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Meanwhile, across town, another meeting was about to place.

When Catherine stood in Kurtis's penthouse suite and watched the elevator door close in front of her face, all she could see was red. She stomped around the apartment in a near fit, seeing traces and evidence of Tanya having stepped into her life and became beside herself with rage. She saw throw cushions she hadn't chosen, a pair of earrings on a side table and a potted plant she knew had to be Tanya's because Kurtis didn't know how to look after them. The temptation to rip up the cushions, break the earring and throw over the plant was immense.

Catherine rushed into the study and picked up the photograph, the one that had sealed her fate with Kurtis, and smashed it onto the floor. It did not break but a tiny crack formed on the glass. She knelt down and picked it up pressing her finger against the cracked glass until a small splinter inserted itself into her skin. She saw specks of blood and put her finger in her mouth.

Damn that Tanya and damn James for taking this picture. She wanted to have words with him. She wanted to string him up. James had caused enough of a problem for her in the past and she wanted to go over and give him a piece of her mind.

In the taxi ride over, she began to plan what she would say to James but by the time the taxi pulled up to his apartment, she had hatched another idea.

“Hey Ghost! What brings you to McConnagh Mansions?” James beamed when he saw Catherine at his door.

“Step aside, James, I don't have any time for your games.” Catherine marched right by him and headed straight for the drinks cabinet. She poured herself a brandy.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, when did you start knocking back the cognac? Go easy, that stuff is expensive.” James grinned and held out his hands.

“You owe me.” Catherine said and tipped her head back for another gulp.

“What do you mean?”

“I was just over at Kurtis's and I walked in on him and the voluptuous Tanya having some pretty serious words. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife. It couldn't have been more tasty. I could’ve walked up to Kurtis and shown him how sweet I was and remind him of how good we were together.”

“And why didn't you?” James poured himself a brandy.

“Because of what they were arguing about. That damned picture you took of me wearing the engagement ring, remember?”

“Ah, yes.” James grinned again and shook his head in celebration of his handiwork.

“It's no laughing matter. Why the hell did you plant that picture there, James? I could have had Kurtis eating out of my hand. You said you deleted those pictures.”

“I did. Well I thought I did. I came across it by chance. I didn't know you were still...well still with us, shall we say? I wanted to get at that jumped up bastard, mess things up with him and that big breasted, black beauty of his. He was getting too happy for my liking.”

“Well now, thanks to you, I've well and truly lost him.”

“Is that right? Well then I'm sorry to hear it. In a way.”

“In a way?” Catherine sighed as she flopped into an armchair. She had not eaten and the effects of the brandy was making her head swim.

“Oh, come on, Catherine. You must know.” James looked serious for once.

“No, I don't know.”

“You must know how I feel about you. I've liked you a long time. Well, more than that.” He put his head down.

“I had no idea, James. I thought you were just flirting with me in another attempt to make Kurtis angry.”

“But you flirted back.”

“That was just for fun. I loved Kurtis. I love Kurtis. He's the one I want. I told you that.”

“But it didn't stop me wanting you. And, let's face it, Catherine, it didn't stop you sleeping with me either.”

Catherine stood up. Brandy sloshed in the glass. She looked down at the drink and placed the glass on a table. She needed a clear head for what she had planned.

“James,” her voice was calm. “That was a complete one off. We were being silly and I had a lot to drink. I told you at the time, there was no way I would leave Kurtis.”

“Yes, you told me loud and clear.”

“And you promised me you would never, ever tell him. It would break us.”

“I know.”

“But still, you started the rumors didn't you? Telling him we slept together as if it was some kind of joke.”

James scooted forward in his seat holding the brandy glass in both hands. “Well, that was it. I said it like a joke, one of my schemes to annoy him. He knew that. He never believed it to be true. He loved you too much to believe you'd cheat.”

“It wasn't funny, James. Do you know that nearly cost me my relationship with him?”

