The Billionaire Saved My Life (BWWM Billionaire Love Story Book 1)

BOOK: The Billionaire Saved My Life (BWWM Billionaire Love Story Book 1)
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A Mysterious BWWM Billionaire Romance By..








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Sherie Keys
The Billionaire Saved My Life © 2015, Sherie Keys

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Tanya Herman had always believed in fate. Ever since she was a little girl she always felt that one day she would meet Mr Right in the most unexpected of circumstances.

However, she never expected anything like this.....

It was a routine drive home on a rainy night but it was the night that changed her life forever. After being involved in a crash she was pulled from the burning car by a passerby. Tanya was moments from death but that man saved her life.

The man who saved her life is Billionaire Kurtis Reed. Young, handsome and able to have any woman he wants, yet he is sure he now wants her and only her.

Kurtis believes it was fate that made him save her life that night and for the first time in her life, Tanya is lovestruck.

But, the fact remains, she knows nothing about this man. Is her knight in shining armor really all he seems? Or is there much more to this situation than meets the eye?






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It had rained all day. When she left her father's house he'd warned her to be careful. As if she would be anything else, she'd said.

“I know what you young girls are like, chatting on your cell phones, not keeping your eyes on the road.”

“Daddy, I've driven along that road so many times, I could do it with my eyes shut,” Tanya joked.

“And you better not!” But Walt Herman knew his daughter better than that. Tanya had always been the sensible one, the one most likely to succeed. She'd kissed him goodbye and set off back to New York.

Not too far from home, on a long and lonely stretch of road, she heard one of her mother's favorite songs playing on the car radio. Her mom had passed away a long time ago but her old songs, whenever she heard them, made Tanya smile.

Stop in the name of love
!” Diana Ross sang with her Supremes and Tanya pictured herself onstage with them, long gown, hair piled high, false eyelashes and high heels. She held her cell next to her lips, singing along, pretending it was a microphone.

Suddenly the cell vibrated and she dropped it.

“Damn.” She drew out the words as she approached the bridge where she'd have to make a left and then get on the freeway to the city. The cell kept buzzing. Her eyes flashed down to it, as it continued to buzz. Was it important? The buzzing stopped. She looked ahead on the bridge and slowed. She thought she caught sight of a shadow ahead and jumped when the cell started up again.

Yes, that was shadow of some sort. She needed to put on the brakes. She needed to stop. The ground was slippery, the cell buzzed and the shadow loomed closer. She had to stop.

Hours later, Tanya felt her head throbbing. She moved her lips to say, “Where am I?” but she couldn't hear the sound of her voice. The smells and sounds of a hospital were all around her. Is that where she was now?

“Miss Herman? Can you hear me?”

A voice she didn't know was close to her ear. Why couldn't she see anything? Tanya's hands went up to her face, but were stopped by a strange feeling of her arms being trapped.

“Don't try to move until I take this off your face. You're connected to drips and monitors,” the voice said. It was a kind voice, a mature man who breathed heavily and smelled of antiseptic.

“There you can open your eyes now.”

Tanya slowly tried to lift her lids. They were heavy and she blinked several times before she could try to focus. Above her were bright, white lights and then the face of the kindly looking man in a white coat with white hair, started to come into view.

“Why did you blindfold me? Where am I?

“It wasn't a blindfold, they’re bandages.”

“Bandages? Am I hurt?” Tanya breathed.

“You could say that. The bandages were only to keep the burns around your eyes clean.”


“Don't panic. Your face will heal up beautifully but you suffered some very minor burns on your face in the fire.”

“What fire and who are you?”

“I'm Doctor Travelian. You're at City General, New York. You live in New York.”

“I do?”

“Yes, the man who saved your life managed to pull your purse out of the flames when he pulled you out of your car.”

Tanya had to catch her breath. All she could remember was a long road, it was dark, it was raining … and that was all she knew.

“I don't remember anything.” She started to cry. “I don't know where I was going and I can't remember a fire.” She looked at Doctor Travelian who signaled to the nurse. She had been standing on the other side of the bed.

