and nibbled, exploring the nub with my tongue between gentle bites. I licked over to her left breast and opened wide, capturing the entirety of her nipple and areola. She gasped, shifting in her seat as her passion grew. My first nipple I had ever sucked. I loved how hard and wrinkled her nub was, and I delighted every time she shivered and gasped as my tongue swirled.

“She sure does love your titties,” cooed Beck.


“Not that I blame her. You do have a mighty fine pair of sweater puppies!”

I smiled around her nipple—Simone did have a lovely pair of breasts—then sucked hard at her pink nub. Simone's hands stroked my face, brushing my brown hair out of my eyes, and staring deep into me; her green eyes smoldered with passion. Joy burst inside me, mixing with the burning in my nethers. I was pleasing this woman, making her happy, satisfying her.

I loved it. There was something so wonderful in giving someone else pleasure. Like a master violinist playing for a crowd, giving them my music and enjoying their joyful reactions.

“She's makin' me as hard as a calculus test!” Becky moved down, licking my ear. “Sugar, I reckon that's enough foreplay. I wanna watch you lick my purtee wife's cooch!”

“Yes, miss,” I groaned, desiring to taste my first pussy.

I licked and kissed down her body, pausing to rub my cheek against her taut belly. A spicy musk grew stronger the lower I went; Simone's passion. I pushed her thighs apart, sinking to my knees. Her pussy spread open, wet and pink, her clitoris fat, throbbing, and wanting to transform into a futa cock.

I kissed her clitoris.

“Oh, yes!” Simone hissed.

I licked and worshiped her clitoris, delighting every time her hips writhed and bucked. Her musk grew, covering her pussy with a tasty dew. I loved her juices even more than my own. My fingers stroked her vulva, growing sticky with her passion. I teased her labia, then I stroked inside her, exploring her folds and dipping into her pussy.

“Oh, yes! Such a slut!”

“She's workin' your cooch good, huh?”

“Yes, my love!” moaned Simone, her hips jerking as more pleasure surged into her. “Oh, yes! Keep doing that. You love my clit. You're a complete slut for my pussy!”

“I am!” I gasped. “I love everything about your body!” Linda had opened this wonderful door. I didn't need men, not when a woman could have the only part of them I really cared about—their cocks. I could have someone gentle and sweet and beautiful to make love to, and still have someone who could fuck me hard and spill her cum inside me.

The best of both worlds!

And I would join them if I pleased this Goddess enough.

Becky stood up, her lilac robe falling off her busty figure. She had an hourglass waist that was accentuated by her heavy breasts topped with fat, dusky nipples thrusting up from the center of areolas the size of silver half-dollars. Her cock rose straight and proud from her bushy, golden pubes, bobbing and waving as she moved.

“I gotta have me a taste of her cooch!” she groaned, kneeling behind me. “You just keep worshipin' my wife while I attend to your juicy snatch.”

Her hands lifted my hips until I was kneeling like a bitch ready to be mounted. My excitement dripped down my thighs, and Becky ran a finger up my leg, gathering up a line, and smacked her lips in satisfaction.

“Umm, that is some delicious cooch!”

“Fuck the futa slut!” hissed Simone. “Fuck her, my love!”

“Yes, ma'am!” Becky buried her cock deep into me.

So wonderful! I moaned my bliss around Simone's clitoris. Becky pounded my pussy, her heavy breasts slapping as she drove over and over again into my wet depths. Her thrust pounded into me, driving me into Simone's sex and stirring ecstasy into my pussy. My passion grew in the very core of my being, a ball of energy that expanded, filling me up. I sucked harder on Simone's clitoris, my fingers pumping away in her wet pussy.

“Such a savory cooch!” panted Becky.

“And such a wicked mouth!” purred Simone, then she gave a low, throaty moan, and her clitoris began to swell. “Oh, fuck! It's too much! Her lips are heavenly!”