“More's the pity he didn't bite. I could have had you all to myself.”

“You arrogant bastard.” Catherine put her hands on her hips.


“What makes you think I wanted you? You and I couldn't get it together, James. We're too much alike. Too hungry for more, wanting what everyone else has.”

“Wouldn't that make us perfect for each other?”

“No. I needed someone level headed. Someone to balance me, and that someone is Kurtis. I want him back.”

“I see that. Well, I'm not going to spend nights crying over you. If you're not interested, then fine. I'm happy to keep this sexual.”

Catherine wagged a finger at him. “Oh no, not again. I'm saving myself for him and the only way I can get him is if you're nowhere in sight.”

“Well, thanks a lot.” James drained the last of his brandy and reached for the bottle. He poured another and waved the bottle at Catherine. “Another?”

“No. Not for me.” She took her seat. “James, if you really want to get at Kurtis, there is another way.”

“I'm listening.”

“I don't think you have been. What have I just been telling you about your rival, Kurtis? He couldn't handle me sleeping with you any more than he could handle Tanya sleeping with you. How do you feel about having her in your bed?”

“I'm loving the idea but how to make that possible? Let's face it, Catherine, you were always going to get into bed with me but her – I'm not so sure.”

“Well thanks a lot.”

“It's true. I've met her. I know.”

“You met her? Does Kurtis know that?”

“I don't know. But I know he wouldn't be happy if he found out from a third party that Tanya was alone with me in an apartment.”

“Even better,” Catherine smiled, brightly. “How did you manage that?”

“Lured her over to my mother's place on a false pretense of being a client. It was easy. But I could tell, she isn't. I'm not sure I can lure her into bed...unless...”

“Unless, what?”

“Well, there are ways of getting women into bed. They may not be legal but I don't mind, if you don't mind.”

“I know you have your means. But how do we arrange it so that she agrees to go anywhere with you.”

“My God, Catherine. What an amateur you are. You leave that side of things to me. All you have to do is start planting seeds of doubt into Kurtis's ear about her.”

“Well, how the hell do I do that? He's going to make sure I don't have security clearance for his apartment. How do I get to him?”

“You use your imagination. The way I do. I got that photograph into his apartment by pretending I was his interior designer.”

“But a lot of the security guards know me. I couldn't get past them.”

“Well, find one who doesn't know you or get to Kurtis through his work. I don't know, but you've got to get creative or my side of the plan falls down. Do you want him back or not?”

“Yes I do.”

“You sure? You sure you don't want to give you and me another shot?” He sidled up next to Catherine and ran his hands up under her skirt and between her legs, stroking her, which she did not object to.

“No offense, James. You're good. I give you that. But I'm talking about love here. If I didn't love him I wouldn't put myself through this.” James continued to pleasure her. “But I do love him.”

“When was the last time you slept with a man, Catherine?”

“It's been a while, I must admit.” She pulled James' hand away and held it. “But Kurtis is worth the wait.”

James grinned again and went back to his own seat across the room from her. “Well, looks like it's the voluptuous Tanya for me, then. I'm looking forward to it.”

“Are you sure we can pull this off? Make it so Kurtis sees you two together?”

“All I need is to find her at a place she's drinking at, as long as our hero isn't there, and then I can easily get her to my bed. I've had my eye on her, I know where she goes and what she does and I already know where to set her up.”

“I knew you could help me, James. I knew it.”



“Oh guys, I'm telling you. It was so romantic, even more romantic than the first proposal because now everything I was worried about just doesn't exist. I know exactly how Kurtis feels about me.”

Tanya had lunch with Kaya and Mae the next day. They were joined by Jeannie who had been in touch with Tanya because she worried Tanya and Kurtis may never get back together again because of Catherine. As his best friend, Jeannie had been the one who Kurtis always called when he needed cheering up. Of course, Tanya had filled that spot but Jeannie didn't mind. She was just so happy to see her best friend in love and happy.