“What dose should I give her?” the nurse said.

“Wait,” Tanya shouted. “Dose of what? I don't need any drugs, I need someone to tell me what's happening, tell me who I am. What's happening to me?”  Tanya was shaking with anxiety now. The nurse sank a needle into her shoulder as the doctor held her arm. The last thing she heard was:

“Don't worry, this will help you sleep. You're in shock. You'll be fine after a rest...”

When Tanya awoke, it was to the sound the wall-mounted television in her room and the news channel was on:

The young woman rescued by billionaire, Kurtis Reed, was named as twenty-four year old, Tanya Herman. Miss Herman's car spun out of control and burst into flames after hitting the side of a bridge. Kurtis Reed, a billionaire in his own right, and set to inherit his father's award winning vineyards in Texas and California, has this to say:

“I'm not a hero, it was a lucky coincidence I happened to be there...”

In our opinion, Kurt Reed, owner of Reed Records, home to several Grammy Award winning artists, is a real life, all American hero.

Tanya cleared her throat and noticed the familiar figure sitting beside her hospital bed.


“Honey! You're awake. How you feeling?” Her father was grinning at her. “Wait, let me call the nurse.”

“Hold on, Dad. How did this happen? Did I manage to crash the car into that bridge?”

“What do you remember?” He leaned over her.

“All’s I remember was, I was driving along fine and the next thing I know, I'm waking up here. Were the police called? What did they say?”

“Just that you must’ve lost control and skidded. It was bad weather that night.”

“That night? How long have I been here?”

“Three days?”

“My God. Did you speak to my boss?”

“It's all taken care of. Besides, you're famous now. You're picture's been on the news and the papers can't wait to interview you.”

“That's crazy. Why me?”

“It isn't you. Didn't you see who saved your life? That guy's on the news every few days: Kurtis Reed of Kurtis Records, radio stations, clothes chain. But he's been waiting patiently to come see you and see for himself you're all right.”

“It'll have to be when I feel better, Dad. I must look awful.”

“Too late, honey. I already told him he could stop by today.”

“Dad! Get me my purse. I need a mirror.”

Before Tanya could make any adjustments to her appearance, she heard a stir in the corridor and heard someone say: “Isn't that Kurtis Reed?”

A nurse popped her head around the door.

“You have another visitor, Miss Herman.”

Standing behind her was a tall, dark figure, almost as tall as the doorframe and almost as wide. He wore a crisp, white shirt that contrasted well with his tanned skin. Waves of thick, black hair touched the collar of his shirt but mostly, all Tanya noticed were the large pair of deep blue eyes. They were fathomless, not smiling, but not unhappy either, just mysterious. The next thing she saw was the large bouquet of flowers coming towards her. She was speechless and watched the roses and carnations getting closer and closer to her bed.

“It's not much, but these are for you,” Kurtis Reed said. “I didn't know if you'd be awake.” His voice was smooth and low, almost calming, friendly.

Tanya looked around the room and noticed several bunches just like the one in her savior's hands.

“Th-thank you,” she stuttered in a quiet voice. “Did you send all of those, too?”

“Yeah. I hope you don't mind but I've been really concerned. Especially as you didn't wake up.”

Tanya tried to sit up but her head started banging from the inside out and her back hurt.

“Let me help you.” The nurse rushed to her assistance, raised the upper part of her bed, and fluffed up her pillow. Tanya tried to pass a hand over her hair but found it hard.

“I wish I'd know my guardian angel was coming, I'd have fixed myself up a bit,” she said. “I'm sorry.”

“Don't be. You're beautiful,” he said. “I mean, you look... that is, you look good for someone who's been through what you have.”

Tanya's father coughed.

“I'll leave you two to get acquainted,” he said and left with the nurse.

“That's just it,” Tanya said, when they'd gone. “I don't know what I've been through. I don't know what happened.”

“You mean you don't remember the crash?” he said.

“No, I don't.”

A strange look came over Kurtis's face. He looked around the room and found a place on the windowsill to put the flowers down.

“Let me formally introduce myself.” He held out his hand. “I'm Kurtis Reed.”