Simone let out another moan, almost a growl, and then her self-control snapped; her clitoris transformed into a futa cock, engorging into my mouth. I stretched open my jaw to accommodate the growing girth, her shaft brushing the back of my throat. I tried to pulled away, but Simone's strong hands gripped my head, and her growing cock snaked down my throat.

“That's it!” she groaned. “Deep-throat me, futa slut!”

Her cock reached its full size, and I groaned about it. A futa cock was in my mouth. My passion flashed through me; I was pleasuring
futa cocks. I came hard. My pussy clenched down on Becky's dick, hungry to be flooded by her spunk.

“Did you just cum on my wife's cock, futa slut?” Simone asked.

I moaned, “Yes,” my words muffled by her rod.

Simone laughed, and began to bob my head on her dick, using my mouth to fuck her shaft. She groaned, her hips rising up to drive her rod deep down my throat.

“So hot!” grunted Becky. “Keep fuckin' that purtee, li'l mouth! I love watchin' you fuck a futa slut's face!”

“And I love to watch those magnificent breasts bounce as you fuck a futa slut's cunt,” purred Simone. Then they kissed, loud and wet, leaning over my body. They were connected through me, fucking each other, loving each other, through my body. I felt so used, and savored the delicious feeling!

The blonde futa pumped harder and faster, building another orgasm inside me. I was becoming lost in the pleasure these two women's cocks were giving me. I was nothing more than their futa slut! Becky's fingers dug into my ass, pain adding to the pleasure, and then she erupted into me, flooding my tunnel with her girl-cum, so hot and thick and amazing.

I climaxed.

My world shattered.

Pleasure roared through me, squeezing every muscle in my body, including the ones gripping her shaft. I moaned and howled around the cock buried in my mouth. Every woman needed to be fucked by a futa dick and experience the joy I just had at least once.

“Milk my cock!” moaned Becky. “That's it! Let your hungry cooch drink every last drop of my milk!”

Becky thrust one last time in me, then she withdrew. Thick cum leaked out of my well-fucked pussy, trickling down my thighs. My orgasm kept rolling through me, spurred on by Simone's degrading mouth fucking.

“Little, futa whore!” Simone grunted, fucking my mouth harder. “Worship my dick! Um, here it comes! This is what all you futa sluts crave!”

Salty semen, sweeter than any man's, flooded my mouth; I swallowed.

“Drink it all down!”

Another salty load. So amazing!

Becky slapped my rear as a final squirt of cum filled my lips. “Whadda ya think, honey? She a futa girl?”

“I think she's proved herself!” Simone answered as my lips popped off her cock.

“Thank you!” I beamed.

“Umm, you missed a drop.” Becky turned my face and kissed me, her tongue flicking about my lips. “Yummy!”

Simone stood up, pulling her teal robe about her. “Are you ready to be initiated into the Sisterhood of Aphrodite?”

Initiated? Was this like a sorority? “Yes,” I confidently answered. I
my futa cock too much to balk at anything.

She held out her hand. “Come along.”

I took her hands, a warm tingle spilled across my body, and she helped me to my feet. I followed her out into the hallway, Becky trailing behind us. Simone led me to a plain, unnumbered door. She opened it and a black, mortared-stone stairwell, like something out of a medieval castle, led down into darkness.

Torches flared, guttering in stone sconces set into the wall, and I wondered how they sputtered to life on their own. Were they fake torches? No, they really were burning, and they looked like real torches, spitting and flickering, their red light surging and dimming; I could even feel their heat on my face. So how did they ignite? Motion detectors? But I couldn't see any mechanical strikers or lighters or anything. Every few steps, a new torch would be lit, illuminating the way down into the darkness. It was almost hypnotic. We were on a journey into the unknown, a journey that would forever change me.

BOOK: The Aphrodite Sisterhood Collection 1 (12 Futa Stories-Massive Bundle!)(Futa-on-Female, Hot Wife, Menage, Cheating, Bride, Erotia)
8.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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