And not only that, in love and happy with a person she really liked a lot. She had a lot of time for Tanya and when Kurtis called her up saying that Tanya had agreed to come over and talk about their future, Jeannie was the one who suggested he go out and do some grocery shopping and cook her romantic meal. Somehow, Jeannie knew that Tanya would appreciate that gesture and she had gotten it right.

“Our Kurtis is a very romantic chap,” Jeannie said as they sat at a window seat of a busy New York bistro. “So that ring is staying on your finger I take it?”

“Absolutely.” Tanya beamed with excitement. She looked at the ring, happy it as back on her finger. She had no intention of taking it off for any reason.

“It's as you say, Tanya,” said Mae. “This is fate. That whole boat accident was fate intervening with what should really happen. You and Kurtis getting married.”

“Are you trying to say Fate almost had a girl killed?” Kaya interjected.

“No, that's not what I'm saying at all. And don't be so morbid.” Mae frowned at her and Kaya smirked. Mae cleared her throat and continued. “So how did he pop the question this time, Tanya? I mean how can you top a Californian vineyard for crying out loud?”

“Well the beauty of it was in the simplicity,” Tanya stared off into space. “We were all finished eating. We'd thrashed everything out and we knew exactly how we felt about each other. There was just something about that night. Kurtis couldn't stay, unfortunately, because he had to go away for a few days for business. So he had to get back to his apartment and pack. He'd called a taxi and while we were waiting we went out onto the balcony and just stood there under the night sky. It was cool outside, I just had on a dressing gown and Kurtis wrapped his big arms all around me to keep me warm.”

“I'm loving it already,” Mae said. “Go on.”

“Stop interrupting and she will,” Kaya said.

“Who is interrupting?” Mae snapped.

“You are!”

“Well,” Tanya continued. “We were just looking up at the sky, no stars, nothing to see, just feeling his back against me, warm, strong, you know?” Tanya giggled like a schoolgirl. “Then Kurtis said, 'You remember the vineyard?' I said I did. He said, 'And you know I proposed in the exact same spot my father proposed to my mother with that ring.' Then he spun me around to face him. 'I was so nervous,' he said. 'But, Tanya, I wanted to ask you to marry me way before then. I knew you were the one for me. It was fate that brought us together and love will keep us together forever.' He brought the ring out of his pocket, I didn't know he even brought it with him, and put it on my finger. 'As long as you wear this, you have my heart,' he said. 'Anywhere you go I will follow because I'm all yours, Tanya, and you’re all I'll ever need.'”

The girls all swooned with excitement.

“I told you he was romantic,” Jeannie said. “You really have got yourself a good man there, Tanya.”

“And he's got himself a great girl,” Kaya said raising her glass of mineral water. “This won't do for a celebration. We need to celebrate this properly. We need to banish all the ghosts from the past and move forwards. I'm in the mood to party. It's Rafaelo's this Friday, isn't it?”

“What's Rafaelo's?” Jeannie asked.

“It's our local haunt and a great place to let off steam,” Mae told her. “We go there every two weeks.  They know us there. The drinks are half price until 8pm and the DJ comes on at ten. We never miss. I hope Kurtis won't mind that when you guys finally get hitched.”

“He won't.” Tanya smiled. “Anyway, let's go crazy at Rafaelo's on Friday. You will come, won't you Jeannie?”

“Wouldn't miss it. Text me over the address and I'll meet you there. What's the dress code?”

“Anything goes at Rafaelo's,” Tanya said. “It's a hidden gem of a place, looks like a normal wine bar from the outside but it's more, much, much more.”

“Well, in that case, I can't wait.” Jeannie raised her glass of fruit juice towards the center of the table and the rest of the girls all joined her, their glasses clinking together and they couldn't wait until Friday.

BOOK: The Billionaire Saved My Life - PART 2
5.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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