“I know who you are.” Tanya looked at the strong hand in front of her but was too weak to do more than touch it. Like his voice, it had an instantly calming affect on her, over her whole body in fact. She felt herself warming to her rescuer in a way she never expected.

Kurtis took her hand in both of his and their eyes were locked together for several silent moments.

“I haven't even thanked you yet,” Tanya finally said.

“There's no need to thank me. I had to do what I did. I guess it was fortunate I was there.”

“You're telling me; I might have died in the fire. I'm guessing it was bad?”

“Reasonably. You won't be able to drive that car again, I'm afraid. But at least you're safe.”

“And I've got you to thank, Kurtis,” she smiled at him. “I remember a bridge. Is that where the accident happened?”

“Yes.” Kurtis sat in the place her father had vacated.

“And it was raining, it was dark. I remember that.”

“It was an awful night. In fact, it had rained all that day.”

“So tell me, Kurtis, were you driving behind me? Is that how you saw me crash?”

“Er, no. No. I was just out for a walk.”

“You live near that bridge?”

“No I live here in New York. Well, mostly anyway.”

“So, on a dark rainy night, you were out walking?”

“Yes, but forget that. Tell me how you're feeling.”

Tanya said nothing, but looked deeply into the eyes of the man who saved her life. There was no mistaking how attractive he was but he had stopped holding her gaze. Those incredibly blue eyes darting around the room. They were like deep wells but there was also something behind them. Something secret, and by the expression on his face now, something sad, too. She wouldn't pry. He was just there for a visit, after all.

“To tell you the truth, Kurtis, the way I feel right now is hungry. I'm starving actually. My body aches all over but all I want to do is eat.”

“I'll call the nurse, but...”

“But what?”

“I was wondering if maybe, after you're out of here that is, I could buy you dinner?”

“You buy
dinner? Shouldn't that be the other way around?”

“Not at all. I want to thank you for coming into my life that night.”

“Not to forget, almost dying.” She smiled brightly up at him.

“Yeah, not to mention that. And thank God that didn't happen.”

Another moment of quiet passed between them again. This time, Tanya could feel a definite connection but she couldn't quite tell if Kurtis was just being charitable or if he could feel what she was feeling.

The door burst open and two of Tanya's girlfriends appeared carrying helium filled balloons, gift bags and flowers.

As soon as they saw Kurtis they gasped.

“It's you!”

Kurtis smiled back.

Mae and Kaya were Tanya's best friends. Mae, in particular was obsessed with celebrities and couldn't believe that Kurtis was there, within touching distance, and she didn't know what to say.

“Well,” Kurtis said. “I see you have more visitors now, so I should go. Please, Tanya, take my personal card and let's arrange that meal as soon as you're out of here.”


“I will,” she said. “Thanks for stopping by.”

Kurt gave a slight bow as he passed the girls who were frozen to the spot as they stood clinging to each other by the door.

“Oh. My. God.” Mae said when she could finally speak. “Do you know who that was?”

“Well of course she knows who that was, stupid. The guy only saved her life and it's all over the Goddamn news.” Kaya started, arranging all the gifts on Tanya's table and kissed her cheek. “Girl, you look like death warmed up. How in the hell can you entertain a billionaire celebrity looking like that?”

“It's not my fault.” Tanya said, trying to sit up again. “He showed up here to see how I was.”

“Did I hear right? He's taking you out for a meal?” Mae's eyes were open wide.

“Yes,” Tanya said. “Can you believe that?”

“Yes I can,” said Mae. She turned to Kaya. “She might have some cuts and bruises but don't forget our girl's banging figure. With those boobs and those hips, of course he asked her out.”

“She might have it in all the right places but she still looks a mess.”

“Ladies, do you mind?” Tanya interrupted the chatter. “I'm right here. Anyway, he couldn't see my figure and you're missing the point. It should be the other way around. He saved
life. If we went for a meal I should be the one taking him out.”

BOOK: The Billionaire Saved My Life (BWWM Billionaire Love Story Book 1)
5.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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